28 Pie Recipes To Try Out This Christmas

Everyone loves to indulge during the holidays, and Christmas is one of the best times to try out some new dessert recipes.

Since pies are one of the most popular types of dessert in the United States, it just makes sense to bake a few dessert pies during this time – but what fillings and recipes are the best ones to try during Christmas? 

28 Pie Recipes To Try Out This Christmas

Here are 28 amazing pie recipes to try out during the holiday season. Each one suits the season well and could be your new favorite festive dessert! Check out the recipes below and find the best ones for you!  

1. Apple Pie

It’s an American classic – and for good reason! Apple pie is easily one of the most popular pie fillings in the states due to its easy recipe, delicious flavor, and ability to be enjoyed in every season.

As a result, it’s no surprise to see it on our list! 

This recipe is the perfect guide to making apple pie. It guides you through which apples to use and how to get the correct amount of warm spices to heat up the filling.

So, if you want to make the perfect apple pie this Christmas, this is the recipe for you! 

2. Eggnog Pie 

Eggnog is a traditional drink you will easily find in most homes at Christmas, and it’s beloved for its sweet and creamy flavor, along with just a little kick of spice.

Many have even compared eggnog to custard, which means that can be adapted to work as an amazing pie filling. 

So, if you want to serve a pie that just screams Christmas, eggnog pie is the one for you! This recipe here will show you how to transform your eggnog into a thick, pie filling so you can serve it up this holiday season! 

3. Pumpkin Pie 

Pumpkin pie is a dessert usually served during Thanksgiving but the two dates are so close together on the calendar, it just makes sense to continue serving it well into the Christmas season. 

Pumpkins are one of the most iconic flavors of the season and bring a sweet warmth to every dish they are a part of.

This is why pumpkin pie is such a popular dessert during fall and winter, so use up your pumpkins by turning them into a classic pumpkin pie this Christmas. 

4. Pecan Pie

Another popular Thanksgiving pie that works great for Christmas too is pecan pie. 

Pecan pie is a lot earthier and crunchier in texture than some other pies, but there’s still plenty of sweetness thanks to the addition of ingredients such as brown sugar, molasses, and more.

This combines perfectly with the nutty flavor of the pecans, which decorate the top of the pie and give it a unique texture unlike any other pie! 

So, try something new this Christmas with this amazing pecan pie recipe. 

5. Mince Pie

Over in Great Britain, there is a type of pie that is absolutely synonymous with Christmas: the mince pie! 

However, these mince pies do not actually include mince as we know it. Instead, they are filled with mincemeat, a mixture of spirits and suet added to dried fruits. 

This means that the mince pie walks a thin line between sweet and savory. It’s a great choice for those who prefer their dessert pies to be not too sweet as the spirits help sharpen the flavors. The texture, however, is very ‘meaty’ and thick. 

So, to try this British delicacy for yourself this Christmas, follow the recipe above!  

6. Peppermint Pie 

One of the classic flavors of Christmas is peppermint thanks to its heavy inclusion in candies like candy canes. So, why not try to incorporate this flavor into a pie?

This recipe here takes all the classic flavors and colors of candy canes, and transforms them into a delicious dessert pie.

The flavor of peppermint is strong in this pie, and the decorations of crushed candy canes and whipped cream help make it a gorgeous centerpiece for your table during dessert. 

So, if you love candy canes, why not try to make your own peppermint pie? 

7. Cranberry Pie

We usually enjoy cranberries at Christmas in the form of a sauce during our Christmas dinners. However, this recipe has managed to turn cranberries into a delicious pie filling – so you can experiment and try a cranberry pie this Christmas! 

It’s a bright, zesty pie with additional flavors of orange and ginger for a kick of heat. It’s still a sweet dish but it’s also very sharp and energizing, meaning that it will wash away any post-Christmas dinner lethargy in an instant! 

8. Chocolate Pie

You can’t go wrong with serving a chocolate pie at Christmas. Afterall, it’s a classic flavor that is beloved by all and truly feels indulgent while being delicious. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? 

A chocolate pie is also super easy to make and by following the recipe above, you will be able to bake your own in no time.

It’s a classic and a favorite with all kinds of guests, so it’s definitely a safe option to serve if you are unsure of your guests’ tastes.  

9. Salted Caramel Pie

Want to really indulge this Christmas? Then this recipe for a salted caramel pie has your back! 

Christmas is all about going overboard.

Whether it’s with decorations or with food, we all want to try out our favorite treats during the holidays – and a salted caramel pie is definitely one of the richest, most delicious and indulgent types of dessert pie out there. 

So, treat yourself this Christmas to a delicious slice of salted caramel pie!

