38 Simple But Classic Dinner Recipes For Two

Many people sit there in the evening and struggle with what they want to eat surrounded by different ingredients but not knowing what to do with them.

38 Simple But Classic Dinner Recipes For Two

For some of these classic dishes you can make, you do not need too much and they are actually quite simple to make, you just need the recipe to get started! 

This guide will be covering 35 classic and easy meals you can make for the two of you!

No hassle or sweat, no mess, just some easy cooking and delicious tastes. 

1. Chicken Curry For Two Recipe

Chicken curry is a quick and easy option for anyone to make at home!

It is a very popular dish because it is a safe option for most without too much spice if necessary and just tasty.

You are not required to have too many ingredients and you can also add extras if you feel like it needs to be sweeter or have more of a kick! 

2. Creamy One-Pan Chicken & Broccoli Pasta Recipe

Who doesn’t love anything creamy, broccoli and pasta! All together it is one of the best combinations.

Taking only 20 minutes to cook, this is a great idea for a meal for two of an evening and you can always pop the leftovers in the fridge for lunch the next day! 

3. Rump Steak Recipe

We said we would give you simple and a good steak and chips is exactly that.

However, it’s all about the seasoning of your steak and how you cook it which is the classic part of this dish.

This is one of the quickest meals you can cook in an evening after a busy day only taking 10 mins.

You can add other elements to your dishes too such as mushrooms, peppers if you want something quite large! 

4. Fish Kievs Made With Sustainable Hake

Are you a fish lover (check out our favorite foods to pair with fish)? This simple delight is something you have all probably cooked at home before usually being the notorious chicken kiev!

This option is far more nutritious and homemade filled with yummy flavors.

You will only be getting your hands dirty for about 20 minutes which is definitely quick and simple, leaving you time to maybe even make a starter or dessert too if it’s a special occasion. 

5. Mushroom Stroganoff

Mushroom stroganoff is a great dish to make for two because it is quick, requires less ingredients than other dishes and just tastes divine.

Most people also tend to have beef in their stroganoff if they are big meat lovers but you can have it with or without, it will just add more time to the prepping and cooking.

This is also a very healthy option for anyone trying to make meals that are better for them. 

6. Rack Of Lamb With Warm Salad Of Mixed Beans & Slow-Roast Tomatoes Recipe

Tender lamb, slow cooked veg is something special.

If you are looking to have a little bit more romance at your dinner for two, this could be a perfect option.

This one does require slightly more effort than some of the other dishes but if you’re looking to make an impression, this is a beautiful looking dish and even better to eat if cooked correctly! 

7. Easy Scallop Pasta 

It says it in the name! This is an easy dish to create but still looks exquisite and tasty.

Just because something doesn’t take long to prepare, doesn’t mean it is not just as good!

Only having a cooking time of 5-10 mins, this elegant meal will definitely be a go to of an evening when you have little time to prepare but still want good food! 

8. Vegan Jambalaya

Veganism has become quite popular among most populations around the world.

More and more delicious recipes are surfacing giving you another option that avoids meat but tastes just as good.

This dish is packed with nutritious food making sure you get your 5 a day and your vitamins which is always important. 

9. Smoky Cod, Broccoli & Orzo Bake

For all of you fish lovers, this baked sensation is something you are going to want to try!

This is an ideal dish because it does not require too much washing up and cleaning afterwards because it’s all in one pot and it is low in fat!

It is a really healthy option, and is very quick to make, only taking up 20 mins of your time cooking. 

10. Vodka Pasta

Are you maybe looking for a little bit of spice in your life to give you that kick of an evening.

This dish can be quite fiery if you wish and also takes 12 minutes to cook. Who doesn’t love pasta? And it is very difficult to go wrong with!  

11. Turkey Stuffed Tomatoes 

Even though these recipes might look difficult to make, it is actually very simple.

This is also a dairy free option with only 235 calories. This dish also includes a delicious salad on the side of the stuffed tomatoes as well.

You do not need to use turkey, for example if you are vegetarian, you can always substitute this out for something else. 

12. Meatball Greek Salad Wraps

If you want a wrap that is full of goodness and different flavors, this one could be the best option.

With all different types of textures going on in there it is perfect to mix the meatballs with the salad and maybe even a drop of hummus for some more texture and taste.

