We Ranked The Best KFC Sides

KFC is well known worldwide for its self-proclaimed “Finger lickin’ good” chicken, but as anyone who frequents one of the colonel’s restaurants will know, there is so much more on offer than your standard fried chicken. 

For this reason alone, we have taken it upon ourselves to try and rank each and every single one of KFC’s sides, so that you can get a better understanding of which are the sides to pick, and which of the sides are worth avoiding, so that the next time you find yourself wondering what sides you want alongside that delightful bucket of chicken, you know exactly what to go for. 

We Ranked The Best KFC Sides

It may have taken us some time to work our way through KFC’s sides options, however, we finally managed to try all of them, which we feel puts us in the perfect position to provide you with the perfect ratings, and whether or not you should add them to your meal next time you’re ordering from KFC! 

10. Green Beans

Okay, we do understand that for a lot of people, green beans go perfectly alongside some of the meal combos that KFC offer, and are incredibly reminiscent of the chicken meals you would have eaten at home, but we’re going to be honest with you, when it comes to choosing a side option from KFC, the last thing we want to see is green beans. 

We’ll also admit that the salty and buttery sauce that these green beans are adorned in is rather tasty but other than that they’re extremely unimpressive, and compared to some of the other delicious options on this list, they just simply don’t make the cut! 

Verdict: If they’re your thing, then I guess go for it, but we most certainly wouldn’t choose them over some of the other options available, especially towards the top of this list! 

9. BBQ Baked Beans

You might seem to think we have an agenda against all forms of beans, which we can promise isn’t the case, we just personally think that they’re the worst options available when it comes to sides from KFC.

This isn’t to say that the BBQ baked beans you can order are bad though, when it comes to the colder climates they can be extremely warming, and if you happen to be vegetarian or even vegan, then these are probably one of the better sides to opt for, because at least there’s no chance of any cross contamination! 

You can also make use of any leftover sauce to dip your fries or chicken in too, so they can be paired well with other sides if you’re looking to try and find the ultimate combination of sides! 

Verdict: Not a bad choice, perhaps better suited to the colder climates and great for those who don’t eat meat, still lose out to more indulgent options! 

8. Whole Kernel Corn

You might be slightly surprised about how low whole kernel corn is on this list considering that it is an absolute classic when it comes to accompanying chicken, however we do have our reasoning, which we’ll get to soon enough. 

In favor of the corn, we agreed that it is perfectly juicy, and provides a tasty sweetness that will be sure to compliment the more savory nature of the rest of your meal.

In addition to that, it’s also a much healthier option, and is great if you’re a vegetarian or vegan too, as it means you can enjoy it with zero worries! 

It’s also well packed and is kept in a small plastic tub, which ensures it doesn’t cool down too fast or lose any of its juiciness as it waits for you to finish your chicken. 

Our only complaint, however, is that eating a whole kernel of corn with your hands can be messy, and irritating, however, with a bunch of napkins we suppose it’s easily remedied. Either way, it’s still an inconvenience. 

Verdict: A much better choice than the previous two, and whilst tasty, it’s just too annoying to try and eat when on the move! 

7. Biscuits

One of the things that KFC is known for alongside its tasty chicken, is its awesome biscuits. To us, it’s definitely not hard to understand why people make such a fuss over this choice of side.

With its buttery and fluffy texture, these biscuits are a dream and really help make your KFC meal feel like home. 

If you’re someone who always ends up ordering extra gravy when you go to KFC, then you’ll want these to help mop up the dregs leftover, which will help you to really get the most out of that delicious chicken gravy. 

For us, these biscuits are much better than you will find at a lot of other fast food restaurants, so if you’re a biscuit fan then it might be worth adding them to your order.

However, we just feel like they don’t go as well as with the rest of KFC’s offerings to validate them ranking any higher on this list. 

Verdict: Delicious, fluffy, better than you’ll get elsewhere, just not to our preference! 

6. Cole Slaw

Cole Slaw can be hit or miss at a lot of different fast food restaurants, and if it happens to be too runny, or not taste fresh enough, then the likelihood is you’ll be hesitant to try and order it again.

However, we found in our taste tests that KFC’s coleslaw is something you’re definitely going to want to try!

It’s packed with delicious veggies, and has a combination of sweet and tangy flavors that really make this side a treat to have alongside the rest of your meal.

What’s great about this side is that it really helps to cool your mouth down if you’ve chosen a particularly spicy chicken as your main. 

