26 Absolutely Classic Champagne Cocktails You Simply Must Try

Champagne is a sophisticated beverage that is often associated with special occasions. Birthdays, weddings, parties… You’ve likely enjoyed champagne at one of these events to truly toast to the occasion.

Or perhaps you’ve treated yourself to a cheeky bottle of Moët on a Friday after a particularly tricky week at work!

Did you know that champagne also makes a wonderful addition to some classic cocktails? And we’re not just talking about the classic mimosa or champagne margarita!

26 Absolutely Classic Champagne Cocktails You Simply Must Try

This wonderfully French fizzy wine makes a great addition to a wide range of classic cocktails that you must try at least once in your life.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 26 absolute classic champagne cocktails that you simply must try!

Whether you’re after a tried and trusted classic, or something a little bit different, you’re sure to find it on our list of the best classic cocktails.

Let’s take a look at them in more detail!

1. Classic Champagne Cocktail

We couldn’t exactly make a list of the best classic champagne cocktails without including the one and only classic champagne cocktail!

This cocktail combines champagne with Angostura bitters, cognac, and a sugar cube in a delightfully fizzy cocktail.

You can also use cava, prosecco, or crémant if you don’t have any champagne to hand.

2. Italian Champagne Cocktail

The Italian champagne cocktail is a twist on the classic champagne cocktail that we’ve included above.

This particular variant features a teaspoon of golden sugar poured into a champagne flute, followed by a tablespoon or Campari and a tablespoon of vodka.

You can then top up the cocktail with champagne to your taste!

3. Buck’s Fizz

We couldn’t possibly make a list of the classic champagne cocktails without including Buck’s fizz!

This is a super simple classic that only requires two ingredients – orange juice and champagne. To get the perfect Buck’s fizz, you’ll need to use 1 third orange juice to 2 thirds champagne. Voila!

4. Champagne Margaritas

Want a bit more of a kick from your classic champagne cocktail? Then you need to give these champagne margaritas a go.

This classic champagne cocktail features tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur alongside generous amounts of champagne. This is the cocktail to opt for if you want something a little stronger!

5. Champagne Mojito

Love drinking mojitos and love drinking champagne? Then why not combine the two for a truly unforgettable cocktail!

This champagne mojito features classic mojito ingredients such as white rum, Angostura bitters, sugar syrup, and mint, which is then topped up with the champagne of your choice.

6. Mimosa

Do you love your classic Buck’s fizz but want a bit more of a kick from your glass? Then a mimosa is the perfect compromise.

This particular classic champagne cocktail features champagne and orange juice in equal measurements. Plus if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always add a dash of Cointreau or Grand Marnier to suit your taste.

7. Peach Bellini

One of the best classic champagne cocktails around is of course the peach bellini! This is a sweet twist on the classic mimosa, featuring peach puree alongside champagne.

You can either make the peach puree yourself, or buy some from your local grocery store to make things easier. You can also use the fizz of your choice!

8. Kir Royale

Another simple yet classic champagne cocktail is of course the Kir royale! This is a super easy cocktail to make in a pinch, and doesn’t require any complicated puree making or mixing skills.

Simply pour your tablespoon of creme de cassis into your champagne flute, and then top it up with champagne.

9. Amaretto Fizz

Looking for a champagne cocktail to serve to several people at once? Then the amaretto fizz is the way to go! You can prepare this in a jug, and then pour out each glass as needed.

Simply combine your orange juice, Disarrono, and champagne in a jug, and then serve each person with a ready champagne flute.

10. Champagne Punch

Searching for a festive champagne cocktail that will be ideal for parties? Then this champagne punch is just the thing you need!

There’s lots of fruity goodness in here alongside copious amounts of champagne and a generous dash of Grand Marnier. Ginger ale features alongside fruity raspberries, pomegranate juice, as well as vodka!

11. Sgroppino

Want a refreshing palate cleanser in between meals or in between delicious champagne cocktails? This sgroppino has got you covered!

For this cocktail you’ll be mixing your champagne with a teaspoon of vodka and 2 teaspoons of lemon sorbet. This is an Italian classic that is sure to go down well with your guests!

12. French 75

For the classic French 75, you’ll be combining the champagne of your choice with lemon juice, gin, and simple syrup.

The ingredients apart from the champagne are shaken together in a cocktail shaker alongside ice, and you can then top up your glass with champagne to suit your taste.

13. Mango Bellini

Enjoying those classic peach bellinis and want something with another fruity twist? Then this mango bellini will be the perfect thing for you!

Whereas the peach bellini features peach puree, the mango bellini features mango puree. You can either make this yourself using a ripe mango, or you can source some from your local grocery store.

14. Death In The Afternoon

Ernest Hemingway is arguably just as famous for his drinking habits as he was for his classic American literature. So it’s hardly a surprise that he crafted his very own cocktail using champagne!

This is a simple cocktail, featuring champagne paired with absinthe for a drink that’s certainly got a kick.

15. Air Mail

We couldn’t make a list of the classic champagne cocktails without including the Air Mail!

Whereas most other champagne cocktails on our list are served in a champagne flute, this cocktail is served in a highball glass.

Mix lime juice, rum, and honey syrup together in a cocktail shaker, and then top up the glass with champagne.

16. Apple Cider Mimosa

Looking for a fall twist on a classic mimosa? Then this apple cider mimosa cocktail is just the thing you need!

Tasty apple cider features as the main ingredient alongside champagne, and you can garnish the champagne flutes with apple slices for some added pizazz.

If you wanted to glitz things up a bit, you can also decorate the rims of the glasses with edible sprinkles.

