33 Easy Asian Recipes To Replace Takeout

Asia has the most variety and wonderful cuisine on the planet.

The greatest Asian food you’ll ever taste is a fusion of spices, culture, scenery, and plants, all of which contribute to the distinct flavor on every dish and bowl.

From gourmet to street food to Asian-fusion, Asia will never go out of style in gratifying your hungry bellies.

33 Easy Asian Recipes To Replace Takeout

Whatever continent you are from, Asian cuisine is on your list.

If you are wanting to order some delicious Asian cuisine but are worried about your bank account or calories, then here are some great recipes to try at home which will be even better than how they do it in the restaurant!

1. Spicy Korean Rice Cakes

Korean rice cakes or ‘tteobokki’ consists of cylinder-shaped rice cakes made with short grain rice that is stir fried in a sweet and spicy gochujang sauce (see also ‘26 Simple Recipes That Use Gochujang‘).

You can add ramen noodles, cheese, eggs, or fish cakes to suit your own tastes.

Korean rice cakes are a very popular street food and there are different variations of it in terms of the sauce that is used. 

2. Kimchi Fried Rice

This variation of fried rice is cooked with kimchi to give it a whole new level of flavor and texture.

It’ll take no longer than 30 minutes to make this recipe and when you dig into the finished result, you will be grateful that you made this dish at home instead of ordering it.

This dish works really well without meat but adding some pork or chicken is still an option for those looking for more protein.

3. Healthy Fried Rice

Fried rice is a very popular choice when ordering takeaway, but you may not be aware of how unhealthy it is as a lot of oil is used to make it which can make you feel pretty horrible afterwards.

Fortunately, this recipe cuts out this unnecessary fat and oil to make a fried rice that is much healthier and tastier.

4. Sweet And Sour Chicken

This is another alternative which is much healthier than ordering it from a restaurant.

This recipe does not involve any deep frying, instead, a method for creating a delicate, smooth and juicy chicken that goes really well with a lighter, sweet and sour sauce is used.

Regardless of which cut of meat you use for your sweet and sour chicken; the marinating process is very important to setting your dish apart from others.

You have to add water so that the chicken stays moist throughout the frying process and helps the crisp coating remain in place.

5. Filipino Pork Menudo

Menudo is a traditional Filipino pork dish (see also ‘33 Authentic Filipino Recipes‘) and is typically served at parties and fiestas.

Menudo recipes vary widely; some include hotdog pieces, pickles, raisins, and other ingredients to enhance the umami qualities of this pork tomato stew.

6. Beef Potstickers

Potstickers are Chinese dumplings prepared with circular dumpling wrappers with a juicy filling of various sorts of meat and vegetables such as shrimp and and chicken, beef and celery, or fully vegetarian as in egg and chive dumplings.

This recipe yields enough filling for several packages of dumpling wrappers.

Filled, uncooked potstickers may be frozen by laying them on parchment-lined baking pans without touching, allowing them to freeze firm, and then storing the individually frozen potstickers in plastic bags.

7. Chicken Wontons

If you do not know what wontons are, they are little bits of ground meat that have been wrapped in a paper that is wheat-based.

They are great as a starter, side, or as a snack as they are quite delicate and light.

You can be creative with their filling including ground shrimp, chicken, seafood, or vegetables. 

They are usually served alongside duck sauce, plum sauce, or a sweet and sour sauce.

Similar to potstickers, these wontons are able to be frozen for about a month so you can make a big batch and always have some on hand!

8. Chow Mein

This is a super easy recipe to whip up whenever you are wanting to order chow mein.

What makes chow mein different from other stir-fried noodle dishes is that they exclusively use chow mein noodles which are thin noodles coated in a light layer of flour. 

You can experiment as much as you like with what meat and vegetables you use but it is traditionally made with shredded chicken breast, cabbage, and mangetout.

9. Lo Mein

There are a lot of fresh vegetables that you can add to this dish, and you can essentially use any kind of noodle.

Lo mein noodles are chewy and wider than others and can offer a great texture to the overall lo mein dish but you can always swap them with a different noodle if you prefer. 

In lo mein, the main star is probably the sauce as it is rich and delicious and will make the lo mein borderline additive without any of the added nasty chemicals.

