39 Easy Dinner Ideas Using Cabbage

It is so easy to feel like you are constantly stuck making the same recipes day in day out. This can be frustrating and make cooking and eating feel like more of a monotonous chore rather than something which ideally you should be enjoying.

This is why many people try and find a way to get new recipes and meal ideas into their repertoire, so they can make more of a variety of recipes instead of constantly making the same things!

39 Easy Dinner Ideas Using Cabbage

This is even better if you can make healthier and more varied recipes which will help you have a more balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle!

While this is a nice idea, it can be incredibly foreboding not knowing where to start and being worried about wasting too much time and money on using new ingredients.

This is why one of the best ways to try new recipes is to focus on one or two singular ingredients which you do not usually use and use these as a focal point for new recipes to try.

This is even better if you use an ingredient which is available globally since this means there will be plenty of varied recipes which use this ingredient meaning you are sure to find some recipes which you will end up liking.

This is even better if the ingredient is healthy and cheap, as well as easily accessible!

One ingredient which fits the bill perfectly is cabbage as there are plenty of varied recipes which all use cabbage either as the main ingredient or at least a key component.

If you have ever had cabbage served in one way before, and you did not like it, do not worry as the recipes included here all use cabbage in a different way, and it is almost guaranteed that you will find at least a few ways to cook it which will get satisfactory results!

So if you know you like cabbage, or want to start using this common ingredient in more of your recipes to make them different or more nutritious, this is the list for you! 

Easy Dinner Ideas Using Cabbage

1. Sauteed Cabbage

This is one of the easiest ways to prepare cabbage, and it shows off all the best flavorful qualities of the vegetable. It is easy to prepare and will not take too much time. You can add protein to it to make it more of a main, but it works best as a side alongside other components.

2. Panda Express Super Greens

This is an imitation recipe, and it will achieve amazing results. The flavors it receives from all the seasoning is delicious and will make you forget just how healthy this side is for you with all the nutritious veggies it uses.

3. Haluski Cabbage & Noodles

This is a simple but effective way to prepare cabbage and the addition of the noodles makes it even more filling. The combination of flavors is delicious especially the combination of the lemon with the acidic cabbage.

4. Cabbage Roll Casserole

If you have never tried cabbage rolls, this is one of the best ways to try them, and it has delicious results! The casserole is super filling and makes a great main which is poached with flavor!

5. Yakisoba Chicken

Yakisoba is one of the easiest Japanese recipes to make from home, and it is a popular dish because of just how easy it is to prepare and how delicious the results are. One of the traditional methods of preparing yakisoba is to use cabbage and this helps make it even more nutritious than it usually is!

6. Instant Pot Corned Beef And Cabbage

This combination of beef and cabbage is delicious and one of the best ways to prepare the two ingredients! If you want a simple recipe for a meal, this is a simple one to follow!

7. Crockpot Polish Cabbage Rolls (Golabki)

This is a spin on a traditional recipe, and it is absolutely full of a strong savory flavors and will become a new favorite if you prepare them correctly. The recipe uses a crock pot making it even easier to prepare if you are not working with much time!

8. Corned Beef And Cabbage

If you have never served corned beef with cabbage, you are missing out on this classic combination. This is also not too hard to prepare and is a super nutritious meal to make. If you like beef and have never used cabbage as a side, you will be surprised at how well the two ingredients work together!

9. Beer Braised Cabbage

Beer braising is a popular method of preparing cabbage and is a great way to add flavor to the vegetable. This is a great side which goes great with plenty of mains.

10. Caramelized Cabbage

One of the best and simplest ways to add flavor to cabbage is to caramelize it as this adds sweetness without having to add any extra ingredients. This also highlights the acidity of the cabbage which is part of its unique flavor. If you have never tried cabbage which has been prepared this way you are missing out!

11. Moo Shu Chicken

This is a popular Chinese method of preparing cabbage and takes advantage of the umami flavor you can make taking advantage of cabbages unique properties. The flavors of this cabbage are particularly bold and strong and if you want to try making this restaurant favorite, it is not too hard to recreate.

12. Egg Roll Bowls

This is a great recipe for preparing the flavor of egg rolls in a simpler form. If you are a fan of egg rolls, you definitely have to try making this recipe!