10. Macadamia Nut Pie

While pecan nuts are usually the go to nut ingredient during the holidays, another great type of nut you can use is the macadamia nut. 

Macadamia nuts are much richer than pecans while maintaining the same crunchy texture. However, the pie overall is very buttery and thus a smooth experience for your tongue.

This makes it a great alternative to the pecan pie and a great choice for those who love the nutty flavors but dislike the texture. 

Why not give it a try?

11. Gingerbread Pie  

Another traditional piece of food that is baked and eaten during Christmas is gingerbread. This is because not only is gingerbread delicious, but it’s easy to make and super warm to help heat up your body during the chilly winter. 

So, it just makes sense to take all the flavors and warmth of gingerbread and put it into a pie.

This recipe here will guide you through the steps to pack all the classic flavor of gingerbread in everything from the crunchy crust to the whipped cream served on top!  

12. Pear Pie

This may seem like an odd choice but pears are surprisingly linked heavily to Christmas (and not just because of the song about partridges and pear trees).

Pears actually have a lot of Christian symbolism behind them, plus their sweet yet light and refreshing flavor makes them a great fruit to eat during the holiday season (especially if you are celebrating in a warmer climate). 

So, it makes sense to make a pear pie for an alternative Christmas dessert! 

13. Plum Pie 

Another great fruit pie to serve during Christmas is plum pie. 

Plums are also associated with Christmas but usually in the form of hard candy or cake.

Despite this, their sweet flavor makes them a great pie filling to serve up during the holidays – and this recipe here will help you through each and every step. 

So, for a fruit pie that is perfect for Christmas, a plum pie is definitely one for you to try out. 

14. Cinnamon Pie 

Spices are used in all kinds of cooking and baking but they are often used in winter dishes because it helps warm them up and provide a bit of heat to those enjoying your cooking.

So, why not try making a pie that puts one of the most popular spices at its center – cinnamon pie! 

This type of pie is mainly egg based but it uses a fair amount of cinnamon in its recipe. This doesn’t mean the pie will be overpowering but you will definitely be able to pick up on the cinnamon and it will warm you up from head to toe.

15. Chocolate Hazelnut Pie

One of the most popular combinations in the dessert world is chocolate and hazelnut.

The chocolate is rich and indulgent while the hazelnut combats the sweetness with its own earthiness, creating a delicious medley that balances the two flavors perfectly. 

As a result, chocolate hazelnut pie is a super popular dessert pie to serve at any time of the year – which means that it also works great at Christmas! It’s sweet, rich, and sure to be a favorite with everybody.  

16. Treacle Tart

I know what you’re thinking – does a tart count as a pie? Well, in this case, yes. 

Treacle tart is a popular type of pie in Great Britain and is considered a delicious comfort food that is both rich in flavor and texture. It’s super sweet and gooey, with a filling made mainly from syrup, cream, and egg.

This makes it an ideal dessert to serve after a huge, savory meal like Christmas dinner. 

17. Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie 

One of the most popular Christmas traditions is leaving out the cookies for Santa Claus on Christmas eve.

If you want to get a piece of that too, then chocolate chip cookie pie is a great way to combine one of America’s favorite desserts with its favorite snack. 

This easy recipe will help you make a pie that is both gooey and crispy, and completely indulgent. It’s delicious and the perfect ‘spoil yourself’ dessert that the whole family will love this Christmas. 

18. Vegan Apple Pie

Apple pie is easily America’s most popular dessert but a basic apple pie recipe does not take into account everyone’s dietary requirements.

This means those who avoid animal products cannot enjoy a traditional apple pie – so if you need to find a dessert  that is popular and suitable for vegans, this recipe is for you. 

This recipe will help you create a classic apple pie that swaps out all the animal products for vegan-friendly alternatives so you can make a dessert that suits everybody’s needs. 

19. Irish Coffee Pie 

Irish coffee is a super popular drink to try during Christmas, mainly because it shares a lot of similarities with eggnog but still tastes unique and different.

So, just like with eggnog, you can transfer all the amazing flavor of irish coffee into a pie. 

It’s sweet yet sharp, rich with flavors of coffee and whiskey, and sure to be a favorite with the adults (perhaps give the kids some ice cream instead). 

20. Blackberry Pie

Another fruit commonly associated with fall and winter are blackberries, so why not try making a blackberry pie this Christmas? 

Blackberries are sharp to taste but once baked, they make a super sweet and juicy pie filling that is incredibly popular.

Plus, an easy blackberry pie is simple to make so you don’t have to spend ages making your Christmas dessert – giving you more time to concentrate on the main event.

