The 28 Tastiest Easter Cocktail You Can Make For Yourself

So, Easter is here!

Winter has finally bitten the dust, the heat is starting to return, and you’re looking for the perfect recipes to collect in preparation for the changing seasons.

Gone are the warm and toasty meals and drinks that are meant to keep you warm in the freezing and snowy months, and in are the grill-out recipes, the dips, burgers, and hot dogs!

The 28 Tastiest Easter Cocktail You Can Make for Yourself

And, for those who love to cool off in the climbing heat, there is always a good cocktail to prep and make for yourself.

However, the tricky part of getting recipes ready for Easter, no matter what you’re preparing for the season, is finding good recipes to try in the first place.

Well, that’s what we’re here to help you with!

In this guide, we are going to show you some of the tastiest cocktails that you can prepare for a great Easter celebration!

1. Raspberry Rose Sangria

Starting this list right with a spring and summer fruit fest, we have an amazing raspberry and rose sangria recipe for you to try out for yourselves!

Raspberries have a certain sweetness that many other fruits, even ones as juicy and delicious as strawberries, don’t seem to have.

This makes any cocktail that you throw a raspberry into something especially sweet, balanced out perfectly by the more mellow, the still quite bitter, flavors of the rose you’ll be adding to this drink!

2. Classic Mimosa

When it comes to drinking to enjoy in a spring brunch, few can compete with a well-made mimosa.

A drink that is both tart and sweet in equal measure, this is a drink that is perfect for an out-an-about brunch that you can enjoy with friends.

Make sure that you have the right amount of orange juice in there too.

While the exact ratio or amounts that you want to prepare for yourself will vary depending on your preference, we recommend starting with one-third orange juice as this recipe suggests, before fine-tuning it to your tastes.

3. Paloma Cocktail

With a pastille color that lets just the right amount of light through, this paloma cocktail is the perfect drink for Easter, and getting ready for the warmer times that are ahead!

What makes this cocktail perfect for the rapidly approaching springtime is the lightness of the soda, combines with the sweet bitterness of good grapefruit juice, which means that this is the perfect way to celebrate the past of the colder winter months that are behind you.

And, of course, we can’t forget about the tequila in this cocktail too!

4. Peach Prosecco Punch

Of course, a bubbly cocktail is a perfect drink to prepare for a springtime party, especially when there is plenty of prosecco to go around!

This cocktail combines some chilled prosecco with a menagerie of flavors that people tend to associate with summer and springtime, such as blueberries, raspberries, and even some peach nectar or syrup for good measure!

5. Jelly Bean Mimosas

We’ve come back to the samosa for another take on this classic vodka cocktail.

This time, the recipe has leaned into the sweet treats that we often tie to times of celebration, to an extent, Easter.

By infusing your vodka with some high-quality jelly beans (ideally of a single flavor), you can have a super sweet mimosa mixing for a few hours for the perfect sweet punch to anyone’s taste buds! 

6. Sparkling Ginger Lemonade

Lemonade is a classic drink of early summer.

However, if you feel like a simple glass of lemonade is close, but not quite what you’re looking for at the party coming up, then you may want to take a look at this particular recipe.

With no alcohol in this drink, some people might contest as to whether or not this is a ‘true’ cocktail.

However, we think that is missing the point of this drink. This is a bubbly and refreshing beverage that the whole family is meant to enjoy, not just the grown-ups.

7. Mint Grapefruit Mimosa

We’ve talked at length already about both mimosas and grapefruit juice, and how well they both go into their respective cocktails.

So, is it any surprise that we have a recipe here that combines the two into one amazing cocktail?

8. White Sangria

The sangria recipe that we have already shown you is still a marvelous drink for spring and Easter, but not everyone loves the extras and additives in their cocktails.

Sometimes, they want a simple recipe done well.

This is exactly what this white sangria recipe does: The classic cocktail done simply, yet effectively!

The perfect drink for a springtime brunch!

