The 18 Best Captain Morgan Cocktails In The World

Captain Morgan is one of the biggest names in the world of rum, and for good reason. From its original line of dark, spiced, and white rums to its various flavored rums, there’s something for every rum fan to love.

The 18 Best Captain Morgan Cocktails In The World

But Captain Morgan is best enjoyed as part of a cocktail, so we’ve gathered 18 of the best Captain Morgan drinks out there in this handy list! Here, we’ll take you through the best cocktails and drinks on offer.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Captain Morgan Drinks:

1. Dark & Stormy

One of the most iconic rum cocktails out there, the dark & stormy combines the subtle caramel and vanilla notes of Captain Morgan Spiced rum with the spicy aroma of ginger ale for a refreshing cocktail that instantly transports you to the high seas.

Balance it out with a garnish of zesty lime for a citrus hit and serve over ice.

You can also use alcoholic ginger beer if you want your dark & stormy to have a little bit more of an edge.

2. Strawberry Daiquiri

Another favorite rum cocktail, the strawberry daiquiri swaps out Captain Morgan Spiced for the purer and more subtle taste of Captain Morgan White rum.

This classic recipe includes strawberry puree, simple syrup, and a splash of lime juice. Served in a glass of crushed ice, this fruity cocktail is the perfect summer drink and is perfect for cooling down after a long day at the beach.

3. Mojito

The mojito is a classic rum cocktail, and is remarkable in its simplicity.

Starting off with two shots of Captain Morgan White rum, it is then mixed with simple syrup, the juice of half a lime, and a handful of mint leaves.

These are crushed with a muddler to release their flavor and strained out into a glass with ice and topped up with soda water.

It’s refreshing, zesty, and goes down incredibly smooth – is it any wonder why this Cuban classic is one of the most popular rum cocktails in the world?

4. The Zombie

Here’s a cocktail that lives up to its name – after a few of these you’ll definitely be feeling like a zombie in the morning!

The zombie is a deceptively dangerous drink that masks its high alcohol content behind a smooth, fruity taste.

Made with three different types of Captain Morgan rum (dark, white, and spiced), the zombie also includes pineapple, orange, passion fruit, and lemon and lime juice for a tropical cocktail that goes down almost too easily.

Don’t be fooled by the sweet taste, though. You only need a couple of these before you start acting like the walking dead!

5. Caipirinha

This is the national drink of Brazil, and it’s not hard to see why.

Similar to a mojito but without the mint, this caipirinha recipe mixes Captain Morgan Spiced rum, lashings of lime juice, and a generous sprinkling of sugar into a sweet and refreshing drink that will leave you wanting more!

While it’s traditionally made with cachaca instead of spiced rum, this Captain Morgan twist puts a delicious spin on the original.

6. Captain & Coke

One of the most simple drinks out there, this also just so happens to be one of the best. It’s hard to go wrong with a Captain & coke, and it’s arguably the best way to consume this tasty spiced rum.

The hints of caramel, vanilla, and spices in the rum are brought to life by the cola, while a squeeze of lime juice elevates this simple cocktail into legendary status.

7. Pina Colada

You don’t have to enjoy getting caught in the rain to love this tropical cocktail! This take on the classic recipe is incredibly simple but just as delicious.

Spiced rum, coconut water and cream, and pineapple and lime juice – what more could you possibly ask for?

You can also swap out the Spiced Gold for Captain Morgan Tiki; its mango and pineapple flavor is the perfect base for this delicious drink.

8. Captain’s Shandy

This refreshing drink puts the Captain’s spin on a timeless classic. While shandy is traditionally a mix of lager and lemonade, the splash of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold in this recipe elevates it to new heights.

Made by adding a shot of spiced rum to a half-pint of lager and topping it up with lemonade, this refreshing cocktail is simple, delicious, and sweet.

You can also swap out the spiced rum for Captain Morgan Dark rum if you want a deeper and darker taste.

9. Rum Punch

Punch is the perfect party drink, and this tasty rum punch is sure to go down a treat! With both Captain Morgan White and Captain Morgan Dark rum along with some orange liqueur, this tropical cocktail definitely has some kick.

It also has orange, pineapple, and lime juice mixed with some simple syrup and a splash of grenadine for a bit of sweetness that masks the alcohol content and makes a sweet, fruity punch that goes down almost too easily.

Instead of making just one glass, why not scale it up for a punch bowl at your next party that’s sure to be a hit!

10. Hot Buttered Rum

This might seem like an unusual combo at first, but trust us – just give it a try, and you’ll have a new favorite winter drink!

The double shot of spiced rum goes perfectly with melted butter, brown sugar syrup, and all-spiced berries for a drink that tastes just like Christmas.

