28 Corn Pie Recipes You Simply HAVE To Try

It’s the perfect comfort food – a warm, tasty corn pie to savor on a fall afternoon.

There’s nothing quite like biting into this hearty meal, and what’s better is that you can make it with such a wide variety of different ingredients.

28 Corn Pie Recipes You Simply HAVE To Try

Make it with chicken, leeks – you name it, there’s a recipe out there for it.

Next time you’re craving a corn pie, don’t head out to the store to buy one – tuck into one of our 28 corn pie recipe recommendations for something truly delectable!

1. Trinidad Corn Pie

If you’re looking for the essence of a corn pie but with a little bit of extra kick, the Trinidad Corn Pie is something that you have to try, pronto.

You will definitely be craving seconds, thirds and fourths after giving this one a try!

2. Pennsylvania Dutch Corn Pie

This recipe consists almost entirely of ingredients that you may find in your pantry or refrigerator, making it an affordable dish that tastes wonderful.

It’s a simple recipe that will remind you of home. It’s a recipe filled with love and it’s just as delicious as it looks.

3. Corn Pie

This recipe will make you think you’re in Trinidad and Tobago – it has so much of the essence of these locations in its unique taste.

It’s the perfect lunch recipe to make if you have a little bit of time to spare. It’s simple to make but will really leave you wanting more.

4. Caribbean Style Corn Pie

If you’re looking for a taste of the Caribbean tonight, why not try this Caribbean Style Corn Pie?

This dish has a sensational creamy, cheesy flavor that essentially makes it the ultimate comfort food.

You need to add this recipe to your personal repertoire – we promise you won’t regret it!

5. Sweet Corn And Zucchini Pie

If you’re a big fan of zucchini, then this one’s for you. This vegetarian friendly dish is the ideal choice if you want to turn your corn pie into a great summer side dish.

The dish is filling, doesn’t take a huge amount of time to cook and you can even freeze it afterwards for a hearty meal on the go.

6. Tomato Corn Pie

Having family over during the summer? Why not try this zesty twist on the traditional corn pie recipe?

When you eat this, it’s going to feel almost like you’re eating a pizza – it’s cheesy, tomatoey goodness at its finest.

7. Cheddar Sweet Corn Pie

What’s better than pie? A pie full of cheese! Be warned, though – you will almost certainly be thinking about this pie in your sleep, that’s how good it is!

8. Grandma’s Corn Pie

There’s nothing quite like going to your grandma’s house after school and being met with the waft of a fresh pie.

That’s what this corn pie is like – it’s like a taste of those days at grandma’s after school, and all the love that comes with it.

Even better – it serves a whopping 8 people and only takes 40 minutes to cook!

9. Corn Pie Casserole

This pie consists of the perfect blend of flavors to make it one that you will never forget.

It includes some unique ingredients such as honey which give it an extra layer of sweetness. It’s ideal for the holidays!

10. Fresh Corn Pie

Another great choice for a summer corn pie! It’s the perfect size for sharing and it’s definitely a savory masterpiece!

11. Amazing Corn Pie Recipe

Consisting of Caribbean flavors, this dish is perfect for your next family gathering.

It serves 12 people and only contains 196 calories too, so it’s ideal if you are trying to count your calories!

12. Street Corn Pie

This recipe contains a few more ingredients than your standard corn pie, but this adds to the flavor!

It’s a little spicy thanks to the chili powder and jalapenos in the recipe, but it’s ideal if you want something with a little extra kick.

13. Sweet Corn Cream Pie

This pie has the perfect flaky crust and has all of the creaminess that you could hope for in a corn pie.

The flavors in this recipe come together harmoniously to create a dish that you simply will not be able to resist. Plus, it only takes about 20 minutes in total to make!

14. Buttercrust Corn Pie With Fresh Tomato Salsa

If you’re looking for a healthy corn pie recipe with a delicious salsa on the side, then this is it.