9. Tequila Sunrise

When it comes to cocktails, many people love them almost as much for their color and presentation of them as they do for their flavors. Almost.

So, fans of a little color in their cocktails are sure to love this tequila sunrise!

When you’re adding the grenadine, make sure that you’re pouring down the side of your glass to get that classic sunrise look.

Half of the joy of this cocktail is looking and watching as these two layers slowly (or quickly, if you’re stirring with your straw) together.

10. Strawberry Champagne

Strawberry is perhaps THE fruit of springtime. A little strange, considering that strawberries can be grown pretty much all year round…

However, the shot of deep red is just the kind of thing to add a little extra life to a glass of champagne, as this recipe does!

11. Bloody Mary

If you say the name of this drink in the mirror three times…

You’ve probably already started drinking it.

Jokes aside, bloody mary’s are a staple of the summer, so what better way to celebrate that it’s on its way than with a recipe like this for that Easter party you’ve got in your diary?

There’s a reason that bloody marys are a favorite at bottomless brunches!

The dark coloring of the cocktail is almost as mesmerizing as it is delicious to drink!

12. Cadillac Margarita

Plenty of the recipes we have discussed so far have used tequila in some shape or form (and why wouldn’t you? It’s delicious!).

However, when talking about cocktails made with tequila, few can step to the kind of tequila cocktails, the mighty margarita!

For a holiday that is as special as Easter, it is only fitting to prepare for yourself a drink as special as this recipe here!

13. Frozen Peach Bellini

If you’re looking for a drink that is both packed with delicious peach flavor, as well as light and refreshing, then you need to try out this Frozen peach Bellini recipe!

Ideally, you’ll have a blender on hand to make this recipe prepared to perfection. After all, the cocktail is supposed to be icy, not a block of ice!

14. Lemon Drop Martini

When it comes to the foods we eat, Easter is the time of chocolate, and candy as a whole.

So, why not celebrate those sweet and sour flavors with a cocktail that is equally sweet and sour too?

While bottled lemon juice can be used if you have no alternative, the best results with this cocktail will be when you’re using freshly-squeezed lemon juice in the pitcher.

15. Bay Breeze Cocktail

If you’re attending a party for Easter that is out in the open sunshine, then you’re going to need an appropriately summer-ready cocktail to go along with it.

If this sounds like your predicament, then you need to get a load of this bay breeze cocktail!

While a classic sea breeze cocktail would combine the red with different cranberry cocktails recipes that gives this cocktail its distinctive color with grapefruit (as we’ve already mentioned, our favorite fruit juice), this recipe mixes it up by combing the cranberry with pineapple juice instead.

And, of course, there’s the vodka to go along with them! Plus, cranberry cocktails are a delightful addition to your Easter celebration, bringing a burst of fruity flavor to your sunny outdoor gathering.

16. Toasted S’mores Martini

If you’re looking for a cocktail with a little more marshmallows in your cocktail.

If you’re feeling that very specific itch in your cocktail taste buds today, then this toasty drink is the perfect cocktail recipe for you.

Whilst the warm sensation that this particular martini gives you as you drink it might be a little more suited to fall or winter, we think it’s a wonderfully decadent drink for Easter and springtime too!

17. Rosemary Paloma

We’re back again with another amazing paloma recipe for you to try!

What we love about this particular recipe is that it doesn’t just give you a great cocktail recipe, but even shows you how to make your rosemary syrup for the recipe too!

This is a great lesson that you can take into your other cocktail syrup recipes.

18. Chocolate Martini

Finally, an Easter cocktail that finally mentions chocolate in its ingredient list!

If you love chocolate at Easter as much as us and a kid on this holiday, then this is a recipe that you need to keep tabs on.

Made from equal parts chocolate liquor, Irish Cream (Baileys), and vodka, this is a recipe that is perfect for those cocktail lovers with a particularly sweet tooth.

If you want even more sweetness in this cocktail, just switch the vodka out for vanilla or other confectionary-flavored variety!

