What‌ ‌To‌ ‌Serve‌ ‌With‌ ‌Fish‌ ‌Tacos‌ (Quick & Easy Sides)

A great supper can be made with fish tacos. A soft or crunchy tortilla, salsa, sour cream, onion, tomatoes, and grilled or fried fish make the perfect meal. Fish tacos are delicious, but they don’t quite suffice as a dinner on their own. 

You might be under a bit of stress over what to present with fish tacos at your upcoming family gathering or social gathering.

What‌ ‌To‌ ‌Serve‌ ‌With‌ ‌Fish‌ ‌Tacos‌ (Quick & Easy Sides)

You can choose from a wide variety of mouthwatering fish taco appetizers to complete your meal – keep reading to find out about the best quick and easy sides to serve alongside your fish tacos.

What Are Fish Tacos?

Fish tacos are exactly what they sound like –  fish tacos with soft or hard shells. It actually depends on who is creating the tacos whether the fish is grilled, breaded, or either. 

For your fish tacos, you can actually use any kind of fish, but some of the more popular choices include mahi mahi, flounder, cod, grouper, flounder, halibut, and barramundi.

A fish taco’s toppings can be changed to suit the tastes and needs of the individuals who are eating it.

Many people who prepare the tacos for a sizable crowd or a small gathering set up a toppings station so that each person can customize their taco to their liking. 

Lettuce, cabbage, cheeses, salsa, guacamole, onions, lime or lime juice, herbs, and sour cream are a few possible toppings for fish tacos.

What Should You Serve With Fish Tacos?

With what do fish tacos go? Numerous things. To modify the mood and vibe of the meal, fish tacos could be freely coupled with other sides. 

Although fish tacos are typically served as the main course, you may occasionally serve them as an appetizer or side dish with another dish.

There aren’t many “wrong” answers when choosing an accompaniment for fish tacos; you really have a lot of options.

Making a side dish selection to pair with the fish tacos might be challenging. However, just consider the overall atmosphere you would like the dinner to have while using the choices for fish taco sides listed below as guidance. 

The following are a few of the top sides to pair with fish tacos:

1. Cilantro Lime Rice

One of the side dishes for fish tacos that everyone will enjoy is cilantro lime rice. For a truly filling supper, the cilantro plus lime flavors in the rice should help bring out those in the fish.

The somewhat spicy cilantro lime rice is a good choice to serve with tacos.

Rice with cilantro and lime is easy to make. Rice with long grains should be used first since it will turn out beautiful and fluffy. To brown the uncooked rice, add it to a pot with some olive oil.

Add some minced garlic after that, and simmer for two minutes. 

Rice will cook after being given water and lime zest. Once the rice is done cooking, simply combine some chopped cilantro and lime juice.

2. Jalapeno Poppers

Want a dish to serve with fish tacos which will wow your guests? Then you should think about trying these jalapeno poppers. 

Just enough of the jalapeo’s spiciness is cut by the crunchy panko coating to make them easy to eat—possibly too readily.

This side dish can be changed by adding sour cream as well as other spices and herbs to the poppers. It is crunchy and flavorful.

3. Salsa And Chips

The typical sides with fish tacos at a Mexican restaurant are chips and salsa. This more conventional side dish is delicious and really simple to make. 

Although buying a jar of salsa from the grocery store makes things incredibly simple, making fresh salsa at home is also not too difficult. 

Just tomato, cilantro, onion, garlic, pepper, and salt are required. Even a small amount of bell pepper or jalapeno could be added to your salsa to kick it up a notch.

Make some guacamole to serve with tortilla chips if you’re feeling very opulent. Guacamole is also rather easy to make. Avocados, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, garlic, pepper, salt, and lime juice are all you’ll need.

Making salsa and guacamole also allows you to use them as taco toppings, which is a pleasant bonus.

4. Queso And Chips

One of the more well-liked side dishes with fish tacos is chips and queso. Queso is another well-liked dip with Mexican tortilla chips, much like salsa and guacamole.

Spanish for “cheese,” “queso” is more than simply melted cheese. 

The majority of queso preparations call for additional ingredients to amp up the taste and spice.

Chili peppers, jalapenos, pico de gallo, onions, cumin, and cayenne pepper are a few of the other components that are frequently used.

5. Refried Beans

Another popular side dish for fish tacos is refried beans. They can help complete your dinner of fish tacos as another popular Mexican dish. 

Beans which have been “thoroughly fried” are refried beans. Refried beans become nearly mashed throughout the cooking process, giving them a silky texture. 

Their flavorful subtlety and smooth texture wonderfully enhance the flavor of fish tacos. Another side that can be used as a taco topper is refried beans.

