10 Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes

To create great cocktails, you need the right glasses, the correct measures, nifty garnishes, and top-quality ingredients. Even the classic cocktails such as a Negroni, a Martini, a Tom Collins, and a Sidecar need some expert planning and you will likely need to shop ahead.

Without the right components, your dream cocktail night in might become rapt with anxiety as you struggle with the methods, the measurements, and the mixes.

Cocktail Subscription Boxes

If you want to hand that requirement onto someone else and learn as you go then get a cocktail subscription box.   

You can choose between a range of boxes as some are designed for expert home mixologists and others are ideal for beginners. Even if you want the best non-alcoholic cocktails then there is a cocktail subscription box for you.

In this guide, we will detail the best cocktail subscription boxes available at the moment. 

What exactly is a cocktail subscription box?

For many lucky enough to have a stocked bar shelf, it should contain a wide variety of spirits and liqueurs. Add some mixers, and garnishes, and measure it all out and you can make your own cocktails though you may find you need some guidance to create the more complex ones.

With a cocktail subscription box, you can re-create the cocktail experience from your favorite bar and have it in your own home. 

Once you sign up for a cocktail subscription box, you can regularly receive the ingredients, the tools, and the guidance to improve your cocktail-making skills. Instead of heading out to the shops or having to choose from a wide variety of bottles, allow the experts to send the right components to you.

From mixers to mini-bottles and all the peripheral ingredients you may need, a cocktail subscription box can provide it.

1. Best For Building Your Home Bar

You can make a few classic cocktails with only a few ingredients and a couple of bottles of liquor. However, if you want to expand your home bar then try Box on the Rocks.

Every box is ideally suited to make over ten drinks so you can build up over time. Start with their Classic Cocktails for Margaritas and Mojitos then opt for a Tropical Sangria, Paloma, or a Julep & Smash. 

Those that stick with the subscription service and build their home bar can benefit from discounts for longer subscriptions. With the right inspiration from their recipe cards, you can add your own different bottle then go from there.

There are even themed kits for special occasions such as St Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or the holidays.

Free Shipping: No

Number of Products: 10


  • Three cocktail recipes in each kit 
  • Every ingredient needed for at least ten drinks
  • A bar tool is included with each box
  • A range of subscription options


  • No free shipping

2. Best For Organic Ingredients

Even if you are making cocktails, you should still be highly conscious about the ingredients. Curious Elixirs’ Curious Cocktail Club opts for ingredients that are free of caffeine, gluten, refined sugar, preservatives, sulfates, and fillers.

Each component is made from organic ingredients and the box may even include herbs and adaptogens for stress relief.  

Each bottle is alcohol-free and provides a clean and sophisticated flavor with some world class ingredients. Only responsibly-sourced juices are used for a craft cocktail experience.

If you have to cater for the designated driver at a cocktail party then treat them well with these considered spirit-free cocktails.

Their offerings include a Pineapple Margarita hybrid with a Dark & Stormy, a riff on a Spritz, a blend of lemon, herbs, and cucumber in a Collins-style, and a Negroni pomegranate cocktail. 

Free Shipping: No

Number of Products: Four and 12


  • There is enough to make eight cocktails with even the small boxes
  • Only the highest quality ingredients are included in each box


  • Their variety pack is only available with a subscription
  • No free shipping

3. Best For Entertaining Guests

Entertaining at a cocktail party can be a tricky endeavor if you do not have everything you need at hand. There will be certain cocktails you can almost make yet are missing that crucial ingredient.

The Cocktail Box Co take care of that with all the ingredients for a premium cocktail and you can even take it with you if the party is elsewhere.

The alcohol is not included but all the bitters, syrups, juices, and other ingredients are, even a mixing spoon can be thrown in.

There may be cocktails you have always wanted to make yourself but struggled to get together all the ingredients. If you want to make your own perfect Mai Tai, Mojito, or Margarita then buy the specific kit.

The boxes are so easy to carry that you could easily pick up a mini bottle of whiskey (see also ‘4 Best Whiskey Subscriptions‘) from the mini bar and create an Old Fashioned within minutes. Business clients may even be enthused by the possibility of adding a custom logo or graphics to a cocktail kit.

