20 Flavors That Are Amazing In Any Celebration Cake

Let’s face the facts, everybody loves cake.

Whether it is a classic sponge cake or one of the many varieties of cake types and flavors out there, there is a type of cake for pretty much everyone.

If they say they don’t like cake, there’s a good chance that they just haven’t found the right one for them.

20 Flavors That Are Amazing In Any Celebration Cake

(Or they may just not like eating cake, I guess…)

Still, there are plenty of flavors for people to experiment with and try for themselves.

But that’s part of the problem, in a way.

If you’re trying to find a cake flavor that you love, then you’re going to be met with a massive wall of flavors, with pretty much any taste combination under the sun for you to try for yourself.

And that’s a lot of cake to try and bake!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular flavors for you to try for yourself. There’s plenty of variety here, but not too much to be overwhelming in terms of deciding where to start.

From your classic favorites to more obscure flavors that might be preferable to a discerning palate, we have a flavor for plenty of different tastes here!

1. Chocolate Cake

We’ve got to start with the big guns here!

Chocolate cake is perhaps one of the most universally loved flavors out there, and it doesn’t take a culinary genius to see why.

While chocolate and sugar are two incredible ingredients on their own, combining the two creates this luxurious flavor in your mouth that sits in your mouth as you eat it, especially when complimented by a great buttercream icing to boot!

Both of these ingredients might have come from the Americas, but it didn’t take long for Europeans to try mixing these two ingredients for themselves, creating exquisite flavors like this.

A word of note: generally speaking, chocolate, whether it is in solid or liquid form when making this recipe, is very bitter when just used on its own, which is why sugar is vital for a good recipe like this.

Still, with a little experience and know-how, chocolate cakes will always be a crowd-pleaser at any event they show up at, no matter the occasion!

2. Classic White Cake

Going from one end of the color spectrum to the other with this next variety of cake, we have the classy little white cake.

Many people would be forgiven for thinking that a white cake is simply a normal sponge cake, but with white icing on top.

However, the truth is that normal sponge cake CAN be separated into different varieties, with the main two for a classic sponge cake benign white and yellow.

This recipe manages to void the traditional yellow color that you’ll find in many standard cake varieties, by simply using the egg whites to give a pristine white color rivaling any wedding dress.

On that note, this is the perfect cake to make for a wedding celebration, where the white color of the cake will pair with an equally delicate and beautiful white buttercream frosting on top!

3. Nutella Chocolate Cake

So, what exactly makes this chocolate cake variety any different from the last one that we covered?

Well, for one thing, the last one we mentioned didn’t have Nutella flavoring in it.

Nutella is known for its distinct flavor that combines both chocolate and hazelnut flavoring and ingredients, setting it apart from other standard chocolate cakes.

When it comes to a classic Nutella cake, most of the parts of one of these confectionaries will include hazelnut chocolate or Nutella in some shape or form.

Can that give this cake a single flavor as opposed to a wider variety? Sure.

But when it is a flavor that is well executed, it’s going to be hard to complain about the results!

4. Ice Cream Cake

Of course, a sponge is not the only variety of cake out there in the big, wide world of cooking and baking.

People have been making cakes from a variety of ingredients.

Now, technically speaking, most ice cream cakes are not purely made from ice cream. 

They’re usually acting in place of buttercream or other types of filler, as you will find in Swiss roll cakes.

Now, that may disappoint some of the avid ice cream fans reading this guide.

However, the smooth ice cream mixes very well with a good sponge, with great contrast of fluffy and silky smoothness in every mouthful.

Just make sure that you store this cake in a cold enough place if there are any slices left over!

5. Frosted Funfetti Layer Cake

Now, if you love a burst of exotic colors in your cake dessert as much as we do, then you’re going to love funfetti cakes!

What are funfetti cakes? Well, besides also being known as confetti cakes, funfetti is mainly characterized by the use of sprinkles that are added into a cake’s batter, giving it that little extra pop that will allow people to clock the unique aspects of this cake.

Although not necessary, many people also like to add extra food coloring into the batter while mixing it, giving it a bright color that makes it stand out even more.

Flavor-wise, there isn’t too much that separates them from your classic sponge.

However, the texture of this cake, thanks to the extra sprinkles, makes this a unique style, while also being a little sweeter than your average sponge cake.

Plus, when combined with a great frosting, you have a cake that is both sweet to taste, and also works well with another flavoring you wish to add!

6. Cheesecake

So, you know how we mentioned that there are many different ways to make a good cake aside from just a regular old sponge?

Well, if you’re no fan of fluffy desserts, you’re going to want to check out a good cheesecake recipe!

And no, before cheesecake naysayers start commenting, it doesn’t taste anything like cheese!

Being one of the oldest recipes for cake types in this guide, this variety consists of cream cheese spread mixed with eggs and sugar, allowing it to be set on a base of crushed cookies or biscuits.

