33 Delicious Keto Recipes For Breakfast

Those of us who are familiar with the keto diet know that it can be difficult to find new and innovative ways of incorporating it into meal ideas.

This is especially the case for breakfast, probably the most overlooked meal of the day. 

33 Delicious Keto Recipes For Breakfast

This doesn’t have to be the case though, as there are so many amazing keto friendly breakfast ideas out there to try.

Simply go ahead and read our list below as we take a look at some deliciously tasty keto breakfast options. 

1.Gluten Free Pop Tarts

See, I bet you thought we’d start off with some regular old avocado on toast variation, but no!

Pop tarts galore! This pop tart recipe tastes just like your classic childhood favorite, but without any of the sugar.

Honestly, what could be better. It uses xanthan gum as the thickening agent along with swerve sweetener, so you can enjoy this sweet breakfast completely guilt free. 

If you’re in the mood for easy breakfast recipes, this gluten-free pop tart option is a delightful choice.

2.Vegetarian Keto Breakfast Casserole 

What could be more deliciously appetizing and filling than a delicious breakfast casserole.

This one is absolutely packed full of protein, so if you’re planning a trip to the gym later in the day, you’ll be all set.

This one is also a great option if you are someone who is both keto and vegetarian, so that you get the best of both worlds. 

3.Denver Omelet

This omelet is a delicious variation on the traditional egg based breakfast dish.

It’s super tasty and is packed with ham chunks and veggies. Nutritious and delicious, it’s a great way to start off your day. 

4.Crustless Ham And Swiss Quiche 

I bet that some of you when you first began your keto journey thought that you’d have to give up the deliciousness that is quiche, but fear not, we’ve got the perfect breakfast for you here.

This crustless quiche is fluffy, tasty, and protein packed (see also our favorite high-protein breakfasts). You can fill it up with whatever you like, it’s totally up to you. 

5.Keto Chia Pudding 

Another sweet breakfast dish that we absolutely adore, this one is a real treat that even those who are not keto-ers would adore.

If you’ve found yourself craving chocolate but have struggled to find an alternative, this is perfect for you.

This uses dark cocoa powder, along with sugar substitutes to emulate the delicious taste.

As well as being super tasty, this one only requires five ingredients to make. 

6.Keto Parfaits 

This one is really sweet and delicious along with being incredibly nutritious and light for when you’re not too hungry.

They are beautifully presented, with layers of granola alternating with the yogurt mixture.

They’re also great to serve up for the whole family as a mid-morning snack. 

7.Infinitely Adaptable Keto Frittata

This frittata recipe (see also ‘16 Frittata Recipes For A Delicious Brunch‘) is absolutely foolproof! And the best thing is that you can add in any ingredients that you like.

We think that cheese, spinach, and mushrooms work deliciously in this recipe, but it’s totally up to you.

In addition, you can also make some non-keto friendly batches for other family members while you’re at it too. 

8.Keto Cinnamon Rolls

If you’re like us, we bet you didn’t know that a keto version of cinnamon rolls existed until this very moment, but they do!

This recipe looks so scrumptious, and uses a surprise ingredient to achieve that fluffy, most texture.

Can you guess what it is? Mozzarella! Who knew that cheese could taste so sweet. 

9.Sunday Morning Shakshuka

This recipe is a perfect weekend dish to whip up and impress the entire family.

It’s absolutely packed with delicious flavors, as it uses plenty of Middle Eastern spices to give it that signature kick. 

10.Quick And Easy Capicola Egg Cups 

These egg cups are absolutely fabulous to look at, appearing as something you might get in a fancy restaurant for your breakfast.

Don’t be fooled by their appearance, however, they’re actually one the easiest recipes on our list.

You simply form a bowl-like shape with your capicolas in a muffin tray, before tossing in some cheese and breaking an egg on top of it. Voila! 

11.Breakfast Keto Chaffles 

Appearing just like the classic breakfast waffle we all know and love, this recipe creates delicious cheese based waffles that are absolutely delicious.

These are great topped with most things, including eggs, bacon, salad, and grilled tomatoes. 

12.Sheet Pan Breakfast Fajitas

If you’ve never had fajitas for breakfast because you don’t think it’d work, we’re here to prove you wrong.

These delicious breakfast fajitas are so tasty that you’ll be dying to have them again.

Full of avocados, peppers, and eggs, this recipe is absolutely bursting with color.

