11 Best Items On The Bob Evans Menu

Whenever you think of the name “Bob Evans,” what comes to mind? You could picture a specific brand of freezer sausage or mashed potatoes if you’re not one of the 117 Americans with this name or their doubtless countless friends and family members.

But you could also consider Bob Evans, the restaurant, whether you live in the South, the Mid-Atlantic, or the Midwest. Over 400 Bob Evans shops are still operating in the aforementioned areas, despite the chain’s recent financial difficulties.

Although sausage may be associated with Bob Evans, due to its long and colorful history (it originally started out as a sausage store on a farm in Ohio!) there are many other food options available.

11 Best Items On The Bob Evans Menu

Which products are their bestsellers, then? A breakdown of their top foods has been compiled in this article. 

The following list of Bob Evans’ 11 most popular menu items, at the time of writing, demonstrates how these may change month to month, with some products reaching to the top of the rankings while others falling to a lower position. 

However, the list below is organized not by how well these products sell, but rather by how people feel about them.

The informal farmhouse restaurant Bob Evans is well renowned for serving up great homestyle comfort cuisine across America (see also ‘America’s Best Buffet Restaurants‘), but the menu extends way beyond the breakfast favorites that are offered all day.

Unexpectedly, some of the best choices extend well beyond simply breakfast, as some filling lunch and supper options also topped our handy list.

Make wise choices while placing your purchase at the business that promotes country living by using this helpful breakdown.

We hope you enjoy this article, which will discuss the top 11 best menu item choices at Bob Evans – why not try one of these delicious dishes next time you visit this family favorite restaurant (see also our favorite Red Robin menu items)?

No matter what you choose, you’re in for a delicious treat at Bob Evans!

The History Of Bob Evans

Food from Bob Evans is always tasty and of the highest caliber. There are numerous Bob Evans eateries that offer delicious food at reasonable pricing.

The company’s founder, Bob Evans, spent nearly twenty years residing on the farm with his spouse and six kids. 

They resided in the Homestead, a big brick farmhouse. Today, The Homestead is recognised as a historical site. Both a stage coach station and an inn once stood there. The Homestead is now used as a corporate museum and historic site.

On the farm in Rio Grande, Ohio’s southeast, Bob Evans started cooking sausage. He initially presented samples to visitors in the kitchen of the Homestead.

In order to better service the increasing number of visitors, he constructed a small sausage store on the farm.

The business’s first foray was The Sausage Shop, which has evolved into a Bob Evans restaurant. Visit the first Bob Evans restaurant today to learn about the history of an American farm. 

Ohio is proud of Bob Evans, and many schools arrange field excursions to the farm. Both children and adults enjoy a day at the farm. At Bob Evans Farm, numerous activities take place all year long.

As for the restaurants – they have become popular chains (see also ‘17 American BBQ Chain Restaurants You Need To Visit‘) which are located all over the country. Keep reading to find out which the best food items are on Bob Evans menu!

Top 11 Food Items On The Bob Evans Menu

1. Pot Roast 

Classic comfort food prepared well is one thing you can always count on in a restaurant like Bob Evans. The kind of restaurant where you might have a large Sunday meal with meat, two vegetables, rolls, and butter is Bob Evans. 

You can not do better than to have Bob Evans’ Pot Roast if that’s what you’re craving, whether it’s Sunday afternoon or Tuesday night.

Unlike steaks and chicken, pot roast is a rather forgiving meat. It becomes more fork-tender the more you cook it, and according to Bob Evans, they roast theirs for a full 9 hours on low (we assume). 

It includes mashed potatoes, carrots, and onions, and is then finished with beefy gravy and a scattering of finely chopped scallions. Yes, those delicious dinner rolls are included with the pot roast entree. 

However, if you truly desire to go all out, you may get a three-course dinner that also comes with soup or salad and dessert. That kind of dinner will leave you feeling full and probably make you want to return for more.

2. Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad

This salad is currently Bob Evans’ best-selling item, and we won’t contest that it belongs on the list of the restaurant’s top dishes. It’s light, flavorful, and fresh—although perhaps not exactly as healthful as we might want. 

The Bob Evans restaurant does state that it can have between 1110 and 1710 calories, depending on the type of chicken (fried or grilled) and condiments you choose, albeit this number may also incorporate the two bread rolls that come with it.

So while this salad isn’t exactly a diet food, we’d still happily order it again and again. A traditional salad topping combination includes chicken, dried cranberries, crumbled blue cheese, pecans, and Bob Evans raises the bar by adding bacon. 

You can order it with Italian, French, ranch (normal or “Wildfire”), honey mustard, or their “Colonial Dressing,” which Fooducate reveals to be a thicker, sweetened oil-and-vinegar-based dressing. 

However, we personally prefer to order it along with blue cheese sauce to up the amount of blue cheesiness.

3. Chocolate Peanut Pie

Customers love this delicious dessert from Bob Evans’ bakery, which is available in both single-slice and whole-pie portions. (We assume that the later choice is meant to be taken home.) 

This dessert is the nearest thing Bob Evans has to a chocolate dessert—aside from their choc chip cookies.

This pie is satisfying in a manner that apple pie will never be able to match, even if it isn’t particularly chocolaty – not in the rich, intense sense.

It has a chocolate crumb crust, a delicious peanut butter fluff inside, and is garnished with crumbled Reese’s and a delicate chocolate whipped topping. 

It might even be served on a plate with a sprinkle of chocolate syrup if the culinary crew is feeling fancy. (Obviously, if you get a whole pie, this doesn’t apply.) 

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that this dessert essentially tastes like a creamy, fluffy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

4. Dinner Rolls

The majority, but not all, of Bob Evans’ meat, seafood, or poultry dishes come with a couple dinner rolls. However, the majority of their smaller Dinner Bell Plates don’t, nor do the majority of their sandwiches, soups, and salads. 

Therefore, it is not surprising to see that a la carte rolls are among Bob Evans’ best-selling products. These rolls are so delicious that even if you order them with entrees, you might end up wanting more.

Although Bob Evans claims that its rolls and other baked goods are “freshly made in the Farmhouse Kitchen,” we aren’t about to conduct a full investigation to confirm this.

 We wouldn’t be surprised if certain eateries baked these rolls fresh from frozen as they are or have been available in frozen form. We honestly don’t care if they do or do not. 

We only wish Bob Evans gave an unlimited option for these yeast rolls like Olive Garden offers with its breadsticks because they are warm, fluffy, doughy, slightly sweet, and really excellent.

5. Steak And Eggs

You pretty much understand that you’re not going to get a luxury steakhouse experience when you buy eggs and a steak at a brunch chain.

The steak will be sirloin, not filet mignon, and will be prepared by hurried line cooks rather than chefs from Cordon Bleu. 

However, even a mediocre steak is still rather tasty, and it tastes even better when it is served with excellent eggs. For perfectly cooked eggs, there is no better source than a breakfast restaurant.

This kind of morning chain restaurant dish is quite regular, but this meal is surprisingly good. The steak may be a little bit rough and a little bit on the small side, but it is also far less expensive than a steak supper at a higher-end eatery. 

Furthermore, having wagyu beef with eggs is probably against some kind of steak law. With a delicious morsel of hash potatoes to sop up the yolk, we like this robust little sirloin even better with an egg on top. 

However, you may have it with french fries instead, which make a fantastic side dish.

Even better, Bob Evans makes a rather fine biscuit, which is served on the side with the steak and eggs.

If you’re a fan of chain steakhouses in America, this might not match up to a high-end steakhouse experience, but it offers a delicious and affordable option for steak and eggs.

6. The Everything Breakfast

If you enjoy a good substantial meat and potato (and egg) meal, the breakfast menu at Bob Evans has a great deal to offer. 

Although they occasionally provide breakfast dishes including French toast and pancakes (or “hotcakes,” as they name them), it is rather clear that these are not the restaurant’s signature dishes. Instead, those morning meats are the focus at Bob Evans. 

