28 Delicious And Crunchy Cucumber Salsa Recipes You’ll Love

Cucumbers are versatile ingredients that go well with almost anything. They add a tangy flavor to salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps, and even desserts.

If you want to get creative with them, then these 28 delicious recipes will inspire you.

1. Cucumber Crispy Salsa

Cucumber salsa is a perfect summer appetizer, especially since it’s ready in less than 10 minutes. It tastes great with chips, crackers, or even grilled chicken breasts. This recipe uses cucumbers that are peeled, seeded, and diced into small cubes.

2. Mango Cucumber Salsa

This cucumber mango salsa is perfect for hot weather. This easy recipe makes enough salsa for 4 servings. Enjoy it as a snack, appetizer, side dish, or even as a healthy salad topping. So what are you waiting for?

3. Classic Cucumber Salsa

The summer months are our favorite because there’s no better way to cool down than with a refreshing bowl of soup. But we know that sometimes eating out isn’t always possible. So why not make your own soup?

You’ll save money, too. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to spend hours standing over a hot stove.

4. Cool Cucumber Salsa

In a medium bowl, stir well to combine ingredients. Cover and chill for up to 2 hours. Serve with tortilla chips, crackers, or pita bread. Garnish with additional chopped cilantro and/or diced avocado.

5. Quick Cucumber Salsa Recipe

Cucumbers are often overlooked in favor of tomatoes, but they’re a great addition to salsa recipes.

We found that adding some diced red onion, minced cilantro leaves, lime juice, and salt to our basic tomato salsa gave us a fresher flavor profile.

Try this recipe today and see how easy it is to bring a little taste of Mexico into your kitchen.

6. Cucumber And Tomato Salsa

This recipe is one of our favorites because it tastes great, looks beautiful, and makes a perfect appetizer or side dish. You won’t believe how easy it is to make!

7. Fish Cucumber Salsa

This spicy salsa is the perfect companion to fish. Serve it with grilled chicken, seafood, or even steak.

8. Quick English Cucumber Salsa

The English cucumber is one of the most popular varieties of cucumbers in Japan. They’re known for having a sweet taste and being easy to eat without peeling. In fact, they don’t even require peeling at all. You just slice them up and enjoy!

9. Rhubarb-Cucumber Spicy Salsa

Pulse chili pepper, garlic, and the white part of the scallion in a food processor until fine. Drizzle in soy sauce, followed by olive oil; pulse again to form an emulsion.

10. Fresh Cucumber Salsa

This recipe is super simple to make and takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. You can use any type of cucumber you like, but we prefer seedless ones because we don’t want seeds floating around our food.

Jalapeños add a great kick to this recipe and help balance out the sweetness of the cucumbers.

11. Cucumber Fruit Salsa

This recipe makes about 2 cups of salsa. You can use it as an appetizer or dip, or you can serve it alongside chips. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to 4 hours.

12. Chunky Salsa Recipe

Start with ripe tomatoes. You want to use those that are red and juicy. If you’re making salsa verde, you’ll want to choose tomatillos over regular tomatoes.

Tomatillos aren’t green, but they taste great in salsas. They look like little green apples, but they’re actually fruits related to cucumbers.

13. Spicy Watermelon And Cucumber Salsa

Do you know those days when you just want something refreshing, easy, and delicious? Well, here it is. This Spicy Watermelon Salsa recipe is perfect for summer parties, picnics, and barbecues, or even as a dip for chips.

14. Sweet & Smoky Cucumber Salsa

The Sweet & Smoky Salsa recipe is one of our favorites to make and serve at parties. We love it because it is easy to prepare, delicious, versatile, and healthy.

This salsa is perfect for serving alongside chips, tacos, burgers, grilled chicken, and fish. You can even use it as a salad dressing or dip.

15. Mild Tomato And Cucumber Salsa

This recipe is easy enough for you to make during your lunch break. You’ll love it. In a medium bowl, combine the tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt, and pepper. Toss well to mix thoroughly.

Add the olive oil and stir again to coat evenly. Serve immediately, or refrigerate for up to 3 days.

16. Zucchini Cucumber Salsa

The Zucchini Salsa recipe makes enough salsa for 8 people, and it takes less than 30 minutes to make. This simple zucchini salsa is perfect for serving with chips, tortilla chips, or even nachos.

