31 Best Coffee Subscriptions Boxes

Many of us love a good cup of coffee to start the day with, waking us up and getting us ready for what’s ahead. 

However, it can get pretty repetitive just having the same type of coffee every morning. Wouldn’t it be better to have some regular variety? 

This is where coffee box subscriptions come in! Each month, they send you new types of coffee for you to try, keeping your tastes constantly fresh and different. 

Whether you love all kinds of coffee to begin with, or you’re a novice looking to explore the great and varied world of coffee beans, there is bound to be a subscription box that you love.

There are loads of different coffee subscription boxes to choose from, but thankfully we’ve narrowed them all down for you.

In our list below, we’ve picked the very best coffee subscription boxes for 2022 – the coffee beans that are going to grow your love for the drink even more. Read on!

1. Peet’s Coffee

Choice is the name of the game with Peet’s Coffee, which offers a whole range of different subscriptions to match every type of coffee drinker.

Their “Small Batch Series” sets you off with a range of limited releases, while the “Single Origin Series” is for the explorers among you, giving you great offerings from the best coffee regions all around the world.

Additionally, you can pick the “Signature Blend Series” for a range of coffee classics inspired by Alfred Peet himself.

Alternatively, you can go environmental with the “Carbon Neutral Series”, a coffee subscription that sponsors trees in order to offset the carbon footprint. And if that’s not your (coffee) bag? You can build your own subscription plan.

How Much Does It Cost? The “build your own” subscription starts at $16.95 a month, while the regular subscriptions begin at $18.95 a month.

2. Four Stigmatic

This coffee company originated in Finland and is all about delicious coffee that properly helps you. They use the most nutrient-dense, well-studied foods on the planet in their coffees, meaning that your body and mind will reap the benefits. 

With their subscription service, you’ll be able to regularly get coffee beans that are full of adaptogens that will improve each day you enjoy a nice warm brew. You might not have thought that mushrooms go well with a coffee, but Four Stigmatic will prove you wrong!

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $16.

3. Atlas Coffee Club

As you can tell from the name, Atlas Coffee Club is all about trying new coffee beans from all over the world. They curate the very best coffee from around the globe, including Tanzania, Colombia, Kenya, and more.

Each month, they then send you 12 ounces of freshly-roasted coffee to your door, along with flavor notes to help you enjoy it more.

Subscriptions are specialized to you in a sense, too, because they grind the coffee to match your own brewing method. On top of that, you can select your roast preference and your grind type.

How Much Does It Cost? A single bag subscription typically costs $16.

4. Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio is all about coffee that is better for you. How so? Well, their coffee is 5 times less acidic than most others, while still remaining premium quality. Better eyt, it doesn’t stain your teeth brown, and it’s very easy to brew.

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $15.99.

5. Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee is all about delivering sustainable coffee that’s good for the planet. Very handily, they let you trial the subscription for a reduced price, so that you can find what you like and what you might not.

That way, the full subscription afterwards will be guaranteed to please you!

With the trial, you get sent an explorer kit with five coffees from all over the world. You can then do a coffee tasting session with them, either using a guided Zoom call or doing a self-guided taste test. After that, you simply select your preferences and get recommended coffees similar to the taster ones you loved. 

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $14.40.

6. Fire Department Coffee

With their Coffee Of The Month Club, Fire Department Coffee sends you a different coffee from around the globe. With every pick, you’re sure to enjoy flavorful, rich coffee roasts – all without having to go anywhere. 

Additionally, if you like your coffee a little boozy, you can join their Spirit Infused Coffee subscription club instead.

Each month, you get the flavors of a different spirit subtly blended with the best coffee beans. For example, a delicious vanilla Irish whiskey (see also ‘4 Best Whiskey Subscriptions‘) infused coffee!

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $18.99.

7. Bean Box

With Bean Box, you can get a wonderful personalized subscription to meet your own coffee tastes – meaning that each month you’ll get coffee that you’re sure to love.

