The 10 Best Dunkin’ Donuts Refreshers

When we think of Dunkin Donuts, our minds quickly think about the wide range of super sugary but extremely tasty baked goods they produce.

You may even think about that steaming hot coffee you pick up on a daily basis. However, that’s not all Dunkin Donuts offers.

For those hot summer days or those days we want something a bit more nutritious, Dunkin Donuts offers its refreshers.

The 10 Best Dunkin’ Donuts Refreshers

Ice cold, fresh, fruity, and packed with vitamins, refreshers are a great sweet treat and an awesome way to start the day, but what flavor should you choose?

There are 10 different refreshers to choose from, with each one offering something a little different.

This can make it a little trickier to choose the right drink for you.

On top of that, Dunkin Donuts continues to release new flavors as the seasons change.

To help you choose the best refresher, we’ve decided to give you the rundown of the 10 flavors Dunkin Donuts has released so far.

If you need help deciding, make sure you stick around!

1. Golden Peach Coconut Refresher

We’ll kick this list off with one of our favorite options. The golden peach coconut refresher is easily one of the best refreshers Dunkin Donuts makes.

Perfect for those of you with a sweet tooth, you’ll want to give this refresher a try if you want something tasty, fresh, fruity, and super refreshing.

Despite its sweetness, this refresher is actually healthier than other Dunkin Donut drinks (see also ‘13 Must Try Drinks From Dunkin’ Donuts‘).

This is perfect if you seek ultimate sweetness without too many calories.

One excellent thing about the golden peach coconut refresher is that it contains coconut milk.

This not only gives the drink a better flavor but also makes it vegan-friendly.

Aside from the coconut milk, this refresher contains a mixture of passion fruit and peach and a dash of green tea extract.

Keeping you well nourished and hydrated throughout the day, we strongly recommend ordering this refresher with a Dunkin Donuts breakfast.

You’ll feel fresh, revitalized, and awake in no time.

2. Pink Strawberry Coconut Refresher

Another awesome Dunkin Donuts refresher made using coconut milk is the pink strawberry coconut refresher.

If you’re looking for a refresher that looks just as good as it tastes, this is the beverage for you.

Super vibrant, this refresher has a charming pink color that looks great.

This makes it a great option for those of you that like to post your food and drink on Instagram. The first ingredient in this drink is once again coconut.

Therefore, we can expect an incredibly sweet, slightly creamy drink, and tropical flavors from the off.

The addition of dragon fruit and strawberry adds even more flavor, creating a drink that explodes with flavor.

The tanginess and sweetness of the strawberry and dragon fruit compliment the coconut beautifully. 

Cool, wonderfully refreshing, and packed with vitamins, the pink strawberry coconut refresher is the perfect tropical summertime drink, so make sure you give it a try!

3. Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher

Next up, we have the strawberry dragon fruit refresher. In our opinion, this refresher stands out from most drinks and the other refreshers Dunkin Donuts offers.

This is mainly down to the strong flavors and bold color of the drink.

Deep red in color, this drink is definitely another Instagram-worthy beverage. Better still, it tastes just as good as it looks.

Sweet, tangy, fresh, and super fruity, this drink tastes a lot juicier than the other beverages we’ve tried so far.

This is probably because the drink doesn’t contain coconut milk. This refresher starts with a green tea base.

Strawberry and dragon fruit extracts are then added. Combining the common fruit with something more tropical was a great idea.

It has helped give the drink a much more unique, tropical flavor.

Thanks to the strawberry and dragon fruit, this refresher is also loaded with Vitamin B, while the addition of caffeine ensures you’ll receive a big energy boost from the beverage.

We like to pair this refresher with a Dunkin Donuts breakfast.

4. Peach Passion Fruit Refresher

If you’re not too keen on coconut but still want to try the peach refresher Dunkin Donuts has to offer, give the peach passion fruit refresher a try.

This refresher isn’t too dissimilar to the golden peach coconut refresher.

The main difference between the two is simply that the peach passion fruit refresher doesn’t contain any coconut.

Instead, the first ingredient in this refresher is brewed green tea.

As a result, you can expect the beverage to be much lighter and more refreshing.

To give the drink its impressive flavor, a peach and passion fruit combination is added. The two concentrates used are easily the stars of the show.

Bursting with flavor, you can expect an incredibly juicy, fruity, sweet, and slightly tangy drink that will keep you feeling fresh.

All in all, this is a fabulous option for anyone that wants a light, but flavor-packed drink. It’s also worth noting that it goes nicely with a Multigrain Thin.

5. Purple Pomegranate Coconut Refresher

The next Dunkin Donuts refresher on our list is the purple pomegranate coconut refresher.

Rich in flavor and packed with essential nutrients, this is another fine example of a drink that looks as good as it tastes.

Surprisingly pretty, this vibrant purple beverage almost looks too good to drink. It also makes you feel a little bad to gulp it down.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the stunning purple color of this refresher is 100% natural. You don’t need to worry about any chemicals or dyes. 

With every sip of this purple goodness, you’ll be greeted with a burst of fruity flavors, a smooth consistency, and a slightly creamy flavor thanks to the coconut milk.

The mixture of blueberry and pomegranate flavors works well, providing the drink with bold flavors and its purple hue.

