28 Easy And Simple Cuba Mojito Recipes You Need To Try

A mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail that’s ideal for hot summer days and pool parties. One of the best thing about a mojito is that it only takes a few ingredients to mix this delicious cocktail together.

28 Easy and Simple Cuba Mojito Recipes You Need To Try

Just 30 seconds in a cocktail blender or shaker, and you are ready to enjoy this refreshing drink. In this article, we put together 28 easy Cuban mojito recipes that you can do simply at home.

1. Classic Mojito

Let’s start off with the classic mojito recipe that needs only a few simple ingredients that you probably already have at home.

If you are new to mixing your own mojito, then try to stay as closely to the recipe as possible. When it comes to mixing a Cuban mojito, it’s important to gently slap your fresh mint before you add it to your drink. 

This will release the minty essential oils creating a stronger flavor in your mojito.

2. Havana Club Mojito

This mojito comes with a slight twist where you add the delicious Cuban rum Havana Club to a classic mojito drink. With just five ingredients, it’s not surprising how quickly you can blend this tasty alcoholic 

Muddle the mint sprigs in the sugar and lime mixture.

3. Cranberry Lime Mojito

The sweetness of the cranberries balances the sour lime in this mojito recipe beautifully. But this cranberry lime mojito doesn’t just taste great, it also looks the part.

Just the right refresher for the days when the weather starts heating up.

4. Raspberry Vodka Mojito

If you love your fruity cocktails, then this is a super easy recipe that you can whisk together in a minute.

There is a strong raspberry flavor combined with the lighter notes of mint. This easy recipe is quick, and you can make it in bulk for a larger group of guests.

5. Quick Cuban Orange Mojito

Nothing reminds us more of summer, sand and beaches than the beautiful taste of orange and lime.

This super quick Cuban mojito recipe combines the zesty flavors of citrus fruit with the sweetness of traditional sugar and rum. All topped with a good amount of ice cubes and refreshing mint.

6. Virgin Mojito Mocktail

There isn’t much you can do wrong when mixing a mojito. The small number of ingredients means you just whisk everything together, shake it and then serve.

This mojito mocktail recipe is slightly different because it doesn’t contain any alcohol. This means it’s ideal to share, even with the kids.

This non-alcoholic mojito has all the essential elements of a tasty mojito without the heaviness of classic Cuban rum.

7. Cuban Mango Mojito

Although this sweet mojito recipe contains the classic mojito ingredients, the mango adds a unique twist to this traditional Cuban drink.

It only takes a few minutes to put this mango mojito recipe together, and you can use up any leftover mango pulp.

8. Mojito Pitcher Recipe

What makes a mojito a truly simple cocktail is that you can vary the ingredients so easily that you can make just a single glass or a whole pitcher for guests.

This Cuban mojito pitcher recipe takes just five minutes and you save yourself a lot of time making individual drinks. Plus, you have your drinks ready before your guests arrive.

9. Tequila Mojito

If you are not a great fan of rum, then you can also mix in some other spirits, such as tequila. The classic mojito flavors stay the same, with a note of Mexican tequila.

While this may not be for hardened mojito lovers, it’s a great alternative to the traditional recipe. Plus, it’s just as easy to make.

10. Gin Mojito

One big advantage of a Cuban mojito is that you put almost any type of alcohol in it. With its light aroma, this drink is ideal for the hot summer months.

This crafted gin mojito contains all the pleasant minty mojito flavors with a twist of gin. 

If you don’t like the strong gin taste, then you can also try out making any other mojito on our list here with gin, tequila or another alcohol.

11. Cuban Passion Mojito

Passion fruit is a great alternative if you don’t fancy mango, orange or other exotic fruit in your cocktails. This recipe uses passion fruit juice together with all the other classic mojito ingredients to make a delightful drink.

12. Blackberry Mojito

Blackberries are some of the least used fruit in cocktail recipes. However, they are a great core ingredient for a mojito. This blackberry mojito recipe doesn’t just taste great but you also get a fantastic purple color.

13. Bacardi Mojito

Bacardi is getting more and more popular as a drink on its own and as an ingredient in many cocktails. This Bacardi mojito recipe only needs five ingredients, blend and add your ice.

