23 Amazing Crescent Roll Appetizers

What’s not to love about crescent rolls? They are incredibly soft, flaky, and rich in diverse flavors!

If you love crescent rolls, then you’re in for a treat. These crescent roll appetizers take you on a whole new level of deliciousness.

Amazing Crescent Roll Appetizers

We all know that standard buttery crescent rolls, but did you know how incredibly versatile they can be?

Whether you prefer savory, sweet, or even spicy foods – these rolls adapt to anything! You may even be surprised to find out that they make some of the best desserts, too!

While you won’t find many sweet dishes on this list, since today we’re focusing on appetizers, you will, however, find plants of meaty, cheesy, and savory options that are sure to satisfy your desires.

Let’s get straight into it!

1. Pepperoni Cheese Stick Roll Ups

Both the kids and the grown-ups who never stopped loving their childhood dishes will love this next recipe.

This recipe is so simple yet so effective, it can be made in just under five minutes.

Simply take a crescent triangle, layer it with 5-6 pepperoni pieces with half a cheese stick, then roll and bake. It’s that simple and they will go down a treat.

2. Cheesy Pizza Rolls

If you’re looking for a healthier, guilt-free alternative to those sinfully irresistible pizza rolls that are packed with calories and grease, then you’re going to love these homemade versions!

To make eight rolls, you’ll only need roughly 45 minutes of your time. While this may seem like a long time, once cooked you’ll be rewarded with delicious and healthier pizza rolls.

Plus, they are much bigger than the microwavable pizza rolls you find in the grocery store!

3. Meatball Stuffed Crescent Rolls

You can’t go wrong with meatballs in appetizers, and this recipe bears no exception to the statement!

If you’re looking for a savory recipe that is sure to be a hit at your next family gathering, then this is the recipe for you.

4. Spinach Dip Crescent Wreath

Perfect for the holidays, this spectacular spinach dip crescent wreath isn’t as difficult to make as it may seem!

Simply start by assembling the creamy, rich spinach dip.

From there, you’ll want to layer the crescent dough onto a platter in a pattern resembling the sun, placing a small bowl in the middle.

Then, placing generous amounts of spinach dip around the exterior dough, roll up the dough.

5. Crescent Roll Veggie Pizza Appetizer

Similar to the pepperoni and cheese recipe, however, this recipe extends the creative barriers by providing a fully-vegetarian version!

All you need to do is roll out your crescent dough, top it off with a combination of sour cream and ranch dressing, then sprinkle on your diced vegetable, then in the oven it goes! Simple yet of-so-effective.

6. Cheesy Asparagus Crescent Roll Bundles

If you can pop open a can of crescent rolls, then you can make these cheesy asparagus bundles with only three simple ingredients.

Rather than rolling out your dough as normal, first, place an asparagus spear and slice of cheese onto each portion.

The buttery flavors of the rolls work in perfect harmony with the melted cheese and the earthy asparagus.

7. Ham And Cheese Pinwheels

You’ll never be able to look at regular ham and cheese sandwiches the same way again once you try these ham and cheese pinwheels!

Using store-bought crescent dough, this dish is packed with melted cheese, and savory-sweet ham then topped off with fresh parsley and poppy seeds.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can use whatever cheese and ham you have available. Have some leftover turkey and gouda? Go for it! Roast beef and horseradish cheddar? Amazing!

Whatever ingredients you have laying around, we hope you try out this recipe!

8. Spinach Artichoke Pinwheels

These spinach artichoke pinwheels are not only insanely gorgeous, but once the flavors hit your taste buds, you won’t be able to think of much else! They are garlic-y, fluffy, cheesy, flaky, and 100% mouthwatering.

Once you bite into one of these roles, you’ll be rewarded with an explosion of flavor in your mouth with a lingering taste of robust and herby aromas – of course, in the best way possible!

These pinwheels are a game changer if you’re looking for recipes that will impress your friends and family. But be warned; you may want to make two batches and these won’t last long!

9. Pigs In A Blanket

Similar to the cheesy asparagus rolls, however, instead of asparagus spears, you’ll need hot dogs!

While miniature pigs in a blanket make for the perfect nibble foods, these full-sized versions are great for appetizers – with the right amount of load to keep you from eating five at a time!

Serve these at your next potluck or festive occasion and you’ll be surprised at how fast these go!

10. Garlic Cheese Crescent Rolls

Anything with the words “garlic” and “cheese” will leave us jumping with joy, and these garlic cheese crescent rolls do not disappoint.

The undefeated combination of warm and buttery goodness layered with garlic topping and gooey cheese middles will leave you feeling as if you’re in food heaven.

These rolls go perfect with most meals, however, they can be savored simply on their own, as well.

On top of this, they are also insanely easy to make. With only seven ingredients and 20 minutes of your time, you’ll have these whipped up in no time.

11. Bacon Cream Cheese Crescent Rolls

While these bacon cream cheese crescent rolls may not be the healthiest recipe featured on this list, they are, however, one of the most scrumptious.

Requiring less than 20 minutes to prepare, these rolls are quick and easy to make.

The only ingredients you need can already be found in the recipe’s name: crescent rolls, cream cheese, and, of course, bacon!

All you need to do is slather your crescent rolls with cream cheese, once complete, wrap the whole rolls with a layer of bacon.

While these may be small, what they lack in size they make up for in flavor! Each bite will leave you wanting more.

12. Sausage And Cheese Crescent Ring

You can’t go wrong with the classic sausage roll, however, have you ever wondered what they would be like with added cheese?

Then you’re in luck! This recipe provides you with just that and much more!

In this recipe, sausage and cheese work in perfect tandem to create this sausage and cheese crescent ring.