6. Cucumber Salad

When deciding what to offer with fish tacos, cucumber salad is another excellent option. Cucumbers, red onion, dill, chives, parsley, sour cream, and paprika are the ingredients used to make cucumber salad. 

These strong and delectable flavors pair well and taste fantastic with or on top of a fish taco.

Plan to prepare the cucumber salad the night before you serve the fish tacos if you want to serve it as a side dish.

It really allows all the flavors to marinade and meld together if you let the salad stand in the fridge for a minimum of six hours or overnight.

7. Chicken Tortilla Soup

What compliments fish tacos, particularly on a chilly day? Chicken tortilla soup is the only logical solution. 

Typically made with a tomato base, this Mexican-inspired soup also includes chicken, beans, corn, and other essential components.

Add some fresh tortillas to the soup just before serving to give it a wonderful crunch.

Making your own chicken tortilla soup allows you to choose the spices, which is excellent. Make it as powerful (or as weak) as you’d like it to be. 

For people who have a more daring palate, adding some jalapenos or cilantro can significantly enhance the spicy level. Your sinuses may possibly get better thanks to it!

8. Mexican Corn Pudding

Which dishes go with fish tacos? Another excellent response is Mexican corn pudding. Creamy and delicious, corn pudding can be made to have as strong a flavor as you wish. 

You’ll need corn, cumin, cream, milk, cheese, salt, and pepper to prepare your own corn pudding. After the pudding has finished cooking, many people enjoy adding some more cheese, chili peppers, and cayenne pepper to the top.

9. Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is a tasty complement to fish tacos. Making a lightweight fish taco lunch with a few fresh fruits on the side is easy. The fruit is scrumptious and nutritious.

Additionally, it will make the fish tacos the true highlight of the meal.

Almost any fruit can be included in your fruit salad. Most likely, you already have what you require in your refrigerator or fruit bowl. 

If not, visit the supermarket and check out what seems appetizing. Grapes, berries, melon, pineapple, kiwi, mango, apples, and pears are a few common fruit salad ingredients.

10. Black Bean Soup

Make a large pot of this delicious black bean soup if you want to offer soup alongside your fish tacos. 

One of the sides for fish tacos that can make your dinner substantial and robust is black bean soup.

On a cool day, serving a steaming cup of tasty black bean soup alongside your mouth watering tacos may be the perfect thing that keeps everyone warm and content.

There are not many ingredients needed for black bean soup. These include tomatoes, onion, bacon, salt, pepper, cilantro, and black beans in cans.

When serving the soup, you might also wish to have a few fresh avocados on hand for a garnish.

11. Sweet Potato Fries

Even while you would not consider sweet potato fries to be traditionally “Mexican” side dishes, they go well with fish tacos. Making sweet potato fries is simple.

Sweet potatoes only need to be sliced, then tossed in salt and olive oil. 

After that, bake the fries or prepare them in your air fryer if you’ve got one.

Even better, you can give sweet potato fries a Mexican flavor by coating them in olive oil that has been mixed with cumin, garlic, and chili powder.

Additionally, these are much healthier than traditional french fries. They can be combined with the tacos, which may also be a healthy alternative, to create a low-calorie but delectable lunch.

12. Loaded Nachos

Another of the most well-liked dishes that accompany fish tacos is nachos. But instead of going with simple cheese-only nachos, choose a heartier and nicer side by preparing your homemade loaded nachos. 

For yours and your guests’ enjoyment, you may add some of your preferred toppings. Tomatoes, black beans, jalapenos, bacon, and cilantro are a few possible toppings.

When you prepare the nachos, make sure to have enough sour cream, salsa, and guacamole on hand. The flavors that you put on the chips to create your loaded nachos can be enhanced by these two dips.

13. Churros

Don’t forget dessert when you ask, “What goes nicely with fish tacos?” After tasting the fish tacos, churros, a typical Mexican delicacy, will be the ideal sweet finish.

The delicious deep-fried dough treat known as a churro is covered in a cinnamon sugar mixture.

To make the churros even more delicious, you can create a tasty dip. It’s simple to prepare dulce de leche, which is caramelized milk that is wonderfully sweet and delicious.

Final Thoughts

You should now be prepared with a variety of options when considering what to serve alongside fish tacos. You can pair fish tacos with a variety of sides; all you have to do is determine what you feel like having and get to work!

What‌ ‌To‌ ‌Serve‌ ‌With‌ ‌Fish‌ ‌Tacos‌ (Quick & Easy Sides)

What‌ ‌To‌ ‌Serve‌ ‌With‌ ‌Fish‌ ‌Tacos‌ (Quick & Easy Sides)

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