9 Egg Substitutes For Pancakes

Pancakes are delicious and are super easy to make, and only require a small amount of ingredients to create the wonderfully fluffy circles. 

However, if you are vegan, or you have started the cooking process and realized you have no eggs, then you might be stumped on what to do next. Just like with most ingredients, you can substitute it with something else.

9 Egg Substitutes For Pancakes

Eggs (see also ‘How To Substitute Eggs In Cornbread‘) are no different. In fact you can use the likes of nut butter, mashed banana, and even greek yogurt instead of eggs.

This is because eggs are used to bind the ingredients together, as well as fluff up the batter and provide moisture.

There are plenty of substitutes that can do the same thing for your pancakes, so let’s take a look at 9 of them!

1. Banana

One of the most popular ways to substitute egg in a pancake is by using mashed banana. It adds a delicious flavor without being overpowering, and makes sure the pancake is moist.

However, the pancake will be less risen and fluffy, but this will not distract from the overall flavor. It also adds some healthy nutrients into a tasty dessert too!

Make sure to use a ripe banana and smash it until it is creamy. Add it to your ingredients and follow the recipe as normal. 

Around a quarter of a cup of banana will equal a whole egg. 

2. Ground Seeds – Chia Or Flax

While both chia and flax seeds are super nutritious, they can also be used in place of eggs in a pancake. You will need to make sure that the seeds are ground rather than whole. You can buy them like this or do it yourself.

To use, whisk a tablespoon worth of ground seeds with three tablespoons of water to make a thicker paste. 

You may find that the pancake is a little dense, rather than light and fluffy, however. It may also taste a little nutty, too. 

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt (see also ‘9 Substitutes For Greek Yogurt‘) is a great substitute for pancakes and is a popular choice too. It acts as a really good binder to the rest of the ingredients, and will make sure that they are nice and fluffy.

However, you will want to use plain yogurt. If you add in a fruit-based yogurt, you will find that the pancake will take on its flavor and it will not be as nice as you probably imagine.

There will also be added sugar too.

Use a quarter cup of yogurt in place of every whole egg that is needed. 

4. Applesauce

Another common substitute is applesauce. While it might sound kinda odd right now, hear us out. Not only is it super friendly for vegans, it does help to create soft and delicious pancakes.

Like a lot of egg substitutes, it will cause the pancakes to be flatter than they should be, but it is really versatile to use. Why not try a cinnamon flavored applesauce once the fall season sets in?

To use, add a quarter of a cup for every egg. 

5. Nut Butter

While not suitable for those with allergies, nut butter can make an interesting substitute for eggs. Not only does it help to bind the ingredients together, but it will also provide extra flavor.

In fact, it will taste quite nutty and rich, and will provide that wonderful brown color too. However, the pancake may not be as fluffy as you would like. 

To use, add around two tablespoons worth for every single egg you are replacing. 

6. Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder (see also ‘5 Substitutes For Arrowroot Powder (aka Flour Or Starch)‘) is the starch taken from the plant. While it looks like corn starch, it can be used in cooking for a healthier alternative. For this reason, you may find it within health stores.

To use, mix two tablespoons of arrowroot powder with three tablespoons of water to replace an egg. 

7. Carbonated Water

This substitute might appear odd, but you can use carbonated water in place of eggs to make pancakes. While it will not add any flavor, it will help to produce pancakes that are fluffy and light.

The carbonation in the water is what helps the batter to trap tiny bubbles of air to create a wonderfully light pancake with volume. 

Carbonated water is also great to be used in cupcakes, bread, and sponge cakes too. 

Use a quarter cup amount of carbonated water in place of a whole egg to achieve the fluffy and light finish.

8. Aquafaba

You may not have heard of aquafaba, but it is basically the liquid that has been leftover when cooking the likes of legumes and beans (see also ‘5 Super-Tasty Alternatives For Ranch-Style Beans‘). You can also find it in cans of beans or chickpeas.

The liquid is very similar in consistency to egg whites which are still raw. This means it is a great substitute for eggs.

For this reason, you can also use it in recipes that need egg whites. This is especially handy if you are vegan!

To use, add three tablespoons worth in place of an egg.

9. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a little like using yogurt, mainly for the fact that both are sour. It will also help the ingredients to bind together and rise as it cooks too, to create a fluffy and light pancake. 

Buttermilk (see also ‘How To Substitute Buttermilk‘) is not suitable for vegans however, so you might want to look at the rest of the list. There are some fantastic vegan options, so you will not be struggling when it comes to choice.

You may also want to use buttermilk in other recipes too, such as cakes and muffins. It adds a wonderful fluffiness to bakes, and makes sure that they rise despite the fact that there are no eggs in the ingredients. 

To use, take a quarter cup of buttermilk and use it for every egg it is replacing. 

Final Thoughts

It is never fun to start cooking and then realize that you do not have all the ingredients that the recipe calls for – or you want to eat something but cannot because you dislike eggs or are vegan.

Fortunately, when it comes to pancakes there are many different egg substitutes to choose from that do a very similar job. 

So, despite the fact you might not have any eggs available, you can still create delicious and fluffy pancakes by experimenting with other ingredients.

Hopefully you have found the perfect way to make pancakes. Check out the rest of our website for more helpful substitutions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Eggs Used To Make Pancakes?

Eggs are in pancakes because they have important functions to the process of bringing the pancake mixture together. Such as:

They bind the ingredients together which means that it doesn’t all just collapse once it is being cooked. It allows it to keep its shape. 

Eggs also make pancakes fluffy and rise, and add in moisture so it is not dry. Eggs also give the pancakes flavor and the brown color that they are known for. 

Even so, there are also substitutes that help to do the same thing. 

Are You Able To Use Baking Powder In Place Of An Egg?

You can use baking powder in place of eggs in a pancake, however you will need to mix vinegar alongside it. 

While the pancake will not be as fluffy, and much flatter, the taste is delicious. To use, you will need to add a tablespoon of vinegar to a teaspoon of baking powder.

The best vinegar to use will be milder flavors such as white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. The latter is a little sweeter. 

Can You Use Mayonnaise As An Egg Substitute In Pancakes?

You might be wondering if you can substitute an egg with an egg-based substitute. Well, you would be right. It includes lots of eggs and oil, so will help the pancake to be fluffy and moist.

To use, add in a quarter cup for every single egg that is replaced within the pancake mixture. 

Why Might You Need To Substitute Eggs In A Pancake Recipe?

While you might just not have eggs to hand, substituting the eggs in a pancake recipe may be for other reasons too.

For example, vegans can’t eat eggs so they will need to replace the eggs with something else.

Fortunately there are other ingredients that will work in place of eggs. While not every substitution will create fluffy pancakes, most will help to bind the ingredients together to form a delicious tasting batter.

9 Egg Substitutes For Pancakes

9 Egg Substitutes For Pancakes

Recipe by Jenna

In this article we take a look at 9 egg substitutes for making delicious and fluffy pancakes

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  • Banana

  • Ground Seeds – Chia Or Flax

  • Greek Yogurt

  • Applesauce

  • Nut Butter

  • Arrowroot Powder

  • Carbonated Water

  • Aquafaba

  • Buttermilk


  • Decided on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
  • Read what you need to substitute with
  • Create the recipe and enjoy
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