33 Of Our Favorite Bread Machine Recipes

Homemade bread is one of the best things in the world. You don’t have to be constrained by basic recipes. This list will show you over thirty options for your bread machine today.

So, look at our variety of bread, from sweet to savory.

But you don’t need to think that there’s only bread available on this list. Did you know that your bread machine is more than just for bread?

33 Of Our Favorite Bread Machine Recipes

Bread machines aren’t only for bread, but a whole host of options available at your fingertips.

Just keep reading this list to broaden your bread machine horizons.

Now, let’s take a look at some of our favorite bread machine recipes.

1. Apple Fritter Bread

As a dessert recipe, apple fritter bread is a great choice. If you love apple fritters, this recipe will taste exactly like it.

All you need is an egg, all-purpose flour, baking soda, brown sugar, cinnamon, confectioners’ granulated sugar, salt, vanilla extract, vegetable oil, cream or milk, sour cream, or Greek yogurt, and a large apple.

Enjoy a sweetened taste to your bread with this recipe.

2. Bagels

Bagels are a staple at breakfast time, and they become much easier to make with the help of your bread machine.

All you need is an egg, margarine, flour, salt, white sugar, yeast, and water. Then, make sure you have whatever toppings you desire for them, and your family will have a quick meal to enjoy.

3. Banana Bread With Chocolate Chips

If you have some extra bananas and some hungry kids in the house (or if you just have a craving for something sweet), then try out this banana bread recipe.

You just need bananas, eggs, baking powder and soda, bread flour, walnuts, milk, chocolate chips, salt, and sugar.

But, if you just want plain banana bread, you can get rid of the chocolate chips and walnuts. This way, you can use the bananas before they go past their sell-by date.

4. Beer Bread

You might not think that beer bread would appeal to you, but surprisingly, beer bread makes for a light and easy texture.

It’s sweeter than it looks, so try out this recipe for this surprisingly sweet bread. All you need is flour, sugar, yeast, olive oil, and some flat beer.

But, if you don’t have a flat beer, use slightly less beer for your recipe. Then, enjoy this simple recipe to use alongside your meals!

5. Blueberry Muffin Bread

In the mornings, I love to have a blueberry muffin. So it’s no surprise that this blueberry muffin bread is so popular.

Get some blueberries, eggs, all-purpose flour, baking powder, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, salted butter, and milk.

The moist flavor of the blueberries will add some extra taste to this morning treat.

6. Chocolate Cake

If you want to try a moist and delicious cake with the help of your bread machine, then look no further. You can easily make a moist chocolate cake for vegans and non-vegans alike.

All you need is water, olive oil, vanilla extract, vinegar, all-purpose flour, baking soda and baking powder, organic cane sugar, salt, cocoa powder, heavy cream, and melting chocolate.

However, the heavy cream and melting chocolate are for the ganache and are therefore not the most vegan options.

7. Chocolate Chip And Pumpkin Bread

Everyone loves pumpkins, especially once the fall months start to hit.

You just need some pumpkin puree, eggs, all-purpose flour, baking powder and soda, brown sugar, chocolate chips, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spices, salt, and vegetable oil. Then you can enjoy this with your family when the leaves fall.

8. Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta bread is a perfect addition to any meal. As a crusty bread, this recipe can serve up to twelve people, and it can easily absorb the moisture from any soups you may have.

All you need is rosemary, yeast, bread flour, salt, sugar, olive oil, and water. Without a doubt, ciabatta bread is great for any meal, regardless of whether you eat meat or if you’re vegan.

9. Cinnamon Raisin Bread

If you want a sweet homemade loaf, consider cinnamon raisin bread. All you need is raisins, cinnamon, flour, sugar, yeast, salt, and water.

These ingredients are easy to find and vegetarian too! Try this recipe if you want something sweet.

10. Carrot Cake

Carrot cakes are one of those recipes that are perfect for an afternoon snack.

All you need are sweetened condensed milk, milk, oil, vanilla extract, vinegar, all-purpose flour, baking soda and powder, cinnamon powder, salt, grated carrot, cream cheese, unsalted butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract.

Overall, it’s an easy recipe, and you can even cut out the egg for your vegan friends.

11. Coconut Cake

Coconut cake is a delightful and easy cake to make with your bread machine and doesn’t require too long a time.

Grab your eggs, baking powder, caster sugar, demerara sugar, plain flour, desiccated coconut, butter, and milk to get started. Then pop them in your bread maker, and you can easily make this cake.

12. Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is an easy-to-make treat with your bread machine, and you can even add in some cinnamon and a glaze topping for some extra flare.

