6 Best Baking Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are hardly a new phenomenon, but baking subscription boxes have spent ample time on the back burner, waiting for their moment to rise up. We’re pleased to say the time is now. 

Baking Subscription Boxes

If you’re ready to make baking simple, accessible, and fun, take a look at our best baking subscription boxes of 2022 for great value, fun, and exciting recipes delivered straight to your door. 

1. Bake Eat Love 

Why We Chose It 

This subscription service offers plenty of seasonal options, all of which are beginner-friendly and loaded with flavor. Boxes are versatile and unique and can help teach beginner bakers important new skills. 


  • Each box includes a recipe card (with pictures) to walk you through the most important points in the process and compare your creation to the one made by the Bake Eat Love team. 
  • When you sign up, you’ll be told in advance what recipe you’ll be creating so that you can source any tools or perishable ingredients that Bake Eat Love doesn’t supply. 
  • Boxes come with small baking accessories, such as piping bags and cake decorations. You also get a bonus item in each box: anything from a thermometer to a spatula. 


  • This subscription box is slightly more expensive than other options. However, if you buy more than a month at a time, it is possible to get the price down. 
  • Currently, Bake Eat Love does not offer designated gluten-free boxes or nut-free boxes. So, if you have an intolerance, you’ll need to check your recipe and ingredients carefully. 

If you’re a beginner baker looking for the perfect, all-inclusive box to get your culinary show on the road, look no further than the Bake Eat Love subscription box. 

There are plenty of baking subscription boxes out there, but we’ve found the Bake Eat Love option to be one of the best for new bakers.

Each month, you’ll be given everything you need to create a new masterpiece and have all the support and guidance you could dream of, including video tutorials, pre-measured ingredients, recipe cards, baking tools, and more! 

Some past, current, and future recipes have included mango and coconut ice cream profiteroles, pumpkin cake pops, and chocolate marionberry mousse trifles. 

Like all good subscription boxes, you can pick when your box ships out and cancel at any time, so you’ll never have to feel boxed in (pardon the pun).

Each box also comes with enough ingredients to create between 12 and 20 treats, so although this subscription service is a little on the expensive side, you’ll always end up with plenty of food to go around. 

So, whether you’re a beginner baker, looking for something kid-friendly, or you’re an experienced baker who wants to save time and effort in the kitchen, the Bake Eat Love subscription is a simple, versatile option for people of all ages and abilities. We loved it! 

2. Breadista 

Why We Chose It

With the Breadista subscription box, you can create bakery-style bread from the comfort of your home. The process is condensed into simple steps, too, so you don’t have to be a pro to create a show-stopping loaf. 


  • Each box includes pre-measured ingredients, which include yeast. 
  • You’ll be given step-by-step instructions with each box. 
  • Your subscription also includes some handy baking extras, such as baking paper, preserves, or jam, and you’ll get a bonus gift with each box. Bonus gifts have included serrated knives and cutting boards. 
  • You won’t need many perishable ingredients or things that aren’t included in the box. Most recipes only require water and a few other cupboard staples, such as butter and olive oil


  • You won’t get as much help with your baking as you would with other services like Bake Eat Love. Although you’ll be given step-by-step instructions, you won’t get any additional support like video tutorials. This may be daunting for beginners. 

If you want to bring the iconic taste of European bread to your kitchen, it’s time to take a look at the Breadista subscription box. These monthly subscription boxes focus exclusively on making (you guessed it) bread.

Compared to cake-baking subscription boxes, you might be tempted to think this is a little boring. However, Breadista gives you the chance to make plenty of delicious loaves, including German rye (see also ‘Want Authentic German Cuisine?‘) and spice bread, French herb bread, swiss loaves, and more. 

(P.S, you’ll also get the chance to make buns and pretzels!)

Each Breadista box strives to use organic ingredients, and each ingredient is pre-measured for your convenience. Each kit features a 24-ounce baking mix, which creates roughly two pounds of bread. If you’re making items such as bread rolls, expect around ten servings from your mix. 

In addition to your ingredients being organic (where possible), they’re also all sourced from a mill on the West Coast, and your flours are never over-processed or bleached. This guarantees you the best quality bread every time.

You’ll also be given extra ingredients to pair with your bread, such as olive oil, jam or caramel, and the pictured recipe cards can help condense complex creations into easy-to-understand recipes. 

If you subscribe to the Breadista box, you can choose between one, three, and six months subscriptions, and of course, you can cancel at any time.

Although we wouldn’t recommend this box to beginners, it’s ideal for those who already have a little experience in the kitchen and want to take their baking skills up a notch! 

3. Baz Bagel Baking Kit 

Why We Chose It 

Next up, we have the Baz Bagel Baking Kit. We chose this kit because it gives you the chance to create your own delicious New York Bagels in your own kitchen. This unique kit will produce the most memorable bagels you’ll ever eat. 


  • Each kit includes pre-measured ingredients, with enough to make a whopping 12 bagels. This is ideal for families looking for a new activity to do together (and you’ll need all those extra mouths to finish off the bagels!)
  • Your bagel baking kit comes with detailed instructions on how to create your bagels, making this kit suitable for beginners and experienced bakers alike. 
  • This kit also comes in a ‘rainbow bagel’ making option – with this box, you’ll get everything you need to create Baz Bagels’ iconic rainbow bagels, including flour, yeast, salt, malt, sesame seed, poppy seed, food coloring, and more. 


  • Unlike other boxes, you won’t receive any extra baking accessories or spreads to help with your baking. Although you’ll have the base ingredients to create your bagels, you’ll need to source all the equipment (such as a mixer and baking sheets) yourself. 
  • No gluten-free or nut-free options. 

