28 Delicious Brownie Mix Recipes

Brownie mix brownies already taste great, and you wouldn’t see me turning one down any time soon. However, with a little extra love and care, you can turn those tasty treats into decadent desserts in no time at all. 

28 Delicious Brownie Mix Recipes

If you want something relatively simple to make that’s still going to have guests begging for the recipe, you’re going to want to keep reading. Because I have got some absolute super-star showstoppers on their way to you. 

1. Brownie Pizza 

Let’s start off with a (brownie) bang. Whoever came up with the idea of turning my favorite savory dish into a scrumptiously sweet dessert is my absolute idol. I mean, seriously, just look at how delicious this looks! 

We’re swapping out pizza dough for one nice and large brownie base – yum – and then using a delectable cream cheese icing instead of tomato sauce. And much like a pizza, the topping is completely up to you! 

In this recipe, we’ve gone for fresh fruit to at least attempt to get some nutrients in there somewhere. But if you’re throwing caution to the wind you could load it up with extra chocolate. 

2. Vintage Cake

This recipe calls for two layers of moist and delicious white cake that is absolutely smothered in cream cheese frosting. It’s perfect for birthdays and big events. Oh, and did I mention that this scrumptious cake rests on a secret brownie base?

3. Brownie Cake

Don’t they always say the bigger the better? Well, we’re taking brownies to the next level with this cake recipe. Grab yourself a bundt pan and fill to the brim with brownie batter – could it be more simple? 

To give it that extra fancy feeling you’ll also drench your brownie mixture in a rich chocolatey ganache. This devilishly chocolatey concoction even puts the Matilda cake to shame! 

4. Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Cake

Can we all agree that brownies and ice cream are a match made in heaven? Well, this brownie bottom ice cream cake is absolutely angelic.

A layer of fudgy brownie, topped with cookie dough ice cream, and then finished off with frosting and sprinkles. 

Is it wrong to eat a whole cake by yourself? Asking for a friend. 

5. Brownie Cookies 

It’s baking day with the kids, and one is screaming for brownies while the other is desperate for cookies, so what do I do? Combine the two together…obviously. 

And these cookies are really something else. They’re melt in the middle, ooey-gooey goodness.

Chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate cookie, chocolate chips – I hope you’ve got a sweet tooth cause you’re gonna need it! 

6. Millionaire Brownie Bars

Millionaire’s shortbread is delicious, there’s no denying that. But you’re unlikely to ever try the treat again once you’ve swapped out that crumbly shortbread layer for a fudgy brownie base instead. 

In this recipe, they make their brownie layer from scratch, but there’s nothing stopping you making life a little easier by using a mix. 

7. Peanut Butter Fudge Brownie Trifle

If you’ve read that aloud, there is a good chance that you’ve got that mouth-watering dribble going on right about now. I know. Throw those ladyfingers and fruit and make way for a sickly sweet and delicious tasting trifle (see also ‘23 Easy And Delicious Ladyfinger Dessert Recipes‘). 

There will be layers of peanut butter, chocolate pudding, and brownies. And it doesn’t stop there, just in case you felt like there wasn’t enough already. The trifle contains whipped cream and peanut butter cups too! 

8. Toffee Brownie Trifle

That trifle sounded amazing but I’m allergic to peanuts! I could hear the cries as I wrote the recipe, and so fear not, I did not leave you without an alternative. I wouldn’t do that to you. And this one might just even be better. 

Chunks of brownie box mix combined with a creamy cheesecake pudding and tiny chopped up pieces of toffee bars. It’s a good job it makes a fair amount because you’ll see just how quickly it disappears. 

9. Brownie Waffles

Grab that waffle iron out of the cupboard and make something completely out the box (pun intended) with this brownie waffle recipe. It’s so easy to make too, just prepare your brownie mix and pour in and cook. 

