28 Simple And Easy Enoki Mushroom Recipes You MUST Try

Due to its unique texture and ability to take on all the beautiful sauces they are cooked in, enoki mushrooms are particularly popular in East Asian cuisines.

They are incredibly adaptable and may be prepared in a variety of ways to create delicious dishes.

28 Simple And Easy Enoki Mushroom Recipes You MUST Try

In this article, we have collected together 28 simple and easy enoki mushroom recipes that you must try for yourself today!

1. Enoki Mushroom With Shrimp

With the addition of egg white and shrimp, this adds a lot of texture to the wonderful, savory sauce.

A fantastic side dish is made by adding the sauce to blanched mushrooms and letting them soak up the delicious aromas.

2. Vegan Enoki Mushroom Carnitas Tacos

The mushrooms are coated with a mixture of spices that provides heaps of delectable flavors. Then they are sautéed until they are incredibly crispy.

The tacos are put together on tortillas with homemade guacamole, cilantro-onion relish, and other delicious ingredients. Try these for your next taco night!

3. Japanese Mushroom Soup

This hearty cup of warming soup made with Japanese enoki mushrooms will undoubtedly warm you up!

When paired with harusame noodles and shiitake mushrooms, they are flavorful and delicious while being light and simple to eat.

4. Enoki Mushroom Filled Butterfly Pea Steamed Crystal Dumplings

Make these gorgeous crystal dumplings that will wow your family and friends!

These dumplings, made with ginger, mushrooms, shallots, and carrots, receive a straightforward upgrade by the addition of butterfly pea powder.

This is a fantastic dish that is ideal for any Asian-themed meal!

5. Enoki Mushroom Omelet

Every meal could use the addition of a delicious omelet to bring tons of nutrition and fantastic flavors.

This recipe adds spinach, cheese and garlic alongside the mushrooms, but you could add whatever you liked to create a really tasty mushroom omelet.

6. Soy Butter Enoki

Keep it easy by preparing this quick, delicious, and healthy side dish in just 5 minutes!

The mushrooms may be quickly cooked in a microwave oven. Then all that is needed is to blend them with a wonderful homemade soy butter sauce.

7. Enoki Mushroom Soup With Soba Noodles

For a nutritious and energizing supper that’s ideal for a chilly evening. Prepare this bowl of mushroom soup with noodles, lemongrass and ginger.

A light broth is also created, which is enjoyable and not overpowering either.

8. Seaweed Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms

hese additively tasty and deliciously fried enoki mushrooms are a great appetizer.

These paprika-seasoned and flour-coated seaweed wrapped mushrooms are fried to a golden brown and extremely crispy consistency.

Although it’s quite simple to create, the flavor is incredibly good for something so straightforward.

9. Enoki Blooms

Add some flair to your next meal with these stunning enoki flowers. They have the wow effect to elevate any meal.

The mushrooms are packed with a tart citrus flavor that is delicious after being marinated in sour orange juice and fried.

This is a wonderful dish appropriate for any special occasion

10. Korean Enoki Mushroom Pancakes

Vegetables, eggs, sesame oil, and mushrooms are pan-fried till crispy. This side dish is incredibly tasty and quite addicting when served with a pancake dipping sauce!

11. Enoki Cheesy Ramen

All vegetarians should try these enoki mushroom noodles because they’re amazing and only need 4 ingredients to create them.

This recipe transforms the ordinary noodle dish into a beautifully gooey meal by adding mushrooms, an egg, and American cheese.

12. Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms

These delectable morsels are coated with a highly fragrant sweet garlic soy sauce and wrapped in salty bacon. This gives the mushrooms a ton of umami flavor.

Amazingly easy to prepare, these delicious mushrooms are simply impossible to resist.

13. Spicy Mayo Dip And Crispy Enoki Mushrooms

These mushrooms are incredibly tasty and extremely addictive.

They are fried till crispy and have a gorgeous golden brown color. They are then topped with scallions and togarashi.

The spicy mayo is prepared by blending mayonnaise and sriracha sauce. This pairs wonderfully alongside the mushrooms to make a delicious snack.

14. Enoki Mushroom Orzo Salad

Enjoy this delicious, vegan, plant-based mushroom orzo salad at any time of the day.

This meal has an enticing aroma and flavor thanks to the fresh basil and truffle oil. Which makes you want to eat it right immediately.

15. Tofu Poke Bowl With Enoki Mushroom

Rice and a delectable ponzu sauce are combined with marinated tofu, avocado, sliced cucumbers, sautéed mushrooms, delightful edamame, and tomatoes.