Free Shipping: Yes

Number of Products: Three to six


  • The tin packaging does look cute and can come customizable 
  • You are not required to subscribe so you can use it purely as a one-off
  • Free shipping


  • This is ideal for classic cocktails and little else
  • Alcohol is not included

4. Best For Variety

If you and a partner want to up their cocktail game then opt for Saloon Box. These cocktail subscription boxes are designed for just two people and include two cocktail recipes with all the ingredients and guidance you need.

Curiously, the alcohol is shipped separately but that largely does not cause a huge problem and shipping remains free.

This is cocktail-making on a small scale but that may be ideal for just two who prefer staying in to going out, even as a date night. The mini bottles are also ideal if you are short of living space yet still want the variety.

However, there are some states that forbid liquor delivery so you can still choose the ‘Everything But The Booze’ box instead at a lower price  

Free Shipping: Yes

Number of Products: Four


  • Free shipping
  • Smaller proportions of alcohol for a wider variety of spirits


  • Some states forbid the liquor shipments
  • Just four cocktails can be made from each box

5. Best For Value

For sheer value alone, you will struggle to better Cocktail Courier. The service offers a wide range of cocktails with some you may not have even heard of. The recipe cards include complex ingredients which remain simple to prepare.

There is also a huge range of spirits allowing you to choose from rum, tequila, whiskey, gin, and vodka or something non-alcoholic.

The boxes can also act as personalized gifts to offer the experience of a cocktail party to a loved one. Simply choose your cocktail, work on customizing the selection, then add a note.

Though the bottles are half-size, that may be ideal considering the size of your gathering and how many drinks you expect to get through before your next box.

The delivery options are also impressive and include weekly shipments, monthly, or bi-monthly with free shipping

Free Shipping: Yes

Number of Products: Six to eight  


  • A mixers only version is available
  • The subscription can be made to be more affordable than others
  • Free shipping 
  • Several customization options to make the box just how you want it


  • Only half-size boxes are available which you may need to supplement

6. Best For A One-Off

For anyone looking to splurge and enter the cocktail world with a bang then check out Crafted Taste. Even if you only use the service for a one-off, the full 750ml bottles will stock up your bar for a long time.

If you already have some of the important spirits and liqueurs, you can just opt for the mixers.

Whichever box you choose, you should have enough to make up to a total of 16 cocktails which could be ideal for a party with friends, even if you want to experiment with the measures. 

This is a flexible cocktail subscription box where you can enjoy free shipping and opt out when you want to leave. For repeat users, you will be informed of what the next shipment will contain so you can plan ahead.

That could mean upgrading to a more expensive spirit or changing the order to strictly mixers, you could even skip the order altogether.

Though the cost of a single box may seem expensive, consider how many cocktails you can make and it should prove cheaper than a night out.

Free Shipping: Yes

Number of Products: 16


  • Opt-out option to leave the service
  • Free shipping
  • Mixers only option


  • One of the costliest subscription boxes out there
  • Certain states are not applicable for their shipping

7. Best For Mixers

For everything you need, aside from the alcohol, go for a cocktail subscription box that specializes in just that.

Each monthly box from Shaker & Spoon contains three recipes and everything else to make four drinks from each one. All you need to provide is the alcohol and if you have a well-stocked bar that should not be a problem.

The service even includes an email prior to the box’s arrival that suggests a bottle that you may already have or can easily go out and get.

This is the cocktail subscription box for those who want to entertain and already have the peripheral equipment. From a playlist to pair the cocktails with to a helpful note ensuring that you have all the bar tools you need.

The instructions are also easy to follow and come from experienced, world-class bartenders. You even add a few items to your subscription including aromatics, barware, syrups, and garnishes. 

Free Shipping: No

Number of Products: 12


  • If you just have one spirit bottle, the service can show you how to make several cocktails
  • Delivers to every US state
  • Includes drink recipes from top bartenders 


  • No alcohol is included
  • Shipping is not free

8. Best For Beginners

If you are just starting your journey into becoming a mixologist then go for the American Cocktail Club. This is the uncomplicated way to creating your own cocktails as they use the same format every single month.