This one is also great for when you’re feeding your extended family as you can easily  make as much as you like. 

13.Keto Overnight Oats

Going keto doesn’t mean for one second that you need to give up your favorite grain based breakfast bowl.

This recipe is super nutritious and tasty, with lots of different seeds, plus coconut shavings.

It can be topped with some of your favorite berries and even some almond butter. Yum! 

14.Keto Sausage Breakfast Sandwich 

We can’t go through this list without mentioning the delicious sausage breakfast sandwich.

Instead of using the regular old carb heavy muffins, this recipe actually uses the sausage patties as the bread component!

How innovative. In the center you can put your egg along with whatever else you choose.

All the good stuff without any of the guilt. 

15.Jalapeno Popper Frittata 

Perhaps you’re somebody who likes a little bit of spice in your meals. If so, then you absolutely have to try this one.

It’s absolutely filled with jalapeno peppers and delicious garlic.

If you don’t have much time to prepare an elaborate breakfast, well this one is a great option too, as it only takes 10 minutes. 

16.Scrambled Eggs With Basil And Butter

If you’re tired of your boring old regular scrambled eggs for breakfast, why not switch things up a little.

This one is truly a luxurious breakfast, with lots of butter added into the mix to give it that gorgeous creamy texture.

It is also filled with cream, cheese and different herbs to present you with something deliciously different. 

17.Keto Chicken And Waffles 

If you’re feeling really hungry and find yourself craving those devilish carbohydrates, then this one is a fantastic substitute.

It shows you how to make some gluten free waffles, along with chicken that’s been coated in crunchy pork rinds. 

18.Keto Avocado Toast

If you’ve been craving some toast, why not give this recipe a try. A classic combination that never goes out of style.

You can pick up some keto bread in most grocery stores today, as well as find several recipes online that teach you how to make it yourself. 

19.Keto Breakfast Egg Muffins Three Ways

We can’t stress enough how tasty these are. Gorgeously filling breakfast muffins that not only taste good, but look good too.

You can make three different variations of breakfast muffins with this recipe; bacon and cheddar, garlic, mushroom and pepper, and spinach tomato and mozzarella.

You can even take some of these to work in a container to have at lunchtime too. 

20.Keto Apple Crisp

If you’re a fan of apple crisp and are finding it hard to let go of some of the not so carb friendly fruits out there, don’t worry, this recipe presents you with a delicious alternative.

By using zucchini, you can still enjoy your favorite breakfast meal without feeling like you’re missing out too much. 

21.Keto Pumpkin Bread

This one is great for those cold Autumnal months when you feel like having something a bit heavier in your stomach to fill you up for the day.

This dense loaf is absolutely perfect for such occasions, and is quite straightforward to make. 

22.Slow Cooked Bone Broth – 3 Ways 

If you’re looking for an incredibly nutritious breakfast, then this is a good one to try.

You can make it really easily using either a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, or a stove top.

During times when you are trying intermittent fasting (see also ‘25 Easy And Delicious Daniel Fast Recipes‘), this recipe will be a great friend to you, and is an absolute must for avid keto-ers. 

23.Keto French Toast

When we think of luxury breakfast items, for many of us, the first thing that springs to mind is French toast.

There is nothing out there that can beat that classic taste.

This recipe shows you how to make your own keto friendly French toast, and promises that you won’t feel like you’re missing out one bit.

With only 4 grams of net carbs per slice, what could be better?

24.Cabbage Hash Browns 

Hash browns are a staple of a breakfast meal for many of us, and thinking of a keto alternative to potato based dishes can be hard sometimes.

This recipe innovatively thinks up some cabbage hash browns.

Although they’re not the same as the real thing, they are far healthier and great if you’re looking to shed a few pounds. 

25.Keto Pancakes

Now we had to mention pancakes somewhere on this list, didn’t we?

These are sure to get you feeling excited about breakfast again.

They taste super good too, made from alternative flour ingredients that are full of nutritious qualities.

Top these pancakes with whatever you feel like. If you’re feeling healthy, pop some berries on there, or if you’re feeling a bit more devilish, some whipped cream will work great. 

26.Strawberry Avocado Smoothie

Many of us choose the keto diet in order to live a healthier lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo delicious food items such as smoothies.

Many breakfast smoothie lovers don’t feel like something too heavy in their stomach in the mornings, if that’s you, then try this strawberry and avocado smoothie. It’s incredibly fresh and sweet tasting. 