If you use lo mein noodles, you will notice how good they are at soaking up this sauce. 

10. Thai Red Curry With Chicken

Thai Red Curry, like other Asian curries, has a rich flavor profile.

The flavor of the sauce is rich, with several layers derived from all of the components in the paste, which is then cooked with coconut milk and broth.

It’s both sweet and savory, and it’s pretty filling.

It can all be done in the same pan and only takes 30 minutes to make.

It is best served with jasmine rice and the spiciness can easily be adjusted to your liking. 

11. Sesame Noodles

You can’t get much easier than sesame noodles.

It takes only 15 minutes to make these, and you can either serve them straight away while they are still warm or when they are cold, and they will taste amazing either way. 

What makes these noodles so good is that they are made with a sesame peanut dressing which manages to balance sour, salty, and sweet flavors perfectly.

The noodles are usually mixed in with a variety of meat and vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, and shredded chicken.

12. Korean Fried Chicken

This recipe has a reputation for being very tasty so why waste time and find out for yourself?

The buttermilk chicken is made to be satisfyingly crunchy and is coated with a gochujuang which is a sauce with a smoky-sweet and slightly spicy flavor.

You can serve this chicken by itself as a finger food or side or can be made into a main course with noodles or rice.

Make sure to serve the chicken immediately after it has been covered with the sauce.

Leftover chicken (see also ‘Leftover Chicken: 30 Mouthwateringly Simple Recipes‘) may be refrigerated and eaten cold for a day or two. However, it will not be as crispy.

13. Kung Pao Chicken

Kung pao chicken is a famous Chinese restaurant meal that consists of stir-fried chicken with peanuts and veggies.

Traditional components include Sichuan peppercorns, Chinese rice wine, Chinese black vinegar, and whole dried red chilies.

This spicy kung pao chicken is identical to what you’d get at a Chinese restaurant.

It’s simple to create, and you can be as creative as you like with the proportions.

The sauce thickens as it reduces. Replace the water chestnuts with cashews or cashews with bamboo shoots.

14. Dan Dan Noodles

One of the most well-known Sichuan Street meals is Dan Dan Noodles.

The freshly boiled thin noodles are topped with peanut flakes and crispy pork and served in a flavorful, spicy sauce. 

Dan Dan Noodles, unlike most noodles, such as Lo Mein and Chow Mein noodles, are not tossed with sauce, veggies, and meat.

Simply combine everything with a pair of chopsticks to cover the noodles with a little bit of everything.

15. Spring Rolls

Spring rolls (also known as egg rolls in American English) are a popular dish in many parts of China and are one of the most popular at Chinese restaurants across the world.

They’re basically deep-fried cylinder-shaped packages with crispy wrappers and a delectable filling of diverse ingredients.

There are no strict rules concerning what goes into spring rolls.

Typically, though, you’ll find a variation of some type of meat which are commonly ground pork (see also ‘29 Simple Ground Pork Recipes Ready For Cheap Dinners‘) or mince with finely chopped or shredded veggies, as well as spices.

16. Ginger Chicken

This is a traditional Chinese meal prepared with fresh garlic, scallions, and of course ginger which is all simmered down into a sticky brown sauce that goes well with rice or noodles.

This is the type of 30-minute supper meal that everyone will like.

The zesty chicken in the sticky sauce has all the taste you’d expect from an Asian takeout and can be prepared in minutes.

Steamed rice and greens are ideal side dishes for this ginger chicken meal due to the spicy sauce.

17. Cabbage Rolls

Asian Cabbage Rolls are a hybrid of pork fried rice and Chinese lettuce wraps.

The rolls are filled with cauliflower rice, ground chicken or pork, shredded scallions, carrots, and a generous amount of fresh ginger.

The combination is cooked until soft before being coated in a delectable Asian sauce and folded into cabbage leaves.

To produce excellent wrappers, your cabbage leaves should be big enough to accommodate the filling, supple enough to fold smoothly, and resistant to ripping.

Any leftovers will freeze and reheat well.

18. Sesame Crusted Tofu Steaks

Tofu is now readily available.

It comes in a variety of textures and styles, ranging from super-delicate, creamy, pudding-like variants that must be handled with considerable caution to hard, nearly haloumi-like versions.

