13 Banana Pepper Recipes That Are Absolutely Tantalizing

Banana peppers are absolutely delicious, but the only problem is that it’s quite difficult to know what to do with them other than sticking them in a sandwich or using them as toppings since they’re not sweet like bell peppers, or too hot like jalapenos.

13 Banana Pepper Recipes That Are Absolutely Tantalizing

Banana peppers have a unique flavor that’s kind of like sweet n sour, which often makes it difficult to find recipes for their unique flavor to fit in.

This is where these 13 recipes come in, they’re for anyone who’s struggling to find a use for their bell peppers or if you just want to try out a delicious new meal. 

1. Beer Battered Banana Peppers

If you’ve ever had beer battered onion rings, then you know how good beer battered foods are.

These deep-fried banana peppers are mouth wateringly good and they’re surprisingly simple to make, all you’ll need is flour, an egg, beer and a jar of banana peppers.

The crispness of the deep-fried banana peppers is absolutely amazing and they have a rich and tangy earthy flavor that truly makes this recipe unique.

They’re the perfect snack or appetizer and pair beautifully with sriracha or garlic lemon sauce. 

2. Garden Fresh Banana Pepper Salsa

If you’re looking for a tangy and spicy salsa, you need to try this recipe! Garden fresh salsa is so versatile and there’s so many possibilities to make it absolutely delicious, you don’t even need to have a garden to make garden fresh salsa.

Grocery stores stock fresh fruit and veg all the time, just make sure you keep the ingredients to seasonal fruit and veg.

The base is made from cherry tomatoes and your choice of a large tomato, from here you’ll add garlic cloves, jalapenos, banana peppers, cilantro and red and white onions.

Once it’s been seasoned with lime juice and salt and pepper, it’s ready to serve with whatever chips you want. 

3. Banana Pepper Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza is absolutely delicious by itself, but adding banana peppers onto it somehow makes it even better. This recipe is for banana peppers on pepperoni pizza, but honestly banana peppers can be used on any pizza.

The spiciness of the pepperoni is complemented by the tanginess of the banana peppers which gives the pizza a better flavor profile, and trust us making your own pizza dough really isn’t that difficult and it’ll taste much better than a store bought dough.

4. Hot Stuffed Banana Pepper Pasta

If you want a quick and easy but tasty dinner, look no further than this delicious pasta dish (see also ‘23 Easy Pasta Dishes That Can Be Made In One Pot‘).

The banana pepper is stuffed with sweet Italian sausage and goes so well with the tender and mild pasta (see also ‘27 Delicious And Easy Italian Pasta Dishes!‘) and to finish the dish off, cheese is grated over the pasta and stuffed banana peppers and it’s ready to be served.

A crusty loaf or garlic bread would go perfect with this recipe and it’s also delicious over zucchini noodles if you’re gluten free or paleo. 

5. Pickled Banana Peppers

Like cucumbers, many people decide to pickle their banana peppers when they have quite a few leftovers and it’s easy to see why since they’re so tasty.

All you’ll need to pickle them is white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, sugar, mustard seed, celery seed (see also ‘What Makes Celery Seeds Amazing, And 5 Substitutes You Can Use‘) and a pound of banana peppers that have been sliced into rings.

It’ll take less than 30 minutes to pickle two pints worth of pickled banana peppers and around a week for them to properly marinate, but once they do, trust us they’re absolutely worth the long wait time. 

6. Buffalo Chicken Banana Peppers

These loaded stuffed banana peppers are packed with chopped chicken, cream cheese, parmesan, hot wing sauce and salt.

They work well as appetizers, snacks or even as a main course paired with other things, they’re super versatile and only take 45 minutes in total to make 2 dozen.

They’re perfect if you love all things hot, as the hot wing sauce provides a decent kick to them and the banana peppers add a perfect tang to them. 

7. Bacon Wrapped Banana Peppers Stuffed with Sweet Potato 

This one might sound a bit weird, but you’ve got to trust the process.

The sweet n sour taste of the banana peppers with the sweetness of the sweet potato actually goes together really quite well and the smokiness of the paprika helps to bring it all together into a cohesive recipe.

