30 Scrumptious Cookie Subscription Boxes

If you are looking for a way to treat yourself or a friend to a sweet treat, subscription boxes are an excellent choice that offer regular, monthly deliveries with the option to cancel at any time.

Those with a love for all things cookie-related might be considering investing in a cookie-themed subscription box, but it can sometimes be difficult to pick the one that you want since there is so much choice out there.

Cookie Subscription Boxes

Have no fear, though, as we are here to narrow down the options for you! We are going to be looking at thirty of the most noteworthy cookie subscription boxes that are as cost-effective as they are delicious. Let’s get started.

1. Goldbelly Monthly Cookie Subscription

Goldbelly offer a range of all kinds of different cookie types, from ginger snaps to truffle stuffed cookies and whoopee pies, all within their monthly subscription box, making it a particularly versatile choice. 

With Goldbelly, you can choose between a three, six, nine or twelve month subscription. 

2. Mrs. Fields Treat of the Month Club Subscription 

The Mrs. Fields cookie club subscription box offers a small glimpse at the next two months of treats that you are going to be getting whilst you are on their website, which makes it a great option for those who like to know what they are getting ahead of time. 

You also get to choose between a three month, six month or twelve month subscription. 

3. Harry & David Sweets Subscription Box

As well as cookies, you’ll also get some other sweet treats with this subscription box, such as popcorn and chocolates.

4. Insomnia Cookies Cookie Magic Membership

The Cookie Magic membership from Insomnia Cookies offers several perks, such as free delivery and one free cookie every day. 

This is also one of the few services that offers cookie delivery late until the night, until 3am (hence the name Insomnia Cookies!).  

5. Milk Jar Cookies Cookie of the Month Club

With Milk Jar, the company will choose their favorite cookies every month and then include them in their monthly subscription box. 

You can also choose to gift a monthly subscription as well. 

6. The Sweetest Booth Monthly Cookie Box Subscription

With a choice of either monthly or quarterly subscription box, these gourmet cookies come in a box of a dozen and a range of varieties.

7. Feed Your Soul Cookie of the Month Club

Feed Your Soul offers a monthly subscription of twelve cookies that are individually wrapped and come with a detailed menu card. 

The assortment features two of The First Batch cookies- which are vanilla flavored-, two Show Me The Honey cookies- honey, oat, raisin and cinnamon-, two Cocoa Loco cookies- chocolate and vanilla flavor-, two Snickerdoodles and two additional brownie or cookie flavors (which will differ depending on the season). You also get the choice of three, six or twelve subscription boxes. 

8. Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop Subscription Boxes

There are a few different subscription boxes to chose from when it comes to the Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop cookie boxes, including the cookie of the month club box and a DIY cookie kit. 

9. Mrs. Chips Cookie Subscriptions

There are two main choices to be had with the Mrs. Chips subscription boxes: the quarterly cookie collage box- with eight rainbow birthday cookies, eight chocolate chip cookies and eight S’mores cookies-, and the quarterly chocolate chip joy box, which is a box of twenty-four chocolate chip cookies that are topped with premium Maldon sea salt flakes. 

10. Great American Cookies Subscription

The Great American Cookie’s company offers a calendar wherein you can see exactly what cookies you will get with your monthly subscription box, such as snickerdoodles in April, pumpkin spice cookies in September and assorted holiday cookies in December!

11. David’s Cookie of the Month Club

David’s Cookies is another that tells you exactly what cookies you will get every month, as well as offering a cookie tin to store all of your delicious treats in.

12. Tubby Tastes Vegan Cookies Subscription 

If you are in the market for some vegan cookies, Tubby Tastes offers a subscription box with a rotation of their unique Caribbean inspired flavors, including Caribbean Punch- pineapple, hibiscus and grapefruit -, Home Sweet Home- lime, coconut and mango -, and Island Spice- cinnamon, ginger and molasses. 

13. Gourmet Afters Monthly Cookie Box

For a fancier take on your average cookie, Gourmet Afters offers this monthly box of eight assorted cookie gourmet cookie flavors. This includes the gourmet flavor of the month. Some of the tasty flavors that they offer include pumpkin chocolate chip, fruity pebbles, white chocolate toasted coconut, and lemon sugar cookies. 

The great thing about Gourmet Afters is that they also offer other kinds of decadent goodies, such as rice krispie treats and orange cream scones.

14. Match Made Coffee Graft Coffee and Gourmet Cookie Subscription Box

Those who enjoy a cup of coffee (see also ‘9 Best Cold Brew and Iced Coffee Subscriptions‘) with their coffee are sure to take an interest in this subscription box from Match Made Coffee. 

With this box, you’ll get an organic, ground coffee alongside two gourmet cookies that are flavored uniquely in order to pair with the coffee that is included. Some of the cookie flavors you might include Lemon Bar and Red Velvet.

Coffee subscription boxes like this one offer a delightful way to explore different coffee blends and enjoy them with complementary gourmet treats.

15. Pacific Cookie Company Cookie of the Month Club

With this particular cookie subscription box, you have the option of either customizing your cookie box or getting some surprise flavors every month.

This box is marketed more as a gift box, as you can add gift notes to the boxes if you so choose. 