Like most of the refreshers on our list so far, this drink is also packed full of vitamins and minerals.

It even has a dose of caffeine in it to help wake you up in the morning.

6. Apple Cranberry Refresher

The next refresher we have for you is the apple cranberry refresher.

This refresher was one of Dunkin Donuts’ autumn specials and it’s not hard to see why.

Offering the perfect autumn vibes, the beverage combines two typical autumn flavors to create one cold, refreshing drink.

This makes it ideal for those hot days we experience in September.

The apple cranberry refresher is made, unsurprisingly out of cranberry concentrate and apple concentrate. It also contains green tea.

All three ingredients effortlessly work together to produce a delicious tasting refresher.

While we typically associate cranberries with sour flavors, this drink is quite the opposite. Instead, the refresher is super sweet.

We probably have the green tea and apple concentrate to thank for that.

When it comes to color, you’ll love how the apple cranberry refresher rocks an autumn-intended aesthetic.

So much so, that we recommend drinking this refresher alongside a steaming apple fritter.

7. Apple Cranberry Coconut Refresher

At the same time as bringing out the apple cranberry refresher, Dunkin Donuts also brought out the apple cranberry coconut refresher.

In all honesty, there isn’t too much difference between the two drinks.

Like the apple cranberry refresher, this beverage is made using green tea extract, apple concentrate, and cranberry concentrate.

However, unlike the apple cranberry refresher, this refresher also includes coconut milk. 

Don’t worry, the addition of coconut milk doesn’t take away from the flavors and notes of fall spices.

In fact, if anything, the coconut milk elevates the refresher to another level.

Thanks to the coconut milk, the beverage is given a smoother, creamier texture, and a deeper color.

The coconut milk also gives the drink an extra subtle sweetness.

8. Blueberry Pomegranate Refresher

If you like the sound of the purple pomegranate coconut refresher we mentioned above, but instead want something a little lighter, the blueberry pomegranate refresher could be perfect for you. 

Compared to the purple pomegranate coconut refresher, the blueberry pomegranate refresher is much lighter and more nutritious.

This makes it much more refreshing and juice-like.

What we love about this beverage most is that we are given all of that without having to sacrifice any sweetness.

Despite having the coconut milk removed, the refresher still has plenty of sweetness to offer.

This is because the other ingredients make up for the lack of coconut.

This delicious drink is made out of blueberry, pomegranate, and iced green tea.

The iced green tea contains caffeine so the refresher will give you a boost.

This makes it a solid choice for those tired summer mornings. Why not pair this refresher with a Dunkin Donuts muffin?

9. Strawberry Lemonade Refresher

Those of you looking for a healthier alternative should consider giving the strawberry lemonade refresher a try.

Containing as little as 150 calories, this fizzy, refreshing beverage won’t take up too many of your daily calories while ensuring you’re given the boost you need to tackle the day ahead.

One of the best-selling drinks Dunkin Donuts has to offer, this drink is mostly popular for its lemonade.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than a cold, fresh lemonade on a hot summer day. 

Bright pink in color, the drink is perfectly mixed to provide an amazing balance of sweet and sour flavors.

The sweetness of the strawberry helps to somewhat neutralize the bitterness of the lemonade.

Overall, this is the perfect drink for anyone that loves a chilled glass of lemonade in the summer.

10. Blueberry Lemonade Refresher

The final Dunkin Donuts refresher on our list is another lemonade-based beverage. This time, we have the blueberry lemonade refresher.

Like the strawberry lemonade refresher, this drink only contains approximately 150 calories. 

This makes it another good option for anyone that seeks a refreshing beverage without having to go overboard with the calories.

Even the large version of this drink only tends to contain 230 calories.

The blueberry lemonade refresher is also similar to the strawberry lemonade refresher in the way that it wonderfully combines the sweet and sour flavors of the fruit and lemonade.

This time, the sweetness of the blueberry concentrate goes excellently with the sour lemonade.

Aside from being a healthier option, this refresher is also a lot more refreshing. We again have the cold lemonade to thank for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Calories Are There In A Dunkin Donuts Refresher?

One of the biggest worries Dunkin Donuts customers have is how many calories the refreshers contain.

While they do contain more calories than other drinks, all Dunkin Donuts refreshers contain less than 300 calories, with most containing less than 200.

How Much Caffeine Does A Refresher Have In It?

Almost every refresher Dunkin Donuts makes contains caffeine. However, the quantity is only small.

On average, a medium glass of refresher contains no more than 90 mg of caffeine.

While enjoying your DD’s refresher, you can also explore Dunkin Donuts breakfast menu items, which offer a variety of delicious options to start your day.

Have Dunkin Donuts Discontinued Refreshers?

Despite what many people believe, no, Dunkin Donuts hasn’t discontinued refreshers.

Instead, the company simply swaps out which refreshers they serve depending on the time of year.

Refreshers are very much a seasonal beverage.

In Conclusion

When it comes to picking the best refresher at Dunkin Donuts, we have 10 awesome options to choose from.

In this post, we’ve looked at all 10 in more detail to show you what they offer and what you can expect.

While every refresher differs slightly, every single one is designed to give you a fruity boost of energy and a refreshed feeling.

Now you know what to expect from Dunkin Donuts refreshers, you should take some time to narrow down the list and pick the refresher you want to try first.

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