The Best Chanterelle Recipes – 13 Recipes Your Need To Try

There’s no denying that mushrooms are one of the most versatile vegetables on the planet. Perfect for a wide range of dishes and recipes, mushrooms can be fried, baked, roasted, or grilled. 

However, did you know that some mushrooms aren’t commonly used because of their price? Well, the chanterelle mushroom isn’t.

The Best Chanterelle Recipes - 13 Recipes Your Need To Try

Despite their excellent flavor and versatility, chanterelles aren’t used that often because of their high price tag.

We think this needs to change, especially if you’re a mushroom lover. It’s time to treat yourself and cook with this delicious ingredient.

To get you started, we’ve listed 13 of the best chanterelle recipes in this post.

Whether you want something quick and easy after work or something more elegant and decadent for your party guests, we have something for you.

Sit back, relax, and read on to learn more! Oh, and you might want to grab a snack because this list might make you hungry.

1. Chanterelle Soup

The first chanterelle recipe on our list is this fantastic and super healthy chanterelle soup recipe. This hearty, creamy soup is super simple to make but looks great.

Made in just 15 minutes, it is the perfect quick dinner or elegant appetizer.

On top of that, it’s vegan-friendly. 

Despite the rich, complex flavor of the soup, you only need 8 ingredients to make it. These include onion, sage, garlic, coconut milk, and of course, the chanterelle mushrooms. 

The coconut adds a beautiful sweet tinge to the dish that combines perfectly with the earthiness of the mushrooms.

2. Roasted Wild Mushrooms And Potatoes

You could use your chanterelles to make this awesome side dish. Full of flavor, this tasty side dish combines chanterelle mushrooms with seasoned Yukon gold potatoes and pancetta. 

The best thing about this recipe is that you can use it with any mushrooms you like. This might just save the day if you can’t find any chanterelles in store.

A great fall side dish, you could make things a little more interesting by adding some spice to the dish.

3. Chanterelle Toast

If you’re looking for something much simpler, why not try this savory chanterelle toast recipe?

All that’s required to make this easy recipe is two cups of tasty chanterelles, heavy cream, butter, salt, and your choice of bread. 

Saute your mushrooms in butter, before adding the salt and cream. Stir gently until you’re left with a beautifully rich mixture.

Finally, cut your crusty bread and enjoy the rich, earthy flavors. 

If you are using this toast as an appetizer, go easy on the mushrooms as they are surprisingly filling.

4. Grilled Halibut, Corn, And Chanterelles

Seafood and mushrooms always seem to go together brilliantly, so consider making this halibut, corn, and chanterelle dish.

Wonderfully vibrant and super fresh, this large dish is packed with both sweet and savory flavors.

Despite being quite large, the dish is quite light, making it a great choice for a hot summer’s dinner.

The savory flavor of the chanterelles goes beautifully with the sweetness of the corn, the texture of the fish, and the tanginess of the lemon garnish.

Serve the chanterelles with barbecue grilled halibut to take things up a level.

5. Chanterelle Mushroom Sauce

You can’t go wrong with this creamy chanterelle mushroom sauce recipe.

Made using heavy cream, garlic, parsley, chicken or vegetable broth, chanterelle mushrooms, and Worcestershire sauce, this sauce can be used in a wide range of dishes.

Great with fresh pasta, poured over crusty bread, or simply used as a dip, this thick sauce is rich, flavorful, and quick to make.

Despite being full of heavy cream, the sauce only contains 247 calories per serving.

In total, the sauce will take you 30 minutes to make.

6. Chanterelle Gruyere Tart 

The next chanterelle recipe on our list is this beautiful chanterelle gruyere tart recipe. From start to finish, the tart only takes 40 minutes to make.

Most people like to make this recipe for the whole family, so if you’re short on dinner inspiration, give it a try.

Best when served with a fresh salad, this tart combines a range of different ingredients brilliantly to create something incredibly delicious.

Extremely satisfying, the final product is a creamy, rich, sweet, and savory tart that the whole family will enjoy.

7. Chanterelle Shazam

Those of you looking for something simpler should check this chanterelle shazam recipe out. This dish couldn’t be any simpler to make.

Simply saute your chanterelle mushrooms with butter, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Once your mushrooms are ready, you should serve them alongside your favorite cut of meat. Personally, we find that the flavors of the sauteed mushrooms go really well with a delicious steak. 

If you’re feeling extra hungry, why not make some homemade fries to go with your steak and mushrooms too?

In total, this recipe will take less than 30 minutes to make.

8. Keto Omelet With Zucchini And Chanterelle Mushrooms

Next, we have a chanterelle recipe that better suits individuals trying to follow a keto-friendly diet.