21. Traditional Mini Mince Pies

We touched on mince pie earlier but in Britain, most mince pies are consumed in a miniature cup-cake like version. So, instead of making a single giant mince pie, you can try making lots of mini mince pies.

This makes it easier to serve plus you can serve with a soft scoop of ice cream or warm custard or cream. 

22. Apple And Cranberry Pie  

While apple is easily the most popular pie filling in the US, this recipe combines it with the traditional cranberry flavors of Christmas.

This means you can serve up a new and exciting dessert that is super fruity, sweet, and tart at the same time. 

Not only that but with additional ingredients of orange for a kick of zest, then spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon to provide a bit of warmth that is perfect for Christmas, this pie clearly combines a ton of flavors to make a delicious dessert pie.

23. Hazelnut Pie

This recipe is another spin on the famous pecan pie but uses hazelnuts instead of pecan nuts. This helps make a rich, earthy pie that also perfectly complements the sweeter ingredients such as syrup and sugar used in its filling. 

So, if you want a pie that is down to earth and sweet simultaneously, then this recipe is one for you to try out!  

24. Chocolate And Orange Pie

Two flavors that work perfectly together are chocolate and orange. 

Chocolate is popular for its rich, indulgent flavor while orange is brighter and fruity.

Despite this, the orange also helps further the indulgence of the chocolate – meaning that when combined, these flavors help create a totally delicious dessert! 

If you want to try out these flavors for yourself, then this recipe for a chocolate and orange pie will give you an amazing dessert to serve up this Christmas.  

25. Cherry Snowflake Pie

For something that captures the spirit of Christmas visually, we have to recommend this recipe for a cherry snowflake pie. 

Flavor-wise, this pie is super sweet and delicious, with plenty of fruity flavors to create a classic American dessert.

However, this recipe is ideal for those who love to show off their skills by making a pie that is just as amazing in appearance as it is in flavor and texture. 

This recipe will have you making lots of miniature snowflakes out of pastry – so good luck! 

26. Mocha Coconut Pie

Coffee-flavored pies and desserts are always super popular with adults, so it makes sense to serve one up this Christmas. One of our favorite recipes for such a pie is this one for a mocha coconut pie.  

The strong flavor of the mocha is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the coconut, plus this is further enhanced by the overall creamy texture of the pie. Even the crust uses Oreo cookies to make a rich, crunchy crust! 

So, for a completely indulgent dessert to enjoy this Christmas, this recipe for a mocha coconut pie is definitely one you will want to try out. 

27. White Chocolate Cream Pie

If you are looking for a rich, creamy dessert pie that is lighter than a chocolate pie but features all the delicious flavor, then this recipe has your back. 

White chocolate cream pie is a great way to serve a lighter yet just as tasty alternative to the famous chocolate pie.

Due to its reliance on cream, it’s the perfect way to fit in a delicious dessert that doesn’t make you feel sickly after your Christmas dinner. 

28. Carrot And White Chocolate Pie

And finally, we have a pie that even Rudolph himself would approve of – carrot and white chocolate pie. 

Carrot may be an unusual filling for a dessert pie but when combined with white chocolate, ginger, and notes of vanilla, this pie filling captures all the warmth and sweetness that is perfect for Christmas.

So, try something new this Christmas with this carrot and white chocolate pie recipe! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Most Popular Holiday Pie? 

In the  US, there is no question what is the most popular dessert pie filling – apple pie, of course! 

Its massive popularity means that apple pie remains the favorite holiday pie as well, so it’s perfectly acceptable to serve apple pie during Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, you can serve it all year round and still receive high praise! 

Can You Serve Pumpkin Pie At Christmas?

Pumpkin pie is traditionally seen as a Thanksgiving dessert in the US, but pumpkins are still present in a lot of recipes leading into December.

This is because Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close together on the calendar so it just makes sense to serve a lot of Thanksgiving recipes during Christmas. 

So – yes! You can serve pumpkin pie at Christmas. Technically speaking, you can serve whatever you want but pumpkin pie still has all those cozy flavors that are associated with fall and winter. 

How Far In Advance Can You Bake A Pie? 

How far in advance you can make a pie heavily depends on the ingredients you use. Most fruit pies can last two days before turning stale, as long as they are kept at room temperature.

If you choose to refrigerate the pie, it can last an additional two days longer – and frozen pies can last for ages! 

This means you can make your Christmas pie in advance so you don’t have to cook it on Christmas day. Instead, prepare it in advance and serve when the time is right! 

28 Pie Recipes To Try Out This Christmas

28 Pie Recipes To Try Out This Christmas

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Need a pie recipe for dessert? Here are 28 amazing recipes that perfectly capture the flavors of Christmas! Check them out and find the right recipe for you!

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