17. B2C2 Cocktail

This tasty cocktail gets its name front he ingredients that were used to craft it during the second world war, with brandy being B2 and Cointreau being C2: creating the famous B2C2!

It of course features champagne as a top up, giving the cocktail a delightful fizz that lifts the drink.

18. Blushing Mimosa

There are literally endless variations of the classic mimosa out there, but the next one we want to mention is the blushing mimosa.

You’ll still be using equal prts champagne and orange juice, but with the addition of grenadine and pineapple juice for an extra fruity twist.

19. Atomic Cocktail

Just as the name suggest, this explosive cocktail gets its name from the atomic bomb that was being tested in Nevada during the 50s.

It’s packs in lots of flavor to go with your champagne, using dry sherry, vodka, and either cognac or brandy as the additional ingredients.

20. Barbotage Champagne Cocktail

Enjoy a good old fashioned mimosa but want more of a kick from your champagne cocktail?

Then the barbotage champagne cocktail is just the thing that you should opt for! It has a similar flavor profile to mimosas, but gets its orange flavor from alcohol.

21. Black Velvet Cocktail

Want a fantastic champagne cocktail for helping you embrace your St Patrick’s Day spirit? Then why not combine champagne with the classic Irish drink Guinness for a truly Irish cocktail!

The black velvet cocktail is made up of equal parts champagne and Guinness.

22. Brunch Punch

Want to add to your range of pitcher cocktails? This brunch punch will have you covered! Lots of different fruit juices feature alongside vodka, grenadine, and of course, champagne.

The great thing is you can combine them all in a large bowl or pitcher, and then top up all of your guests’ glasses as needed!

23. Lemosas

Our last suggested twist on a classic mimosa are these wonderful lemosas!

As the name suggests, lemon features as one of the main ingredients, alongside a delightful blueberry syrup that you can make yourself.

Prepare the blueberry syrup, and then allow it to cool before placing in your champagne flutes and topping up with champagne and lemonade.

24. Blackberry Champagne Mule

Looking for a twist on a classic champagne mule? This blackberry champagne mule is the ideal fruity cocktail to add to your repertoire (for more delicious blackberry cocktails, read here)!

This cocktail combines blackberries, mint, lime, ginger beer, and vodka with some champagne for a wonderfully refreshing cocktail you won’t forget in a hurry. Perfect for a summery twist!

25. Sparkling Sage

The sparkling sage is another super simply cocktail that packs a flavorful punch! This champagne cocktail combines rum, sage leaves, and honey syrup with champagne.

You’ll need to add the first 3 ingredients to your cocktail shaker with ice, shake well, then strain out into your champagne flute. Top up with champagne for a delicious cocktail you won’t forget in a hurry!

26. Pomegranate Royale

Last but not least is the wonderful pomegranate royale!

This puts a wonderfully fruity twist on your champagne, and uses vodka, Chambord, simply syrup, pomegranate juice, and lemon juice to bring everything together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Champagne Good To Mix With?

There are lots of different ingredients that you can mix with champagne to make an unforgettable cocktail.

There are a few classics, which feature as ingredients in the cocktails that we have highlighted above. You can also mix your champagne with both alcoholic drinks or soft drinks depending on your preferences.

Some of the classic drinks to mix with champagne include Chambord, orange juice, Cointreau, cranberry juice, lemonade, vodka, brandy, cognac, rum, or gin.

It will ultimately depend on the cocktail that you are trying to make and which quantities are needed.

Is Prosecco A Champagne?

No, prosecco is not a champagne. While it’s true that prosecco is also a sparkling white wine, this doesn’t make it champagne.

This is because champagne can only be produced in the Champagne region of France where it first originated. Anything produced outside of this region cannot be called champagne.

Prosecco is actually the Italian variation of sparkling white wine, made in the Prosecco region of Italy.

Similar to champagne, only prosecco produced within the Prosecco region can call itself by this name. The Spanish version of sparkling white wine is called cava, which means “cellar” in Spanish.

Does Champagne Go Bad?

Yes, champagne does go bad, especially if it hasn’t been stored properly.

Standard bottles of champagne will last for between 3 to 4 years, whereas vintage bottles of champagne can last for between 5 to 10 years.

You will be able to tell that your champagne has gone bad if the color has changed to a gold or deep yellow, and if it tastes more sour and acidic than it should do.

It’s actually a myth that champagne should be stored on its side.

Champagne can be stored either stood up or laid down on its side, as there will be enough moisture in the air between the liquid and the cork to prevent this from drying out.

Which Is Sweeter: Champagne Or Prosecco?

If you were to try a glass of champagne and then compare it to a glass of prosecco, you would notice that the prosecco actually tastes sweeter.

There tends to be bigger bubbles in a bottle of prosecco, and it tends to feature lots of lighter flavors.

Prosecco can also be used in place of champagne for classic champagne cocktails if this is what you have to hand, but be aware that it may alter the overall flavor profile of the drink.

In Summary

And there you have it! You now have an extensive list of the very best classic champagne cocktails that the world has to offer.

We’ve added some historical classics, as well as some modern classics to our list to give you even more choice in terms of what classic champagne cocktail to try next.

Why not make yourself the life and soul of the party by working through each and every classic champagne cocktail we’ve covered above in order?

Or simply pick your favorites to serve to your guests so that you can put on a show! It will also be worth trying something new, as you may well find your new favorite cocktail above.

26 Absolutely Classic Champagne Cocktails You Simply Must Try

26 Absolutely Classic Champagne Cocktails You Simply Must Try

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