28 Bratwurst Recipes You Can’t Ignore

Bratwurst is a staple in many German dishes, and it’s no wonder it’s become so popular worldwide. It’s versatile, and you can make it with whatever kind of dish you want.

In this article, I’ve compiled some of my favorite bratwurst recipes for you to explore and try out. 

28 Bratwurst Recipes You Can’t Ignore

If you tire of your regular old sausages, then don’t worry. You won’t be left tired by these perfectly spiced sausages that meld with so many different flavors.

Let’s take a look at just what you can do with these! 

1. Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Brats

Few’d argue that bacon and cheese can greatly improve any meal. Cut open your brat, stuff it with cheese, wrap it back up with bacon, and boom!

You’ll have a delicious stuffed treat that’ll go down well at any barbecue you attend.

2. Beer And Brat Cheddar Soup

Beer and bratwurst (see also ‘Bratwurst Vs Sausage‘) have always been a winning combination, and many adults have childhood memories of bratwurst sizzling while their parents had a beer.

So, with these childhood memories, is it any wonder that this comfort food was born for rainy days? Beer and brat cheddar soup will bring you back to childhood.

3. Beer Brat Bites

You should try these beer brat bites if you’re throwing a party. These are easy appetizers that fit all occasions. All you need to do is grill up your bratwurst and cut them into little pieces.

Then, use a delicious beer glaze, and it doesn’t matter what sort of ale you choose.

Pick your favorite ale and pick your brat bites up with a toothpick, and you’ll have a hearty snack on your hands.

4. Brat-er Tot Casserole

You’ve had Tater Tot casserole, but have you ever had Brat-er Tot Casserole? This family favorite has had an amendment to the recipe to include bratwurst.

With this recipe, you can enjoy a German twist on a Southern favorite.

5. Bratwurst And Sauerkraut

Bratwurst and sauerkraut is a classic German dish and a traditional recipe you can find anywhere.

However, in this variation, some apple and onion are thrown into the mix for a touch of sweetness to the usual tang of sauerkraut.

6. Bratwurst Macaroni Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of those favorites for all ages, so why not add some beer and bratwurst to make it great for any barbecues?

Even afterward, you can enjoy this by using up your leftovers for a comforting meal to relax.

Just soak up your brat and veg in beer, and you’ll be able to add it to your cheese for a delicious mac ‘n’ cheese meal.

7. Bratwurst On A Stick

Anything can be made infinitely better by putting it on a stick. After all, corn dogs are popular, so it’s no surprise that you can replace the sausage interior with a bratwurst.

Pop it in some beer batter, and you’ll have a bratwurst corn dog that you can enjoy.

8. Bratwurst Pizza

Everyone loves a good pizza, and what can go wrong with adding some sliced bratwurst to the mix? It’s a fresh twist on an old recipe.

If you want to add German flavors, throw some sauerkraut on top of your pizza dough. It doesn’t matter what kind of bratwurst you use.

If you cook it correctly, there shouldn’t be a problem. You can even enjoy this pizza indoors or out, so don’t hesitate to try it out.

9. Bratwurst Sliders

Bratwurst sliders are delicious sandwiches that you can have as a barbecue dish. Added bonus, include some beer cheese.

You can then braise the onions in cheese for a perfect roll. Remember the pretzel rolls for some delicious flavor, especially if you make them from scratch. 

10. Bratwurst Subs

Don’t hesitate to build a bratwurst sub if you’re holding a party. Bratwurst is becoming much more popular than the average American hot dog.

They’re especially popular in Wisconsin, but don’t forget to include some beer into the recipe. You can use some hot dog buns, but you should also aim for something bigger than that.

Then, add your favorite condiments, and you’ll have a delicious treat for your barbecue.

11. Bratwurst Tacos

The best thing about food is that it goes beyond borders, so the recipe can be easily changed.

Bratwurst tacos are a great addition to your barbecue, and you can enjoy them outdoors and include any toppings you want.