This only takes 10 mins to prepare making it easy and definitely classic! 

13. Shrimp Alfredo

Creamy, seasoned shrimp alfredo is definitely a go for a simple meal for two.

This is the type of meal you would find in a restaurant but there is no need to pay them prices.

Topped with a beautiful parmesan cheese, you will just find yourself in absolute heaven with this easy dish. 

14. Caprese Chicken Skillet 

The chicken accompanied by the fresh basil and summer tomatoes is just lush.

The italian dish is something light and fresh and also very easy to create which is what makes it so popular.

The added element of cheese, garlic and onions just lifts to the dish and gives it that extra flavor you need! 

15. Lemon Pepper Chicken 

The lemon pepper chicken is something great on its own but it is always good to have a few sides when making any dinner.

For example you could add roasted broccoli or a pasta side!

Taking 30 minutes to cook it will be done in no time, and it does not require too many ingredients you would already have in your cupboards! 

16. Vegetable Pasta

Vegetable pasta is a great dish for people who do not eat meat and just anyone in general really.

You do not tend to find too many really healthy pasta dishes, but here is one for you filled with the best veggies and all made in one big pot.

This only takes 20 mins to make from scratch. 

17. Steak And Potatoes

Steak and potatoes, we don’t think you can get any more simple than this but it is still something really special.

Anything that is plastered in garlic and some peppercorn sauce is always just a delight to your taste buds.

You need to make sure the texture of the potatoes are nice and crispy and the steak is nice and juicy and your work is done.

18. Greek Lemon Chicken Salad

This type of salad is one of the more challenging to make but it is definitely worth it when you are sitting down ready to eat it!

A great option to add to this salad is some homemade flatbreads that are great for adding extra textures and warm tastes to the dish.

The main part of the dish is the chicken, so you need to make sure it is marinated nicely as it is the star of the plate. 

19. Garlic Prawn Kebabs

This kebab option is also a meal to impress with.

The grilled peppers, perfectly cooked prawn and lush tomatoes all complement each other.

The cheese is something that everyone just loves with all of these ingredients and is a classic but elegant take on the well known kebab. 

20. Spaghetti Carbonara 

This dish is just a creamy dream for most with the hollandaise style sauce, cheesy delight and crispy pancetta (see also ‘28 Perfect Pancetta Recipes‘).

You can also add in some extra ingredients if you prefer having some chicken or mushrooms added for extra protein and flavor too!

This does not require too much energy but you just need to make sure you follow the recipe and don’t go overboard on the cheese! 

21. Italian Rice With Chicken

This is a super impressive dish that is very tasty full of flavors but also really simple to make.

It is a one pan dish where everything is put together.

Very simple ingredients such as peppers, onions and chicken are all things you will already have!

You can never go wrong with a bit of Italian food.  

22. Stir Fried Pork With Ginger & Honey

This healthy dish is mixing the flavors a bit with the added sweetness of the honey and strength of the ginger to accompany.

This mix of asian flavors with the pork will be a great dish to serve because it is something a bit different and it is good to try new food every now and then.

It is also really low in fat and good for your health! 

23. Tender Roast Duck With Carrots And Citrus

This dish takes a little bit longer to cook at 50 minutes but it is not that difficult to prepare.

This is a more luxurious meal to make for the two of you and would remind you of something you would eat at a nice fancy restaurant!

People love to serve this with mashed potato to really compliment the duck.

24. Stir Fried Beef With Hoisin Sauce 

This is very quick and classic with some great flavors coming through.

The sauce will complement the beef perfectly and the added veg will also be a fab addition if you’re looking for a nice healthy dish which still gets you your protein and vitamins. 

25. Sticky Duck 

This asian style meal is something that is bursting with amazing flavors throughout the meat and the Chinese radish and green leaves give a lightness to the dish on the side.

This might look difficult but it is actually quite simple, you just need to make sure you are following the instructions to cook the duck properly!!

26. Mediterranean Chicken With Roasted Vegetables

It is as simple as it sounds but the taste is something amazing. This dish is full of healthy vegetables with great colors and flavors.

It takes 50 minutes in total but you only have 4 steps you have to follow on the method linked to this meal. 

27. Honey And Mustard Chicken Thighs With Spring Veg

This is the perfect example of what simple and classy should look like; it all goes in one pot and will definitely remind you of a taken apart roast dinner (see also ‘Simple One-Pot Chicken Dinner Recipes‘).

