28 Tasty Choripan Recipes To Give You A Taste Of South America

Choripan is a must-try street food should that originates in South America.

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It is a dish that is particularly popular in countries such as Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Peru.

28 Tasty Choripan Recipes To Give You A Taste Of South America

The choripan is named for its combination of ingredients, with “chori” standing for the grilled chorizo sausage that acts as the filling and “pan” standing for the crusty bread that it is encased in.

Choripan has a range of variations too, as well as a wide variety of recipes available, allowing you to create all manner of different kinds of choripan.

With this in mind, we are going to be looking at twenty-eight choripan recipes that you can try out for yourself so that you can get a taste of South America no matter what part of the world you live in!

Let’s get started.

1. Argentinian Choripan- SaveUr

A popular form of street food in Argentina, this choripan recipe involves grilling the chorizo for around half an hour and serving it alongside chimichurri, which is a popular accompaniment to choripan in general.

2. Vegan Choripan- The FeedFeed

Although the main ingredient of choripan is chorizo sausage, vegans are still easily able to enjoy this dish with this recipe, which includes vegan sausages and that ever-popular chimichurri sauce.

3. Choripan With Chimichurri- MyRecipes

Another recipe that includes chimichurri, you need to either add your sausages to a skillet or a lightly oiled grill grate before you cook them for around 15 minutes.

This will give you a juicy sausage with a charred exterior, which should go beautifully with the tangy chimichurri sauce and the crispy baguette.

4. Bacon Choripan With Chimichurri- Mommy’s Home Cooking

If you are a lover of bacon, then this next choripan recipe is sure to be perfect for you!

All you need are some slices of bacon to top the chorizo with, as well as some optional slices of cheese and fried eggs to make for the ultimate combination of popular South American and North American cuisine.

5. Choripan With Molho A Campanha (Country Salsa)- Barbecue Bible

The addition of Molho A Campanha- translating to English as “Country Salsa”- makes for a choripan recipe that has a lot more to it than some of the more standard recipes.

The Molho A Campanha is a great accompaniment to choripan, featuring ingredients that work well with chorizo sausages such as green, red, and yellow bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, parsley, and red wine vinegar.

6. Choripan Sliders- For The Love Of Sazon

Sliders are great to make if you are having a party or a get-together, and these choripan sliders are sure to be a delicious party treat.

All you will need to make these sliders are three ingredients: chorizo, chimichurri, and some individual, crusty bread rolls.

7. Argentine Choripan Sausage Sandwich- The Nut-Free Vegan

Another vegan take on choripan, this recipe includes vegan sausage with vegan provolone cheese with chimichurri sauce, and smoked paprika.

8. Choripan With Chimichurri And Salsa Criolla- CraftBeering

The Salsa Criolla topping in this recipe makes for an extra burst of both savoriness and sweetness thanks to the use of onions and tomato within the salsa.

You can also add in some other ingredients, such as lemon juice, olive oil, and vinegar.

9. Loaded Choripan- OverTheFireCooking

Overload the standard choripan with this recipe, which features sandwiches packed with seared chorizo and topped off with spicy serrano chimichurri sauce, garlic mayonnaise, and pickled red onions.

10. Choripan With Tropical Salsa- Peru Delights

This choripan recipe features an exotic twist thanks to the tropical salsa that accompanies it, made up of cilantro leaves, beans, avocados, tomatoes, salt, pepper, fried plantain, and lime juice.

11. Pinchos De Choripan- Sysco Foodie

These bite-sized Pinchos De Choripan are another option that features plant-based meat in the recipe, utilizing three Beyond Sausage sausages.

12. Argentine Choripan With Chimichurri- Foodal

Another Argentian-inspired take on the dish, this recipe features four juicy chorizo sausages along with baguettes and ingredients to create your own chimichurri sauce.

13. Choripan Foldit Sandwich- Flatout Bread

If you would rather use flatbread for your choripan instead of crispy bread- such as baguettes-, then this recipe is the choice for you as it features chorizo and chimichurri sauce within a piece of Flatout Foldit bread.

14. Chorizo Sandwich With Chimichurri- Vintage Kitchen Notes

As well as those chorizos and chimichurri sauce, this is another recipe that includes Salsa Criolla for a juicy and flavorful take on the dish.

15. Choripan With Sautéed Onions And Chimichurri Aioli- Just A Pinch

The accompaniments alongside the choripan in this recipe include a chimichurri style aioli/mayonnaise along with sautéed onions to create a unique and delicious variation on the traditional choripan.