They’re a little cripier than your usual brownie, but they’re warm and delicious and you can top them with all your favourite things! I go for whipped cream and strawberries! 

10. Slutty Brownies

Everyone has heard of these brownies, and if you haven’t you’ve been living under a rock. These are probably so well known for the unusual name – but there’s nothing unusual about the taste. 

They combine all of your favorite desserts into one – chocolate chip cookie dough, gooey and chocolatey brownie, and America’s favourite cookie the Oreo! Be warned though, they are seriously addictive. 

11. Brownie Brittle

If you’re a brownie edge lover over that softer middle piece, then you’ll adore this recipe.

There won’t need to be any arguments over that crunchier slice of goodness because this is basically a whole bag of brownie-edge brilliance. 

12. S’mores Brownies

If you want to elevate your brownie mix then you have to try this recipe. One bite will transport you back to roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire and singing songs at camp. 

There is a graham cracker crust that sits beneath the most moist and rich brownie.

That is then topped with fluffy roasted marshmallows. Sink your teeth into this delectable treat, and a simple s’more will never do again. 

13. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownie Bombs 

These make the perfect homemade Christmas gift. That is if you can bear to part with them. I’d have to make a batch for myself too. 

A soft and scrumptious ball of cookie dough is surrounded in fudgy chocolatey brownie before it’s dipped and coated in a chocolate shell and sprinkled with mini chocolate chips. Oh my, these are moreish little monsters.    

14. Cheesecake Brownie

Cheesecake is one of my all time favorite deserts so it would just be rude to not involve a recipe that combines that creamy cheesy goodness with the crispy outside and soft inside of a brownie. 

Although don’t say I didn’t warn you, a regular brownie will never kill that chocolate craving again once you taste these.

So keep those ingredients stocked up, I have a feeling you’ll be making these more than just the once. 

15. Edible Brownie Batter

How many times have you made brownies and just wanted to lick that brownie bowl absolutely spotlessly clean? For me it’s hundreds.

Well with this recipe you can! And oh is it delicious. We all love a good bit of cookie dough right? Well, imagine the same with that sticky and sweet chocolatey batter. It’s perfection. 

16. Brownie Sundaes 

When it comes to warm, soft, and gooey brownies, there is no better pairing than a big old scoop of vanilla ice cream.

And this brownie ice cream combo is as good as they come. No sundae is ever complete without a whole lot of hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chopped nuts. 

This sundae could cure even the worst case of Monday Blues, or fire you up with that Friday Feeling. Everyday is a sundae with this recipe! 

17. Brownie Pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while this might not be the most nutritious meal, I’ll challenge you to find a tastier one.

While I wouldn’t eat this every morning, it’s a great cheeky choice for birthdays and special days such as anniversaries. We have to be able to indulge sometimes right.     

18. Monster Cookie Brownie

Usually I’d be scared of monsters, but I’d search behind every door, scour every closet, and peek under every bed searching for this recipe. Brownies and monster cookies all together in one place? Yes please. 

There’s so many textures and tastes and they blend together seamlessly. Oatmeal cookies with peanut butter, chocolate chips, M&Ms, and brownie. What more could you want? 

19. Peanut Butter Brownie Monster Milkshake

This is not any simple milkshake, honestly I wouldn’t even class it as a beverage, this is so much closer to a dessert.

This creamy delicious peanut butter milkshake is topped with tons and tons of fluffy whipped cream, smothered with chocolate chips, and then a brownie mix brownie sits on the top. 

20. Oreo Brownie 

Who loves a brownie with a secret center? These brownies may look like your average brownie mix, but in reality they are so much more.

One bite into this fudgey square of goodness and you’ll be met with the chocolatey crunch of your favorite cookie and that soft and creamy white filling. 

21. Microwave Brownie Lava Cakes  

A gooey warm brownie that oozes out hot fudge sauce once you cut it open? Um, yes please! And what’s even better is that you can cook it in just one minute! There’ll be no more waiting for scrumptious treats when you can have this decadent joy in just 60 seconds. 

