6 Delicious And Creamy Substitutes For Burrata Cheese 

There’s no denying that for many of us who love the rich, milky, and buttery flavor of some burrata cheese, it can be hard to imagine any other type of cheese, or really any kind of food in general that comes close to achieving that delicious creamy flavor it adds to a meal.

However, whether you just want to change your recipes up a little bit or if you’re planning to incorporate a few different types of food into your diet, there are a few substitutes for burrata cheese which are just as tasty, if not tastier than the real thing. 

Here are some fantastic alternatives to burrata cheese that you should definitely consider incorporating into a recipe.

6 Delicious And Creamy Substitutes For Burrata Cheese 

What Is Burrata Cheese?

Burrata cheese is known for having a rather unusual appearance since the outer casing is made from solid cheese while the inside often contains stracciatella and cream which makes it a lot softer to bite into. 

It is also known for being incredibly versatile thanks to its creamy and slightly tangy flavor that is usually served as a side dish alongside some grilled bread or even spread across a few roasted vegetables.

Burrata cheese really can be used to make nearly any dish that bit more creamy and delicious overall, however, there are a few similar options that are also great for adding some of that familiar slightly tangy cheesy flavor to your favorite dishes.

Great Substitutes For Burrata Cheese 

1. Queso Fresco 

1. Queso Fresco 

Queso fresco is actually nearly identical to burrata cheese and if it wasn’t for the slightest difference in taste and appearance, many people would say they are virtually the same, however, this does make it a perfect alternative to burrata cheese. 

Made from matured cow’s milk, queso fresco contains a similar creamy texture to burrata cheese, however it also has a much more noticeable and prominent saltiness to the overall taste which can often make them a little tangier than their counterpart.

Queso fresco is also incredibly easy to melt so that it can be layered over essentially any dish, keeping it from tasting stale, and since it can age for up to 6 months when stored properly, you can even keep it behind to improve the taste even more when you come to use it in a delicious recipe. 

2. Cream Cheese

2. Cream Cheese

An easy alternative to burrata cheese which can be found in virtually every supermarket, cream cheese may have a higher fat content which is always important to keep in mind, however it is also well known for its perfect mixture between tasting both slightly sour, and a little salty. 

Despite this, it’s still considered a fairly mild cheese since you can add it to essentially any recipe and it won’t override the taste, but instead, will elevate the flavors with its creamy texture. 

It’s a little thicker than burrata cheese which can make it the perfect substitute if you’re looking to have a decent wallop of melted cheese layered on some French toast or even as part of a cheesecake, giving you a wide variety of recipe options to experiment with. 

3. Mozzarella 


Mild, refreshing, and very light in its flavor and texture, there’s a reason that mozzarella cheese has become one of the most popular types of cheese in America over the last few years, especially for how versatile it is.

Mozzarella is actually incredibly similar to burrata cheese, especially in terms of taste.

Both are super creamy and incredibly delicious, the only difference that you could really recognize when tasting both in one sitting is that Mozzarella can tend to be a little more milky and softer in texture, however both are incredibly versatile and can be used for many of the same recipes. 

4. Ricotta Cheese

4. Ricotta Cheese

Made from whey, ricotta cheese is an Italian cheese that is also incredibly creamy with a light and slightly sweet flavor, however, it is also incredibly high in protein which actually makes it quite a healthy addition to any dish, especially since it’s much lower in salt and fat compared to most other types of cheese including Burrata. 

While it often goes perfectly with a nice warm bowl of ravioli or lasagne, because of its nutritional value you can also use ricotta cheese as an extra ingredient in a salad to add a little creaminess to keep any of the veggies tasting too bland or stale. 

5. Cashew Cheese 

5. Cashew Cheese 

Cashew cheese is a much more vegan-friendly option compared to burrata cheese, however while it may be healthier, it still retains that soft and creamy texture that we all love mixing with our favorite meals.

It can be difficult to find pre-made cashew cheese in stores, so it’s usually a better idea to make it yourself, however since it only requires a small handful of ingredients including some fresh cashews and freshly squeezed lemons, it takes little to no time to prepare and is well worth making as a healthy yet delicious alternative to burrata cheese. 

6. Feta Cheese

6. Feta Cheese

Typically made from goat’s milk rather than cows, feta cheese still has that very rich tangy taste that you can find with burrata cheese, however feta cheese starts off being solid rather than creamy.

Despite this, it is still considered fairly soft meaning rather than spreading it over a dish like you would with burrata cheese, it’s better to dice and crumble it down over your food. 

In terms of overall taste, while both Feta and Burrata are extremely similar in this department, Feta is a little more salty, zesty, and tangy compared to the much milder flavor of the Buratta, so it can be a perfect substitute if you’re looking for just a little more flavor. 


While burrata cheese is delicious on its own, it never hurts to try out a few alternatives that can taste just as good when spread over your favorite dishes. Who knows, you might just find your new favorite cheese to use as part of your recipes. 

6 Delicious And Creamy Substitutes For Burrata Cheese 

6 Delicious And Creamy Substitutes For Burrata Cheese 

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While many of us can’t get enough of the soft and creamy taste of Burrata Cheese, there are a few other similar cheese variants that are just as, if not more, delicious!

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  • Ricotta Cheese

  • Cashew Cheese

  • Feta Cheese


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