24 Tasty Side Dishes That Are Perfect For Burgers

Burgers are a great comfort food which can prompt a big family cookout or even a build-your-own burger date night.

We often go for the same side dishes when it comes to burgers, but if you’re looking to mix things up a bit or even just try something new here we have 24 delicious side dishes for you to get your teeth sunk into. 

24 Tasty Side Dishes That Are Perfect For Burgers

Many of these recipes can be adjusted to cater for vegetarian and vegan diets by using substitutions or leaving some ingredients out. 

1. Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes are a lighter and healthier option than french fries. They are quick and easy to prepare, simply shop, peel and bake with your desired seasonings.

Here they are coated with smoked paprika, garlic salt and black pepper. If you want something slightly spicier, try adding cajun seasoning or chilli flakes. 

2. Coleslaw

Coleslaw has been a staple alongside any kind of burger for decades. Crispy, creamy and colorful you can’t go wrong with these simple ingredients.

Coleslaw is also an easy recipe to adjust with popular variations such as adding apple instead of cabbage or yoghurt instead of mayonnaise. 

3. Homemade French Fries

As soon as you think of burgers, you instantly think of french fries. Making french fries at home can be a great way to make a meal a little healthier.

Baking is easier than deep frying, as not everyone has an air fryer or deep-fat fryer lying around their house.  Don’t worry they are still just as crispy and delicious. 

4. Potato Salad 

This is a southern-inspired potato salad dish that is perfect for burgers and general hearty summertime food.

You can easily buy potato salad at the grocery store, but if you’re willing to give it a go yourself then this is the recipe for you.

With a punchy flavor and creamy texture, this is the ideal dish to please everyone. 

5. Garden Salad

Salads are perfect accompaniments to burgers as they can easily counteract the heaviness of carbs and meat with a light and refreshing taste.

Plus, salads are full of healthy nutrients. A mixture of green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed greens and avocado are used here with a crumbling of tangy feta. 

6. Barbecue Baked Beans

For a smokey twist on regular baked beans (see also ‘Is It Possible To Freeze Baked Beans?‘) try this outdoor cookout favorite and are perfect for sharing.

The syrupy and somewhat sweet flavors mixed with BBQ sauce, paprika and chipotle create the perfect balance of barbecue tastes. It’s a longer recipe, but it’s well worth it. 

7. Onion Rings

These crispy coated onion rings will always leave you wanting more. Based on a recipe from a popular drive-in restaurant, these are essentially professional onion rings.

There’s no secret batter, just coat in breadcrumbs and fry for best results. Whether you place them in your burger or prefer them on the side, onion rings are always a crowd pleaser. 

8. Pasta Salad

Pasta salads (see also ‘28 Pasta Side Dishes That Can Pair With Any Dinner!‘) are great as you can prepare them earlier in the day meaning you have more time to focus on perfecting your burgers.

Using fusilli pasta, and fresh vegetables alongside a zesty dressing this is a light and refreshing dish that would make you think you’re in Italy. 

9. Corn On The Cob 

If grilling corn on the barbecue doesn’t give you that sensation of summer, then I don’t know what will. It’s simple and easy to do and produces a great smoky flavor to pair with your burger.

The only real effort you’ll have to put in is creating the BBQ butter which you can easily do on a pan and in a food processor. 

10. Mac And Cheese

This creamy baked mac and cheese recipe (see also our favorite sides to serve with mac and cheese) is all you’ve been looking for. Perfect for all ages, this comforting side dish is great alongside your favorite burger.

Using a combination of cheddar cheese and Gruyere you get such a rich and full-flavoured dish which is best eaten hot. 

11. Quinoa Salad 

Quinoa is a popular grain and works perfectly alongside a vegan burger or just as a healthier side dish to a regular burger.

With a simple lemon dressing and some feta cheese (optional), this makes for a great tangy side salad. It’s easy to prepare and you can easily make large batches to feed any party size. 

12. Jalapeno Poppers

For those of you who like their spice, Jalapeno poppers can be an excellent addition to your burger night. This recipe creates a crispy, creamy and cheesy delight, perfect with the burger or even just as a pre-dinner snack.

You can always reduce the heat of the poppers by removing the seeds and inner membranes of the jalapenos. 

13. Buffalo Cauliflower 

A great recipe to try if you’re having a vegetarian or vegan burger is this buffalo cauliflower. Cauliflower is such a versatile vegetable and has been used here instead of traditional meat wings.

Packed with spice, sweetness and crunch you won’t be missing your usual wings after you’ve tasted these. 

14. Mexican Corn Salad

Known as Esquites, this corn salad is a mixture of spice, tanginess and smokiness. Preparation is easy and the results will make you very popular.