You decide whether your beans are left whole or freshly ground instead, before picking your ideal tasting experience, from light to dark – and more. Can’t decide?

You can always pick the Curator’s Choice, where the curation team picks your perfect mix of new and classic coffees. 

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $20 if you want it every week, though a monthly delivery costs $24. 

8. Crema

Crema focuses on independently owned coffee roasters, rather than coffee companies “owned by billionaires”. They use 61 different award-winning coffee roasters for their selections, which keeps it small and the quality always consistent. 

As you continue into your subscription, Crema will take note of the coffees you’re liking best, allowing them to personalize the future roast recommendations even more. 

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $16.

9. Blue Bottle Coffee

With the coffee box subscriptions from Blue Bottle Coffee, you’re always going to get a coffee that is at its peak freshness and deliciousness. Why? Well, they aim to always ship out fresh coffee within 48 hours of it being roasted. 

You can customize your subscription, too, making sure that it’s always going to be blends that you love. Better yet, you can even try a free trial (you just pay the shipping fee) if you live in the U.S.

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $13.

10. Trade

Trade has two plans to subscribe too, each brilliant. The “Fan Favorites” plan is all about crowd-pleasing coffee roasts, bringing you tried and tested coffees that people love. 

On the other hand, the “Trade’s Top Shelf” plan is all about delivering every flavor from every country you can imagine. This is the plan for people who want to really explore their coffee!

How Much Does It Cost? Plans start at $15.75.

11. Copper Cow Coffee

This is all about getting the best Vietnamese coffee there is. You can do this through building your own custom subscription box on the site, which allows you to have only the coffee that you’ll want – and love. 

You pick your favorites and how often you want them, and Copper Cow Coffee does the rest. Better yet, there are even free samples in every box, allowing you to try coffees that you may not have noticed. That way, you can find your new favorites, and add them to your next order!

How Much Does It Cost? Prices vary on what you add to the subscription, but can be as low as $17

12. Angelino’s

You also get to build your own subscription box with Angelino’s, making sure that you’re only getting the coffee that you absolutely want. Better yet, there are loads of different coffees to choose from – and I mean loads!

You can pick from a variety of classic coffee bags, ranging from light to extra dark (whatever your preference), but there is also a great range of flavored coffee bags. With these, you can enjoy fun coffee blends like caramel crème or chocolate raspberry (yes, really!).

How Much Does It Cost? A box is typically around $14.95, but you need three in order to use checkout.

13. White Tale Coffee

White Tale Coffee makes it super easy to build your own subscription box, allowing you to regularly get the best coffees for your tastebuds. First, you select the methods you use to make your coffee.

After that, you get to pick 3 of your favorite flavors. These include general feelings like “earthy” and “floral”, while also including picks like “chocolate”, “nutty”, and “fruity”. Whatever you like, it’ll be there. Then you simply pick whether you like a light, medium, or dark roast and whether you want your beans to be ground.

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $22.

14. Angels’ Cup

The coffee from Angels’ Cup has been curated to be the best quality, while their app lets you track your tasting notes against those of other people in the community – helping you to learn what coffee you love best!

The subscription will bring you personalized picks that are both great quality and very fresh.

How Much Does It Cost: If you pay for 12 shipments up front, it’ll only cost you $17.12 per one. If you pay as you go, though, it’ll cost you $19.32.

15. Mistobox

When you get a coffee subscription box from Mistobox, you can enjoy roasts from a huge range of sources – they currently feature over 600 coffees from over 60 different roasters.

With the subscription, you will get personalized coffee selections and each 12 oz bag will give you 24 cups of delicious coffee. 

When personalizing, you select how you take your coffee (black, sugar, cream), how you want it ground (or not!), your favorite roast level, and the types of coffee that you would like to receive.

For example, perhaps you want a blend that’s made up of multiple locations, or maybe you want some espresso.

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start as low as $12.71 per bag.

16. Moustache Coffee Club

The MCC delivers the very best single-origin coffees from a whole range of regions from all over the globe. They make sure that their selections are carefully curated to have the best quality and the most unique tastes, always giving you something to really enjoy. 