All you need to make it is potato flakes, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, instant yeast, powdered sugar, salt, vanilla and vanilla extract, white sugar, unsalted butter, milk, and water. It’s super easy to make and works well as a snack.

13. Doughnuts

Doughnuts are always a brilliant choice for any kind of sweet snack. What makes it better is that you won’t just have to go out and buy them when you feel the urge.

Instead, make them at home with the help of your bread machine! All you need is an egg, active dry yeast, bread flour, granulated sugar, fine sea salt, unsalted butter, milk powder, and some water.

Then, top your doughnuts with whatever suits your fancy.

14. Eggnog Bread

Once winter hits and eggnog hits the shelves, you can make some great recipes with it. You can even turn it into a great wintery breakfast with some french toast (see also ‘The 7 Greatest Breads For French Toast‘).

All you need is some eggnog (preferably non-alcoholic), vegetable oil, salt, bread flour, and active dry yeast. Then you’ll have a treat that your entire family can enjoy.

15. English Muffin Bread

If you’re a fan of English Muffins, why not try them out in your bread maker? English muffin bread takes a lot of work, so if you want them without all the hard work, look no further.

All you need is water, milk, vinegar, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, baking powder, instant yeast, all-purpose flour, and some cornmeal.

Then, instead of kneading, rolling, and cutting, you just need to pop it in your bread maker!

16. French Bread

With a light and chewy texture, you’ll know this french bread is complete when its golden brown sheen appears on the crust.

Get some active dry yeast, bread flour, salt, and water. This recipe is easy enough to make, and you won’t have to worry about heading to France for some authentic French bread you can make at home.

17. Garlic Rosemary Focaccia Bread

If you want a more flavorful side, don’t hesitate to try this garlic and rosemary focaccia bread.

You just need some garlic cloves, garlic powder, dried and fresh rosemary, bread flour, salt, sugar, yeast, olive oil, parmesan cheese, and water.

Once you take it out of your bread machine, you can easily serve it with any pasta or salad dish you’ve made.

18. Glazed Apple Bread

No one can say no to a sweet recipe, and this glazed apple recipe is no exception. Grab some glazed apple, and mix in some cinnamon to add extra flavor to this delicious snack.

You just need apples, margarine, bread machine yeast, cinnamon, flour, icing sugar, salt, sugar, butter, and milk. Then, glaze it over, and you have a delicious dessert snack to look forward to.

19. Hamburger Buns

Hamburger buns are easy enough to make, especially with the help of a bread machine. Burger buns are vital to making a great burger, so this recipe will help you stand out at the barbecue.

All you need are some eggs, bread flour, salt, sesame seeds, sugar, yeast, and milk. You don’t need to spend ages making your buns. Just pop them in the bread machine for a few hours.

20. Hawaiian Bread

Hawaiian bread is soft and sweet and is undoubtedly a popular choice when making food in your bread machine.

It’s easy to make, and all you need is an egg, some bread flour, granulated sugar, kosher salt, yeast, pineapple juice, butter, and milk.

Enjoy a Hawaiian twist to your bread, which will offer a sweetened flavor compared to the average selection. 

21. Hokkaido Milk Bread

Perhaps you’re not looking for a side but a change of pace? This Hokkaido milk bread is perfect as a breakfast treat, and all you’d need to add is a bit of butter.

To make this bread, you need an egg, yeast, bread flour, granulated sugar, salt, unsalted butter, dry milk powder or condensed milk, heavy cream, milk, whole milk, and some water.

Undoubtedly, this bread will appear with a soft and fluffy texture that will melt in your mouth.

22. Jalapeño Cheese Bread

To add a kick to this list, why don’t I suggest some jalapeño cheese bread to this selection? Both fluffy and sharp, it produces a rich flavor you can’t ignore.

You’ll need jalapeños, an egg, active dry yeast, bread flour, salt, sugar, cheddar cheese, milk, and water to make it.

This is a great recipe that can be made as a snack or a side for any spicy meals you may have planned.

23. Mixed Berry Jam

You can make some delicious mixed berry jam by placing your bread machine on the jam cycle.

To make a mixed berry jam, you need some strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pectin, organic cane sugar, and unsalted butter.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have some delicious mixed berry jam on your bread.

24. Multigrain Sandwich Bread

If you want a sweeter multigrain bread, then try out this recipe. It’s both nutritious and sweet so you can enjoy the soft, chewy texture for both sandwiches and your morning toast.