13. 15 Minute Egg Roll In A Bowl

This is an even simpler alternative method of making the previous egg roll bowls and are a favorite because of this. They are not as complex as the previous method, but if you are working with less time and want something quick and easy to satiate the family, you should try this recipe!

14. KFC Coleslaw

This is a great side which is super easy to make at home and if you follow the recipe, the results will be just like the KFC original! If you love coleslaw or have never made it before, this is one of the easiest recipes to follow!

15. Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole

If you love stuffed cabbage, this includes lots of the same ingredients but uses them in a simpler to prepare way!

16. Beer Braised Cabbage With Bacon And Apples

This is perhaps one of the most flavorful and delicious ways to prepare cabbage and the beer braised flavor is to die for. The combination with bacon apples is the perfect combo of salty and sweet.

17. Yangbaechu Kimchi (Green Cabbage Kimchi)

This is one of the easiest ways to prepare kimchi and if you have never had this traditional Korean side dish, you have to try making it yourself! It is super healthy and not too much effort to make!

18. Cabbage Hash Browns

These hash browns are much healthier than standard potato hash browns but are just as delicious and worth making!

19. Stir-Fried Cabbage

If you want a simple and filling way to prepare cabbage, this stir-fried method is really easy to prepare and will yield amazing results!

20. Low-Carb Unstuffed Cabbage Casserole

If you want something which contains fewer carbs than some of the other recipes on this list, this is the answer, and it is absolutely packed with flavor. This is a great side or main depending on what you want to serve it with!

21. Cabbage Dumplings

If you have never made these delicious dumplings which are wrapped in cabbage, this is a delicious and healthy dumpling recipe full of flavor (see also ‘Super Easy Dumpling Recipes‘)!

22. Rustic Cabbage, Potato, And White Bean Soup

If you love soup and have never made one with cabbage before, this is a great filling soup which does not take much effort to prepare and is full of nutrition as well!

23. Easy Cabbage Rolls

This is one of the best and easiest ways to prepare cabbage rolls and combining it with tomato soup gives them extra delicious flavor. Tray baking them is also part of what makes this recipe so simple!

24. Best-Ever Borsht

If you have never made borscht, it is a delicious broth which is full of flavor and great for dipping.

25. Mandarin Orange Chicken Salad

This is a beautiful and flavorful salad which is perfect for summer events and is absolutely packed with nutrition and flavor. If you like more filling salads this is definitely going to be a favorite!

26. Sweet And Sour German Red Cabbage

This is another delicious way to prepare cabbage, and it makes a delicious sour and sweet side which compliments plenty of different mains, if you want an easy side this is a great choice!

27. Whole Roasted Cabbage

If you want a simple but filling way to prepare cabbage, this is a great way to do so, and it is easy to add your favorite toppings to add flavor!

28. Cabbage Roll Soup

If you love cabbage rolls but want a different way of preparing them, or are more in the mood for soup, this is a great recipe to try. The way the flavor of cabbage rolls is imitated is delicious and this is great for making in advance.


29. Cajun Cabbage Jambalaya 

If you want a simple method to add loads of flavor to your cabbage, this Cajun cabbage jambalaya is a surefire way to please everyone. This recipe is super simple and uses loads of simple ingredients to pack it with flavor!

30. Vegetable Cabbage Soup

This is a great simple cabbage soup recipe you should try making!

31. Kielbasa And Cabbage

This simple but traditional cabbage dish is super easy to make and is also keto friendly if you are on that diet! The sausage is delicious and goes great with the simple cabbage.

32. Colcannon (Irish Potatoes And Cabbage)

This is a traditional Irish method of preparing cabbage and is super filling and easy to prepare as a side. It is also a great way to use up leftovers!

33. Stuffed Cabbage

This stuffed cabbage is full of flavor and easy to prepare!

34. Braised Red Cabbage With Bacon

The combination of cabbage and bacon is so common for a reason, and this simple recipe is full of spice and smokey flavor to make is a popular side! The flavor added by the wine is a great bonus too!

35. Pennsylvania Dutch Pepper Cabbage

This is another delicious method of preparing cabbage which uses a simple mayo dressing to add plenty of flavor!

36. Reuben Egg Rolls

Making egg rolls can seem hard, but these are worth the effort!

37. Filipino Pancit

If you have never tried pancit, the best way to describe it is as a traditional Filipino stir-fry, and it is super easy to prepare too!

38. Cabbage Soup

If you want a classic cabbage soup recipe, this is one of the easiest to make! It is also vegetarian and full of nutritional value!