19. Brandy Alexander

Staying with the more chocolaty side of cocktails, we have another that uses chocolate liquor amazingly in a super smooth cocktail for you to enjoy!

If you’re more of a chocolate lover than you are a cocktail connoisseur, this is the perfect recipe that you will love to sink your taste buds into from time to time.

20. Passion Fruit Bourbon Sour

Moving back to the fruitier side of the cocktail menu, this bourbon sour uses passion fruits, coupled with a little vanilla and floral flavoring, to a classic Kentucky bourbon to get the perfect silky smooth texture.

21. Orange Crush Cocktail

Citrus is a mainstay of many cocktails that we’ve discussed, but orange seems to have been left out a little.

It’s time to fix that with this amazing orange crush recipe.

This is the kind of cocktail that can be made in a matter of minutes, perfect if you are suddenly feeling the urge for a little zesty refreshment!

22. Vodka Cranberry Cocktail

Vodka and cranberry is another classic cocktail mix that is loved across the world.

However, because vodka doesn’t change the flavor of the cranberry juice all that much, it can sometimes feel like you sipping pure cranberry juice.

That is if you aren’t throwing a little citrus into the mix like this recipe!

23. Hibiscus Margarita

Are you looking for a margarita with just a hint of herbal aroma?

This is the recipe that you need to check out!

24. White Russian

Moving back to a slightly creamier kind of cocktail, a white Russian is just the kind of drink that will go down a treat with some Easter chocolate!

25. Limoncello Mojito

How have we not mentioned mojitos already!?

Although a summer drink, this take on the classic cocktail is perfect for spring!

26. Grapefruit Mule

For our final grapefruit flavor cocktail, we’ve gone with this incredible mule recipe.

Perfect for sour and bitter taste buds!

27. Sidecar Cocktail

If you’re looking for a classy springtime drink, then the side care should be your drink of choice!

Enjoy the extra citrus flavors here!

28. Mint Julep

Finally, concluding our parade of flavors and cocktails, we have this classic take on a mint julep.

Enjoy the Kentucky Derby in style with this drink!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is A Cocktail?

With so many different ways that a cocktail can be prepared and a list of potential ingredients longer than most main courses, this list may have people questioning what exactly makes a cocktail a… well, a cocktail!

For example, what separates a margarita from say, a simple soda pop drink with a little spirit in it?

Well, generally speaking, it is generally accepted that a cocktail is a mixed drink that has at least two different ingredients in it, with at least one of them being alcoholic.

This means that technically speaking, even a simple rum and coke would count as a cocktail, which some cocktail purists may stick their noses up at once learning.

Generally speaking, what counts as a cocktail will vary from person to person and the context in which they are drinking it.

However, generally speaking, so long as there is at least a little alcohol in your drink, combined and mixed with something else, you’ll have at least a basic cocktail on your hands.

How Long Do Cocktails Last?

Sometimes, you may find that you don’t finish off all the cocktails that you’ve prepared. With so many ingredients (some of them potentially quite pricey), many people may be wondering how long they can save their cocktail.

This is a difficult question with no simple answer, and will depend on the ingredients you are using, and how you are preserving it.

Alcoholic drinks with only 2 to 3 ingredients, none of which are perishable, and are refrigerated at a low temperature, may be safe to drink for weeks after it has been made, although the flavor may change somewhat as the drink continues to mix.

This is the case for many ready-made cocktails, such as ready-to-drink margaritas.

However, if your cocktail has used some ingredients that are perishable, such as fruits, then you will only have a small window through which the cocktail is still fresh and safe to drink, even when refrigerated.

You’ll likely only have around 2 to 3 days to finish before it becomes less certain if your old cocktail is safe to drink.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Try these drinks out at your next Easter party, and see just how quickly they get gobbled up!

The 28 Tastiest Easter Cocktail You Can Make For Yourself

The 28 Tastiest Easter Cocktail You Can Make For Yourself

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Looking to make some fancy new cocktails for the Easter holiday and the season ahead? Then you need to check out this incredible collection of cocktail recipes!

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