27 Of The Tastiest BBQ Desserts (Plus Easy Recipes)

Looking for the ultimate sweet ending to your BBQ? Take a break from the grilling, and keep reading to discover 27 of the tastiest BBQ desserts (plus easy recipes). 

1. Rum And Caramel Bananas

First up, we have these heavenly rum and caramel bananas. When teamed with a small serving of vanilla ice cream, these are guaranteed to go down a treat at your BBQ.

In just 25 minutes, including prep time, this unique dessert can be ready to serve, and it only requires a few simple ingredients, including bananas, treacle, rum, ice cream, sugar, and butter. Add in a dash of coconut for an extra exotic edge. 

2. BBQ Banoffee Trifles

These BBQ banoffee trifles are the definition of moreish. Baking your bananas brings out all the sweetness you could ask for, and when stuffed with chocolate fudge, your guests won’t be able to get enough!

These will take just 30 minutes to create, and they’re packed full of gooey, tasty goodness. Expect plenty of ginger, rum, fudge, bananas, chocolate, and mascarpone in this recipe! 

3. Loaded Brownies

Everyone loves brownies, so why not treat your guests to these decadent loaded brownies? After a full day of eating meat and heavy carbs, the rich texture of these brownies is a real palette cleanser.

When we say rich, though, we’re not joking – you may only be able to eat one or two of these before getting full, but they’ll still go down a storm. These are a dessert to remember. 

4. Strawberry Shortcake Icecream Bars

If you fancy serving your guests something a little lighter, check out these strawberry shortcake ice cream bars.

With just 30 minutes of prep and four and a half hours of freezing time, you can put a spin on this timeless classic and serve up a dessert that’s sweet, crunchy, cold, and not too heavy – in other words, perfect for the whole family.

Throw in a helping of fresh strawberries for extra flavor.  

5. No Churn Ice Cream

In the peak of the summer heat, what better way to round off your BBQ than with a generous helping of ice cream? Although making ice cream yourself can be quite a chore, this no-churn ice cream is simple, delicious, and great for those on a budget.

This no-churn ice cream takes 30 minutes to prep and 5 hours to freeze, and it’s full to the brim with chocolate, nuts, and cookie crumbs. However, you can add or omit anything you want to this ice cream, so feel free to make it your own. 

6. Fruit Salad

Next up, we have an all-time family favorite – fruit salad. If you’ve been doing nothing but eating for the whole day, you’ll need something light to wash down your meat with.

This fruit salad is the perfect recipe. This simple mix of kiwi, mango, pineapple, grapes, berries, orange, and honey can be served on its own or with a side of ice cream (see also ‘25 Tastiest Kiwi Recipes‘).

All you need to do is chop your fruit and leave it to macerate in the fridge if you have time! 

7. Summer Berry Trifle

If our fruit-based recipes are grabbing your attention, it’s time to take a look at this summer berry trifle.

This light, refreshing, and gorgeously layered trifle can be made in just 30 minutes, and it’s SO good, you’ll be coming back for more every time.

Made with a decadent blend of fresh fruit, whipped cream, cream cheese, vanilla extract, biscuits, and jam, there’s no dessert more iconic than a trifle. 

8. Pecan Pie Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one dessert we can’t get enough of, so why not treat your guests to this pecan pie cheesecake? Creamy, crispy, sugary, and crunchy, this recipe has a bit of everything, and it can be ready to go in just an hour and a half.

Not bad for cheesecake time!  This recipe serves twelve, and your cheesecake will be full to the brim with biscuits, pecans, double cream, undertones of cinnamon, and plenty of brown sugar. So what’s not to love? 

9. Key Lime Bars

If you love putting a spin on classic recipes, why not try making these key lime bars? To make these bars, you’ll need a little more time to spare.

These require 15 minutes of prep, 20 minutes of cooking, and four hours in the fridge, so here’s your warning to plan ahead.

With plenty of lime, sugar, crackers, butter, and condensed milk, these key lime bars are the perfect balance between refreshing and moreish. Your guests will love them. 

10. Easy Eton Mess

This iconic English dessert is simple to prepare, and it offers an unmatched taste experience of all things creamy and crunchy. Plus, it’s no bake, and it can be ready to serve in just 25 minutes!

Like all Eton messes, this one is loaded with raspberries, strawberries, sugar, cream, mascarpone cheese, and store-bought meringues. This is a memorable way to wash down your meat-based meals in style, and your guests will love you for it.

11. Cookies And Cream Fridge Cake

The cookies and cream combination has stood the test of time, and here, it comes to life once more to create a super sweet, belly-busting fridge cake that doesn’t even need to be cooked.

