33 Perfect Cookout Recipes

If you are not familiar with what a cookout is, it is essentially the same thing as a BBQ except that it emphasizes on the social aspect of getting a big group of people and feeding them all tasty food straight from the grill.

33 Perfect Cookout Recipes

Here are some perfect recipes that you make at your next cookout or can bring to the next one that you are invited to!

1. Grilled Vegetable Skewers

This dish calls for grilled zucchini, red onion, and bell pepper skewers that have been coated with a fresh garlic herb sauce, sprinkled with tangy balsamic vinegar, and cooked to perfection.

Alternate the veggies, allowing a little room between each one.

Fortunately, bell pepper and onion have natural curves that prevent the vegetables from sitting flat on top of one another.

To allow for proper airflow and heat distribution, you would need to leave a little gap between each round of zucchini if you were to make a skewer out of only zucchini.

2. Grilled Watermelon

Nothing like biting into a cool, juicy piece of watermelon on a sweltering afternoon. It’s the essence of summer.

Even though it seems unusual, grilling watermelon gives the fruit a very delightful smokey, caramelized flavor.

These watermelon wedges, which are seasoned with a tangy blend of lime juice, sugar, and salt, are ideal for both sweet and savory occasions.

3. Grilled Pineapple

Grilled pineapple is delicious and really simple. It gets a boost from hot sauce, which also balances the sweetness.

During the preparation of the remainder of the grilled feast, serve them as snacks, but beware—they will disappear quickly!

With a ripe pineapple, this dish works best. Look for a pineapple with a fresh green stem.

Fruit that has been lying on a shelf for a while will have a discolored or withered stem.

Select a fragrant, golden-colored pineapple. The pineapple is ripe if it seems more yellow.

Avoid fruit that has a greenish cast since it’s likely that it isn’t yet ripe.

4. Grilled Chicken Wings

The definition of the ideal chicken wing is one that is crispy on the exterior, juicy and soft on the inside, and flavorfully seasoned.

The deliciousness of a grilled smokey taste is added by this recipe.

You’ll agree that these wings have some of the greatest flavors you’ve ever had.

5. Grilled Potatoes

The ideal summer side dish are these potatoes.

To create a smokey, summertime version of burgers and fries, place them next to your best-ever burger on the grill.

The potatoes create a fantastic side dish by properly absorbing the sear and smoke from the grill.

Not to add the food looks delicious with those grill marks.

6. Grilled BBQ Chicken

Cooking a filling chicken supper quickly and easily on the grill is chicken.

Simple to prepare, the soft chicken in this grilled barbecue chicken is covered in a sweet homemade barbecue sauce that infuses every mouthful with richness.

Once you realize how popular it is, you’ll be preparing it on a regular basis.

7. Beer Can Chicken

A beer can is inserted inside a chicken using the beer can chicken technique.

In other words, the inside of the chicken is being drenched in steaming beer while the outside of the chicken is dry roasting, making the chicken meat very moist.

The ultimate effect is salty, herby, crispy skin covering tender, falling-off-the-bone flesh.

To bring out the greatest taste of the chicken, season it with olive oil, salt, pepper, and thyme.

You may simply experiment by using your preferred spice rub, or you can substitute wine or root beer for regular beer.

You may also use a can of beans or veggies. Remove the can’s label, remove the lid, and then fill it with beer after emptying the contents.

8. Coleslaw

This coleslaw dish is full of vibrant, fresh tastes that liven up everything it is paired with.

Try using this as a sandwich topper together with extremely salty meats like braised beef or jerked pork.

Flashy BBQ routines include Slaw as the backup dancer.

The richness of smoked and grilled meats is countered by the acidic flavor, crisp texture, and cold creaminess of this condiment.

9. Fruit Salad

This is one of those ridiculously easy dishes that can be put together in no time at all.

The only time you will have to spend is cutting and slicing some fruit.

Because this dish requires some time to rest and absorb the liquids’ tastes, it is really perfect if you are preparing for a party a few hours in advance.

10. Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Sliced potatoes are piled in a casserole dish and cooked with heavy cream and loads of herbs to make a typical scalloped potato meal.

In this dish, thickly sliced potato rounds are covered in a cream sauce.

To get consistent results every time, it is recommended to use a mandolin.

You will never have a recipe for cheesy scalloped potatoes better than this one.

11. Potato Salad

A nice big bowl of potato salad will always be present at a BBQ because it is loved by many and works as a perfect side for traditional BBQ foods.

Not only is it creamy and delicious, but potato salad is incredibly easy to make, and you have full reign to be as creative as you want with it.

12. Grilled Avocado 

Avocados that have been grilled acquire a charred and smoky flavor as well as being exceptionally supple and creamy.

However, they work great in any dish that asks for avocado.