16. Cheryl’s Monthly Cookie Club

Cheyl’s Cookies is another cookie business that has a few different options when it comes to cookie subscription boxes, including a “Flavor of the Month” box and a Buttercream Frosted Cut-Out cookie of the month box. 

17. Great One Cookie Company Subscription Box

There is a bit of variation to be had with this subscription box, with each one containing six different cookies.

You will get two cookies of the month as well as four other assorted flavors. This is a great choice if you would prefer some surprises in your cookie box in each month. 

18. Baketini Bake Shop Cookie Subscriptions

These cute, handmade cookies from Baketini Bake Shop offer unique and handcrafted designs in their cookie subscription boxes, giving your baked treats a more personal choice. 

19. Nunbelieveable Cookie Subscription Boxes

For a cookie box that is designed to be sold for a good cause, the Nunbelievable Cookie Subscription boxes are a fantastic choice. 

With these monthly boxes, your money will go towards donating meals to those in need via the partner soup kitchens that the company works with. The longer your subscription, the more meals will be donated to feed the hungry. 

The amount of cookies that you buy also affects the amount of meals that will be donated, with one cookie equalling two meals. 

With a prepaid three-month cookie box subscription, you will have bought 72 meals. With six months, you’ll have bough 177 meals and with 12 months, you will have given a huge 288 meals. 

20. Cookies for Kids Cancer Cookie Box Subscription

Whilst we are on the subject of cookie boxes that have a positive impact, this choice of cookie box subscriptions donates 100% of its profits from all cookie sales to childhood cancer research. 

Cookies for Kids Cancer is not only a charitable option of a cookie box subscription, but it is also one where you will know exactly what you will be getting thanks to the “Flavors of the Month” list on their website. This includes delicious flavors such as chocolate almond coconut crunch in March, peanut butter chocolate chip in July, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies in December. 

21. Sweets and Treats by AJ Sugar Cookie Subscriptions 

If you prefer a sweet and simple sugar cookie, then this sugar cookie subscription box could be exactly what you are looking for. The cookies are hand decorated too, making for another subscription box that has a more homely touch. 

22. Brady’s Bakery The Cookie Monster Monthly Subscription Box

The Cookie Monster subscription box contains some bestsellers from Brady’s Bakery as well as some of their current flavors. Opt in for either half a dozen or a dozen cookies on a monthly basis. 

23. Cravory Cookie of the Month Club

Cravory offer a range of new cookies that are created every month in their cookie subscription boxes. The flavors are often seasonal, such as a Citrus Shortbread flavor in April and Pumpkin Pie flavor in October. 

24. Amazing Clubs Cookie Clubs

There’s a lot to love about the Amazing Clubs Cooke of the Month subscription, so much so that they have independently rated as the number one cookie club for seven years in a row. 

Their cookie boxes are available in three, six or twelve month clubs, but they also offer a Cookie of the Season Club, where new selections will be offered every spring, summer, autumn and fall with corresponding seasonal flavors. 

25. Top of the Shelf Cookies Cookie of the Month Subscription

This is another great choice for those who want a surprise with their cookies every month. Top of the Shelf Cookies offers new flavors that you will get as they are rolled out as well as the choice of a three month, six month or twelve month subscription. 

26. Ma-Ka-Rohn Macaron of the Month Club

We’re now going to delve into the world of macaron subscription boxes! No matter where your opinion falls in the, “are macarons cookies” arguments, there is no doubting the deliciousness of the sweet snack, hence why there are several subscription box options for them. 

This particular box features certain flavors each month and includes a wide range of tastes such as sour watermelon, orange creamsicle and mimosa flavors. 

27. Pastreez Macaron of the Month Club

This macaron box is another that offers seasonal flavors every month, with 12 different flavors included in the monthly box. 

Some of these seasonal flavors include banana Nutella and strawberry macarons in August, vanilla and red velvet in November and chocolate and apricot in January. 

28. Nikkolette’s Macarons Macaron of the Month Club

Nikkolette’s is another that offers twelve delicious flavors of macarons every month, but it is a little different in that it has a different time period when it comes to the amount of months you can subscribe to. 

Whilst most of these services offer three, six and twelve month subscriptions, Nikkolette’s Macarons offers a three month, five month and ten month subscription. This is because your sixth, eleventh and twelfth months will be free!

29. Olivia Macaron Subscriptions

Olivia Macaron offers two different sizes of their macaron subscription boxes: either a box of nine or a box of twenty. 

You will receive a variety of different flavors, no matter what size of box you choose. These flavors will be a mix of the companies seasonal flavors as well as their signature flavors. 

30. Dana’s Bakery Macaron Subscriptions

This is another subscription box that offers a great deal of variation, with the website for Dana’s bakery offering new flavors that are announced every month (although these are subject to change). This gives you an idea of what tastiness is to come with your macarons!

Final Thoughts

So there you have thirty tasty cookie subscription boxes that are available right now!

No matter what kind of cookies you are interested in, whether you want random flavors or specific ones or whether you prefer macarons to the traditional style of cookies, you’re sure to find a subscription service that suits your tastes with the versatile list that we have provided. 

Just don’t blame us if you are now craving a cookie or two!

30 Scrumptious Cookie Subscription Boxes

30 Scrumptious Cookie Subscription Boxes

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Looking for some delectable cookies to treat yourself with? Then check out our list of 30 of the best cookie subscription boxes.

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