27 Incredible Chicken Breast Recipes To Try

Chicken is one of the most popular meats in the world, thanks to its incredible versatility, and how easily it can be combined with other ingredients to create quick and fulfilling meals.

Chicken breasts, in particular, are an incredibly popular cut of meat from chicken, as they are incredibly tender, incredibly healthy, and full of delicious meat that can be cooked in numerous ways. 

27 Incredible Chicken Breast Recipes To Try

However, it can be very easy to find yourself in a culinary rut when it comes to chicken breasts. Have you found yourself stuck in a boring routine when it comes to chicken breasts?

Are you on the hunt for new and interesting ways to cook them that will delight you and your family? 

You couldn’t have come to a better place, because we have scoured the internet in search of our absolute favorite chicken breast recipes that you can cook up in no time at all, and reinvigorate your love for a culinary staple.

Read on below to get started right now!

1. Creamy Lemon Chicken Breast

With some cream, some fresh lemon juice, and a few extra ingredients you can create a deceptively simple dish that combines two flavors you may otherwise expect to be completely at odds with one another! 

The creaminess of the sauce in this dish contrasts beautifully with the sharp tanginess of the lemon juice, and every drop of the flavor is easily absorbed by the chicken breasts, making every bite a delight!

2. Tomato & Basil Baked Chicken

Simply throw some chicken breasts into a hot skillet alongside this delicious tomato and basil sauce, and they will very soon cook to perfection, to create an Italian-inspired feast that is easy to make for a large number of people. 

You can easily adapt this recipe to cater to more or fewer people, making it a great option if you need something quick and simple no matter who is gathered around the table!

3. Cheesy Chicken Burrito Skillet

Everyone loves a good burrito! There are few things quite as decadent and enjoyable as a huge burrito stuffed with cheese, beans, salsa, and countless other fresh ingredients.

But what if you want to enjoy some fresh burritos but don’t have any tortillas? Not to worry, because this recipe will show you how to achieve that classic burrito flavor even without such a crucial ingredient.

We loved how easy this recipe was, and how satisfying the end result proved to be!

4. Grilled Chicken Breasts With Tadka-Ish Sauce

We couldn’t possibly go without mentioning this incredible recipe in this list. This recipe is so fantastic that you will feel as though you have stepped into a Michelin-star restaurant!

The chicken will come out feeling so moist and decadent, and every bite will burst with the flavor of the Tadka-ish sauce.

All of the extra elements scattered atop the chicken help to give the dish an extra sense of texture that helps to make it all the more memorable!

5. Grilled Chicken With Lemon And Thyme

One of the best things about this recipe is that you can make it hours ahead of dinner time if you wish, but it doesn’t need to cook or marinate for countless hours in order to pick up flavor.

The lemon-infused marinade included in this recipe is super fragrant and so delicious that it instantly transforms average chicken breasts into incredibly moist and moreish parcels of flavor.

The inclusion of Castelvetrano olives helps to give the dish a needed salty kick that contrasts with the sweetness of the sauce. We simply could not get enough of this dish!

6. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas are a great dish to make if you want to enjoy some food that is easy to share with those you love, and this recipe will show you how to create the perfect fajitas using just a few chicken breasts, peppers, onions, and plenty of spices, all within one pan. 

Once the breasts have cooked, simply serve up the fajitas with some tortillas, or serve them up as is. Either way, it tastes totally delicious!

7. Quick And Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken and noodle soup is one of the world’s favorite home remedies for just about anything. Feeling a little bit under the weather? Have some chicken and noodle soup!

However, we strongly recommend trying this chicken and noodle soup specifically, as it tastes so much better than any other we have ever encountered. 

The soup itself becomes incredibly rich, and the chicken itself becomes incredibly tender, making it a perfect portion of comfort food!

8. Creamy Tuscan Chicken

Once you’ve finished chowing down on the tender chicken breasts used in this recipe, you better make sure that you have some bread at hand, because you’ll most definitely want to mop up the sauce.

It’s full of garlic, tomato, and cream, making it so delightful to enjoy!

9. Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parmesan may be an incredibly simple combination of chicken and cheese that may sound unexciting on the surface, but if you have ever been skeptical about this popular dish, then let this recipe show you just how amazing it can be! 

