13 Best Fast Food Milkshakes In America

Here in the U.S. we may not be known for the healthiest treats, but we sure are known for how to make a great milkshake. But, this does mean that finding a great milkshake (see also ‘33 Easy And Delicious Milkshake Recipes You Need To Try‘) in the States can be quite the challenge. 

Where do you even begin to look when there are so many amazing options out there? 

13 Best Fast Food Milkshakes In America

That is why today, we have decided to put this list together to help you find the perfect milkshake for you, and ensure that when you feel like pleasing your stomach with the creamiest, tastiest milkshake that you find one from the perfect place. 

You should always know where you should be heading to when you need to find yourself the best milkshake around.

Stick around to find out where you should get milkshaking it up! 

Best Milkshakes In America

  1. Sonic Drive-in. 
  2. Chick-Fil-A.
  3. Dairy Queen.
  4. Burgerfi.
  5. Shake Shack.
  6. Burger King.
  7. Arby’s.
  8. Five Guys (see also ‘11 Gluten Free Options To Order On Your Next Visit To Five Guys‘).
  9. Wendy’s.
  10. McDonalds.
  11. Johnny Rockets.
  12. Culver’s. 
  13. Steak ‘N’ Shake.

1. Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-in is notorious for serving some of the best beverages around, this is true for their shakes too. However, not everyone even considers them milkshakes, most see them closer to soft serve ice creams due to their consistency. 

Nonetheless, you can get a mini for $1.99, all the way to a large, which only costs you $4.59. You are met with an endless amount of flavor options too, which makes them all the better. 

For affordability, flavor options, and the absolute best mouth feel around, we definitely recommend popping to Sonic Drive-in for your next milkshake, even if it is more like a soft serve.

2. Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A should be best known for their chicken, but actually, they are better known for their milkshakes.

This is because their milkshakes are beautifully creamy, and you can have many classic flavors, topped off by a delicious whipped cream and their signature red cherry on top.

Their delicious milkshakes are actually pretty affordable too, you can get them as a small for $3.25 or as a large for $3.85, although we all know we get the large. And you have plenty of classic flavor options to choose from as well. 

So, if you want a thick and creamy milkshake that speaks to your soul, you know where to go. 

3. Dairy Queen

If Dairy Queen didn’t do epic milkshakes they would need to rename themselves. They are a fast food restaurant which is pretty much solidly dedicated to producing epic soft serves.

Of course, with such a dedication, comes epic milkshakes too. 

If you have not tried a Blizzard then you have not lived. You absolutely have to try one of these. They come in so many flavors, you can get Oreo, or chocolate chip cookie dough, depending on your tastes. 

They also serve 4 sizes for you to choose between. You could get a mini for $2.89, or go big with a large for $4.69. We would recommend the large every time! 

4. Burgerfi

Then there is Burgerfi. Not quite as popular as all the other contenders we have so far. Burgerfi does make classic milkshakes though, as well as milkshake floats and malts. 

That being said, Burgerfi is not for those with sensitive wallets, on a tight budget, a Burgerfi milkshake may set you back more than these other options. They only have one size, which is $4.97. 

Comparing that price to some of our others makes it a bit high. It would be about the same size as a shake you would find at a different fast food place. 

5. Shake Shack

Shake Shack has to be on our list, after all, their name is in the game. They make thick and creamy milkshakes that are hand spun, and they are glorious. 

They are rich, dense, and are made out of a creamy frozen custard which is freshly spun daily at their restaurants. 

The best thing about this place though, is the variation of flavors you can enjoy. Obviously you can get old reliable vanilla, but you can also get many seasonal flavors that rear their heads once every year. 

Like Burgerfi though, their shakes are on the more costly end of things with an original shake being $5.29, and a seasonal shake being $5.79. Ouch! 

6. Burger King

Burger King is a great place to grab a burger, or a great place to grab a shake as it turns out! They’re a classic one-stop for a quick bite to eat, so you should chow down on their milkshakes while you’re at it too. 

They have got the classic flavors for you to enjoy, but they do occasionally do a limited edition taste. They’ve done Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms flavors in the past. 

You can get a small for $2.49, a medium for $2.99, and a large for $3.29, which makes them pretty affordable too! 

7. Arby’s

Of course, Arby’s does the classics, chocolate, vanilla and so on. They also do their special flavor: Jamocha. And, let’s not forget all their limited edition flavors too! 

