6 Dijon Mustard Substitutes

If the time has come where you need a substitute for dijon mustard, then you can breathe a sigh of relief because we have got you covered.

While the actual flavor of dijon mustard is a hard one to match up to, there are many substitutes out there that will work brilliantly in its place.

6 Dijon Mustard Substitutes

So, whether you are currently making the ultimate sandwich, or needing it for a salad, look no further. Below you will find X dijon mustard substitutes.

1. Yellow Mustard

The reason yellow mustard is at the top of this list is because there is a good chance that you already have this in your kitchen. 

While it is a little sweeter, and perhaps even more tart then dijon mustard, if you are struggling to use anything else, then good ‘ol American mustard will do the trick.

2. Horseradish

You either love or hate horseradish. It is super strong in flavor and has bundles of tanginess – which is why not everybody can stomach the stuff.

Even so, it makes a great substitute to dijon mustard because of the tanginess.

While the texture is different, you may want to add in some sugar to balance out the extra tartness with some sweetness. 

3. Spicy Mustard

Spicy mustard has a similar taste to wholegrain mustard, however the textures are different. That’s because spicy mustard has seeds (see also ‘5 Substitutes You Should Try Instead Of Black Mustard Seeds‘) which are visible which adds even more flavor to the mustard.

This is because the seeds themselves are left to soak in vinegar, and this means that the mustard will have a tart flavor, a little similar to dijon mustard. The high seed content is what makes this mustard extra spicy. 

However, it will not be a good substitute for every dijon mustard recipe. It will be great for sandwiches and salads. 

4. Wasabi

We all know that dijon mustard has a bit of a kick to it. Because of this, wasabi can provide that to a dish that needs it. 

You will need to be extra careful however, as wasabi is much stronger than dijon mustard, so apply it in tiny amounts.

5. Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is a tangy condiment that is made by fermenting ingredients to create a very complex variety of flavors.

Included are anchovies alongside vinegar, molasses, garlic, onion (see also ‘7 Onion (Fresh, Chopped, Or Dried) Substitutes‘), and sugar.

While runnier in texture, it makes a great substitute for dijon mustard because of its overall flavor profile. While not useful for every swap, it will suit something like a meat marinade.

6. Honey Mustard

When it comes to looking for a dijon mustard alternative, if you have any form of mustard in your kitchen, then your best bet is to try using that first. 

While honey mustard is much sweeter in taste, it does go very well with meat such as pork or chicken.

It can also be used in a sandwich, or as a marinade, dressing, as a dip, or as a sauce.

While you will not get the same tangy flavor as dijon mustard, it is a good alternative due to still being a mustard. 

However, if you want a similar kick like the dijon mustard gives, then this will not provide it. 

Final Thoughts

If you do not have any dijon mustard to hand, then fear not, there are many other options to choose from.

Whether that is a completely different mustard, or using something like horseradish, you can save your dish!

Hopefully you have found some exciting dijon mustard substitutes to use. Check out the rest of the website to find more helpful substitutes when cooking and baking. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Flavor Of Dijon Mustard?

Dijon mustard is known for its unique savory flavor.

Because it is made from mustard seeds that are dried, along with white wine vinegar, shallots, and black pepper, it has a strong flavor which is both spicy and sweet.

It is said that it has a mild salty flavor overall, alongside a smooth and complex tanginess. It goes great in sandwiches and alongside meat. 

How Does Dijon Mustard Differ From The Usual Mustard?

The regular mustard that you buy from the grocery store is often bright yellow. While it is tasty, the color is usually created by the addition of turmeric, and it is often made using white mustard seeds.

Dijon mustard is pailer in color, and has a different kind of tanginess to it alongside being a lot spicier.

The flavor difference isn’t all that much, but you will notice it if the mustard is eaten one after the other. 

How Does Dijon Mustard Work Alongside Food?

Dijon mustard can help to enhance flavors, whether that is in a cooked dish or something like a sandwich. It is often paired with meat to bring out the flavor, as well as to add some spiciness.

6 Dijon Mustard Substitutes

6 Dijon Mustard Substitutes

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In this article we take a look at 6 easy substitutes for dijon mustard that you can find already in your kitchen

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  • Yellow Mustard

  • Horseradish

  • Spicy Mustard

  • Wasabi

  • Worcestershire Sauce

  • Honey Mustard


  • Decided on what substitute you need
  • Pick a substitute from the list above
  • Read what you need to substitute with
  • Create the recipe and enjoy

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