Better yet, they ship the coffee on the very day of its roast, achieving unparalleled freshness for when it arrives at your door.

The plans are very simple to set up, with you picking your coffee bag size (12 oz or 6 oz) and how regularly you want them delivered. MCC will handle the rest! 

How Much Does It Cost? Plans are $14 for 6 oz bags and $24 for 12 oz bags.

17. Nomad Coffee Club

The coffee from Nomad Coffee Club is sourced from around the world, ensuring that you get a great range of different types of coffee and can really explore the wonderful drink and all it has to offer. 

The coffee is roasted to order, with your specialty coffee beans being roasted and prepared to ship all within 48 hours.

This means that the coffee will always be fresh when it arrives at your door. You get a different coffee every month, always giving you variety.

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $19.

18. Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee makes sure that you’re always getting something new with its great subscription service. All of their coffee is freshly roasted, meaning that it’ll be extra delicious when it comes to you.

Better yet, there’s a price-match promise, ensuring you’ll get big brands and pay the prices you’d expect in a grocery store. 

How Much Does It Cost? Bags start at $7.99.

19. Java Presse

Java Presse invests in ethical, sustainable supply chains, meaning that your subscription is good for the environment. Plus, it’s pretty delicious too. Every sip should be rich and blissful!

With the subscription, you get a 12 oz bag of JavaPresse freshly roasted coffee dropped at your door every month. All bags of coffee are all natural, free of additives, and organic. Even cooler, you get a free coffee grinder with your subscription!

How Much Does It Cost? You can get a subscription for $18.99.

20. Kings Arms Coffee Co.

Their name brings to mind royalty, and this is certainly coffee that’s fit for a king. A subscription from Kings Arms Coffee Co. regularly brings you a bright and sweet coffee that’s come from the Southwest Pacific. 

With their Brew Club, you can choose how many 12 oz bags you want and how frequently you want them delivered. You’ll save money with each bag, as well as save yourself from the stress of forgetting to order your coffee!

How Much Does It Cost? You can get a bag for $18.

21. Match Made Coffee

Every coffee subscription box we’ve looked at so far has just offered coffee – and that’s great! But what if I told you that there was a coffee subscription box that gave you some delicious cookies too (see also ‘30 Scrumptious Cookie Subscription Boxes‘)? Well, that’s Match Made Coffee.

With each delivery, you’ll get great craft coffees that won’t be available from your typical grocery store. Instead, they’re wonderful and new organic coffees that have been sourced from all over the globe. 

Plus, you get indulgent and award-winning gourmet cookies with each coffee. They are specially designed to pair perfectly with the drink, included to enhance your coffee experience. On top of that, you’ll also get flavor notes to help you appreciate the coffee even more and look out for every nuance in flavor. 

How Much Does It Cost? A month-to-month subscription is $23.95, but other payment plans are available. 

22. Stay Roasted

With a subscription coffee box from Stay Roasted, you’re going to get coffee that’s hand-matched to your own personal tastes. Plus, it should be incredibly fresh, because it’s roasted right before it’s shipped off to your doorstep. 

The coffees have been specially selected, so you know that you’re going to get the very best quality coffee too. Better yet, using the subscription plan helps to support global water projects, so you’re giving back while you receive your delicious roasts. 

First, you create your coffee profile, with information on your states and brewing habits. Stay Roasted then suggests the best styles and roasters for you, as well as matching you up with dozens of professional coffee roasters from all over the U.S. who will take turns to hand-select for you the very best coffees. 

How Much Does It Cost? Price is based on the amount of 12 oz bags you want in each delivery. When you choose the most (three), it comes to the cheapest per bag, at $13.99 each.

23. Idecaf Coffee Co.

With a subscription plan from Idecaf Coffee Co., you’ll get a regular delivery of the finest, artisan coffee. There are a whole range of flavors that you can enjoy, and they’re all sustainably grown, meaning that it’s better for the environment. 