To make these steaks, use firm tofu that is tough so that it can be handled like steak.

It must be slicable, sesame seed-coated, and pan-fried. It is marketed as either “firm tofu” or “hard tofu.”

19. Scallion Pancakes

You have probably seen these pancakes as an appetizer or side dish that goes with all of your favorite stir-fry recipes.

Scallion pancakes are a dim sum classic that are crispy and flaky on the exterior and somewhat chewy on the interior.

The secret to this recipe is that the dough is coated with chicken fat or vegetable oil before the first round of rolling, which not only improves texture but also adds richness to the dough.

20. Teriyaki Chicken

The sweet and sticky chicken goes well with steamed rice and your favorite veggie side dish.

It goes well with a simple cucumber salad, but steamed broccoli or sugar snap peas are as excellent.

To create a very lovely golden sear on your chicken, make sure the oil in your pan is hot before adding the meat.

To avoid overcrowding and cooking your chicken in its own juices, use a big pan.

21. Pineapple Shrimp Stir Fry

Pineapple shrimp stir fry is a delightful, sweet, and healthful supper meal that is usually a favorite.

The soft shrimp, delicious pineapple chunks, and our favorite vegetables are coated in an easy-to-make stir fry sauce.

It’s easy to make and far superior to takeout.

Even the pickiest diners will like this meal. The pineapple juice and hoisin sauce provide the right blend of sweet and acidic tastes to the sauce.

The shrimp absorb a lot of the delectable sauce after being dusted in cornstarch and rapidly pan-fried.

22. Sesame Chicken

Crispy chicken pieces are added to a sweet honey sesame sauce in this sesame chicken. This version is even better than the restaurant version.

This dish begins with chicken breast covered with eggs, flour, and cornstarch.

The chicken is fried till golden brown and crispy, then mixed in a delicious sesame sauce.

If you want a healthy version of sesame chicken, skip the coating and frying and just sauté chicken breast pieces in a little oil before adding the sauce.

23. Dal Tadka

You may find dal tadka on the menu of a lot of Indian restaurants.

It is a straightforward yet delicious dal that is cooked with only a few simple spices and herbs and without the addition of any vegetables other than, frequently, tomatoes.

It’s a creamy, soothing dal with just the right amount of tomato acidity and heat from the red chili peppers and garlic.

You may make a meal for comfort by adding a “tadka,” or tempering, of heated oil with mustard seeds that have been broken open to release their amazing flavor into the lentils.

24. Pork Vindaloo

This favorite from India’s western region has delicious pork mixed in a delectable vindaloo sauce.

Even though vindaloo curry is well-known for its high degree of heat, you can always adjust the number of red chilies used in the vindaloo paste to suit your tastes.

Although Kashmiri chilies are not particularly fiery, they do give a unique color and scent to foods.

They can be found at specialty grocers or larger supermarkets.

This meal tastes even better after being refrigerated for one to two days, covered.

25. Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu is the Japanese word for soy sauce. Shoyu Ramen is the name given to ramen that is served with a soy sauce-based broth, which is often clear and brown in color.

The most well-known variety of ramen you’ll encounter in Tokyo is called shoyu.

Spicy chili bean paste is the main component in the dish. The degree of spice may always be slightly adjusted.

Regular chili bean paste can be substituted if you really cannot handle hot meals.

26. Hoisin Chicken Udon Noodles

This thick form of wheat flour noodle is ideal for soaking up delectable sauces since it is a thick style of noodle.

If you have an Asian pantry, making this hoisin chicken noodle stir fry at home won’t require many more ingredients.

It takes no more than 30 minutes to put together.

The leftovers from a hoisin chicken and noodle stir fry are great for lunch and will smell amazing when heated.

27. Samosas

The flaky pastry with a triangle form, filled with a spicy potato, chicken, or lamb filling, is a favorite snack not just in India but also in many other nations.

They are not only ridiculously tasty but also highly adaptable. Samosas can be eaten as an appetizer, an entrée, or a quick meal.

They taste wonderful either heated or cool. They reheat nicely and last for days on end.