Serving with cotija or feta cheese on top is optional and this recipe can easily be adapted to suit different dietary requirements making it great for all. 

15. Pesto Pasta Salad

Pesto pasta salad is a firm favorite for many, regardless of whether it’s on the side of a burger. It’s another dish that can easily be made to satisfy a large crowd and is a great summer side (see also ‘30 Simple Side Dishes To Beat The Heat This Summer‘).

Store-bought pesto is readily available but making your own is easy to do and a great way to use up any leftover leaves. 

16. Grilled Pineapple

Adding grilled pineapple to the side or even on top of your burger can provide you with a burst of flavor as it compliments many grilled and fried dishes. 

You can add whichever seasonings you wish to this dish, but this recipe uses cinnamon, salt and brown sugar. 

17. Grilled Asparagus

Grilling spears of asparagus until they are perfectly tender is a healthy side that is packed with nutrients. During warm months you can easily put asparagus on the grill alongside everything else.

Drizzling fresh lemon and a touch of parmesan cheese is a great alternative to fries or onion rings. 

18. Mexican Bean Dip

Dips make great sides because you can use them with so many elements of your meal. A bit of burger bun left? Dip it. A bit of burger patty left? Scoop into the dip.

This bean dip is creamy and spicy making for the ultimate dipping texture. It does have a slightly longer cooking time than the other recipes here so planning ahead is advised. 

19. Potato Wedges 

If you fancy something a little chunkier than a french fry, why not have a go at making some awesome potato wedges. These wedges are a healthier and tastier version of frozen ones you’d pick up from the store.

Simply seasoned with some smoked paprika, oregano and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese you’re bound to get a great reaction when serving these. 

20. Roasted Vegetables 

Inspired by Italy, this roasted vegetable side dish (see also ‘27 Simple And Delicious Vegetable Side Dishes‘) encompasses a mix of fresh garlic, oregano and thyme to whisk you off to the Amalfi coast.

Pairing this with any type of burger is easy as these tender vegetables complement each other so well. Making sure the vegetables gain enough char is the secret to helping their natural flavors deepen. 

21. Halloumi Skewers

Halloumi is a Greek cheese that has a natural saltiness that keeps you coming back for more. Here, the cheese is marinated with honey, lime and chilli to produce the perfect sweet and sour balance.

These are a great side dish for a burger as you can keep coming back to the skewer for bites when you feel like it, or simply slide off the skewer and add to your bun. 

22. Grilled Zucchini 

Zucchini is such a versatile vegetable that it can accompany almost anything. Using firm in-season vegetables is perfect to accompany a summer barbecue.

The olive oil-balsamic marinade helps the vegetable to caramelize and adds a wonderful tangy flavor. Plus, this helps to avoid a limp and mushy zucchini round. 

23. Kale Chips 

Kale chips might not be everyone’s favorite form of chips but they are certainly an easy and  healthy side dish to add alongside a burger.

Roasting the kale low and slow in an almond coating with garlic salt and black pepper not only keeps them fresh and crispy for days but also means they are delicious and can be eaten by all. 

24. Parsnip Fries 

A great alternative to french fries or even sweet potato fries is this garlic, Turmeric crispy parsnip fry recipe. The whole family is sure to enjoy this healthier alternative as there’s so much flavor packed into these vegetables. 

They have a naturally nutty flavor, with a sweet element that is brought out by roasting them. The oven helps to caramelize the parsnips making them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, perfect. 

Final Thoughts

There are so many side dishes that go well with burgers that you really are spoilt for choice. The great thing about the variety is that you can mix and match dishes in order to suit everyone at the dinner table.

We hope you enjoyed our list of tasty treats and find something perfect to go with your next burger. Happy eating! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sides Go Well With Burgers?

All the sides listed in this article go well with all kinds of burgers, whether they’re made of meat or not.

Generally speaking, any kind of fries, salads, grilled vegetables or potato dish will perfectly accompany a burger. It is largely dependent on the individual’s tastes. 

What Side Dishes Go Well With Hamburgers And Hotdogs?

Similarly, many of the dishes here will pair well with both hamburgers and hotdogs. In particular, things like corn on the cob, coleslaw, any kind of fries and salads are great alongside these foods.

On hot days we suggest going for a light and refreshing salad rather than a hot potato dish.

24 Tasty Side Dishes That Are Perfect For Burgers

24 Tasty Side Dishes That Are Perfect For Burgers

Recipe by Jenna

If you’re stuck on what to cook at your next family dinner, here are 24 side dishes that are great alongside all burgers. They can be adjusted to suit all dietary requirements.

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