They can also be found at street fairs. Grill your bratwurst, griddle your tortillas, and add some toppings for a great experimental dish.

12. Cabbage Wrap Brats

For a low-carb entry on this list, I’ve included some cabbage wrap brats on this list.

You can cook your onions in the same pan as the brats, and you don’t even have to worry about cleaning up separate pans.

The sweet tang of the caramelized onions works brilliantly with the tang of the sauerkraut, so try this one out! 

13. Cheesy Bratwurst Gnocchi

Cheesy bratwurst gnocchi combines a delicious creamy tomato cheddar sauce with the chewy taste of gnocchi and the rich flavors of bratwurst.

If you’ve got some leftover brats from a barbecue, this will be a great option as it will only take thirty minutes to make. Overall, it’s an easy recipe, with items you can easily find in your local grocery store.

14. Creamy And Cheesy Bratwurst Casserole

A casserole is the best comfort food for the colder months, and you can make it last for a good amount of time. So why not try out this creamy and cheesy bratwurst casserole?

Make sure that your creamy sauce covers your bratwurst and include a bread topping to make a casserole that will last you for a while and go down great with your family!

15. Crescent Wrapped Bratwurst Bites

Crescent wrapped bratwurst bites are an appetizer that can be enjoyed for parties and game days. You can then wrap them in store-bought crescent rolls and just need to bake them.

Then for some added German flavor, you can include some sauerkraut dip. Then all you need to do is enjoy each bite as you sit back and relax.

16. Currywurst

I can’t talk about bratwurst recipes without bringing in my favorite version. Currywurst is easy to make, and you can find it all around German Christmas markets.

This dish is a popular street dish for a reason. The bratwurst is integral to the dish, but what makes it stand out is the sweet currywurst sauce.

You can even add some extra curry powder for some kick, but its base usually consists of ketchup, chopped onion, vinegar, black pepper, paprika, and then some honey. 

17. Easy Bratwurst Pasta

This is another simple recipe for your leftover brats. Pasta is easy to make, so if you’ve got some extra bratwursts left from grilling, throw it in with this easy pasta recipe.

You can substitute your pasta for whichever you have on hand. Add mushrooms, herbs, and diced veg, and garnish it with some shredded cheese if you want to.

It only takes you five minutes to prep, then most of the time will be awaiting the complete cooking.

18. German Bratwurst Cabbage And Potato Stew

Everyone loves a good stew during Oktoberfest (see also ‘25 Authentic Oktoberfest Recipe Ideas To Give You A Taste Of Germany‘), especially as the fall weather starts to kick in.

A basic stew is great for warming people up, so it should be no surprise that this dish is so popular on rainy days.

Cabbage and potato mix well in this stew, and you can enjoy how the flavors meld together with the added spices. With only eight ingredients, this is a great recipe to try out.

19. Greek Bratwurst Burger

Greek bratwurst burgers are a unique combination of two different recipes. Instead of traditional burger toppings, you can enjoy some Greek yogurt cucumber sauce and some feta cheese instead of your usual.

Then, you can put some Greek roasted potatoes on the side and some pita pockets instead of buns.

Sure, it’s not completely bratwurst, but you can use some bratwurst grillers, so there’s still that element involved.

20. Grilled Bratwurst And Vegetable Shish Kabob Skewers

Shish kabob skewers are always a perfect appetizer for any game nights or barbecues, so make sure you invest in this recipe for a great treat for your friends and family.

Along with your brats, you can space them out between different vegetables to add a variety of different flavors.

21. Hawaiian Bratwurst

I know there are arguments about whether pineapple goes on pizza, and this may be controversial, but have you considered Hawaiian bratwurst?

After all, who can deny such a sweet and savory combo? Include some barbecue and pineapple. You can enjoy such a sweet flavor on a hot day.

22. Midwest Mary

You may not think bratwurst would go with cocktails, but you would be wrong. You can have a Midwest Mary, a Bloody Mary with a garnish of bratwurst, cheese, and pickles.