The bacon adds an extra bit of flavor, because who doesn’t like bacon? They’re all quite mild except for the odd one where you might get a bit of a hot kick, but overall these stuffed peppers are great as appetizers or just quick snacks.

8. Three Meat Stuffed Italian Banana Peppers

Another stuffed banana pepper recipe, but this time it’s got three meats rolled into one fabulous and tasty dish.

The meats are pork, ground beef and Italian hot sausage, but this recipe has perfected the level of hotness, so it definitely won’t burn your tongue off!

These stuffed peppers retain their crunch even after cooking and the delicious spicy banana pepper sauce does wonders in adding even more flavor, plus the added herbs and spices and tons of cheese makes these peppers taste absolutely phenomenal.

If you find yourself with a surplus of banana peppers this Fall season, you have to try this recipe out! 

9. Slow Cooker Pulled Banana Pepper Roast Beef

This recipe is for the days where you just want to be lazy but still want a hearty, satisfying meal.

The slow cooker (see also ‘26 Of The Tastiest And Easiest Slow Cooker Appetizers‘) creates wonderful pulled beef that is so juicy and bursting with tons of flavor and the extra ingredients like the green chilis, banana peppers and onions just add even more flavor.

The meat is seasoned with tomato paste/ beef stock sauce with olive oil, cumin, oregano, cayenne, paprika, lime juice, bay leaves, cilantro, garlic and salt and pepper, this dish doesn’t just taste good, it’ll also leave your house smelling absolutely delicious. 

10. Stuffed Banana Peppers

These stuffed banana peppers might be the best stuffed pepper recipe on the list. They’re full of chopped beef, melty cheese and tons of seasonings, not to mention the banana pepper itself lends its tangy taste very well to this dish.

It’s super easy to make and will only take 25 minutes in total to cook 10 half stuffed peppers, they’re great to serve on a party platter, as an appetizer or just as a side dish to your main course.

Whatever you choose for these delicious stuffed banana peppers, you won’t regret it. 

11. Pan-Roasted Peppers

If you just want a quick and easy meal with no messing around, there’s no better recipe than simply roasting the banana peppers in a pan to char and soften.

Doing this really brings out the sweetness of the peppers and allows them to serve well as a side dish or in a number of different ways.

You can roast a variety of different vegetables alongside them along with some herbs and beans or rice to create a nice and hearty midweek meal. 

12. Vegetarian Chili

This gluten-free and vegan dish is packed full of flavor to spruce up your next dinner.

Made with rich portabella mushrooms, banana peppers, jalapenos, beans, tomatoes and green peppers and seasoned with a variety of different herbs and spices, your tastebuds will be taken on a journey.

Of course you can add more or less peppers to control how hot you want the chili, but the banana peppers do a good job of controlling the heat due to their sweet and tangy flavor. 

13. Chow Chow

Chow chow is another classic preserve that is a great way to use up the rest of your banana peppers and turn them into something delicious.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can swap in or out different ingredients, as it doesn’t rely on any one ingredient and will taste great no matter what you put in it as long as cabbage is the main feature in it.

It provides a great side relish for hot dogs, fried potatoes and anything you can really think of, there’s not much reason not to do this, since it turns your leftover banana peppers into something truly tasty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Banana Peppers Taste Like?

Banana peppers, or sometimes commonly referred to as banana chilis or yellow wax pepper have a sweet and mild taste, about five times milder than the average jalapeno.

Their flavor is described more as a ‘subtle tang’ rather than hot or spicy, but there are spicier varieties out there. 

Are Banana Peppers Healthy?

Yes they are! The capsaicin in the banana peppers can actually help to speed up the digestive process, increase metabolism and even protect against stomach ulcers.

They also contain high levels of fiber which can help to reduce or treat digestion problems. They’re also packed with important nutrients and several key vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C. 

13 Banana Pepper Recipes That Are Absolutely Tantalizing

13 Banana Pepper Recipes That Are Absolutely Tantalizing

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Banana peppers are a sweet, tangy, and spicy pepper that can be used in a variety of dishes. Here are 13 banana pepper recipes that are delicious.

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