Does Baileys Irish Cream Go Bad?

Are you a fan of Baileys Irish Cream liqueur?

This cocoa, whiskey, and cream flavored drink pairs perfectly with cocktails, hot chocolate, or coffee for a deliciously warming drink.

The velvety taste of the liqueur is a signature taste during the holiday season for many as well as reminding you that the winter nights are drawing in.

Regardless of how you drink your Baileys or what flavor of Baileys you have, you might be wondering if the old bottle in your cupboard is still okay to drink.

Does Baileys Irish Cream Go Bad?

In general, Baileys has a shelf life of up to 2 years, however, this can be less depending on the flavor.

In this article, learn when Baileys Irish Cream goes bad and how to store it for safe use properly.

How Long Does Baileys Last?

As there are many different flavors of Baileys, some of them have different shelf lives.

As a general rule, Baileys Original lasts for two years from the time it is bottled either opened or unopened if it is stored at an optimum temperature.

The optimum temperature to store Baileys is between 32 to 77℉.

Here is a list of Baileys products and their varying shelf lives which are dependent on the flavor.

These shelf lives are correct for products that come in full-size glass bottles.

  • Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon: 18 months
  • Baileys Salted Caramel: 24 months
  • Baileys Espresso Creme: 24 months
  • Baileys Strawberries and Cream: 20 months
  • Baileys Apple Pie: 18 months
  • Baileys Colada: 18 months
  • Baileys Deliciously Light: 18 months

The PET Baileys bottles that are 100ml or less in size all have a shelf life of 18 months, so be sure to double-check this list if you are uncertain if your Baileys products have expired.

So, Does Baileys Go Bad?

After the drink has reached its best before end date (BBE), this means that it’s still safe to drink the product but it may not taste very nice.

With regard to Baileys, it will eventually go bad as it is a liqueur and won’t last forever, especially as it has dairy in it.

These guidelines are to give the customer guidelines rather than say it’s unacceptable to drink it.

There will be an expiration date on the bottle as well as a BBE date which indicates when the manufacturer considers the drink is no longer safe to drink anymore.

Always be sure to check the expiration date if the bottle has been sitting in the cupboard for too long.

When the bottle is opened, the quality of the drink will decline faster when it has been exposed to air due to the oxidation of the liquor which can affect the flavor.

How To Tell If Baileys Has Gone Bad?

As with many other food or drink products, there are a few ways that you can tell if it has gone bad with your senses.

Once opened, you can drink Baileys until the BBE date, but for the best tasting results try to consume the drink between 6 to 9 months of opening.


One key way to tell if Baileys has gone off is to smell it.

A sour or unpleasant smell, similar to off milk, can indicate that the drink is no longer okay to consume.

Usually, this type of smell will be apparent upon opening the bottle.


The texture of Baileys can be a really clear indicator of whether or not it has gone off.

Pour some out into a glass and if you notice there is any discoloration or clumpiness in texture then this indicates it has spoiled.

When Baileys has gone off it tends to go darker in color and can also become thicker than usual in texture.


A final way to find out if your Baileys have gone off is to simply have a little taste.

Chances are if you’re reading this you know what Baileys tastes like, if you try some and it doesn’t taste normal then it’s probably off.

If you’ve ever tasted sour dairy products then you’ll know what to expect.

Does Baileys Need To Be Refrigerated?

Does Baileys Need To Be Refrigerated?

Contrary to what you might think, Baileys doesn’t need to be refrigerated as it is 17% alcohol.

As long as the bottle is stored out of direct sunlight between the recommended temperatures of 32 to 77℉.

Although it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it can make it taste nicer if you prefer to serve it cold over ice.

What Happens If You Drink Expired Baileys?

Drinking Baileys past its BBE date isn’t harmful and there shouldn’t be any adverse effects, however, it may not taste as nice.

These dates are a guideline and your Baileys could taste great for a few weeks or months past this date, but there is no way to tell other than to pour some out and try some.

If the drink has expired and is showing signs of curdling or discoloration, it is not recommended that you drink it.

Consuming a sip or two of spoiled Baileys is unlikely to have any serious side effects but if consumed in moderate to large amounts it can lead to food poisoning and result in vomiting, nausea, stomach pains, and diarrhea.

These side effects are only short-term and are unlikely to cause much damage further down the line, but no one wants to get sick from having their favorite drink.

How To Store Baileys Correctly?

As previously mentioned, Baileys should be stored at a temperature below 77℉ to prolong shelf life and preserve the flavor of the drink.

Storing away from direct sunlight is another important rule to follow.

Making sure the bottle lid is screwed on tightly when storing helps to prevent spills and oxidation from taking place.

The kitchen pantry or dining room is an ideal place to store Baileys.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions on the label of the bottle to double-check you are storing it correctly.

How To Use Baileys?

Baileys is a super versatile drink that is great to consume all year round. During the holiday season why add a splash to your hot chocolate or coffee?

When throwing a party, a classy Baileys Espresso Martini is guaranteed to please the crowd, especially as everyone likes something a little sweet after eating a meal.

Another way to use Baileys that you might not have thought of before is in your baking!

Baileys can add an extra layer of sweetness and creaminess to cheesecakes, brownies, and cold puddings for a delightful grown-up only dessert.

Closing Thoughts

Baileys Irish Cream is a combination of Irish whiskey, cream, and cocoa to create a velvety smooth tasty liqueur.

Many varieties of Baileys have a shelf life of up to two years if stored correctly in a cool dark place.

As it contains dairy products, it will eventually go bad but it can still taste okay for a few weeks or months after the BBE date.

We hope you found this article interesting and informative, giving you a better understanding of how long it takes for Baileys takes to go bad and how to properly store it.

Always drink with caution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can You Keep Baileys Irish Cream After Opening?

Once opened, Baileys Irish Cream should be ok up to two years after the bottling date, this is indicated by the best before end date which is printed on the bottle.

Despite this, recommendations suggest that you finish the bottle within 6 months from opening to retain the best flavor and quality.

Is Baileys Gluten Free?

Baileys does not contain ingredients that have gluten in them.

However, it cannot be guaranteed that the product is gluten-free and medical advice should be sought by those that have a gluten allergy before consuming Baileys.

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