20 Recipes That Make The Most Out Of Capers

In this article, we have 20 recipes that make the most out of capers.

20 Recipes That Make The Most Out Of Capers (1)

So, if you have that jar of capers in your pantry not knowing exactly what to do with it, check out the list below!

1. Lemony Tuna, Tomato, And Caper One-Pot Pasta

An easy pasta recipe doesn’t always mean 2-3 ingredients, like boiled pasta, store-bought pasta sauce, and shredded cheese on top.

This one-pot pasta is just as easy to make, but it has more ingredients and taste.

With cherry tomatoes, rigatoni pasta, tuna, capers, mascarpone, lemon zest, parsley, and grated parmesan, this hearty pasta dish is so easy to make that you need no more than 30 minutes to prepare and serve it!

2. Tuna, Caper, And Chili Spaghetti

Yes, tuna and capers are a great combination which is why we see it here again in this recipe. The spaghetti is boiled and then tossed in a pan with some olive oil infused with garlic and chili.

What follows is the cooking of the pasta in olive oil, together with some pasta water, until a thick sauce forms.

Finally, capers, parsley, tuna, rocket, and lemon juice all go in the pan before being served next to a glass of white wine.

3. Baked Sea Bass With Lemon Caper Dressing

For anyone looking for a low-calorie meal including capers, this baked sea bass dish is exactly that.

With only 196 calories per serving, it is the perfect light and nutritious lunch or dinner meal for a day when hunger did not knock on your door!

Even though the seabass is baked with some olive oil and salt on top, which makes it delicious but not too special, the dressing of this dish is a top star!

Olive oil, lemon juice and zest, capers, and Dijon mustard, are the secret ingredients of a spicy and tangy dressing.

And when you add some parsley to it right before serving the dish, you get some herby freshness as well.

To add some extra carbs and make this a complete meal, go with some roasted potatoes and make a side salad on the side.

4. Buttery Trout With Capers

Seabass is a white fish that needs some oil to remain moist and juicy when cooked, but trout is a fish that’s high in fat.

This doesn’t mean, however, that capers don’t go with it; on the contrary, this recipe is a perfect example of how you can cook a buttery trout and serve it with lemon juice, parsley, and capers.

A 10-minute recipe that will save you from the trouble of cooking on busy days!

5. Ray With Buttery Parsley And Capers

Back to the white fish for a bit with a ray wing that you can cut into two, coat with flour, and fry in butter to get a juicy fish that you can serve with lemon juice and capers.

Another easy recipe that does, nevertheless, need an equally delicious and simple side, which can be something like mashed potatoes or steamed spinach, or both.

6. Smoked Haddock And Hollandaise Bake With Dill And Caper Fried Potatoes

One more white fish cooked with capers, the haddock in this recipe is grilled in a homemade hollandaise sauce and served with wilted spinach, crispy potatoes, capers, dill, and lemon zest.

A simple-to-make and yet fancy meal you will add to your meal plan for months to come.

7. Chicken And Crispy Capers With New Potatoes

Many people who are trying to make the perfect fried potatoes have learned the trick of boiling them to soften them before you fry them.

This recipe follows the exact same method to make a fried dish that is nonetheless healthy as everything is fried in no more than 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Fried and crispy capers are fried first, followed by the oregano-coated chicken thighs, which are then followed by the potatoes and olives.

Once everything’s ready, add some lemon juice, and parsley, and serve!

8. Spaghetti With Fennel, Anchovies, Currants, Pine Nuts, And Capers

Just like tuna goes great with capers, so do anchovies.

In general, capers, even though salty on their own, go great with the natural saltiness of fish, and in this recipe, they are combined with some more ingredients that create a balanced, wholesome dish.

Sautéed fennel, garlic, and anchovies with chili are topped with currants, capers, parsley, and some pine nuts.

The cooked spaghetti is then added to the pan and tossed together with the rest of the ingredients along with some lemon juice, making this a no-hassle meal you can make on a busy weeknight!

9. Grilled Courgette And Halloumi Salad With Caper And Lemon Dressing

A gluten-free and vegetarian meal option, this salad is not your average leafy green salad with some ranch dressing.

This delectable salad has fried baby courgette halves and halloumi sticks or blocks coated in a caper and lemon dressing that includes shallots, chili, garlic, and, of course, olive oil.

While you can enjoy the salad at room temperature, it’s best enjoyed warm so make sure to cover the sauteed veg and cheese with some foil while you prepare the dressing or have it ready beforehand to serve immediately.

10. Seared Beef Salad With Capers And Mint

With 12 grams of fiber per serving, this capers dish is a very good way to reach your recommended daily fiber intake and still enjoy something delicious that’s not a huge bowl of lentils.

This dish is made with thickly sliced new potatoes, green beans, and frozen peas, that are boiled until tender and then tossed in a bowl with a dressing made with olive oil, cider vinegar, mustard powder, mint, basil, garlic, and capers.

Lean fillet steak is then fried and sliced before being added to the warm veggies together with some sliced lettuce leaves.