So, with chopped green cabbage, carrots, and onions, all mixed together with vinegar, mayo, and some sugar too, and you have the perfect recipe for a coleslaw that compliments every meal! 

Verdict: Healthy side option that pairs well with spicy chicken, might be unappealing to those who have been put off by bad coleslaw in the past. 

5. Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

Arguably one of the best sides to go with your chicken, this side truly is a taste of home, and is brimming with hearty potatoes and gorgeous warm gravy, so if you’re looking for a nostalgic throwback to your childhood, then this side dish is all of that in one small package! 

The potatoes are savory but also buttery, and their super fluffy and soft texture makes them really easy to eat, and contrasts well to the crispy chicken found in your mains. 

The delicious chicken gravy isn’t to be ignored either, and makes the perfect dipping sauce for your chicken if you want a really intense chicken flavor.

Overall, this is a super rich option that is super popular on KFC’s menu, so you just have to hope that they don’t run out! 

Verdict: Great side dish that really provides a hearty accompaniment to your delicious chicken, the gravy is gorgeous also! 

4. Cakes

Okay, we get that the cakes that KFC have to offer technically aren’t available as a side, however, they’re still an accompaniment to your meal, so we only feel it’s right that we cover them in this ranking list. 

There are two options available to you, chocolate chip cake, or lemon cake. Both are delicious and are the perfect way to cap off a tasty KFC meal, especially if you have a sweet tooth. 

The chocolate chip cake is really rich and is so irresistible, so much so that when it came to ordering the lemon cake, we nearly ordered the chocolate chip one instead out of sheer temptation.

This isn’t to say the lemon cake is bad, however, it has a really zesty flavor that you’d wish for from a lemon cake, and the sponge is super light and fluffy, so it’s not too filling to have on top of a large KFC meal either. 

Verdict: Delicious and the perfect ending to a delicious KFC meal, not offered as a side option though, so they’ll cost you extra! 

3. Secret Recipe Fries

Of course, fries were going to make the top 3, there was no doubt about that. Chances are though you’re surprised about their placement, as they’re only ranked third on our list.

We imagine that once you see what we’ve ranked second and first, you’ll soon understand why we’ve done this. In the meantime though, let’s talk about these fries. 

For the longest time, KFC’s fries weren’t regarded as being that good at all, however, in recent years we’d all agree that the quality of these fries has increased tenfold, and they’re definitely a contender for some of the tastiest fries you can get from a fast food restaurant. 

The smell that emanates will no doubt make your mouth water if the chicken hasn’t already, and the secret spice mix that is used on these fries will keep you guessing as you make your way through the portion! 

Fries are the most versatile side for sure, and can be dunked or dipped into any number of different sauces or sides, whether it’s some basic ketchup or barbeque sauce, or even the gravy from your mashed potatoes, or the sauce from your baked beans!

When it comes to KFC sauces, they have a variety of options to enhance your meal. Popular choices include their Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce, Honey Mustard, and Creamy Ranch. These sauces can add extra flavor to your chicken and biscuits.

All of these are possible options for your fries to end up in. 

Verdict: The most versatile side goes with everything and they are a fast food staple for a reason! You should get them all the time. 

2. Cookies

In a similar vein to the cakes that KFC offer, the cookies available aren’t possible to be added as a side to your meal, so you will have to pay a little extra if you want to indulge in these sweet treats.

These cookies are filled with delicious choc chips, and are perfect if you want a small sweet treat to finish off your KFC, but don’t quite fancy going all the way with a cake, or maybe you just don’t like cake at all.

Either way, these cookies are gorgeous and tasty, so why not pick them! 

The best thing about these cookies, apart from their delicious taste of course, is down to the fact that you can order them in 2 different quantities. They’re available as a portion of 3, which is great for those eating solo.

Or if you’re hungry, or considering sharing them, you can also order a 12 cookie portion, which might seem excessive, but with a few hungry mouths around, they’ll go quickly! 

Verdict: The perfect sweet treat, get them, get them now! 

1. Mac And Cheese

Nothing says home quite like mac and cheese, and KFC does a darn good job of making their mac and cheese feel exactly like home! 

It’s creamy, and cheesy, and the pasta is perfectly cooked every time. You could eat a few portions of this alone if you really wanted to! 

Verdict: The best side, ever, no questions asked. 

Final Words

That’s our list completed, we hope you enjoyed it, and remember: No Arguments!

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