All their shakes are thick, and creamy just like all the others on this list, it is kind of a requirement to make it on this list. 

You can get three different sizes of milkshake from Arby’s, all ranging in price from only $1.99 to $2.99.

So they are not only delicious, but they are also rife in variety and are affordable too. You won’t bust the bank here! 

8. Five Guys

Five Guys are known for many things, their burgers and their dogs, but their milkshakes are just as heavily hyped up.

They give you all the classics as well as some rather unexpected flavors such as peanut butter and jelly, and also bacon. 

Yet, their milkshakes come at a price, literally. At $4.49 per shake, they are a bit costly for the average Joe at the end of the month.

Their shakes aren’t exactly as premium as their price tag would have you believe, but they sure are delicious. These shakes are also at the kind of consistency that is almost soft-serve worthy! 

9. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is probably best known for their sass on Twitter, however, they are also well known for one other thing, their shakes! 

Their shakes are also called ‘Frostys’, and these Frostys come in a variation of flavors, including the classic vanilla and chocolate flavors. 

You can enjoy a yummy milkshake from Wendy’s in any size from junior to large, and with a wide price range from $0.99 to $2.29. They are at the cheaper end of the scale, and are more affordable. 

For those of us twiddling our thumbs, with a sweet tooth before payday, Wendy’s is a great place to drop in to satisfy those sweet tooth cravings. 

10. McDonald’s

It really cannot get more American than good old McDonald’s, can it? Their burgers, nuggets, breakfasts, and oh yeah… From the special McDonald’s coffee menu to their milkshakes too! 

Their milkshakes are pretty delicious as well, though they aren’t quite on par with some of our previous mentions, they are still something to try.

If you have ever tried one you will know that they are usually so incredibly thick it is quite the challenge to drink them through a straw. 

McDonald’s (see also ‘The 15 Greatest McFlurry Flavors Of All Time‘) is also pretty infamous for their St. Patrick’s Day shakes too! These shakes are also pretty cheap as well, so you get a tasty shake without breaking the bank.

11. Johnny Rockets

We have Johnny Rockets on our list just for their Oreo Cookies & Cream shake if we are honest. All their shakes are hand spun and made with premium vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and whole milk. 

However, their Oreo Cookies & Cream shake is absolutely to die for. It is blended to perfection.

Each ingredient adds its own special something, but the Oreos in this add a chunkiness that really makes it feel like a decadent dessert. 

Where Oreo meets ice cream you will find an almost sandy-texture, which sounds gross but is actually really nice. It takes you on a unique journey in your taste buds and in flavor.

12. Culver’s

Culver is here for the Mint Chip Shake. They have plenty of delicious shakes, but we cannot help but mention this genius invention.

It is made with fresh frozen custard that has been expertly blended with chocolate flakes and mint. 

If you love mint chocolate, this shake is literally a dream come true for you. 

It comes in 6 flavors, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla mint chip, mint and raspberry, but the mint chip is really something special. 

Culver’s is known for being a professional place to go for custard, and this couldn’t be more true. The mint custard is so smooth it leaves the most cool sensation that will have you addicted real quick.

13. Steak ‘N’ Shake

Steak ‘N’ Shake, now, do you want dessert? Delicious? Addictive? Oh, well, this is the thing for you. Their shakes are incredible, but their birthday cake shake is really something else. 

This is a cake in milkshake form, it is a yellow birthday cake with a sweet buttercream frosting that is finished off with sprinkles, as a milkshake. 

Inside you will find chunks of yellow birthday cake, vanilla ice cream, buttercream and sprinkles. 

Sure, they have many other shakes, and we cannot deny they are all just as worth raving about.

However, the concept of the birthday cake shake is something truly genius. It is worth raving about, and you should 100% give it a try! 

To Conclude

Fast food places were a great idea upon invention, and they are still just as brilliant today, but fast food places that slay at making a killer milkshake are even better!

There are countless fast food chains that are now pros at making stellar milkshakes, and you should try them all. 

We hope that our list has given you inspiration for your next time at a fast food chain (see also ‘8 Fast Food Restaurants That Serve The Best Soup‘), what will you order? What flavor will you get?

Will you try a special shake this time? There are so many options, and you should try them all!

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