Cheesy, garlicky, and more importantly, low-in carbs, this keto omelet is quick and easy to make. You’ll have a delicious tasting meal in just 20 minutes.

One of the best things about this omlet is that you’ll stay full for hours, reducing the chance of you snacking throughout the day. 

You only need 7 ingredients to make the omelet, and you can expect a decent amount of protein from the eggs. The addition of the zucchini is a nice touch. 

9. Chanterelle Pâté

This chanterelle pâté recipe is ideal if you have any chanterelles left over. You can also use any chanterelle mushrooms that are looking a little worse for wear.

Any dregs you have left from a previous meal can also be thrown in.

Chanterelle pâté is a great way to use the vibrant color of the mushroom, while also creating a wonderful spread that can be used on many things.

We like to spread our chanterelle pâté over a slice of fresh crusty bread.

It’s super rich, creamy, and packed full of flavor.

10. Chanterelle Quiche

Follow this simple mushroom quiche recipe if you want to make a delicious quiche using your chanterelle mushrooms. 

Made with eggs, cream, sauteed mushrooms, shallots, and milk, this scrumptious quiche has a delightful butter-filled pie crust.

A perfect comfort meal, one great thing about this recipe is that you can throw any vegetables you want in. 

We like to throw some roasted peppers into our quiche to add a sweet bite to what is a very savory dish. 

Serve your quiche with a fresh salad or potatoes when feeding your family dinner with the quiche.

11. Chanterelle Risotto

We aren’t quite sure about what makes mushrooms and creamy dishes go so well together, but it’s fair to say they definitely do in this recipe. 

This full-flavored risotto takes longer to make than some of the recipes on our list, but the wait is well worth it. Made in 50 minutes, the dish is powerful, filling, thick, and very well seasoned. 

You’ll season the dish with thyme, garlic, shallots, and a host of other ingredients that only make things even yummier. 

This delicious, aromatic dish is a great appetizer for your next party.

12. Chanterelle Mushroom Goulash

As far as comfort dishes go, we think this chanterelle mushroom goulash recipe takes some beating. Similar to a classic beef stew, this goulash is thick, chunky, powerfully flavored, and full of goodness.

Unlike a beef stew though, this goulash recipe is completely free of beef. It’s also 100% vegan.

Don’t worry though, the heartiness of the dish is still there thanks to the combination of the soybeans and chanterelle mushrooms. 

Despite containing less protein and fat, the dish is still very filling too. 

In terms of flavors, expect spicy, earthy, and wild combinations. 

13. Chanterelle And Shiitake Mushroom Pizza With Goats Cheese

The final chanterelle recipe on our list is a pizza recipe. Let’s face it, everyone loves pizza, so it’s only right to make one using our chanterelle mushrooms.

As soon as you get a bite of this phenomenal pizza, you’ll be in love. Quickly made, the pizza is chessy, tangy, earthy, herb-y, and beautifully crisp. 

If you’ve ever had a spinach and mushroom or ham and mushroom pizza, that’s sort of what this pizza tastes like. Having said that, we think it tastes better. 

Perfect for pizza lovers, we can strongly recommend serving your pizza with some homemade wedges or fries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Eat Chanterelle Mushroom Stems?

Chanterelle mushroom stems, like the rest of the chanterelle mushroom, are perfectly edible. However, most people prefer to cut them off as they can be quite thick. 

To remove the stems, simply trim them from the mushroom before cooking.

Can You Eat Chanterelle Mushrooms Raw?

Yes, you can eat chanterelle mushrooms raw. However, more often than not, recipes will call for you to cook them one way or another.

Eating this mushroom raw will provide you with the most natural flavors, but when cooked effectively, most of those flavors remain anyway.

What Trees Do Chanterelle Mushrooms Grow Near?

If you plan on foraging for chanterelle mushrooms, you should take a close look around the base of oak, poplar, birch, and maple trees. These hardwood trees are some of the mushroom’s favorites.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of recipes that make good use of the chanterelle mushroom.

As you can probably tell from our list, chanterelle mushrooms are most commonly used in creamy recipes that require earthy flavors. 

Having said that, not every recipe on our list is creamy. 

Whether you want to make a quick bite to eat after work, a simple snack, an appetizer, or an elegant celebration dinner, there is a chanterelle recipe on our list that you will love.

Now you have our list of chanterelle recipes at your disposal, why don’t you start narrowing the list down so you can decide which ones to try first.

We’re sure you’ll love whichever ones you pick!

The Best Chanterelle Recipes - 13 Recipes Your Need To Try

The Best Chanterelle Recipes – 13 Recipes Your Need To Try

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