34 Boozy Popsicles for Summer Nights

A frozen popsicle is cool and reviving on a hot summer day, much like a summer cocktail. Combining the two simply strengthens each effect!

34 Boozy Popsicles for Summer Nights

In this article, we have listed 30+ ideas for alcoholic frozen popsicles that you are going to love. Whether you’re a fan of beer, cider, or cocktails (see also our favorite Hawaiian cocktails), there is definitely something for you in this list.

So, let’s get into it!

1. Apple Cider Popsicles

This 3-ingredient Apple Cider Popsicle is a great treat for the whole household, and is easy, healthful, and delightful. It’s the ideal recipe to prepare for summertime snacks.

These popsicles are made from non-alcoholic apple cider. However, by replacing this with some hard cider, and maybe some apply juice, you can create some delicious, boozy popsicles… just make sure the kids don’t get their hands on them!

2. Blue Lagoon Cocktail Popsicles

Nothing cools off the heat of summer like a Blue Lagoon cocktail (see also ‘20 Bedazzling Blue Cocktails‘). Imagine how much more delicious they will be when made into frozen popsicles.

Although the color of this frozen delight is magnificent, the flavors inside are even better. These tropical-flavored popsicles even contain a Swedish Fish to chomp on at the end!

3. Blueberry Mojito Popsicles

With these refreshing Blueberry Mojito Popsicles, you can get your drink on! These icy sweets are fruity, delicious, and most importantly, loaded with alcohol.

Make some of these popsicles, then take a bite to enjoy it while relaxing in the shade. On a steamy summer day, there is nothing better than some frozen, boozy blueberries!

4. Bloody Mary Pops

The thought of a savory popsicle may not get everybody excited, but trust us… it kind of works! This Bloody Mary in the form of a popsicle is so delicious and refreshing.

The best part? You don’t need to use popsicle sticks. Instead, you can use a stick of celery! If you’re looking for something different to munch on this summer, give these Bloody Mary pops a try.

5. Boozy Coconut Popsicles

These chocolate-covered coconut popsicles with spiced rum flavoring will be a huge hit with all adults in your household.

Boozy Coconut Popsicles (see also ‘30 Boozy Slushes For The Summer‘) are a great way for moms and dads alike to enjoy the beloved summer practice of eating popsicles during the hotter weather. These frozen treats are made with coconut milk, chocolate, and rum.

6. Boozy Red, White, and Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Grab some Dixie cups, cream cheese, and Bailey’s to create these creamy, outstanding alcoholic cheesecake popsicles.

Cheesecake plus alcohol? What more could you want on a hot, summer’s day? Treat yourself with one (or two) of these treats.

7. Boozy Red, White & Blueberry Rocket Pops

If you liked the idea of the previous entry, and you’re still a child at heart, you are definitely going to love these boozy red, white, and blueberry rocket pops!

You’ll get a rush from these simple Boozy Red White & Blueberry Rocket Pops, and, you will get to relive your childhood. Try these out-of-this-world rockets right now!

8. Coconut Strawberry Daiquiri Popsicles

The next item on this list is a recipe for some delicious coconut strawberry daiquiri popsicles, just in time for summer!

These alcoholic popsicles are easy to create, and then just sit in the freezer, awaiting you to enjoy them after a long, arduous day.

9. Coffee and Cream Stout Popsicles

After a day in the sun, there is nothing better than a nice ice-cold beer to drive the heat away, but a tasty frozen treat comes in second. Well, what if we could combine the two?

A great treat on a hot day outside is an iced coffee. Use this recipe to combine coffee, stout, and popsicles, and reward yourself.

10. Costa Rican Watermelon Mojito Popsicles

These refreshing Costa Rican Watermelon Mojito Popsicles will permanently redefine cocktail hour as you know it!

What more is there to ask for than watermelon, mint, and a little rum on a boiling hot day? A refreshing popsicle overflowing with rum will, no doubt, help you beat the summer heat.

11. Cuba Libre ‘Malibu & Pepsi’ Popsicles

A Malibu (see also ‘21 Easy Malibu Cocktails‘) and Pepsi is great on its own, but it does an even better job at cooling a person down when they are combined into a popsicle.

Add some lime juice, lime zest, and a little vanilla extract for a sweet, zesty popsicle that’ll cool you down and give you a buzz in the summer heat!

12. Dark and Stormy Popsicles

Do you currently have a bottle of ginger beer (check out our favorite ginger beer cocktails) and some dark rum in your refrigerator? If so, we wholeheartedly advise utilizing them to make some delectable popsicles!

By including a handmade ginger simple syrup and fresh lime juice while still treating it as a garnish, these pops amp up the tastes of the Dark and Stormy.

13. Frosé Sangria Popsicles

Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like some fruit and sangria, with a little ice to keep you cool. With the help of this recipe, you may transform these flavors into a frozen popsicle.