However, if you can’t seem to decide between bacon, sausage, and ham, one well-known dish, the appropriately called Everything Breakfast, serves all three.

This meal doesn’t exactly include everything that is available for breakfast; for example, there are no hotcakes. (There is also no French toast.) 

You do receive the aforementioned bacon, sausage, and ham in addition to scrambled eggs and cheese and tomatoes, all of which are served with hollandaise sauce on top of a bed of hash browns, and a delicious Bob Evans biscuit, too. 

7. Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup 

The three of the soups offered by Bob Evans are among their best-selling items, which shows how unexpectedly popular they are. 

The Hearty Beef Vegetable is the best of the bunch. Actually, it has a lot more flavor than either the cheese potato soup or the chicken noodle soup.

Why therefore have we placed this soup at least two rungs higher than the other soups offered by Bob Evans? 

For starters, compared to chicken broth and the creamy potato foundation, the tomato-based soup has a little bit more taste. Another reason is that beef chunks naturally have a stronger flavor profile than chicken. 

This soup contains lots of vegetables and meat, similar to the chicken noodle soup, but we like it because it also includes bits of corn and tomato, whereas the chicken soup does seem to rely more heavily on blander vegetables.

8. Great Alaskan Cod With Green Beans With Ham And Carrots

The Great Alaskan Cod at Bob Evans lives up to its reputation for offering delicious seafood options. It’s perfectly seasoned, and it is so crunchy and light that you won’t feel sluggish and overstuffed after eating it.

This flaky cod filet, which is deep-fried and accompanied with coleslaw and fries, will satisfy all of your seafood cravings while also making you want more.

There are two side options for the typical fish dish. We highly advise serving ham, carrots, and well seasoned green beans. Vegetables and protein can be combined in one meal, and the flavors go well together.

9. Banana Nut Bread

If Bob Evans is famed for anything, it’s their sweet delicacies, which includes their delicious Banana Nut Bread. You must try this bread, whether you’ve got a sweet craving or are simply curious after hearing how fantastic it is from others.

You’re in for a delight if you’ve never had this delicious dessert. Every day, the eatery bakes its own fresh goods.

It can be eaten by itself for brunch, as a side dish with your meal, or as a sweet treat after dinner because it is moist and rich without ever being dense and chewy.

Do you need an expert suggestion to make it outstanding? Try the warmed banana bread with some peanut butter or butter!

10. Ham And Green Beans

What is more wholesome and evocative of rural life than green beans and ham? The fact that the green beans and ham are cooked together slowly is one of the things that makes this dish so delicious.

The meat’s rich, salty juices flavor the beans and elevate them above being just another ordinary vegetable side dish.

The meaty flavor that these beans have will appeal to even finicky diners who have reservations about eating green beans.

11. Cinna-Biscuits

If you’ve ever visited Bob Evans, you’re probably familiar with the delicious taste of their Cinna-Biscuits. The Cinna-Biscuits ought to be enough to convince you to drive to Bob Evans if you’ve never been there.

What could possibly be better than freshly prepared, fried biscuit dough topped with warm, decadent cream cheese icing and a cinnamon sugar coating? They are available for purchase as a decadent dessert, a treat, or even for breakfast.

After tasting one, you might realize that sharing them with your family or friends is easier said than done.

Final Thoughts

Over time, Bob Evans evolved into a company that was entirely focused on cuisine rather than merely a network of restaurants. 

Soon, Bob Evans established its own food sales section. Although the restaurant and the company’s food section split in 2017, both are still operational.

Bob Evans could be the location for you if you’re seeking tasty breakfast fare, robust soup, delectable desserts, or perhaps a superb pot roast.

Whatever menu item you decide to choose at Bob Evans restaurants, you’re certainly not going to be disappointed.

It’s difficult to order incorrectly from the menu because there are so many excellent options. We’ve barely begun to list the greatest menu items at Bob Evans, but they have some excellent offerings.

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