28. Tom Yum Soup

When you first take a drink of this Thai tom yum soup (see also ‘13 Authentic Thai Soup Recipes‘), the aromas of lemongrass, garlic, lime, coconut milk, and chile coupled with a foundation of chicken stock with shrimp on top will overpower you. 

If you enjoy heat, we advise using fresh red chilies or purchasing chile oil and adding anything between a few drops and a few tablespoons.

For a fantastic mild tom yum, omit the chile.

29. Egg Drop Soup

The soup is created by dropping a raw egg into a pot of boiling soup, thus the name “Egg Drop.” Nobody needs to be an expert to understand that.

However, as the egg swirls the soup in a flower-like pattern, the literal meaning in Chinese is really “egg flower soup”.

There are several versions of egg drop soup, but you may create a traditional version at home using this recipe.

30. Naan

With a hint of butter, this handmade naan recipe produces soft, chewy naan. I’ve never had anything better outside of an Indian restaurant than this.

Simply excellent whether served with your favorite curry or eaten warm and drizzled with melted butter.

Naan is a leavened, oven-baked bread that may be filled and flavored in a number of ways.

Naan is a staple of South and Central Asian cuisine and is simple, inexpensive, and can be made using things you likely already have in your cupboard.

31. Vietnamese Pho

A delicate and mouth watering noodle soup from Vietbnam called pho is cooked with beef bones, ginger, onions, and a variety of flavorful spices.

It is the epitome of a delicious soup. It’s amazing how the tastes and spices from cinnamon, cardamom, fennel seeds, and star anise combine.

You’ll discover that different regions of Vietnam serve food in a variety of ways, with some serving broader noodles, other herbs, or a sweeter broth.

32. Asian Slaw With Peanut Dressing

This Asian slaw is mixed in a rich Thai peanut sauce and loaded with fresh cilantro and crunchy vegetables.

This is a delicious and simple side dish that goes great with grilled chicken or shrimp.

Your favorite Asian chicken dishes go great with this side dish. Serve it for lunch with some grilled chicken breasts.

Tahini may work as a substitute for peanut butter in the Asian slaw dressing if you have a peanut allergy.

33. Szechuan Beef

Szechuan beef includes a delicious sweet and sour Szechuan sauce that is applied to the tender steak that has been thinly cut.

This low-carb beef recipe cooks up quickly and easily for a satisfying family lunch.

To get the ideal consistency, add a little bit more broth or water as needed in the last few minutes of cooking if you want it saucier.

Hold back some of the stock and increase the oil if you like your stir-fry to have a little more of a crispy-fried finish on the meat and vegetables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asian Food Healthy?

Generally, Asian food is very healthy and tends to be a lot more balanced and richer in vitamins and minerals compared to western diets. 

This is due in part to the fact that Asian cuisines include a lot of soup, and most of the soups produced at home are created from the bones of chicken, cattle, or fish, along with a variety of vegetables, whether green like spinach or hardy like lotus root.

The mix of vegetable and broth gives a concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals with every spoon, so even a little piece may rapidly fill you up and therefore making you eat less. 

They also incorporate a lot of seafood into their diet.

This typical Asian diet habit of eating fish virtually every day is supported by research to be found as beneficial to health.

When compared to other types of meat, fish has the largest quantity of healthy oils and lean protein per serving.

Is Asian Food Hard To Make?

It is hard to say whether or not Asian food is hard to make as there are a lot of different dishes that vary in complexity levels.

In terms of recipes such as chow mein and fried rice, it is very easy and takes no more than 15 minutes.

However, with dumplings, spring rolls, and pancakes, it will likely be harder to get a hang of to begin with as it relies a lot on timing and technique. 


Asia is the largest continent so is home to a lot of different wonderful dishes which makes it hard to whittle down to 33 but once you become confident with cooking these recipes then there is nothing stopping you from venturing out and trying more. 

There is also a good chance that you will also be saying goodbye to Asian takeaway as you realize how much fresher, healthier, and tastier it is to make at home.

33 Easy Asian Recipes To Replace Takeout

33 Easy Asian Recipes To Replace Takeout

Recipe by Jenna

If you are fighting the urge to order Asian takeout but are trying to save some money as well as calories, then you should try these Asian recipes at home to create something even better

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