16. Choripan With Salsa Verde- Querica Vida

The inclusion of salsa verde along with red pepper flakes makes for a tangy and somewhat spicier variation of the choripan.

17. Grilled Choripan Argentinian Sandwich- Gourmet De Paris

The popularity of the choripan in Argentina is immense, hence why there are so many different recipes with their own take on the Argentinian style of the sandwich!

This particular recipe is pretty traditional, but sometimes the classics are the best options.

18. Argentinian Lincolnshire Sausage Choripan- Cauldron Foods

Switch out your standard chorizo sausages with Cauldron Vegetarian Lincolnshire sausages in this vegetarian-friendly choripan recipe.

19. Baked Bread Rolls Stuffed With Chorizo, Mozzarella, And Capsicum- SBS

Though not as traditional as some of the other recipes on this list, this recipe is sure to be a treat for those that love the combination of chorizo and mozzarella cheese.

The inclusion of pizza dough also makes for a snack that is more similar to a pizza treat than a standard choripan.

20. Alejandra Ramos’ Choripan Sandwich With Chimichurri- Today

This particular recipe requires smoked and refrigerated Spanish style chorizo, which is a different type from air-cured and dried chorizo, so make sure that this is the one you get to follow this recipe as accurately as possible.

21. Choripan Or Chorizo Hot Dog With Chimichurri Sauce- Laylita

Along with that ever-present chimichurri sauce, this recipe also features some tasty salsa along with pickled red onions and onion and tomato curtidao.

This tomato and onion mix is also marinated with a lime juice cilantro mix for some extra zest.

22. Argentine Chorizo And Baguette- Arousing Appetites

Simple yet effective, this classic take on the recipe features chorizo along with a baguette for the bread and butter as well as parsley, shallots, chili pepper flakes, ground black pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, red wine and minced garlic to create your Chimichurri sauce.

23. Argentinian Choripan- Taste

The chimichurri sauce in this recipe has a bit of a kick to it thanks to the inclusion of lightly dried chili flakes, which is sure to be a popular choice for those who like a burst of heat with their choripan.

24. Uruguay Style Choripan- 196 Flavors

Inspired by how the choripan dish is prepared in Uruguay, this take on the recipe features rich chimichurri sauce along with French baguettes similarly to the Argentine style.

25. Grilled Choripan- Macheesmo

Another standard take on the recipe, you will want to grill the chorizo in this recipe for around ten minutes until the casing starts to get that beautiful crispiness.

26. Choripan Sandwich- My Columbian Recipes

This take on the choripan is another that utilizes FlatOut Foldit bread in order to create more of a sandwich in style rather than a hot dog.

27. Cheese Stuffed Choripan – Over The Fire Cooking

A must-have for meat and cheese lovers, this take on the choripan features provolone stuffed hoagie rolls that are topped with chorizo, spicy habanero mayo and tomato chimichurri.

28. Choripan Bites- Cocina

For a tasty, bite-sized take on the choripan to enjoy at a party or a fun night in, these choripan bites are a must!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Argentinian Choripanes?

The choripan in Argentina is made up of grilled pork or beef sausage that is split down the middle and then served on a roll.

If the chorizo is cut in half length ways, it becomes a “mariposa”, which translates to butterfly.

In Argentina, choripans are served commonly as appetizers and as a form of street food.

What Are Puerto Rican Choripanes?

These choripanes are usually sold in bakeries and utilize Spanish-style chorizo- such as cantimpalo or chistorra- along with mayonnaise and pickles within a homemade Dominican bread known as “pan de agua.”

Some other popular ingredients in Puerto Rican choripans include ketchup and Manchego cheese.

What Are Uruguayan Choripanes?

In Uruguay, choripans tend to be made of pork sauces and are commonly served alongside chimichurri sauce or mayonnaise with a sliced, soft bread roll.

What Are Chilean Choripanes?

Much like in Argentina, it is popular to consume choripan as an appetizer during an “asado”, which is a social event that involves barbecuing different kinds of meat.

Chilean choripane also tends to be made with longanizas sausage and served with marraqueta bread before it is finished off with mayonnaise and “pebre”, which is a Chilean condiment made up of onions, vinegar, parsley, coriander, chopped tomatoes, neutral oil, and puréed or ground spicy aji peppers.

28 Tasty Choripan Recipes To Give You A Taste Of South America

28 Tasty Choripan Recipes To Give You A Taste Of South America

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