14. Skinny Cuban Mojito

Alcohol has a lot of calories, so if you want to cut down on some of the calories in a mojito, then this skinny mojito recipe is just right.

It’s perfect for weight watchers who want to keep a low point count.

15. Strawberry Mojito

Strawberries are fantastic summer fruit, so you can throw them into all your favorite cocktails, including a classic mojito recipe.

16. Whiskey Ginger Mojito

You wouldn’t instantly connect Irish whiskey with a Cuban cocktail but they work surprisingly well together, especially with the hint of ginger.

17. Fruit Mojitos Four Ways

If you want to offer your guests some cocktail variety, then these mojito four ways recipes give you a good mix of pineapple, blackberry, raspberry and watermelon.

18. Watermelon Mojito

This watermelon mojito recipe is another light cocktail ideal for weight watchers and everyone who is looking out for calories.

Watermelon contains mostly water with a sweet aroma, and this is what makes this special mojito stand out.

19. Fruit Punch And Mixed Berry Mojito

This is your chance to get rid of all your leftover berries and fruit. Even if you are new to mixing cocktails, you can have lots of fun with this mixed fruit mojito.

20. Blueberry Mojito

Blueberries are great to add to almost any kind of summer cocktail. They look fantastic in a drink and you get a sweet fruity flavor.

It’s best to use fresh blueberries when they are in season but you can also substitute them in this recipe with any other berry.

21. Frozen Mojito

If the few ice cubes that you add to a classic mojito isn’t enough, then you can also create this frozen mojito. The flavor stays exactly the same but you just blend more ice and turn it into slush.

22. Coconut Mojito

Coconut just reminds you of long, sandy beaches and palm trees. The sweet flavor of coconut is the right balance for the zesty lime aroma in this coconut mojito recipe.

There is plenty for everyone when you make this mojito in bulk. Plus, you can give your drink an extra special flavor with some grated coconut on top.

23. Cucumber Mojito

Cucumber is so refreshing and it just goes perfectly with lime and mint in this sweet cucumber mojito.

24. Peach Mojito

This peach mojito has a much more subtle flavor than many of the other mojito recipes we looked at. It mixes well with the mint, lime and Cuban rum but you will still be able to taste the fresh peach.

25. Limoncello Mojito

Limoncello is more an after-dinner alcohol but you can also use it in a wide variety of cocktails, including your traditional mojito.

This limoncello mojito recipe adds a tasty twist to the usual mojito flavor. You can even add some sparkling water to make the aroma pop.

This alcoholic drink recipe is so delicious that you might want to make it with a pitcher.

26. Pineapple Mojito

If you really fancy a tropical drink, then pineapple is a must-have. Mix in some Cuban rum and mint to create a super tasty mojito.

27. Blue Curaçao Mojito

Blue curacao is a great all-round spirit. You can easily mix it into your mojito and enjoy the bright blue color. 

28. Irish Mojito

Irish whiskey, lime juice, mint and syrup are the key ingredients of this Irish mojito recipe. Just add in some ice, shake well and serve with some club soda.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mojito Made Of Alcohol?

Mojito is a classic drink from Cuba. A traditional mojito contains sugar, mint, lime and Cuban rum. However, you can also make a Cuban mojito mocktail without alcohol.

Can Kids Drink Mojito?

A classic mojito recipe contains alcohol, so it’s not suitable for kids. Saying this, you can also make a mojito mocktail without the traditional Cuban rum.

Is Mojito A Healthy Drink?

Mojito contains alcohol and sugar which isn’t very healthy. However, mojitos are also made with lime and mint which contain plenty of vitamin C.

Final Thoughts

A Cuban mojito is a classic cocktail found in almost every cocktail bar around the world. 

From fruity to sweet, you can create your own mojito in just a few minutes with some basic ingredients, including lime, mint and sugar.

28 Easy And Simple Cuba Mojito Recipes You Need To Try

28 Easy And Simple Cuba Mojito Recipes You Need To Try

Recipe by Jenna

A mojito is a traditional Cuban cocktail that’s ideal for hot summer days and pool parties. Here are 28 easy Cuban mojito recipes that you can do at home.

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