Orange juice, honey, and dry rosé wine are mixed together until well incorporated, then poured into molds with sliced strawberries and peaches.

14. Frozen Sweet Tea Vodka Pops

Use this recipe for Frozen Sweet Tea Vodka Pops to keep it cool! It’s a simple, adult-friendly popsicle that’s perfect for summertime gatherings, or whenever you crave a frozen cocktail (see also ‘23 Delicious Frozen Cocktail Recipes‘) on a popsicle stick.

Place the sticks and your sweet tea vodka mixture in the frozen popsicle molds, and freeze overnight. The next day, you can enjoy your very own sweet tea pop-tail!

15. Irish Coffee and Cream Popsicles

You need not worry if the summer heat is making you lethargic, since these pick-me-up popsicles are loaded with caffeine.

One of the nicest aspects of this recipe is the Irish cream liqueur’s alcoholic kick, which comes in addition to the beautifully potent coffee flavor. The popsicle gets a boozy sweetness from it. Simply substitute Irish whiskey (see also our favorite whiskey cocktails) if sweet isn’t your style.

16. Jack and Mexican Coke Popsicles

Many people enjoy drinking Jack and Coke, and now you can enjoy it in frozen form, thanks to this boozy popsicle.

A fruity popsicle made with Jack and Coke is ideal for relieving your thirst. There are only two components required! You may make scrumptious popsicles in a matter of hours by simply pouring the sinful pair into a mold, and allowing to freeze.

17. Jagerbomb Ice Pops

If you are one of the few who enjoy the taste of a Jagerbomb, this popsicle recipe is perfect for you (see also ‘20 Easy Popsicle Recipes You Can Make At Home‘)!

All you need to do is pour some Jager and energy drink (see also ‘13 Best Monster Energy Flavors, Ranked by Taste‘) into a mold, and leave it to freeze for a couple of hours. Then, you can have a delicious frozen shot without the shot glass. Genius!

18. Jalapeño Mango Margarita Popsicles

You best believe we’re dipping these Jalapeño Mango Margarita Popsicles into our beverages instead of ice cubes! The fruity and spicy flavors go together in the most ideal way.

Even though the jalapeños may slightly raise the heat, these frozen popsicles are ideal for Cinco de Mayo and any other big celebration to chill everyone down.

19. Mai Tai Popsicles

If you have a blender, some fruit, and dark rum in your cupboards (see also ‘Dark Rum Cocktails: 16 Of The Best‘), great news: you can make your own frozen Mai Tai! Or, even better… if you have some popsicle molds, you can make these Mai Tai frozen popsicles instead!

These frozen popsicles taste just like a Mai Tai smoothie (see also ‘The Best Juicing Recipes – 20 Juices You Need To Try‘). They are so delicious and refreshing that you won’t want any other popsicle again.

20. Mango Bourbon Smash Popsicles

When it’s too hot outdoors to function, one of the best, most cooling fruits to eat is a mango. Try these Mango Bourbon Smash Popsicles if you concur.

These frozen snacks have the most delicious fruit flavour you can imagine since they are packed with mangoes, bananas, and limes. Oh, and they also contain bourbon!

21. Miami Vice Boozy Popsicles

For a cool treat on a hot summer day, try these Miami Vice Boozy Popsicles, which combine Strawberry Daiquiri with Piña Colada.

The popsicle is divided into two separate halves, one red Strawberry Daiquiri layer and one creamy white Piña Colada layer, rather than combining the two flavors.

22. Piña Colada Italian Ice Pops

With one of these gorgeous ice popsicles, you can travel from your boring, same-old backyard to a tranquil, tropical beach.

The ideal tasty, refreshing summer treat are these Piña Colada Italian Ice Pops. They may be prepared in 20 minutes, and are so fragrant and smooth. Make a batch for yourself right now!

23. Prosecco Popsicles

This holiday weekend, show your colors in the sweetest way possible with these rowdy, patriotic Prosecco Popsicles!

These red, white, and blue delicacies you can enjoy any time of the day, especially when the sun is shining brightly, is made out of a handful of berries and some frozen champagne.

24. Raspberry Gin Fizz Boozy Popsicles

These pink, frozen boozy popsicles are the ideal way to celebrate summer. They taste spectacular, and look gorgeous too!

This recipe for Raspberry Gin Fizz Boozy Popsicles creates boozy, fruity, sweet, freezing cold, and refreshing pops of juicy, delightfully fresh raspberries and a dash of mint.

25. Raspberry Peach Prosecco Popsicles

Enjoy a prosecco-infused raspberry and peach popsicle this summer to cool off. They are delicious beyond belief.

By substituting some flavoured Sparkling Ice for the prosecco (see also ‘26 Super Simple Prosecco Cocktails‘) while creating some for the adults, you can also make some non-alcoholic ones for the kids!