10. Spicy Mango Chicken Skillet

We couldn’t believe that we had never experienced the sheer glory of this recipe before!

The mango sauce that oozes across the chicken breasts is so sweet and decadent, and the inclusion of jalapenos helps to give it a quick and spicy kick that totally kicks the dish into overdrive. 

This is a perfect recipe to try out during the blazing summer months, as it is totally fiery and tropical.

11. Sheet Pan Chicken With Potatoes And Garlicky Mustard Greens

Though it may be one of the most simple-sounding dishes on this list, this sheet-pan chicken recipe is definitely one of our favorites. Its simplicity is easily its biggest strong suit.

On those days when you just want some comforting flavor, this is the dish you should go for. It will fill you up, and most importantly it tastes simply amazing.

12. Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Spinach and artichoke dip is one of America’s most beloved dipping sauces, and this amazing recipe from Cafe Delites shows you how to use its amazing flavors to create stuffed chicken breasts that are bursting with warming flavors.

13. Pecan Crusted Baked Chicken Tenders

Tired of the same old breadcrumbs on your chicken tenders?

Why not try injecting some excitement and flavor into your favorite chicken tenders with the help of this recipe that makes use of tasty and crunchy pecans to create a satisfying coating around the chicken that makes the breasts into a total sensory medley!

14. Slow Cooker Korean Spicy Braised Chicken

This is another recipe that you should try out if you are looking for something nice and easy, that you can set to cook early on in the day, and then dive into in the evening!

This recipe knows just how to make the most of chicken, to allow it to absorb the delicate flavors of the broth, and take on the spiciness. We couldn’t recommend it enough!

15. Greek Fried Rice

The Mediterranean flavor is the name of the game with this recipe for chicken fried rice that contains plenty of ingredients that will have you feeling like you’ve taken a fancy vacation to see some of Greece’s most incredible sights. 

The inclusion of chickpeas, olives, and feta cheese is what helps to make this chicken fried rice stand out. As a fried-rice dish, this is also an incredibly easy meal to make, making it perfect for anyone that wants an easy but interesting meal.

16. Garlic Butter Chicken Bites

This recipe will only take you 15 minutes to follow, and by the end of it, you will have a hearty portion of garlic butter chicken bites that can easily be served with any number of side dishes, such as rice, pasta, vegetables, or some bread! Nice and simple!

17. Baked Chicken Breasts

Baking chicken breasts can actually be quite a tall order. If not done correctly, the risk of burning your chicken breasts, or causing them to become incredibly dry and unappetizing is incredibly high. 

Luckily, if you want to bake some chicken breasts and have them come out totally perfect and incredibly delicious, then this is easily the recipe for you.

The seasoning mixture used to coat the chicken breasts is totally incredible and takes on a slight crispness once cooked, giving the chicken skin a satisfying texture to bite into. 

18. Roasted Baby Vine Tomato Grilled Chicken

Roast up some cherry tomatoes, and then lay them down atop some freshly grilled chicken breasts. That’s right. This dish is incredibly simple, but it truly makes for a feat to remember.

Roasting the cherry tomatoes actually allows them to release their flavor more easily, which in turn makes them taste sweeter. 

This is a sweet, satisfying, and simple recipe that is perfect for the summer.

19. Chicken And Roasted Pepper Enchiladas With Cauliflower Sauce

These enchiladas are incredibly easy to prepare, and cook in no time at all, but best of all, they are incredibly unique, and unlike any other chicken enchiladas you have ever tasted before. 

The creamy cauliflower sauce that is carefully draped across the enchiladas has a delightful flavor that is both sweet and savory but is also rather subtle.

The full depth of the flavors only truly presents itself with time, as you chow down on the enchiladas.

This means that the more you eat them, the better they taste! You better make a decent amount, because these are going to prove to be incredibly popular!

20. Chicken And Zucchini With Garlic Cream Sauce

We definitely recommend serving this recipe atop a bed of soft noodles, rice, or spaghetti.

The fresh and fragrant taste of the zucchini is released into your mouth with every bite, as they are cooked to perfection, to be incredibly soft, but still have a delightful firmness to them.