This fridge cake can be prepped in just 20 minutes, but plan ahead – you’ll need to let this chill for at least 24 hours before serving.

Brimming with double cream, chocolate, cream-filled sandwich cookies, vanilla extract, and icing sugar, this cake is simultaneously light and filling, and it never fails to hit the spot. 

12. BBQ Banana Split

If you still want to put the BBQ to good use, why not try making these BBQ banana splits? Simply slice your bananas down the middle, stuff them with fudge, wrap in foil, and leave them to heat on the BBQ for 25 minutes.

Once they’re done, unwrap and serve with a dollop of ice cream, whipped cream, cherries, and nuts. Bon appetit! 

13. S’mores Dip

S’mores are a true campfire classic. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are or where you come from; we can all agree that there’s just something about toasted marshmallows that’s comforting, nostalgic, and downright delicious.

This s’mores dip puts a twist on this campfire classic, and it requires just a few simple ingredients, including mini marshmallows, milk, and milk chocolate. Serve with biscuits, strawberries, or pineapple chunks, and don’t forget the skewers!

This s’mores dip can be made in just 15 minutes, so you won’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to give your guests a BBQ dessert to remember. 

14. Simple Lemon Tart

Sometimes, all you need is a citrussy hit to wash down your meal with. This simple lemon tart is the ultimate BBQ crowd pleaser, and it’ll take you just over an hour to prepare.

What’s more, this recipe serves a massive 16 people, so you’ll have more than enough to share with your guests! Packed with simple yet tasty ingredients like butter, sugar, and lemon, this tart is a timeless classic that your guests will love you for. 

15. Millionaires Cheesecake

If you want to serve up something slightly more indulgent, this millionaires cheesecake is one recipe you need to know about.

It’s hard to find anything bad to say about any millionaires recipe, and this cheesecake variation takes this classic sweet treat to a whole new level.

You can create this cheesecake in just over an hour, and it’s bursting with more chocolate, cream, sugar, and butter than you can shake a stick at! Filling, creamy, and devilishly moreish, this is one dessert you NEED at your BBQ. 

16. Easy Blueberry Pie

Moving away from the chocolate-based recipes, let’s take a look at this simple blueberry pie. Pie may not be your first choice of dessert for a BBQ, but this one is light, airy, and refreshing, with those blueberry overtones packing a real fruity punch.

Serve with a helping of vanilla ice cream to make this dessert even lighter.

You can make this pie in an hour and forty-five minutes, and it’s loaded with flavors your guests will love, like cinnamon, blueberry, cream, and salt and sugar to balance the sweet and savory. 

17. Pavlova

Next up, we have another infamous dessert to share with you – the pavlova. You can find pavlova at any restaurant, dinner party, or birthday event, and now, it’s time to bring it to the BBQ.

This pavlova features a gooey marshmallow center below its crispy shell, and believe it or not, you’ll only need five ingredients to make it, including cornflour, sugar, egg whites, lemon, and vanilla extract.

This can be made in just over an hour, and it’s so versatile that you can throw on whatever toppings you like. Get ready to wow your guests. 

18. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

If your all-day meat feast has left you craving a bite-sized sweet treat, it’s time to serve up these chocolate-covered strawberries. Ready in just 15 minutes, including prep time, these heavenly sweet treats couldn’t be easier to prepare.

You’ll only need three ingredients (almonds, strawberries, and chocolate) to make these, and they’re so good that you may need to whip up an extra batch to be on the safe side! 

19. Italian Tiramisu

If we asked you to name your favorite Italian dessert, it’d probably be tiramisu. There’s just something about this decadently layered dessert that keeps us coming back for more, and it’s perfect for all occasions – including your very own BBQ.

There are so many variations of tiramisu, but we love this simple, no-fuss recipe the most. This will take you 30 minutes to prep and 3 hours to cool, and it’s bursting with hints of coffee, rum, sugar, and plenty of layers. 

20. Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon lovers, listen up – this lemon meringue pie is a must-have dessert for your BBQ! This glorious pie is simple to prepare, but it does require several steps, so be sure to plan this pie ahead of time.

Loaded with lemons, biscuits, butter, vanilla extract, and more, this heavenly sweet pie is light enough to have you coming back for seconds (and maybe thirds, if you didn’t overdo it at the grill). 

21. Banoffee Cream Pudding With White Chocolate Crumble

Banoffee and white chocolate? Yes, please. This banoffee cream pudding with white chocolate crumble will need to be made at least four hours ahead, but if you have the time to spare, this is one dessert you’ll DEFINITELY want on your BBQ menu.