26. Rosé Wine Boozy Popsicles

A glass of rosé is great, and all, but it doesn’t do much when the temperature is rising to an alarming rate outside. How can you enjoy the heat and a glass of wine at the same time?

Oh, of course! You can make one of these rosé wine booze popsicles instead. That way, you can enjoy your rosé, but also keep cool in the raging heat. It’s a genius idea, if you ask us…

27. Sex on the Beach Popsicles

Create some of these frozen goodies to boost your mood if you find yourself wishing that you were feeling sexy on a beach (instead of melting in your backyard).

One of the most well-known drinks in the world, Sex on the Beach, somehow tastes even better when it’s frozen into a popsicle. So, quick, go ahead and make some of your own using those ingredients!

28. Sour Worm Vodka Pops

Who ever said that frozen popsicles and sour candy were just for kids, huh? Add a little vodka to the gummies, and add them into a popsicle mold for the ultimate nostalgic treat!

If you do want to make these for the kids, however, you would be better off leaving the vodka out, and adding some lemonade instead…

29. Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Freeze Pops

Strawberries, lemonade, and vodka… the trio of our dreams. Yes, they taste great in drink form, but have you ever tried a Strawberry Lemonade Vodka Freeze Pop?!

This simple Summer drink recipe, which only calls for 3 simple ingredients that you probably already have stocked at home, will instantly make you feel cooler.

30. Strawberry Margarita Ice Pops

If you enjoy Strawberry Margaritas, we strongly advise you to create many of these delectable fruity, alco-popsicles to stock your freezer.

Although you can increase the amount of agave if you like a sweeter version, these popsicles are refreshing, fruity, and not overly sweet. The best part? The assembly just takes ten minutes!

31. Strawberry Rosé Wine Popsicles

Looking for another recipe for wine popsicles in this collection? Try these strawberry rosé wine popsicles instead!

With only three basic ingredients, you can easily make these strawberry rosé winesicles. For those sweltering summer days or weekends at the beach, they are the ideal adult treat.

32. Tequila Sunset Freezer Pops

What’s better than watching the sunset on a lovely, hot evening? Watching the sunset with a delicious Tequila Sunrise freezer pop in your hand.

All you need is some juice, tequila, grenadine, and a couple of cherries to make these fruity beauties. With the lovely colors fading from red into yellow, these pops look as great as they taste!

33. Vodka Gummy Bears Popsicles

We’re all still kids at heart, right? So, if we’re going to make ourselves some popsicles, we might as well go all the way and add some colorful gummies.

These gummy bears, layered into dazzling freezer pops, are almost too good to be true. Gummies, vodka, and a little lemonade to give it a fruity flavor are all you require!

34. Vodka Popsicles with Lemonade

Last on this list, but certainly not least, these Vodka Popsicles with Lemonade are the ultimate summer pleasure.

These may be prepared in about ten minutes with just two basic ingredients for a hot summer day. Lemonade and vodka over ice are delicious on their own, but when combined into a popsicle, you won’t know what hit you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Popsicles With Alcohol?

Yes, you can make popsicles with alcohol! All you need to do is, basically, create a smaller version of the drink that you enjoy, and pour it into a popsicle mold. Then, place it in the freezer, and allow it to set for a couple of hours. 

It is important to note that alcohol melts faster than other drinks once it has been frozen, so you may want to eat alcoholic pops faster than non-alcoholic ones.

Are Apple Cider Popsicles Alcoholic?

In the US and Canada, apple cider is the name given to a non-alcoholic, sweetened beverage made from apples, similar to apple juice. So, in these regions, apple cider (and, in turn, apple cider popsicles) are not alcoholic.

In other countries, apple cider is alcoholic. However, even in these regions, apple cider popsicles do not typically hold any alcohol, unless stated otherwise.

How Much Alcohol Is In An Alcoholic Popsicle?

The amount of alcohol in a pre-made, store-bough alcoholic frozen popsicle will be stated on the packaging. If you are making frozen boozy popsicles at home, however, you may want to add only a small amount of alcohol into your product. 

You can add as much as you like, of course, but it may cause the popsicle to not freeze properly due to the potent alcoholic content.

Do Alcoholic Frozen Popsicles Get You Drunk?

Depending on how much alcohol is in the frozen popsicles, and your personal tolerance for alcohol, you will likely get a buzz from eating a boozy popsicle. However, you would probably need to eat a couple to get drunk-drunk. 

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it. Those were our top 34 picks for alcoholic yet tasty popsicles to keep us entertained on sweltering, summer nights.

Whether you prefer a glass of rose, or some yummy gummies, there is definitely something to get you excited about the upcoming summer!

We hope you enjoyed this article.

Happy boozing!

34 Boozy Popsicles for Summer Nights

34 Boozy Popsicles for Summer Nights

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You can never go wrong with a boozy frozen popsicle, and these 30+ yummy recipes are guaranteed to make your summer nights even more fun. Try them out!

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