A shot of vanilla essence brings out the delicious vanilla and caramel flavors in the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold, and a scoop of ice cream on top is just the icing on the cake (or drink, in this case)!

11. Captain Morgan’s Hot Toddy

The perfect remedy for a stuffy nose or keeping you warm on a cold evening, this tasty Hot 

Toddy recipe uses a handful of simple ingredients to make a delicious hot drink. A shot of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold is mixed with some hot water, along with a spoon of honey, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a couple of cloves.

Garnish this delicious Captain Morgan’s Hot Toddy with a twist of lemon peel and a cinnamon stick for a spiced twist.

12. Long Island Iced Tea

The Long Island Iced Tea is one of the most popular cocktails out there, and is packed with tons of flavor (and alcohol!).

This recipe for a LIIT combines Captain Morgan Spiced Gold rum with vodka, triple sec, tequila, and gin. It’s topped up with a squeeze of lemon and lime juice, a splash of simple syrup, and topped with cola. 

Despite its high alcohol content, this strong cocktail hides its alcohol content behind the delicious iconic iced tea flavor.

13. Mai Tai

Here’s another deceptively strong cocktail.

Fruity and tropical, this tasty mai tai recipe combines both Captain Morgan Spiced Gold and Malibu with various fruit juices and a splash of grenadine for a refreshingly sweet cocktail that’s perfect for those warm summer evenings.

Swap out the spiced rum for Captain Morgan Tiki if you want to add even more tropical flavors!

14. The Hurricane

This simple cocktail packs a lot of punch for how easy it goes down.

With a whopping 4 oz of Captain Morgan Spiced or Dark rum, the Hurricane is definitely one of the stronger rum cocktails out there.

However, it masks this with lime, orange, and passion fruit juice along with grenadine and simple syrup. Mix it all in a cocktail shaker and serve over ice.

It’s sweet, smooth, and perfect for scaling up for a party!

15. Pirate’s Float

This simple 3-ingredient cocktail tastes just like a root beer float with the added tastes of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold rum.

The vanilla, caramel, and spices from the rum are brought to life by a mix of root beer schnapps and cola. Serve with ice for a simple-yet delicious drink.

16. Sun-Kissed Captain

Tropical flavors and fresh fruit are packed into this refreshing cocktail that takes just a minute to prepare.

Fill a glass with ice, add orange and pineapple juice, and Captain Morgan White rum before topping it up with soda water. Pop in some chunks of fresh orange and pineapple, and serve!

17. Tokyo Iced Tea

This vibrant twist on a Long Island Iced Tea is arguably better than the original.

Made by simply swapping out the cola for lemon-lime soda and the simple syrup for Midori melon liqueur, this zesty cocktail is only improved by a measure of Captain Morgan Spiced Gold rum.

18. Spiced Rum Runner

This take on the Rum Runner cocktail uses Captain Morgan Spiced Gold or Captain Morgan Tiki rum with a few simple ingredients.

Just add some orange juice and pineapple juice, a splash of grenadine, and mix in a cocktail shaker before serving over ice. Basic, but the perfect drink for a warm day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Use Captain Morgan In These Drinks?

While Captain Morgan is some of the best rums to use in these drinks, feel free to swap it out for the dark, white, or spiced rum of your choice.

You can also substitute Captain Morgan for a variety of flavored rums such as Malibu or Dead Man’s Fingers if you want to give these recipes a twist!

How Strong Are These Cocktails?

Captain Morgan rums adhere to the standard alcohol content for most rums and come in at 37.5% ABV. This means that a single-ounce serving of Captain Morgan is equal to one unit of alcohol.

Some of these recipes call for a double shot or more, which increases the amount of alcohol in the drink.

The strongest cocktails on this list, which include the Zombie and the Hurricane, can include 3 or even 4 units of alcohol.

Meanwhile, despite only having 2 units, the Long Island Iced Tea recipe uses multiple different alcohols and is stronger as a result.

Always drink responsibly and pay attention to the amount of alcohol you’re consuming.

What Are The Best Mixers For Captain Morgan?

Captain Morgan rums work great with a variety of mixers. Juices, soda, and pretty much anything with a tropical flavor are all perfect mixers to enjoy with your rum.

You can also mix it with things like ginger beer or ginger ale (as in the case of the Dark & Stormy), or simply enjoy it as a shot!

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – the 18 best Captain Morgan drinks in the world! We hope you’ve enjoyed looking through this list, and that you try some of these delicious rum cocktails for yourself.

With all the variety of drinks you can make with Captain Morgan, there’s something for everyone to love!


The 18 Best Captain Morgan Cocktails In The World

The 18 Best Captain Morgan Cocktails In The World

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Looking for some delicious cocktails to make using Captain Morgan rum? This handy list covers 18 of the best Captain Morgan drinks in the world!

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