28 Deliciously Simple Buffalo Chile Recipes

If you are a fan of beef that is delicious and tender, then we would certainly recommend that you try some buffalo meat.

This is one of the most versatile meats that you can find, ideal for stews, tacos and, most importantly for this article, chiles.

28 Deliciously Simple Buffalo Chile Recipes

This meat is very gamey, in that it has been bred in natural environments, meaning that it is full of iron and rich in a whole host of vitamins. We would certainly recommend that you try this over some of the more processed meats.

Buffalo Chile Recipes:

1. Bison Three-Bean Chile

If you are looking for something that will really fill you up during the winter season, then you can’t go wrong with a decent pot of bison three-bean chili.

This comes with plenty of fiber and protein to get you back fit and fighting after an illness.

2. Buffalo Chicken Chile

This next meal combines the earthy and iron-rich taste of buffalo meat with the tender and sumptuous taste of chicken. If you are looking for a protein punch that is not sickly-tasting whey powder, then why not try this amazing chile?

3. Bison Chili With Black Beans

Next up, we have another bean and bison chile that is both good for the digestive system and packed full of flavor. This is a simple dish for you to cook, with the beans being the perfect vegetables counterpart to the juicy bison meat.

4. Uncle Jerry’s Bison Chile

If you’ve never been to Uncle Jerry’s kitchen, then you really are missing out. Why not start with their delicious bison chile recipe? This comes with that irreplaceable gamy flavor that you can mix in with some amazing feta cheese.

5. Make Food Better’s Buffalo Chile

This next chile is one for anyone who likes the spices (it contains one quarter cup of chili pepper powder). We would recommend that you use fresh and farm-raised buffalo for this recipe in order to boost the natural flavors.

6. 15 Minute Buffalo Chile

The joy of this recipe is the fact that you can have it ready in hardly any time at all. If you are on the way out and want to warm yourself up before going into harsh weather, then this is a great chili recipe for you.

7. Spicy Bison Chile

If you are looking for a recipe that you can prepare in the oven, in the pressure cooker or in the slow cooker, then this is the one for you. Once you have finished with this one, the meat will simply melt in your mouth.

8. Buffalo Chicken Chile Recipe

This recipe is great if you like an online storybook that is easy to understand. This recipe will help you to lay out your ingredients before giving you easy-to-understand instructions about how this recipe comes together.

9. Buffalo Chile Con Carne

If you like your beans, then this is certainly the recipe for you. It features two different types of beans – kidney and pinto.

10. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chile

This next recipe is one especially for the slow cookers who want their meat to cook nice and slowly throughout the day, resulting in that wonderful and tender meat.

The final result is creamy and there will be plenty to go around at your party.

11. Macheesmo Buffalo Chile

If you like your buffalo chili to be tempered with a little bit of cheese, then you can’t go wrong with this meal. This also comes with a touch of honey, giving you that sweet edge to an otherwise very spicy dish.

12. Biker Buffalo Chili Con Carne

This is another conflagration of some of the most delicious flavors and textures, none of which compete for the attention of your tastebuds.

This dish has been said to have a much stronger taste and aroma than a lot of regular chile con carne dishes.

13. Dr. Axe’s Buffalo Chili

As we mentioned above, the great thing about making your own chile recipe is the versatility, and the same goes for this dish. Whether you have buffalo or just regular beef, you can make a pretty decent stomach filler with this one.

14. Buffalo Chile With Dumplings

If you are looking for a dish that you can make with your kids, then this is a good place to start. This comes with delicious dumplings that really elevate this dish above all other chili dishes. You can also freeze this to eat again.

15. Beef And Buffalo Chile

If you are looking to mix your meats, then you can’t go wrong with this multi-meat chile. This one can be made in a matter of minutes. You can also keep the costs low by using a mixture of different discount beefs.

16. Yummy Buffalo Chile

If you are looking for a recipe that even your kids can handle, then why not try this very easy to make chile recipe. Buffalo meat is a very healthy alternative to beef, especially if you buy it fresh from your local farmer’s market.

17. Sparkerecipes Buffalo Chile Con Carne

There are only a few ingredients in this recipe, although for a recipe with this simplicity, you won’t actually need that many ingredients.

This is amazing if you are looking for a decent meal to fill a hole when you come home from the office.

18. Whole Foods Market Buffalo Chile

If you are looking for something that is organic and simply bursting with nutrients, then you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

This company specialize in making food that is free from preservatives, which is great if you suffer with allergies or intolerances.

19. Florida Orange Buffalo Chile

If you are looking for something that is truly different to all other buffalo chili dishes that you’ve seen before, then you can’t go wrong with this one. This comes with orange, which gives your beef dish an amazing citrusy aftertaste.

20. Buffalo Green Chile

If you are looking for that amazing protein dump to get you through the day and build that essential muscle, then you can’t go wrong with this buffalo green chile. This also comes with some spicy green chilis.

21. Bison Chile

If you are looking for a great substitute to buffalo and you don’t mind hunting around for the very best quality meat, then why not try this bison chile?

This comes with fresh ground bison and vegetables, both of which combine for a delicious flavor.

22. Spicy Buffalo White Chicken Chile

This is a great dish that you can serve up for you and your family, with a side of avocado and pretzels to dip into it, this is a fine spread. Coupled with some white chicken, this comes with a blend of great flavors and textures.

23. Umami Buffalo Chile

This is a very meat and potatoes chili recipe (apart from containing only one, although you could add potatoes to this recipe).

This comes with fresh vegetables, which blend well with the meat to give you nutrients as well as protein.

24. Organic Beef And Buffalo Chili

Next up, we have a blend of meats with a simple flavor that is very easy to make. This meal is perfect for mums on the go. Whether it is winter or the fall, this bowl of chili will warm you up quickly.

25. Spicy Buffalo Chili Recipe

Featuring the extra spicy ancho chiles, you can be sure that this one will leave all of your tastebuds quivering. Not for the faint hearted, this one is very hot, so tread carefully if you only enjoy mild flavors.

26. Buffalo And Black Bean Chile

This comes with sweet bell peppers that you can be sure will give your buffalo chile recipe that extra edge. The black beans add an extra bit of heft to this meal, making it a great stomach filler and source of dietary fiber.

27. Bison Chile Recipe

Here we have another fine bison chili recipe, giving you plenty of amazing flavors, textures and those all-important nutrients to build muscle and keep you healthy.

This is a very chunky chile, so you might have to freeze it for another day.

28. Spicy Buffalo Chile With A Twist

Finally, we have a buffalo chile dish with a little surprise. What is it? Well, you’ll have to click on the recipe to find out. What we can tell you is that it does feature freshly ground buffalo or bison meat, which is a lot leaner than regular beef.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have Buffalo Instead Of Ground Beef?

Buffalo is generally healthier for you in that is contains less fat than beef.

Is Chile Hot?

A chile can be as hot or as mild as you like it. This will all depend on how many peppers you put in.


We hope that our list of great buffalo chile recipes has given you a better idea of what to look for when you are next in the market for a decent recipe.

28 Deliciously Simple Buffalo Chile Recipes

28 Deliciously Simple Buffalo Chile Recipes

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