Best enjoyed when warm, this salad is the perfect meal for any winter or summer day!

11. Spicy Fennel Linguine With Sardines And Capers

Here comes another fish that matches the saltiness of capers, and this time it is sardines!

This little fish that looks similar to anchovies is added to a pan with cooked sliced fennel, garlic, and lemon zest and is then mixed with capers, parsley, and the cooked pasta.

One great tip is to reserve some pasta water in case you need to cook the pasta for a little longer. Serve each dish with some extra olive oil drizzled on top and bon appetit!

12. New Potatoes With Spinach And Capers

6 ingredients are more than enough to prepare a delicious meal with capers.

Once again, the boil-and-fry trick to cooking the best-ever potatoes is used and the potatoes are finished in a pan with butter.

However, don’t turn off the heat once your potatoes are golden, as you will add the spinach, capers, lemon juice, and zest in there to cook for a couple of minutes until the spinach has wilted.

Season with salt and pepper and add some more lemon juice if you want your meal to taste zestier and sourer.

13. Artichoke, Anchovy, And Caper Bake

Another anchovy and caper dish, this time cooked in the oven, this bake also has artichoke hearts, onion, garlic, celery, carrot, anchovies, and chili flakes.

The best part, however, is the tomato sauce that is made with chopped tomatoes (fresh or canned), capers, sugar, salt, and pepper.

Topped with cheese and baked for 25-30 minutes, this baked dish is also delicious when you add some pine nuts to it together and serve it with bread on the side to dip in the rich sauce.

14. Quinoa With Roast Asparagus, Eggs & Capers

This filling salad might be vegetarian-friendly, but it is one of those that even meat lovers wouldn’t be able to resist.

Roast asparagus, courgettes, and onions are tossed together with cooked quinoa, borlotti beans, and beetroot.

Add some chopped eggs to it, make a simple dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chopped dill, and capers, and pile your salad on a plate or big bowl.

15. Griddled Halloumi With Watermelon And Caper Breadcrumbs

You read that right; halloumi, watermelon, and capers can go all together in a single salad and taste amazing!

Colorful and appetizing, this summer dish might look light, but it is actually quite a filling one.

With cubed watermelon marinated in olive oil and shallots, griddled halloumi, and breadcrumbs made from stale bread cooked with garlic, chili, capers, and almonds, it is a unique-tasting salad you will love!

16. Flattened Chicken With Tomatoes, Olives, And Capers

To flatten your chicken breasts, you just need to roll a rolling pin over them. To cook them, you need to coat them with some flour, heat some oil in a pan, and fry them for a couple of minutes on both sides.

But you can’t eat just the chicken, right? So, add some tomatoes, capers, olives, and a splash of white wine to the pan (having first taken the chicken out) and keep cooking all the ingredients together until a thick sauce has formed.

Serve with some steamed or roasted potatoes and pour some more of that wine into a glass. Cheers!

17. Chicken Schnitzel With Brown Butter And Capers

Some chicken thighs coated with some breadcrumbs can turn into the tastiest of schnitzels that you can serve with fried capers and rosemary on top.

To make the best-fried capers, it’s important to let the butter cook until foaming and nutty and then add the capers and rosemary. Add some lemon wedges on each plate and you’re ready to serve!

18. Chorizo, Caper, And Rocket Pizza

A homemade pizza with a classic tomato pizza sauce can be topped with anything you can imagine, but this recipe is one of the best.

Italians know better when it comes to pizzas and if there’s something we should learn from them it is that a great pizza doesn’t need many ingredients on it.

This one has only 5 (plus the sauce): chorizo, capers, cherry tomatoes, rocket, and olive oil to drizzle.

Simple to bake and impossible not to devour, the spiciness of the chorizo matches perfectly with the saltiness of capers and the freshness of tomatoes and rocket!

19. Roast Cauliflower With Caper Dressing

served either as a vegetarian main or as a side dish to any meat you want, this roast cauliflower is a simple yet incredibly tasty one.

With capers as a topping, this buttered cauliflower is a yummy veggie treat!

20. Mini Jackets With Caper Soured Cream

These mini jacket potatoes take 5 minutes to prepare and one hour to cook, but the time waiting will be so worth it once you have a bite.

Great for buffet parties as canapes, you can make them using baby new potatoes that you need to prick with a fork, oil, and season.

Once they are out of the oven, you must let them cool for approximately 10 minutes before pinching their base so that it opens a bit.

Add a spoonful of your sour cream mix on each potato, which is made with sour cream, chopped capers, and black pepper, and serve on a platter.

The Bottom Line

Save these 20 caper recipes and make the most delicious savory meals!

Frequently Asked Question

What Can I Do With Capers?

Enjoy them raw or cook them with other ingredients to add them in salads as part of a dressing, in meals as part of a sauce, or simply mix them with some side salad in the same way you would do with olives.

20 Recipes That Make The Most Out Of Capers

20 Recipes That Make The Most Out Of Capers

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