You may have grilled avocado simply seasoned with lime juice and salt, or with a little spicier garlic-oregano vinaigrette like we do here.

13. Grilled Lobster Tail

Due to its high price, lobster tails may appear out of place at a BBQ.

But making it is actually extremely simple.

This meal recipe may be prepared in about 30 minutes and is ideal for making on special occasions.

This entire meal is really brought together by the herb butter.

14. Grilled Pork Chops

These tasty marinated pork chops are grilled to perfection after being simmered in the marinade.

A simple dish that’s excellent for any summer party or BBQ.

To ensure that the pork comes out juicy rather than dry, it is essential to massage or marinate it with a salt-containing mixture.

Your pork chops will remain wet since salt helps to retain water and tenderizes the meat.

15. Bacon Wrapped Grilled Brussel Sprouts

Crispy bacon, sweet honey, and fresh brussel sprouts come together in these BBQ bacon wrapped brussel sprouts to create a mouthwatering side dish.

You won’t ever want to eat brussel sprouts again the same way.

These will really become your new go-to side dish whenever you light the grill because they are so delicious.

16. Portobello Mushroom Burger

The combination of a juicy, meaty portabella mushroom on top of a crunchy coleslaw gives this burger the ideal amount of acidity and crunch.

For vegetarians, vegans, and anybody else looking to increase their intake of plant-based meals, portobello mushrooms are a fantastic replacement.

Another simple approach to consume less calories overall is to substitute mushrooms for the steak.

17. Grilled Shrimp

The ideal summertime grilling classic is garlic grilled shrimp, especially when served on skewers.

It only needs a quick soak in this sour marinade and may be served on its own as a kabob or deliciously stuffed within a fiery shrimp taco.

To tenderize meat and infuse it with aromatic herbs and spices, employ a marinade.

Garlic, lemon, and other fresh herbs and spices give this shrimp marinade its wonderfully acidic flavor.

It’s crucial to avoid overmarinating or overcooking shrimp because, in comparison to other proteins, these processes only take a few minutes.

18. Short Ribs

The very best beef cut for slow cooking is short ribs.

You would pay top cash at fine dining establishments for a plate of these braised beef short ribs because they are the most delicate and delicious fall-apart meat you would ever have.

This recipe’s red wine sauce is outstanding. It’s amazing how much flavor and richness you can produce with so few ingredients.

19. Carrot Hot Dogs

This outstanding homemade vegan hot dog is created with marinated carrots in vinegar and seasonings.

If you close your eyes, you might be able to detect a small variation between this and the genuine thing. not quite.

These unexpectedly tasty and incredibly nutritious carrot hot dogs are a terrific option.

You may get a delicious and nutritious version of this traditional fast-food meal by eating them with decent bread and healthy ketchup.

20. Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs

The two classic foods of grilled cheese and hot dogs are combined in a delicious and entertaining way to make grilled cheese hot dogs.

A grilled hot dog with plenty of cheese and crunchy bacon is enclosed in a buttery, crispy hot dog bun. There is no finer barbecue than this!

21. Grilled Salmon

Your taste buds will be in for a flavor explosion after grilling the fresh fish and brushing on some sweet and sour BBQ sauce.

The sauce’s sugars begin to caramelize and form a wonderful coating.

22. Grilled Bacon Wrapped Chicken

This recipe for bacon-wrapped chicken breast has a fantastic taste and textural balance.

Every mouthful is excellent because grilling them makes the chicken moist and the bacon crispy.

Before going on the grill, the bacon-wrapped chicken breasts are seasoned and wrapped in smokey bacon.

It is a good idea to use your preferred BBQ sauce to baste them and allow the sugars caramelize over high heat for that final kiss of flavor.

23. Sausage And Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

When you want a fast meal with lots of variety, taste, and color, these Shrimp and Sausage Kabobs are the ideal choice.

These kabobs should only be grilled for five to six minutes, or until the shrimp are pink.

Shrimp cooks really quickly. You want the shrimp to be soft and juicy, so avoid overcooking it.

They will be tough and chewy if you overcook them, which will not do this dish credit.

24. Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce

This recipe for make-ahead chicken skewers is unquestionably a favorite.

These are great for a fun family supper or as the featured appetizer at any forthcoming cookouts.

For a quick and affordable grilled main dish in the style of Indonesia, marinate the chicken in a mixture of coconut milk and curry powder, then serve it with this hot peanut sauce.

Serve with a bowl of coconut soup, steamed, fried, or cauliflower rice, or wrap the chicken in crunchy lettuce leaves and enjoy it with the peanut sauce on the side.

25. Grilled BBQ Tofu Skewers

These simple to make grilled vegan kebabs are the ideal dish for vegans and vegetarians to serve during gatherings with friends and family when meat is usually the main course.