22. Brownie Parfaits

Brownies on their own are great, for sure. But have you ever tried crumbling them up and stacking and layering them with other ingredients of your favorite desserts? No? You are seriously missing out! 

In these bowls of deliciousness, you’ll find brownie crumbs, soft and creamy cheesecake filling, as well as strawberries caramel, pecans, raspberries, and chocolate chips. And don’t forget to drench it in sticky and decadent hot fudge sauce. 

23. Brownie Cobbler 

Brownie mix cobbler is the best thing I have ever come across. You won’t regret making this delicious dessert. It may sound a little odd, after all, most cobblers opt for some fruit. But this is just out of this world. 

It’s the whole jar of hot fudge sauce poured over the mixture that really makes it addictive. And once it’s finished off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…just wow. 

24. Chocolate Fudge Caramel Brownies 

This recipe will have you wiping drool from the corner of your mouth as you read it. These sickly sweet but super addictive brownies are about as good as it gets. And all from using a brownie mix – who would have thought? 

It’s definitely the extra chocolate and gooey caramel layer that sets these bad boy brownies apart from the rest. 

25. Luscious Brownie Batter Dip

This recipe is absolutely perfect for parties. It makes a massive batch of dip, but just watch how quickly that dwindles down to nothing.

Guests are sure to scrape the bowl clean. The only decision you’ll then have to make is what dippers to pick. 

26. Brownie Truffles

I always find bite-size brownie recipes so dangerous because you pop one in your mouth and suddenly you’ve eaten over two-dozen of the things. They go down so easy and oh do they taste good.

 It’s great for when you don’t have much time or energy either because they’re so simple to make. 

27. Brownie Bottom Nutella Pie

This is death by chocolate, I am sure, but I’m totally here for it. You have a delicious brownie crust and then a Nutella chocolatey and creamy filling that is to die for.

It’s simple and easy to make but will have your guests begging for the recipe. 

28. Peanut Butter Brownie Mix Banana Bread

What could ever improve the deliciousness of banana bread? Um, brownie mix, that’s what! Just 6 ingredients and a little bit of love will be all you’ll need to create this exquisite treat.

The banana bread with the fudginess of the brownies and the saltiness of the peanut butter makes the ultimate flavor sensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Add To Brownie Mix? 

Pretty much anything you’d like! You can let your imagination run wild. Play with flavor combos and see what you like. Some examples though are fruits, nuts, more chocolate, or coffee. 

Which Oil Is Best For Brownies? 

For your fat, you’ll want to use either butter or oil in your brownies. I would always recommend vegetable oil since the flavor is mild and it won’t be tasted in the end product. 

What Happens If You Add Too Much Egg To Brownies?

Eggs can have a big impact on your brownies. Too little and they’ll be more cake-like. A little extra will give you that chewy brownie. But too many eggs and you’ll get hard, tough, and heavy brownies that won’t taste great. 

Are Brownies Better With Milk Or Water? 

Using milk instead of water in your batter mix will give your brownies a more gooey and moist texture so I’d always opt for milk over water. 

Final Thoughts

Brownies are absolutely delicious on their own, but as you can see, with a little bit of imagination you can really create a whole new dessert with that box mix. You don’t need to stick to the same old recipe day in and day out. 

So ditch that one-track thinking and get experimenting with your favorite recipes from the list. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

From sundaes, to cookies, to cheesecakes, to truffles, there’s every dessert you could ever want. 

So there’s no time to waste, shake the dust off that old mix sitting in your cupboard and transform it into something delectable and delicious. 

28 Delicious Brownie Mix Recipes

28 Delicious Brownie Mix Recipes

Recipe by Jenna

If you’ve got a brownie mix box collecting dust in your cupboards, pull that bad boy out and elevate it to the next level with these tasty recipes.

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