You pick how regularly you receive your coffee, picking from every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. 

How Much Does It Cost? Typically 19.99 per month.

24. Revelator

The Coffee Club available from Revelator will give you a steady supply of the very best coffee, all freshly roasted. You customize your subscription, picking your coffees and how often you want your shipments. On top of that, you select your grind preference.

The team at Revelator then roast your coffee according to your preferences and schedule, before always shipping the same day of roasting. 

Types of coffee come in all kinds: seasons, single origin, petunias (a middle of the road, balanced brew), misfit (a darker coffee), and many more. 

How Much Does It Cost? A monthly bag will cost you $15, but you save the more bags you have – and you can have them delivered on a more frequent basis. 

25. Mix Cups

The coffee of the month club subscription from Mix Cups is a fun and unique way to enjoy trying a whole range of different coffees – and feel like part of a community. 

The company brings you unmatched variety. How? Most other variety packs of coffee will give you a few coffees from a single roaster.

Instead, Mix Cups (hence the name, you’re mixing loads of cups!) bring you a whole mix of up to 15 different types of coffee from several different producers. This is every month, too, meaning that you’ll get a new (up to) 15 different ones next month too. 

The website is set up for you to gift the coffee subscription boxes to friends and family, but you can just do it for yourself.

However, if you do gift it AND get one for yourself, you’ll have someone to compare all your different tasting notes with! 

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions start at $18.95 and increase with different size plans.

26. Kurusa Japanese Coffee

If you want some coffee with a Japanese twist to it, then the coffee subscription boxes available from Kurusa Japanese Coffee are the pick for you. With each box, you’ll get delicious varieties of coffee that’s been roasted by Japanese masters (see also ‘13 Best Japanese Candy Subscription Boxes‘). Better yet, it’ll be fresh.

There’s plenty of choice, too, with loads of different boxes to choose from. Whatever you want, you’re bound to find the right one for you.

How Much Does It Cost? Prices vary across all boxes, but can start around $41.

27. Creature Coffee Co.

Creature Coffee Co. is a funky company with plenty of great coffee to offer. Their coffee subscription box will give you plenty of delicious variety, and is incredibly easy to sign up to. You simply choose your taste preferences and how frequently you want the coffee delivered, and then wait for it to turn up at your door!

How Much Does It Cost? Most subscriptions will cost around $16.10.

28. Think Coffee

Well, I know I always “think coffee”! You can get a great subscription packed with sweet and smooth coffees delivered directly to you when you sign up to the plans from Think Coffee. Better yet, every coffee that is bought helps to fund a project that benefits the farming community. 

How Much Does It Cost? Subscription styles start at $15.

29. Waka Coffee

The subscription plan from the delicious Waka Coffee is great. You begin by choosing your Waka, and by that we mean picking how much coffee you want and how often you want it. Then you can enjoy a price reduction on your first order, getting your first box for a discounted fee – the perfect welcome!

After that, it’s very easy to manage your subscriptions, switching things up whenever you want. Thankfully, there are many types to choose from!

How Much Does It Cost? Subscriptions begin at $29.99.

30. Coffee And A Classic

This brilliant subscription box delivers a curated type of coffee – and a curated book to enjoy with it! You pick the literary genre you like, and you’ll get sent a great new read each time alongside a brilliant coffee. 

How Much Does It Cost? Can cost $38 a month.

31. Quintal Coffee

The fancy Quintal Coffee offers a regular delivery of fresh, rich, and delicious coffees. You’ll get the best, most recent roasts from Latin America shipped to you once a month.

How Much Does It Cost? Just $20 a month.

Final Thoughts

There are so many great coffee subscription boxes (see also our favorite tea subscription boxes) to choose from, but you’ll be able to find your very favorite with our handy list.

31 Best Coffee Subscriptions Boxes

31 Best Coffee Subscriptions Boxes

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Coffee subscription boxes deliver varieties of great coffee straight to your door. Read our guide to the 31 best coffee subscription boxes for 2022.

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