Make sure you follow the usual Bloody Mary recipe, then add your garnish with your own bratwurst work of art.

23. Puff Pastry Bratwurst With Curry Ketchup

Bratwurst in puff pastry is an easy dish to make that feels like an adult version of pigs in a blanket.

You just need some puff pastry sheets to roll up your bratwurst in, so you can basically enjoy some German sausage rolls.

However, if you’re not feeling curry ketchup, then don’t worry. You can try out some spicy German mustard or no condiments at all.

24. Reuben Brats

When it comes to Reuben brats, you’ll find that they aren’t too different from their traditional counterparts. The biggest difference is the selection of toppings.

Add in some swiss cheese, dressing, and sauerkraut, and you’re in for a big surprise. Then, put the toppings in a bun and you’ll have a great treat for your barbecue.

25. Sheet Pan Brats And Roasted Vegetables

If you want an easy dish that’s easy to prep and clean up, then look no further. This fall dish can be great to warm up and especially for Oktoberfest (see also ‘25 Authentic Oktoberfest Recipe Ideas To Give You A Taste Of Germany‘).

After all, while it’s not as popularly celebrated in the US, Oktoberfest dishes are still incredibly popular to cook.

Once everything starts to cool down, this sheet pan of brats and roasted vegetables can warm you up.

26. Simple Bratwurst Soup

If you need an easy recipe to use up leftovers in your refrigerator, try this helpful recipe for some simple bratwurst soup.

Grab your leftover bratwurst and whatever potatoes and vegetables you have left to use, and for some added German taste, include some sauerkraut too!

You can use whatever broth you have available, but I recommend using the beef broth for a bit of extra richness.

27. Slow-Cooker Bratwurst Casserole

You can make a delicious casserole with bratwurst to warm yourself up on colder nights.

As an added bonus, you can’t deny that cooking with a slow-cooker will produce such a mouth-watering aroma that you won’t be able to stop thinking about it all day.

But you may be wondering what you need for this casserole?

Just get your bratwurst, carrots, potatoes, celery, onions, tomato juice, cornstarch, water, and some salt and pepper to your taste.

28. Spaetzle With Bratwurst

Spaetzle is a popular German comfort food you can enjoy in your home. Sprinkle in some bratwurst, sweet potatoes, and caramelized onions, and you’re in for a treat alongside these little dumplings.

But they’re not only like dumplings, as they are often treated similarly to a pasta dish.

As an especially popular dish in the fall, you’ll find that spaetzle is made all year round but is definitely more popular during the Oktoberfest season.

Final Thoughts

Here are some of our favorite bratwurst recipes that you can’t ignore. After all, bratwurst is becoming so much more popular in the US these days.

We’ll have you covered if you’re enjoying a hot summer evening or just looking for an Oktoberfest treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Goes With Bratwurst?

You can get bratwurst in a hard roll, but you can also serve them with spaetzle, sauerkraut, and plenty of beer. If you can find it at a barbecue, it’ll likely go well with bratwurst too. 

Can You Grill Brats Without Boiling Them?

Brats don’t have to be boiled. You can even cook them in an oven, follow your recipe’s guidelines, and your brats should be good to eat.

How Is Bratwurst Different From Sausage?

Truthfully, bratwurst is a type of sausage, but not all sausages are classed as a type of bratwurst. Bratwursts have a natural casing made from animal intestines or skin, while sausages have a synthetic casing. 

How Is Bratwurst Traditionally Cooked?

Traditionally in Germany, you should not boil bratwurst. Instead, you should fry them.

If you boil the bratwurst, you will actually kill the flavor by destroying the spices. If you grill them, start low and then build up to it.

28 Bratwurst Recipes You Can’t Ignore

28 Bratwurst Recipes You Can’t Ignore

Recipe by Jenna

Do you love bratwurst? If you do, then don’t hesitate to check out this list. We have over 20 recipes available for you to try out and enjoy!

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