It has really good ingredients and offers lots of fiber and iron. You are getting your meat, veggies, potatoes and a great sauce, what more could you ask for?  

28. Pork Steaks With Mojo Sauce And Cuban Potatoes

Do you fancy a juicy pork steak (see also ‘17 Varieties Of The Best Steaks Ranked‘) with latin flavors including lime and chili to give it a nice punch.

This wonderful recipe only takes 30 minutes to make including 10 mins for preparations and the 20 minutes cooking time.

This is great for people who are gluten free, dairy free and you can also freeze this meal for the next day to prevent waste. 

29. Sticky Tofu Lettuce Cups

This Asian inspired meal is great for having something light and healthy that will not fill you up too much.

This is a great option for any vegan with the addition of some rice on the side will really make it into a meal.

Try something different with this recipe and it might surprise you! 

30. Baked Lamb Shank

The baked lamb shank is an ideal meal if you’re looking for something filling, quick and easy.

This steamy pot of goodness takes 15 minutes to cook with the meat, potatoes  and different ingredients to make the flavors pop!

There are also almonds added to the pot for that warm feeling to the dish.

31. Summer Greens Paella 

This classic dish has a bit of a vegetarian summer twist with vibrant colors packed with delicious veg and rice!

Most people are used to having the regular paella with tons chucked in but this is a simpler version which is quick and easy to whip up in no time. 

32. Stir Fry Chili Beef With Jacket Potatoes

This dish is quick and simple and is full of goodness for you! It is very rich in iron and fiber which is great if your people who love to exercise throughout the day.

This is a great energy booster with a great mixture of spices and herbs.

This dish requires quite a few ingredients so you might need to gather some extra bits before starting this recipe for two.  

33. Chicken With Creamy Bacon Penne

Popping this all in one pot after cooking is a very simple way to make this meal for 2 in no time.

You need to make sure your chicken is succulent and your sauce is creamy.

The bacon should also be crispy to mix all of the textures together.

This will be ready in under 25 minutes after cooking the different ingredients.

As a whole, this dish is very simple but effective and will always hit the spot. 

34. Simple Squash Risotto

This is a deep flavored, vegetarian risotto which is ideal for anyone who loves a bit of butternut squash.

It is very rich in flavor and has a very distinctive taste.

This might not be for everyone but it is always good to try new recipes because it could definitely surprise you!

You can also add some cheese to this recipe to finish it off or a vegetarian/vegan substitute. 

35. Baked Beans On Toast With Pancetta And Poached Eggs

This might not sound like a regular dinner but it is quick and full of hearty flavors which people love!

If the two of you just want something quick and something you know you will like, this is a great option and you can’t go wrong with it.

A nice soft egg, crispy pancetta and some good old hearty beans on toast, it’s great! 

36. Crab & Asparagus Pappardelle

This is a lovely light weight meal which will fill the gap nicely but not over do it.

The combination of flavors will definitely hit the spot for a nice date night or cozy night in (see also ‘40 Cozy Recipes To Warm You Up On A Rainy Day‘).

There are a variety of ingredients needed to make this dish and you might need to pop down to the local store to find some of them but the trip will be worth it. 

37. Thai Style Steamed Fish

Easy steamed fish recipe that doesn’t take too long to prepare. Made with simple ingredients, this recipe is suitable for beginners.

This is a super healthy meal and very easy to make for two people only taking you 15 minutes!

There also aren’t too many ingredients you need to make this perfect which is also why it makes it so popular. 

38. Turkey Curry

This is definitely one of the most popular dishes when people go out for meals because it is warm, cheesy and filling.

When at home you are also able to add extras to the mix such as mushrooms, bacon and chicken if you want!

You can never forget the basil in this dish because it really brings all of the elements together!  


These are some great examples of simple and easy recipes that are ideal for couples.

There are different options for everyone including gluten free, vegetarian, vegans , meat lovers to make sure nobody was left out of the mix.

Hopefully this will help you pick a delicious meal for two.  

38 Simple But Classic Dinner Recipes For Two

38 Simple But Classic Dinner Recipes For Two

Recipe by Jenna

These tried-and-true recipes are perfect for couples. With just a little effort, you and your loved ones can enjoy a night out or even a weeknight meal.

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