This pudding strikes the perfect balance between creamy, crispy, chocolatey, and sweet, and it can be served on its own or with an extra helping of ice cream (if your stomach is brave enough). There’s only one word to describe this recipe – heavenly. 

22. Chocolate And Mint Cheesecake

We all love a bit of cheesecake. So, why not try your hand at this chocolate and mint cheesecake?

Mint chocolate is one food combination that never fails to hit the spot, and when it’s layered in a creamy cheesecake, it’ll become one of the most memorable desserts you’ll ever experience.

This cheesecake will take you just over two and a half hours to prep (including chilling time), and it’s bursting with flavor and creamy goodness. So go on; you know you want to. 

23. Mango Fool

Now for something a little light and fruity with this tangy mango fool. This low-fat, high-flavor dessert is healthy and deliciously moreish, but because it’s all fruit based, it won’t fill your guests up too fast.

This recipe features almond bread, vanilla custard, cheese, and plenty of mangoes, and it can be ready to serve in just half an hour. Get ready to round off your BBQ with this iconic fruity punch. 

24. Strawberry Jam Ripple Ice Cream

If ice cream is the only thing on your brain, why not try making this strawberry jam ripple ice cream?

This ice cream will take you 15 minutes to prepare and 3 hours to freeze, and it’s so simple and adaptable that you can change it in whatever way you want!

This particular recipe serves eight people and is full of flavor, with the strawberry jam and lemon zest taking center stage. Serve on its own, with your favorite cake, or throw in some extra fruit to make it lighter. The world is your oyster.  

25. Chocolate Hazelnut Dessert Glass

Not every BBQ needs to end on a fruity, creamy note. If you want to finish off your feast with one last injection of filling food, treat your guests to these chocolate hazelnut dessert glasses.

This no-bake recipe is simple to create, and it only requires a few simple ingredients, such as mascarpone, wafers, chocolate, and hazelnut spread.

In this recipe, each glass holds up to 500ml of chocolate hazelnut dessert, so make sure you have room to spare in your stomach for this unparalleled sweet treat!

Layered, creamy, and super chocolatey, this is every chocolate-hazelnut lover’s dream. Serve with a sprinkling of nuts for that extra wow factor. 

26. Apple Crumble

Now it’s time for another timeless classic – apple crumble. If there’s one thing we know for certain about apple crumble, it’s that it never misses.

Whether you want a hearty winter warmer or a fruity, crunchy dessert to round off your summer meal, this recipe is perfect the whole year round, and it suits any occasion – even your BBQ!

This iconic dessert will take you just over an hour to create, and this recipe keeps it simple. Traditional Bramley apples and cinnamon, sugar, butter, flour, and lemon – it’s everything you need to create this foolproof dessert.

Serve with vanilla ice cream to finish your BBQ on a high. 

27. Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake 

If you want your BBQ to be a real belly-buster of an evening, finish things off with this hot chocolate fudge cake. I mean, just look at it!

Ready in just 40 minutes, this is undoubtedly the creamiest, richest, and most delicious hot chocolate fudge cake you will EVER eat.

This recipe serves nine people, so you’ll have plenty to go around, and it uses simple ingredients, including milk, flour, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, baking powder, sugar, and salt.

Although you can eat this on its own, we’d recommend throwing in a side of vanilla ice cream, so you’re not tempted to eat the whole thing in one go. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Good Dessert To Serve With Hamburgers? 

Hamburgers are notoriously heavy and savory, so we’d recommend serving something light to round off your meal. Instead, try opting for something like ice cream, a fruity cheesecake, or anything citrus-based to cleanse the palette. 

What Foods Are Best For Barbecue? 

At a BBQ, the possibilities are endless. Aside from traditional meat like beef, chicken, and pork, you can serve sides including corn on the cob, coleslaw, potato salad, summer fruits, crisps and dips, and more. 

What Dessert Goes Well With Pulled Pork? 

Pork is versatile, and a versatile main requires a versatile dessert. We’d recommend anything fruity, such as citrus sorbet, pineapple pie, or fruit cobbler. Desserts like brownies and chocolate cake also go well when served with ice cream. 

The Bottom Line 

At a BBQ, the enjoyment doesn’t need to end when the grilling stops. Keep the fun and flavor alive with 27 of the tastiest BBQ desserts! 

27 Of The Tastiest BBQ Desserts (Plus Easy Recipes)

27 Of The Tastiest BBQ Desserts (Plus Easy Recipes)

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Looking for the perfect dessert to round off your summer BBQ with? Click here to discover 27 super tasty BBQ desserts, including easy recipes.

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