So many cocktails can be made using a base spirit, juice blend, and carbonated mixer and if you enjoy fizzy cocktails then dive right in. 

You can always leave the service after your first box yet you would be making a saving for the longer you stay with them. The American Cocktail Club offers subscriptions for a single month, three months, six months, and 12 months so take your pick.

The cost is even lower if you already have the alcohol as you can choose the ‘Everything But The Booze’ box. Every box contains the right ingredients with a recipe card and a bonus gift which could be another mixer, a bar tool, or even a garnish. 

Free Shipping: Yes

Number of Products: Four


  • Free shipping
  • So easy to use to create your own cocktails by following the simple instructions
  • Little mixology experience, if any, needed


  • The same format can become tedious after a few months
  • No perishable ingredients are included in the boxes

9. Best For Artisanal Cocktails

Of course, happy hour begins with The 5 O’Clock Box and some artisanal cocktails. These creations should be easy, quick, and fun to make and typically use small-batch flavors that are truly hard to find.

Use the bitters, garnishes, and syrups then drop in your favorite spirit or liquor. There is even a box for Sparkling Rose where you can bring your own favorite bottle of sparkling wine. 

The 5 O’Clock Box works with small brands so you know you are helping businesses that really need the exposure.

If you really want to impress your friends with flavors that they will struggle to find then make it a truly happy hour.   

Free Shipping: Yes, for orders over $75

Number of Products: Eight


  • Truly unique flavors provided by small companies
  • Suggested spirit pairing so you know what to look out for


  • High threshold for free shipping
  • Limited range of boxes

10. Best For Non-Alcoholics

Sourced Craft Cocktails excel at customizable non-alcoholic cocktail mixers in batches, though they do offer alcoholic options too. This is largely not a subscription service but you could treat it as such by ordering each kit on its own when you want it.

Shipping is not free yet you can mix up your orders to create a range of options for your next gathering. Each box should include instructions, a tote bag, and a jigger to measure the cocktails just right.

The service uses a range of bartenders across the US to design the orders and then pair them with a locally sourced bottle of alcohol. The range of cocktails is also more interesting than a lot of services including Pineapple Gimlets, Cherry Bourbon Smashes, and even Watermelon Basil Margaritas.

You can even decide on the day of delivery to treat someone on a birthday and then spend the time to make the cocktails together. 

Free Shipping: No

Number of Products: Six to 12


  • Choose from either a six or 12-drink kit which offers versatility and remains budget-friendly
  • The cocktails are more fun and interesting so you should learn more about mixology


  • No free shipping

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of cocktail subscription boxes available with some offering one-off options and others offering incentives for three, six, or 12-month long subscriptions.

Look out for ‘everything but the booze’ options to save you doubling up on a bottle of liquor that you already own.

If you simply need the peripheral components such as a mini serving of bitters, syrups, juices, and the garnishes then you can simply order those.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cocktails should I expect to make from the subscription boxes?

The cocktails you can expect to make from a subscription box depend on the subscription itself. Some services, especially those for beginners, lean towards the classics to start off your cocktail-making experience.

These should include the Manhattan, the Negroni, the Margarita, and the Old Fashioned. However, to improve your cocktail-making experience the boxes typically include recipes for a range of different cocktails from upcoming mixologists.

Do cocktail subscription boxes have to include alcohol?

Not necessarily, if you already have the bottles of spirits and liqueurs then you can choose a mixers-only box. You could even make alcohol-free cocktails using certain services. 

What types of cocktails are typically included in a cocktail subscription box?

To make them stand out from the crowd, you can expect some intriguing cocktails to be included in a subscription box. A lot of cocktails are relatively simple to prepare, even for a beginner mixologist.

For those wanting to up their game and make the most out of a subscription should be expected to see a wide variety of cocktails. Some may be riffs on classics while others come from top bartenders around the world. 

Even the most complex of cocktails may only include two or three different types of spirits so a lot of boxes excel at the other components.

For the best-tasting mixers, a range of bar tools, and even some non-alcoholic options for the designated driver, you can expect to find these included too. 

10 Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes

10 Best Cocktail Subscription Boxes

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If you prefer a night in with friends rather than a night out then get started making cocktails. Here we look at the best cocktail subscription boxes of 2022

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