The result is a dessert that, while not technically a true cake, is still one of the most popular types out there today.

The subtle sweetness of the main filling, combined with the more firm bottom layer, creates a great combination of flavors that pretty much everyone can love!

7. Carrot Cake

Some of you may be wondering who threw a vegetable into your favorite cake recipe when you hear the words ‘carrot cake’.

However, trust us when we say that carrot cakes are a great way of changing up some of the flavors that you’ll usually find in your standard sponge cake.

For one, despite what some veggies haters may think, carrot’s own slightly sweet flavoring makes for a great addition to a cake recipe, especially when finely shredded or ground so that it can better mix.

Combining that with a little cinnamon to add a special extra layer of sweetness, the cake itself is a mainstay in cafés around the world.

Especially when combined with some quality frosting or buttercream!

8. Chocolate Cheesecake

If it wasn’t already clear from the two or three recipes we’ve already covered, we’re kind of big fans of cheesecake and chocolate cakes here.

So, you can bet that we’re going to be pumped for a cake flavor that combines both of these amazing tastes into one dish.

The chocolate flavoring can be added in several different ways when it comes to cheesecakes.

If it is added to a cheesecake filling while adding both the eggs and the sugar, you can create a subtle chocolate filling that adds a little darker color to your mousselike cheesecake topping.

Alternatively, it is also popular to add chocolate as a sauce to drizzle on top of the cheesecake when it is finished.

Use one, or perhaps even both!

9. Strawberry Cake

Alongside chocolate, the strawberry cake is probably one of the most popular flavors that you’ll find out there.

It’s probably one of the most popular fruit-based flavors for a cake too, with the popular berry being used in many aspects of the recipes that you’ll find out there, from the cake batter, to the frosting or buttercream topping, and even in decorations for the cake!

Although to be fair, the bright red color of a ripe strawberry is always bound to draw attention, so it’s certainly a great way to get noticed at a meal table!

10. Chocolate Dulce De Leche Cake

What is this, the fourth chocolate cake recipe that we’ve covered?

However, there are plenty of ways to keep your palate interested in chocolate, as it is an ingredient that goes well with many other kinds of sweet flavors.

Caramel is probably one of the best known, and the result here is a flavor of cake that is both incredibly rich, as well as smooth in your mouth (and maybe just a little salty too)!

The perfect celebratory cake for anyone with a sweet tooth that just can’t get enough of those flavors!

11. Red Velvet Cake

Okay, time to move away from chocolate cake for something a little different.

Well… kind of.

Red velvet is an incredibly popular cake that is made across the country.

And with a vivid bright red color like this type of cake has, it is not hard to see why, especially when paired and contrasted with a beautiful white cream frosting on top.

A cake that is also technically a chocolate cake.

Only here, instead of using melted chocolate in the batter, cocoa powder is added instead.

Add a little red food coloring (or beetroot juice, if you’re very old-fashioned), and you have a beautiful red sponge cake, that is moist, and packed full of sweet flavor!

12. Basic Yellow Cake

Okay, we’ve colored the white sponge cake, now it’s time to tackle the yellow one!

In case you skimmed over our last explanation (or forgot. It was quite a while ago), yellow sponge cake is when the egg yolks are added to a cake batter mix alongside the egg whites, turning the batter a slightly deeper shade of yellow that only deepens as it bakes, hence the name.

This cake tends to be a little spongier than its white variety but still tastes great with a little vanilla flavoring.

Yellow Sponge cakes are always popular at parties. Kids love them with a little icing on top!

13. Strawberry Crunch Cake

This is yet another strawberry recipe that is popular across the country, although this variety has a little twist to it.

The crunch that the flavor cake gets its name from comes from the cookie crunch toppings that are usually added to the decorations of a good crunch cake.

So, if you were worried that we were going to try and convince you to bake a burnt cake to make it crunchy, don’t worry. This cake is as tasty and fluffy as the rest of them!

14. Molten Lava Cake

While a little tricky to make, souffles are some of the best dessert recipes that you can find out there.

So, when you combine that with the fluffy texture of a classic sponge cake, you get one heck of a dessert, like this molten lava cake!

Combining the cake mix sponge texture with a hot, gooey chocolate filling, means that you’d better have a good plate handy if you want to stop this recipe from spilling!

However, the combination of smooth chocolate sauce and the chocolate cake mixture is a fantastic combo that, although requiring a little finesse to get right, will be the centerpiece of any dessert course or celebration!

15. Strawberry Cheesecake Cake

Okay, so this recipe combines both the flavors and fillings of a cheesecake, with the texture of sponge cake to make a cheesecake… cake?

Naming conventions aside, this is a fabulously sweet flavoring dessert to make for your next party.

The cheesecake fillings that would normally go on top of the classic cookie base instead act as a filling for the different sponge cake layers.

And the results will speak for themselves when you taste one, with both the smoothness of a classic cheesecake, coupled with a light and sweet sponge cake making up the bulk of this delicious dessert.