39. Slow-Cooker Chicken Pozole

If you have never made pozole, this method makes the filling main simple to make with a slow cooker!


Hopefully this list has made clear just the sheer variety of different recipes you can put together just using cabbage! There is something for everyone here, so you are sure to find something which you will like!

If you are unsure of where to begin, try to find a more simple recipe which uses ingredients you might already have, or uses techniques which you already know, and then work your way up from there!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Healthiest Way To Eat Cabbage?

There are many different ways to cook cabbage, and this has made more health conscious people wonder what is the healthiest way to prepare it, or which way of eating it will make it more nutritious.

The answer to this is not the most straightforward and depends on your health goals.

One of the most nutritious ways to consume cabbage is to have fermented cabbage which is usually used as a side.

The two most common forms of fermented cabbage are sauerkraut and kimchi which are both very different, but it is likely that you will like one of them!

The reason this type of cabbage is so healthy is because the bacteria formed when the cabbage is fermenting will make probiotics which are great for gut health as well as helping your body with key jobs like fighting germs and digesting food amongst other things.

If the idea of fermented cabbage does not appeal to you, or is not something which is easily accessible, then a much simpler healthy way to eat cabbage is to just have it raw.

Red cabbage especially is particularly nutritious and is still nutritious when it is raw. Cabbage is especially well known for its anti oxidants as well as being great for inflammation. 

Whatever way you decide to eat cabbage, as long as it is part of a healthy balanced diet, it should be good for you!

What Is The Easiest Way To Cook Cabbage?

As this list ha shown, there are many different ways to serve cabbage whether as a side or as the focal point for a whole meal, but some people will just want a quick and simple way to prepare cabbage which does not require too much effort! 

So if you are looking for one of the easiest ways to cook cabbage quickly if you do not like having it raw, is to boil and then season it.

This can be done by submerging sections of cabbage in boiling salted water for around 10 minutes until a knife slides out of it easily.

After this you will want to drain the water and then season it in whichever way best suits your taste.

If you just want the cabbage to be a simple but delicious side which does not need much effort, you can just add some butter, pepper and more salt if needed and toss the cabbage in this until the seasoning has been equally distributed.

Health Benefits Of Cabbage?

If you are planning to further integrate cabbage into your diet, or want to start eating more cabbage, you are probably wondering what its health benefits are and how to capitalize on these to get a healthier lifestyle.

One of the most impressive health benefits of cabbage is that despite being incredibly low in calories, it is high in nutritional value with it containing many useful vitamins and minerals as well as having good protein and fiber content.

If you want to start eating veggies with more nutritional value, cabbage is one of the best available!

Cabbage is also a great anti-inflammatory ingredient and also has good antioxidants. This means that if you have any issues which relate to these, an increased cabbage intake will help with these issues!

Cabbage is also known to help with digestion being a more fiber rich vegetable than some other choices so if you are having digestion issues, then perhaps including more cabbage in your diet will be able to help with these issues!

There are also some studies which have been done which show that cabbage can help with heart health, can keep your cholesterol lower, and can also help with high blood pressure! 

Taking into account all of these positive aspects of cabbage, as well as how easy it is to integrate into your diet, it is understandable why cabbage is so popular!

Negative Effects Of Cabbage?

So while consuming cabbage can have lots of benefits, are there any negative effects which can come with excessive, or repeated consumption of cabbage.

Some issues which can come with either eating too much cabbage, or having a sensitive digestive system, is that cabbage can cause excessive flatulence as well as potentially diarrhea.

While this is a potential outcome, this usually is only a result of excessive consumption and will not affect most people.

There are also some more specific issues which can be caused by cabbage consumption. The vitamins included in cabbage can occasionally counteract blood thinning medication, so if you use this you may want to consult with a doctor before having cabbage.

Also, there have been studies done which show that consuming too much cabbage can lead to hypothyroidism. However, this is a more niche outcome and is only a result of excessive consumption.

So, while there are some negative side effects which can come from consumption of cabbage, almost all of them are due to excessive consumption and will not affect most people who eat cabbage on a standard basis.

39 Easy Dinner Ideas Using Cabbage

39 Easy Dinner Ideas Using Cabbage

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Are you looking for some simple dinner ideas which use cabbage but do not know where to start? This list has 39 great recipes using cabbage to try out!

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