17. Crisp And Fresh Cucumber Salsa

This salsa features cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeños, lime juice, red onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

This salad includes grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, green onions, feta cheese, lemon vinaigrette, and balsamic vinegar.

18. Peanut Relish And Cucumber Salsa

The Roasted Peanut Relish is one of our favorite recipes. We love it because it takes just 3 ingredients: peanuts, honey, and cayenne pepper. Add some salt and you are done.

This recipe makes about 4 cups of relish. You can use it as a dip, spread it on toast, add to salads or even eat it straight out of the jar.

19. Greek Salsa

This is a spectacular Greek salsa recipe that uses feta cheese and olives to enhance the flavors of the tomatoes and cucumbers in the salsa itself.

20. Cucumber Salsa Salad

This simple cucumber salad is an excellent choice for picnics, potlucks, or entertaining. Make it ahead of time and serve chilled. You can make it up to 2 days in advance.

21. Thai Crunchy Quinoa Salsa Salad

This Thai quinoa salad is packed full of flavor, color, and nutrients. Its vibrant colors are sure to brighten up even the darkest winter days.

Serve it warm or cold, straight out of the fridge, or chilled over ice. Either way, you won’t regret adding it to your repertoire.

22. Onion And Cucumber Salsa Salad

The key to this dish is the dressing. While some recipes call for lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic, we like to keep things simple.

23. Sour And Sweet Cucumber Salsa Salad

Sweet and sour cucumbers are one of our favorite summer flavors. They’re refreshing and light but still packed with flavor.

This salad combines those same characteristics. You’ll find a blend of textures in this dish – crunchy vegetables, juicy fruit, and creamy dressing.

24. Crisp Low Carb Creamy Cucumber Salsa

Cucumbers are great because they’re versatile. They go well with just about anything you want to eat. And when it comes to salsa, cucumbers add a nice crunch.

This recipe is perfect for a summer picnic or barbecue. You’ll love the way the crisp veggies pair up with the heat of the peppers and tomatoes.

25. Cucumber Noodle Salsa Salad

This recipe calls for spiralized cucumbers because they’re easier to work with than regular cucumbers. If you don’t have a spiralizer, you can still make this dish without one.

26. Cucumber Mango And Citrus Salsa

Cucumber mango salsa is one of those recipes you’ll want to make again and again. This delicious salsa is full of flavor and healthy ingredients like cilantro, jalapenos, red onion, lime juice, and avocado.

Best of all, there are no added sugars or preservatives.

27. Asian Cucumber Salsa Salad

Asian cucumber salads are one of my favorite ways to enjoy summer produce. They’re light and refreshing, and I love how easy they are to make. Plus, they go well with just about anything — grilled meats, fish, chicken, pasta…you name it.

28. Creamy Salsa Cucumber And Cottage Cheese Salad

This creamy cucumber salad is perfect for springtime entertaining because it features refreshing herbs like chives, parsley, mint, basil, and cilantro.

If you’re hosting a barbecue, serve it alongside grilled chicken or fish. And if you’re having a picnic, bring along some crusty bread and maybe even a few bottles of wine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should Cucumber Salsa Last?

Homemade cucumber salsa is one of those recipes you make once and never again because it doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day to eat it all up.

But here’s some good news: You’ll find yourself making it even though you don’t want to. Because while it’s best when it’s fresh, it lasts well — and the flavor intensifies as it sits in the fridge.

How Do You Cut A Cucumber?

The easiest way to cut a cucumber is to halve it lengthwise. Then you can use a spoon to scoop out the pulpy center and seeds. This method works best for slicing cucumbers because it leaves behind fewer small pieces.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve ever made homemade salsa before, then you know what a pain it can be. The problem isn’t the ingredients; it’s the chopping and dicing. It takes patience and practice to get the right texture.

That said, you can always substitute store-bought salsa, but will it taste as good as the homemade recipes above?

28 Delicious And Crunchy Cucumber Salsa Recipes You’ll Love

28 Delicious And Crunchy Cucumber Salsa Recipes You’ll Love

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Cucumber salsa goes delicious with other vegetables mixed in. So, today, we have the best cucumber salsa recipes with a twist to add some spice to your meal!

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