Your tofu kebabs will be so good that everyone will be drooling.

The ideal tofu for this dish is extra firm tofu. Frim tofu will do the job, but it could be more challenging to get the skewers onto and off of the grill.

26. Grilled Garlic Butter Mushroom Kabobs

One of the most well-liked summertime grilling foods is the mushroom kebab or mushroom skewer.

The answer is straightforward: mushrooms cook quickly over direct fire and go well with almost everything.

As an appetizer with some bread or as a side dish with grilled meats or seafood, give each guest a skewer.

27. Asian Pork Tenderloin

This marinated and perfectly cooked Asian pork tenderloin is juicy, tender, and tender.

Everyone will be raving about the grilled pork tenderloin you make in only 30 minutes.

When you are ready for dinner, grill the meat after preparing the marinade in the morning and letting it sit while you are busy during the day.

For a simple barbecue supper, serve it with grilled veggies and potatoes.

28. Grilled Pizza

Making Grilled Pizzas with pizza dough, your preferred pizza sauce, and toppings will elevate your pizza-making abilities.

Pizza cooked on a grill has a superb flavor and texture that a standard oven cannot match.

Before constructing a larger pizza, if it’s your first time grilling pizza, you might flatten a little piece of the dough and try it out on the grill.

29. Three Bean Salad

Kidney beans, garbanzo beans, and green beans are combined in this three-bean salad and then they are dressed with a sweet and savory sauce.

Almost every picnic would benefit from the inclusion of a simple, traditional salad.

You may use whichever beans you choose in this straightforward bean salad.

Beans can be prepared from cans or from scratch. When using canned beans, rinse and drain them first before incorporating them into the salad.

After assembling the salad, chill it in the fridge for a few hours so the beans can absorb the dressing and the flavors can combine.

30. Grilled Apple Crisp

The family will love this delectable grilled oatmeal apple crisp.

It’s the finest apple crisp you’ve ever had, served warm and topped with your favorite sauce or toppings!

This traditional dessert receives a delightful fall twist from the rich caramel sauce.

It tastes great when served warm with a dollop of vanilla ice cream that will melt into every crevice.

A straightforward, time-tested combo that is ideal when you switch from summer to fall cooking.

31. Grilled Venison Steak

On the barbecue, venison steak provides a savory and delectable supper (find more recipes with venison here).

cooked to perfection while being basted with toasted garlic and herb butter.

Make a juicy and tasty venison steak today by following a few easy steps!

Bear in mind that venison is significantly leaner than beef and, if cooked improperly, can become extremely dry and rough. It may be quite juicy and tasty if cooked properly.

32. BLT Deviled Eggs

For get-togethers and backyard barbecues, these BLT deviled eggs are ideal.

loaded with lettuce, tomato, ranch, and bacon. They taste just like a BLT and are the ideal pop-able snack size.

The arugula’s spicy taste and the salty tomato topping give the eggs the ideal finishing touch.

It has a lot of protein and little carbohydrates.

33. Homemade Hamburger Buns

These tender hamburger buns are ideal for sandwiches, pulled pork, or hamburgers.

These are not only the ideal form, but they also taste far superior than anything that comes from a plastic bag.

Although it takes over four hours overall, the actual job only took around ten minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Food Should You Bring To A Cookout?

If you’re going to be using the grill anyhow, garlic bread is an easy side dish.

At the store, purchase a loaf of French bread. Slice it open, smear it with butter, season with paprika and garlic powder, then top with fresh or dried parsley.

Re-seal the loaf, wrap it entirely in foil, and then grill it until the exterior is browned and the butter is melted.

Just watch it closely to prevent burning.

Additionally, since they go well with grilled meats, vegetables, and pita bread, you may bring a variety of marinated cheeses, such as feta or mozzarella.

Simply get a container of little mozzarella balls or a block of feta cheese, cut it into cubes, and arrange it in a lovely plate.

Olive oil should be generously drizzled over the dish before pepper, lemon zest, fresh or dried herbs, and vinegar are added.

It is easy to put together, adds elegance to your spread, and tastes fantastic.

What Is The Difference Between A BBQ And A Cookout?

Depending on where you are from or where you reside in the country will determine the variations and similarities between BBQ and cookout.

The Northeast, Midwest, South, and other regions of the nation will all have different interpretations of what these phrases signify.


There are lots of different things that you can make at a cookout that will make the experience with you and your loved ones in the sun that much more special.

One of the best things about these recipes is that they are super easy and you do not have to be an experienced cook in order to create something delicious.

33 Perfect Cookout Recipes

33 Perfect Cookout Recipes

Recipe by Jenna

Whether you are hosting or are thinking of what you should bring to a cookout, you should read through this list of 33 fantastic options which will impress everyone with how good they are!

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