It contains a mere 277 calories and it takes so little time to make that it would be hard to imagine why you wouldn’t want to try it!

15. Vegan Corn Pie

If you’re following a vegan lifestyle then we have the corn pie recipe for you!

This gorgeous recipe is sweet and moreish. You may want to hide the extra servings from your family so you can have seconds!

16. Sweet Corn Pie

This dish is ideal either as a side or on its own. You’re sure to love it either way! It takes 55 minutes to cook and it serves 8 so it’s perfect for the whole family!

17. Sweet Corn Custard Pie

If you’re torn between having dessert and a main meal, why not have both? This dish is so sweet it almost tastes like a dessert!

18. Another Tomato Corn Pie

Here’s another twist on the wonderful tomato corn pie we showed off earlier.

This dish only takes a total of 2 hours to make from start to finish and it’s suitable for vegetarian and low calorie diets.

19. South American Pork And Corn Pie

Fancy a corn pie with a little bit of meat? This South American Pork and Corn Pie is ideal for meat lovers, and only takes 45 minutes to cook.

With 4 servings all ready to go, the whole family will be raving about this one.

20. Corn Pie With Easy Meat

This is another simple one for the meat lovers out there.

It only takes just under an hour to cook and it’s a cinch to cook. Serve it with a little bit of lettuce and you’re all sorted!

21. Mexican Corn Pie

This Mexican Corn Pie from Pendle Hill is ideal if you want an easy dish that you can refrigerate afterwards.

It’s cheesy too, containing a number of different cheeses for that gooey goodness!

22. Turkey And Corn Pie

This hearty, meaty dish tastes as delicious as it looks!

It only takes 35 minutes to cook and serves 4 people. It’s perfect for families on the go!

23. Periuvian Corn Pie

This Peruvian corn pie is a staple dish in Peru. It’s fluffy, light and warm – making it ideal for the winter!

It’s also so sweet that you could serve it for dessert if you like!

24. Bottomless Corn Pie

Delicious and containing very few ingredients, this bottomless corn pie will soon become a household favorite!

Cook it for just one hour and voila – you have a great meal for the entire family!

25. Old Bay Corn Pie

If you’re bored of fries, this will be a good side dish! It’s cheesy and sweet – it serves 8 too, so it’s perfect for larger families.

26. Pueblo Corn Pie

If you’re searching for a dish that’s ideal for that Thanksgiving spread, this Pueblo corn pie is certainly it.

Containing chili and corn meal, this is perfect for the vegans and vegetarians at your Thanksgiving table.

27. Chicken And Corn Pie

This scrumptious chicken and corn pie serves between 4-8 people and is a source of creamy goodness! You don’t want to miss out on this!

28. Summer Squash And Sweet Corn Pie

This savory dish has everything you need in a sweet corn pie. We definitely recommend this one because of the crust and the extra flavor that the summer squash brings to the table!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Serve With Corn Pie?

You can serve anything you want with corn pie! You can use it as a side dish alongside protein such as chicken or beef, for instance.

If you wish to use the corn pie as the main event, you could serve it with some vegetables such as broccoli, peas or carrots.

It often depends on personal preference and what is in the recipe.

How Many Calories Are In Corn Pie?

Ultimately the answer to this will depend on the ingredients that you use. For instance, a simple chicken and corn pie may be only 300 calories for one slice of an 8 person pie.

On the other hand, if there are additional ingredients added that contain a large number of calories then there are going to be more calories in it.

Check the recipe that you are using – this will often tell you the number of calories in that specific dish.

Is Corn Pie Healthy?

It certainly can be if you use the right ingredients! Sweetcorn contains a number of health benefits on its own.

It’s full of vitamin C, and it’s even good for your eye health. Just make sure that you eat the pie in moderation!

28 Corn Pie Recipes You Simply HAVE To Try

28 Corn Pie Recipes You Simply HAVE To Try

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