27.Cauliflower Bacon Breakfast Bake 

This keto breakfast is an incredibly hearty option for when you’re feeling hungry.

Replacing the traditional potato based ingredients found in casserole dishes, this one uses cauliflower instead.

One of the best keto casserole recipes (see also ‘28 Breakfast Casserole Recipes That You Need To Try‘) out there, this one only contains five grams of net carbs per serving.

28.Keto Fruit Smoothie 

Another fabulous recipe for all of you smoothie lovers out there, this one has lots of different berries, including raspberries, strawberries and blackberries.

It’s also really nutritious and has some hidden spinach in there to get your vitamins and minerals in. 

29.Keto Mackerel And Egg Plate 

If you’re a fish lover and are looking for ways to incorporate it into your breakfast meals, then this recipe helps you to achieve this.

Super easy to prepare, this platter contains eggs, spinach, onions and mackerel in a tomato sauce.

Enjoy on days when you don’t have much time to dedicate to your morning dish. 

30.Keto Everything Bagels

Bagels are another kind of carb heavy bread item that we feel that we have to miss out on the keto diet, but this recipe provides a great substitute.

This recipe uses almond flour instead of regular flour and employs some mozzarella cheese to give it that classic chewy texture we all love. 

31.Keto Blueberry Muffins 

Blueberries are one of the most carb friendly fruits that you can get, which we’re super happy about because they’re absolutely delicious.

This recipe shows you how to make some classic blueberry muffins with a few alternative ingredients.

Great for both breakfast and as a snack later in the day. 

32.Keto Sausage Cream Rolls

These keto sausage rolls are a perfect savory breakfast snack idea.

They come in a super aesthetic pinwheel shape, and are loaded with lots of cream cheese and sausage meat. What could be more filling than this? 

33.Keto Breakfast Fat Bombs 

For those who are following a ketogenic diet, you are well aware that it’s just as important to get your fats in as your proteins.

Doing so in the morning is great as you have time to burn it off during the day.

These fat bombs are packed with all of the good stuff, including bacon, eggs and cheese. These are sure to keep you full for hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have A Banana For Breakfast On The Keto Diet? 

Bananas themselves are not incredibly low-carb friendly, containing quite a lot of natural sugars.

If however, you are looking to get the majority of your carbs in early in the day, then you could try making some banana and egg pancakes for breakfast.

Bear in mind that this will be the majority of your carb intake already eaten super early. 

Is Oatmeal Keto Friendly? 

Some people may be surprised to find out that oatmeal is in fact keto friendly.

Raw oatmeal that has not been cooked is a staple of the keto diet for many people who follow it.

So if you’re an oatmeal lover, you’ll be happy to know that you won’t need to give this breakfast meal up. 

Is Peanut Butter Keto? 

If you’re somebody who enjoys slathering some peanut butter on to your morning toast or oats, you might be wondering if this nut butter is keto friendly.

The answer is that peanut butter contains a moderate number of carbs, approximately 5 grams of net carbs per two tablespoons.

This means that you are able to incorporate it into your ketogenic lifestyle.

 If you want to try a more carb friendly nut butter, however, why not try some almond butter? It’s much lower in carbs and also contains a lot of fat which you’ll require on this diet. 

What Kinds Of Fruit Can I Eat On The Keto Diet? 

You may be wondering because a lot of fruits have natural sugars, which ones are suitable for a low carb diet. Below is a list of a few keto friendly fruits. 

  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Lemons
  • Tomatoes
  • Avocados
  • Limes

Can You Have Yogurt On Keto? 

Yogurt is a go to breakfast item for many of us, including those following a ketogenic diet.

If you really enjoy a bowl of yogurt in the morning, there are lots of plant based alternatives out there that you can try.

Some popular ones include soy and coconut. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose On Keto In A Month? 

The keto diet is well known for the fast results that it demonstrates in terms of weight loss.

There are many different factors that contribute to how much weight a person can lose from the keto diet, but generally, people lose as much weight as 10 – 12 pounds in the first month of the diet. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re new to the diet and have just started to look up some ketogenic recipes, or you’re an old pro that’s looking to spice up their breakfast meals, there is something for everyone in our list.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something more savory, simply pick your favorites and enjoy!

33 Delicious Keto Recipes For Breakfast

33 Delicious Keto Recipes For Breakfast

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