When eaten with some of the chicken breasts, the zucchini provides a contrast that makes this dish stick in your mind.

We can guarantee that you will be craving this simple and garlicky dish for days after you have it! 

21. Skillet Chicken Pot Pie

That’s right! With just a simple skillet you can actually create an awesome chicken pot pie that tastes exactly like it has been made in the traditional way.

In fact, the act of using a skillet helps to give the resulting pie a much smokier and more vibrant taste that is rather fiery.

This makes this a perfect recipe to delve into during the colder months, as it will easily warm up the whole family, and it is totally easy to dish out!

22. Baked Pineapple Chicken Breasts

This dish involves lightly seasoning each chicken breast with flour before then allowing it to brown in the pineapple-flavored sauce.

This leads to a chicken breast that is incredibly tender but has a slight firmness to the outer layer that makes it incredible to cut into. And as you cut into the breasts, the pineapple sauce will easily seep in, filling it with exotic flavor.

23. Bang Bang Chicken

This dish couldn’t possibly have a more appropriate name. The second you put each piece of chicken into your mouth, it practically explodes with its flavor, sending you to culinary heaven!

The light panko breadcrumb coating (see also ‘Panko Breadcrumbs Substitutes: 5 Top Picks‘) around each piece gives the whole dish a satisfying crunch that will leave your mouth watering and will have you wanting more.

And don’t forget the chili mayo that gives the whole thing that final kick to make the dish so memorable.

24. Dump-And-Bake Chicken And Cornbread Casserole

This is an essential recipe to add to your repertoire if you want something that you can easily set cooking for a few minutes and then be met with a perfect dish to satisfy your end-of-day cravings.

This recipe is incredibly easy and only needs a few ingredients.

25. Honey Pecan Chicken Breasts

It almost seems like pecans and chicken were totally made for each other! This recipe is perfect if you want something with a sweet flavor that can make your chicken breasts taste rather heartwarming and fulfilling.

It’s incredibly simple, but it makes full use of every single ingredient. The way that the honey soaks into the meat is indescribable, and the crunchiness of the pecans ensures that the meal is never boring to eat.

This would make for a perfect meal to enjoy during the Autumn months, as the earthy flavors are totally seasonal, while the pecan and honey combine to create a warm flavor.

26. Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Pasta

The sun-dried tomatoes in this dish are the main event, and whenever you bite into one, it releases its tart sweetness into your mouth.

This, combined with the creaminess of the sauce, and the tenderness of the chicken breasts makes this Italian-inspired dish easily one of our favorites on this list. 

The spaghetti used in the dish makes it incredibly easy to eat, which also makes this an easy recipe for us to recommend if you are looking for a dish that is easy to eat as well as to make. 

27. Double Cheese Pulled Chicken Chili 

Chicken lends itself perfectly to being pulled apart to create this amazing chili dish that is full of fragrant flavors and all of the usual staples you would expect from the perfect chili dish, blended together in a rich sauce that makes for a perfect Friday-evening treat.

The way the double cheese mixture melts into the dish to make it incredibly gooey is also a totally highlight of the recipe. You have to try it for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Cook Chicken Breast Without Drying It Out?

One proven method to help keep your chicken breasts moist as you cook them is to allow them to sit in a brine of water and salt for about 20 minutes. This allows the breasts plenty of time to soak up moisture and makes them incredibly tender.

What Do You Eat With Chicken Breasts?

One of the best things about chicken breasts is that you can pair them with practically anything at all. You could serve them up with fries, noodles, rice, pasta, garlic bread, and countless others.

How Can I Lose Weight Eating Chicken? 

Another great thing about chicken breasts is that they are great for losing weight.

Chicken is naturally very low in fat, but packed full of protein, so it will give you plenty of energy, which keeps you from snacking or indulging in less healthy foods. Just make sure to cook it alongside healthy ingredients.

27 Incredible Chicken Breast Recipes To Try

27 Incredible Chicken Breast Recipes To Try

Recipe by Jenna

Chicken breasts are perhaps the most popular cut of any meat around the world. But unless cooked right, they can be boring. Here are 27 ways to change that!

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