You’ll simply need crescent rolls, Monterey Jack cheese, and sausage to make this mouthwatering dish.

Once cooked, you’ll be rewarded with an enhanced, super-sized sausage roll that is perfect for any occasion!

13. Jalapeno Popper Crescent Rolls

These jalapeno popper crescent rolls always make for an exciting and flavorful appetizer. Not only are they filling but they are bursting with flavor and hints of spiciness.

Simply wrapped in flaky, soft crescent rolls (see also ‘15+ Fantastic Recipes For Pillsbury Crescent Rolls‘), while these appetizers may seem simple; that’s what makes them so good!

The juxtaposition of the deliciously buttery rolls and the heat from the jalapenos come together to create the perfect balance of flavors.

14. Cranberry Brie Bites

Similar to the cranberry braid, these cranberry brie bites are miniature versions that can be whipped up in as little as 30 minutes with only five ingredients and a muffin pan!

In such little time, you’ll be able to create two dozen of these small but impactful mouthfuls of scrumptiousness.

Your guests will have a hard time declining these little packages of delightfulness.

15. Cranberry Brie Crescent Braid

While we may have already noted that this list doesn’t contain many sweet recipes, this cranberry brie crescent braid is an exception!

A combination of both sweet and savory, this braid is packed with cranberry sauce, orange zest, brie, and rosemary for the perfect appetizer during the festive season.

The topped almonds with a sprinkling of sugar provide sweetness and crunch to this dish, while the crescent rolls pull all the different flavors together in harmony.

16. Crab Rangoon Crescent Cups

Looking for more of these perfect bite-sized appetizers, then you’re going to love the buttery, crunchiness on the outside and flavorful, creamy inside of these crab rangoon crescent cups.

The crab is tender yet perfectly seasoned, while the mozzarella is gooey and rich – going force to make an irresistible appetizer.

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective meal, then you need to try these morsels of delightfulness.

17. Spinach Artichoke Dip Cups

Somehow the combination of both spinach and artichoke inside crescent rolls seems to work wonders, and this next recipe bears no exceptions!

These dip cups resemble bite-sized nibbles of decadence.

Similar to spinach and artichoke dip, however, unlike the dip; you won’t have to worry about any double dippers with this recipe!

The bold flavors of both the spinach and artichoke, alongside the creaminess, and the crunchiness of the crescent rolls, work in perfect combination.

18. Reuben Roll-Ups

With some simple ingredients such as Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese, a can of crescent rolls, sauerkraut, and corned beef, you’ll be able to make these meaty, zesty Reuben roll-ups in less than 20 minutes!

They taste extremely similar to traditional Reubens, but on a much smaller scale, making them a perfect bite-sized option for any occasion.

19. Crescent Roll Taco Ring

Again, this is one of those dishes that look extremely difficult to make but are easier than you think!

Essentially, all you’re making is a taco salad. Although, rather than including the usual tortillas or chips, you’re replacing them with crescent rolls.

You may have never thought about adding crescent rolls to your tacos or taco salads before, however, they make for a savory substitution that provides enough carbs to help fill you up.

20. Everything Crescent Rolls

If you love everything bagel then you’re going to love this next recipe. You wouldn’t even know it isn’t a bagel!

Perhaps it’s the garlic and herb cream cheese spread or the Everything Seasoning – whatever it is, this recipe is entirely reminiscent of the everything bagel we have come to know and love.

The only notable difference between the two pastries is that the crescent rolls are much fluffier and softer when compared to the classic bagel.

21. Mini-Cheese And Onion Pastries

It’s hard to believe that these savory pastries aren’t more popular – they are simply delicious! And this recipe will leave you wanting to make them over and over again.

With only five ingredients and 20 minutes of your time, you’ll have these served on a plate in no time.

All you need are simple ingredients including green onions, crescent rolls, dried dill, cheddar cheese, and olive oil.

The combination of green onions and cheese always works delightfully together, so it’s no surprise that it works in perfect harmony in this recipe.

The additional dill adds a touch of zestiness to this dish which balances out all the flavors.

22. Mushroom Logs

If you love mushrooms, you’re going to adore this next recipe.

Packed with mushrooms, and cream cheese, with the finishing touches of poppy seeds, these mushroom logs are the perfect appetizer for those mushroom lovers out there.

In just less than an hour with minimal effort, you’ll be rewarded with the perfect bite-sized appetizers that contain the smooth, lightness of cream cheese and the earthy, deep flavors of the mushroom.

A match made in heaven.

23. Mini-Spinach Quiche

People tend to shy away from quiche due to their complex and sometimes time-consuming recipes. However, you don’t have to worry about that with this recipe.

With approximately 35 minutes, you’ll be able to make 16 of these miniature delights.

They contain everything you would expect from a full-sized quiche, although condensed into small bite-sized pieces.

Packed with tons of melted cheese, spinach, onions, seasonings, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Freeze Crescent Roll Dough?

Yes! You can freeze crescent roll dough (see also ‘23 Easy Crescent Roll Breakfast Recipes Perfect For A Lazy Morning‘). However, make sure not to freeze the dough inside the tubing it comes in.

Instead, you’ll want to proof the dough beforehand to ensure that the raising and baking properties remain intact. Therefore, before freezing your dough, allow it to rise first.

Final Thoughts

Crescent rolls make for the perfect appetizers. Not only are they delicious, but they are also extremely versatile.

Essentially, you can put nearly anything inside the crescent dough and it will taste delicious.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some inspiration for your next crescent dough creations.

23 Amazing Crescent Roll Appetizers

23 Amazing Crescent Roll Appetizers

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Start your party off the right way with 23 amazing crescent roll appetizer recipes. Check out our ideas for refreshing and creative appetizers.

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