This makes a wonderful dish that’s ideal for a delicious and healthy dinner!

16. Enoki Mushrooms With XO Garlic Sauce

Improve the flavor of your next dinner with an XO garlic sauce that completely transforms the flavor of these mushrooms.

The beautiful blend of XO sauce adds lots of flavor and aroma to transform this dish.

17. Korean Army Stew

Korean army stew is a must-try if you’re looking for a delicious hotpot dinner.

You are guaranteed tasty food in a hot, savory soup. The broth is versatile and can be used in a wide range of dishes with other components.

18. Enoki Mushrooms With Garlic & Scallion Sauce

The only preparation required for the mushrooms is a quick minute of blanching. Yet, the sauce that is drizzled on top of them makes this dish.

It is a simple mixture of garlic, oil, scallion and soy sauce. Every mouthful is overflowing with flavor as the sauce is absorbed by the mushrooms.

19. Enoki Mushroom Ramen Miso Soup

This enoki ramen soup will satisfy your needs for a warm and comfortable meal. It is the ideal dish for a speedy and hassle-free lunch.

This is because it is really simple to prepare and tastes so fantastic. Filled with simple ingredients which are full of bold flavors.

20. Enoki Mushroom Pasta

This pasta dish substitutes enoki for the pasta if you adore pasta but don’t want all those carbs. Ground beef and cheese are added to make a simple yet hearty meal.

21. Spicy Enoki Mushrooms With Garlic

Turn up the spice with this flavorful, garlicky recipe for spicy enoki mushrooms that is sure to please.

This meal uses a lot of garlic, which is very fragrant. Yet, it makes for a great side dish when mixed with Thai chilies and chives.

While oyster and soy sauce adds sweetness to the mushrooms as well.

22. Enoki Mushroom Salad

Nothing compares to the natural goodness of an enoki mushroom salad that is vibrant, crisp, and delicious.

Roasted peanuts, enoki mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper, cilantro, lime juice and soy sauce are just some of the nutritious ingredients you’ll find in this salad.

23. Vegan Foil Baked Enoki Mushrooms

This incredibly simple foil-baked dish cooks up wonderful mushrooms for a delicious meal without requiring any messy cleanup.

An easy soy-miso sauce is drizzled over the mushrooms for the ultimate flavor combination.

24. Enoki Beef Rolls

These tasty enoki beef rolls in the Japanese style make a fantastic side dish or snack that is sure to impress everyone!

The beef slices are packed with delicious flavors that pair perfectly with the marinated mushrooms. The mushrooms are marinated in a garlic-ginger soy sauce.

25. Enoki In Tofu Skin

This dish only needs a few ingredients. While also being vegan and gluten-free.

The mushrooms are wrapped in tofu skin with chives before being cooked in a straightforward sauce.

It has wonderful flavors and goes fantastically with rice for a lovely supper.

26. Enoki Mushroom Egg Pancake

This amazing mushroom egg pancake is a delicious side dish. It can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

It’s a straightforward dish that makes use of regular household items including your delicious enoki mushrooms and pan fried.

27. Crispy Enoki And Onion Fritters

Mushrooms and onions are dipped in a batter and deep-fried to perfection.

They are then served with a mouthwatering Thai curry mayo. This mayo completely transforms the recipe into a must-try appetizer.

28. Enoki Mushroom And Tomato Tofu Soup

This mushroom, tomato, and tofu soup is the ideal comfort dish to warm yourself up. It is tangy, flavorful, and made with basic ingredients.

With the addition of silken tofu, enoki, and scallion, the soup takes on a delicious flavor that is quite addicting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Wash Enoki Mushrooms?

Enoki mushrooms do not require soaking or washing before use. Instead, trim ⅓ of the base and separate the stems.

How Long Do Enoki Mushrooms Last?

When storing these mushrooms, it’s best to leave them in the fridge. Here they will last around 2 weeks. While cooked enoki, will only last 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator.

What Does Enoki Mushrooms Taste Like?

Enoki mushrooms have a slightly chewy texture. Their flavor is very mild, earthy and almost fruity.


Enoki mushrooms are incredibly versatile. Now you have 28 simple and easy enoki mushroom recipes you need to try.

28 Simple And Easy Enoki Mushroom Recipes You MUST Try

28 Simple And Easy Enoki Mushroom Recipes You MUST Try

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What can you make with enoki mushrooms? Continue reading to discover 28 simple and easy enoki mushrooms that you must try!

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