16. White Vanilla Cake

Now, to be fair, you would be forgiven for thinking that a vanilla cake was… well, just an ordinary cake.

After all, vanilla extract is usually added to most sponge cake recipes, so it has kind of become the standard flavor of many cakes out there.

But trust us, this cake lets the vanilla flavoring stand out here when compared to other cakes!

17. Coconut Cake

This is a cake unlike any that we have covered so far!

Covered in desiccated coconut flakes, and full of sweet and sponge cake, this is the perfect cake to bake if you want to feel like you’re on vacation!

Coconut is in everything in a good coconut cake, from the frosting to the decoration, to even the cake batter itself, if you’re using coconut milk!

Add a little lime, and it will REALLY start tasting like a vacation!

18. Butter Finger Cheesecake Brownies

Okay, so some people might argue that we’re REALLY stretching the concept of cake out with this one.

But brownie mix is very similar to a classic cake batter (see also ‘28 Delicious Brownie Mix Recipes‘). There’s a reason that brownie cakes are so popular, after all!

Coupled with some smooth creamy filling that pairs nicely with a spongy bottom layer, as well as the crunchy topping on top, you have the perfect bite-sized dessert with this recipe!

19. Angel Food Cake

If you love cakes that are the lightest and fluffiest textures out there, then you’re probably a fan of angel food cakes.

The key thing that separates this variety apart is the fluffy batter that contains no egg whites.

Combine that with some vanilla extract, and you have a flavor that matches the airy lightness of the texture too!

20. Pink Champagne Cake

Finally, if you love your celebratory cake flavors to be a little more on the boozy side, then the pink champagne cake is probably going to be your favorite!

Of course, this cake has everything that you could what out of a classic sponge cake, from fluffy texture to the vanilla buttercream filling.

However, the subtle champagne flavor will not go missed by many food fanatics, so don’t pass this up for a big grown-up celebration1

Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualities Make A Good Cake?

This is a pretty broad topic, considering just how many different cakes can be found in the world, as well as the vast number of different recipes used to make them.

However, when it comes to a classic sponge cake, there are a few things that you can consider to be good cake qualities.

  • Volume: A good sponge cake will rise noticeably from the original amount of batter that you placed in the baking tin. However, rising too much can spoil its overall appearance, so finding a comfortable middle ground is crucial to a good cake recipe.
  • Crust: As your cake bakes, the color of the batter will usually slowly urn from its previous color into a darker shade, signifying that it is cooking. Plus, the batter will turn from a wet mixture into a more solid and fluffy texture, that will look more crispy.
    • However, baking the cake for too long will result in your cake burning likely, causing the crust to become crunchy and unpleasant to bite into, so keep this in mind.
  • Decoration: This is something that will apply to all cakes, not just sponges, whether they are mousse cakes or cheesecakes. A bare top to your cake feels unfinished and will need a little more attention to it with toppings and extras before it is truly presentable.
    • Creams, fruits, and frosting are all popular options. 
  • The most important quality that every cake must look out for. The exact flavors themselves will vary from recipe to recipe, but a good cake will allow all of its flavors to be balanced, rather than allowing one to overpower the others.
    • For example, as we’ve mentioned above, a good chocolate cake will be not too bitter, but also not too sweet when prepared right.

How Long Does A Cake Stay Fresh For?

This can depend on several factors, from the ingredients that were used to make it, the preparation methods and time used, as well as how you are storing it once it is cooked.

If you are leaving your cake at room temperature and out in the open, then you can expect the cake to last somewhere between 4 and 6 days, depending on if there are any perishable ingredients on the outside of your cake, such as cream or fruits.

When covered, a cake will usually last a little longer, around a week or so.

If you’re looking to keep your cake preserved any longer, you’re going to want to store it in the refrigerator and cover it to stop any warmer air from touching it.

However, it should be noted that sponge cakes tend to dry out when stored in cold conditions like this, so make sure that you have some means of checking how moist it is when storing them in a refrigerated place.

What Can Change Cake Texture?

There’s a lot of chemistry that goes into baking a cake, and it can have a massive effect on how the final product turns out.

For example, baking powder has an interesting reaction when exposed to heat, it releases gas. In cake batter, this creates small pockets of air throughout the cake, creating that classic airy texture when touched or eaten.

The same can be said for other ingredients in your cake mix.

The protein from the eggs used in a cake help the cake to retain its shape when being cooked, which creates the aforementioned sponge effect in many cakes, where the cake will try and return to its original shape when poked or prodded.

Once the baking powder has fully reacted, and heat keeps being applied, this also causes the protein from the eggs in the mix to continue firming a cake.

So, if your cakes keep ending up too firm or dry, now you know why? Stop leaving them in for too long!

Final Thoughts

So, with so many different varieties out there for you to try, you’ll be spoiled for choice for ages when trying these cakes out!

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