All you need are 7 grain cereal, oatmeal, honey, wheat gluten, bread flour, salt, wholewheat flour, yeast, flaxseed, butter, and water (see also ‘20 Flaxseed Recipes To Rock Your World‘).

It will only take 85 minutes to make, and you can rest assured that this will add some extra flavor to your breakfast or lunch.

25. Peach Sriracha Jam

If you want some variety in your morning toast or as a dip for your chips, then try out this peach sriracha jam.

You just need peaches, organic cane sugar, pectin, unsalted butter, and some sriracha sauce. Just pop them all in your breadmaker, and you’ll have a brand new addition to your morning pantry.

26. Pita Bread

If you want a quick and easy recipe for pita bread, look no further!

This recipe only takes around half an hour and can serve up to sixteen people. Just grab some yeast, salt, sugar, white bread, wholemeal flour, salted butter, milk powder, and water.

With these ingredients, you can quickly whip up some pita bread for a curry night.

27. Potato Bread

This potato bread is brilliant, and there are even vegan alternatives to the recipe.

All you need are some potato flakes, active dry yeast, bread flour, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, milk, and a cup of water.

However, get a milk alternative for your recipe if you want a vegan option. Enjoy this simple recipe, which you can easily make with the help of your bread machine.

28. Pumpernickel Bread

Pumpernickel bread is a popular comfort food in the cooler months, and it’s no wonder why. It goes great with soup and is easy to make with your bread machine.

Just grab some water, vegetable oil, salt, molasses, brown sugar, cocoa powder, strong-brewed coffee, caraway seeds, rye, wholewheat and white bread flour, and dry yeast.

Then you’ll be set for the cold seasons ahead!

29. Strawberry Jam

You can make a variety of different jams with a bread machine. In this case, let’s look at the classic strawberry flavor.

All you need are strawberries, some granulated sugar, and some powdered pectin. Then leave it in your bread machine until it’s done!

30. Stuffed Pizza Bread

If you’re not feeling like hot pockets, you can always make some stuffed pizza bread with the help of your bread machine.

You just need some flour, salt, sugar, yeast, dry milk, water, and other ingredients to stuff your pizza bread with (see also ‘23 Mouthwatering Stuffed Bread Recipes‘).

By using this recipe, you could even get rid of some of the leftovers you have left in your refrigerator!

31. Soft And Fluffy White Bread

You can make a quick and easy white bread that is soft and fluffy in texture. It can be a side dish for your meal or as part of your lunchtime sandwiches (see also ‘20 Tasty Open-Faced Sandwich Recipes For Lunch‘).

All you need is some yeast, bread flour, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, and water. Just pop it in your bread machine, and you’ll be able to serve this to any friends and family with this vegan recipe.

32. Sourdough Bread

I adore sourdough bread, but you and I both know that not everyone has the patience to wait for an overnight bake.

Instead, check out this sourdough recipe that you can easily adjust for vegans and non-vegans.

Get some milk, dairy or nondairy, active dry yeast, all-purpose flour, salt, vegetable oil, and the all-important sourdough starter.

Then you don’t have to wait all night for the delicious taste of sourdough bread in the morning.

33. Wholewheat Bread

Do you want a change of pace away from white bread? Then why not try out this wholewheat bread designed for sandwiches (see also ‘23 Awesome Mini Sandwiches To Get A Party Started‘)?

You just need molasses, all-purpose flour, instant yeast, salt, wholewheat flour, butter, milk, and water.

Then, when it’s done, you can use this bread for any lunchtime sandwiches with whatever toppings you desire.

Final Thoughts

With these recipes, you’ll find that your bread machine will become an essential part of your kitchen.

There’s a whole host of recipes for you to enjoy, and hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect ones for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Bread From A Bread Machine Last?

Typically, the bread will last for around three days. However, it can dry out quickly, so wrap it in foil or a sealed bag to keep it moist.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Or Make Your Own Bread?

Using a bread machine, you can save more money than if you were to buy loaves in a store. 

Do You Add Wet Or Dry Ingredients First To Your Bread Machine?

Most manufacturers recommend liquids be added first, with yeast being the last added. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using your bread machine.

What Is The Best Yeast For Bread Machines?

Instant yeast is popular, but active dry yeast can also be used. However, instant yeast is faster and produces more flavor. But active dry yeast is highly recommended as a second choice.

33 Of Our Favorite Bread Machine Recipes

33 Of Our Favorite Bread Machine Recipes

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Do you want to get some more ideas for bread machine recipes? Then check out these recipes containing over 30 of our favorite bread machine recipes.

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