If you’ve ever spoken to a New Yorker about bagels, you’ll know that Baz bagels are iconic. Based in the heart of SoHo/Little Italy, Baz Bagel serves a range of delicious breakfast, lunch, and even dinner bagels.

If you’re a fan of all things Baz, you can now bring the magic of these timeless bagels to your own kitchen with the Baz Bagel Baking Kit. 

Who doesn’t love bagels?! This kit is perfect for beginners and advanced bakers, and you’ll get enough from each box to yield between ten and twelve bagels, perfect for hungry families!

With detailed instructions and pre-measured ingredients, you can even get the kids involved in the process – especially with the rainbow bagel box, which is sure to pique their interest. (Seriously, who doesn’t want to create and eat a multicolored bagel!?). 

If you never tire of eating bagels, the Baz Bagel box is perfect for you. Fresh ingredients, beautifully packaged and delivered straight to your door – what more could you ask for? 

4. Bakedin 

Why We Chose It 

The Bakedin subscription is one of the most versatile baking subscription boxes out there. You can choose from the ‘baking club’ subscription for all things sweet and moreish or the ‘bread baking club’ option for both sweet and savory bread. 


  • Each kit includes pre-measured dry ingredients. Each ingredient is packed in separate plastic packaging and numbered for ease of use. 
  • Recipe cards feature detailed instructions for your sweet treats or bread, and you’ll always be given a comprehensive list of any wet or perishable ingredients required to make your creation. 
  • Each Bakedin box comes with extra goodies, such as baking paper, testing skewers, and piping bags, so you’ll really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth with this subscription. 
  • The sky’s the limit with the Bakedin box, and you can choose from a range of different creations to make. Whether you want bread or something sweeter, you’ll find what you’re looking for with these boxes. 


  • These boxes don’t cater to dietary restrictions, so don’t expect any vegan, gluten-free, or nut-free boxes.

If you want a bit more choice from your baking subscription box, look no further than Bakedin. Whether you want to create a hearty loaf of bread or a different sweet treat every month, Bakedin has more than enough options to choose from. 

All ingredients are pre-measured and individually packaged, and you’ll receive handy extras such as skewers and baking paper with each box. Don’t forget those step-by-step instructions, which we found incredibly detailed and simple.

Even if you’re new to baking, you’ll have no trouble understanding what’s required of you for each recipe. 

Although some boxes will tell you ahead of time what you’ll be making, each month, you’ll be making something different with Bakedin, and it’ll remain a surprise, and your box lands on your doorstep.

However, previous creations have included tiger rolls, Eton mess, brownies, chocolate cheesecake, and millionaire shortbread! 

We loved the Bakedin box, and compared to our competitors, it’s one of the cheapest options on the market. You can choose a monthly rolling subscription or a three, six, or twelve-month option. Affordable and risk-free, Bakedin is fantastic for bakers of all ages and abilities. 

5. Mon Dessert 

Why We Chose It

Mon Dessert gives you the chance to create some of the world’s most luxurious desserts (see also ‘9 Best Dessert Subscription Boxes‘) in your own kitchen. Although it’s a little on the expensive side, you get plenty of extras which really make this worth your while. 


  • Each box contains baking equipment that’s relevant to your recipes, such as reusable piping bags, nozzles, and rulers to get your dough just right. 
  • All ingredients are pre-measured, and each recipe includes detailed instructions that feature diagrams to make things simpler. 
  • If you discover a recipe you like, you’ll have the option to buy a ‘refill kit’, which means you can get all the same ingredients without the extra equipment, so you can avoid doubling up. 


  • This subscription is more expensive than some of our other options. However, with the quality of the equipment and instructions, it works out as great value for money. 

If you’ve always dreamed of creating complex and luxurious desserts at home, let us introduce you to the Mon Dessert box. 

Even if you’re new to baking, you don’t have to be intimidated by the complexity of these desserts. Instead, the Mon Dessert box makes each recipe accessible and easy to follow, making this a great option for beginners and advanced bakers alike. 

All of your ingredients come individually packaged, and you’ll get the equipment you need to bring your creation to life, including pizza cutters and piping bags.

Although some recipes can be lengthy (some include as many as 36 steps), the instructions are simple to read and even include diagrams, so you won’t have trouble breathing life into your subscription recipe. 

If you need a little extra help, you can scan a QR code on your recipe to access a quick video. This video will give you even more guidance if you’re struggling to follow the instructions! 

Like all good subscription boxes, you can cancel this subscription at any time and choose from a range of payment options. The ‘refill kit’ option is also a great feature that some other competitors lack, making this box great value for money for bakers of all ages and abilities.

If it’s sweet treats you’re after, this box may be perfect for you! 

6. Honeywell Bakes 

Why We Chose It

Honeywell is another diverse subscription box that allows you to choose between four subscription options. Whether you want to bake bread, sweet treats, or find a box that’s suitable for your kids or families, you’ll have plenty of options with Honeywell. 


  • You’ll have four subscription models to choose from, including the Bakers Club, the Bread Bakers Club, the Young Bakers Club, and the family Bakers Club. 
  • Each box comes with pre-measured, individually-wrapped ingredients and comprehensive recipe cards that tell you which perishable items you need to provide. 
  • Each box is letter-box friendly, so there’s no need to wait for special deliveries or large parcels. All packing is also recyclable and/or compostable. 


  • Unlike other subscription boxes, Honeywell doesn’t provide you with any baking equipment or extra goodies, so you’ll need to have all your equipment on hand before you start baking. 

Honeywell is one of the most diverse subscriptions in our roundup. With four subscription models to choose from, you can find the right box for you. Whether you want something for the family, the kids, cakes, desserts, or bread, there’s something for everyone. 

Each box features detailed recipe cards and instructions, and each ingredient is individually packaged and labeled to make your baking experience easier. Some past recipes have included baked pretzels, brioche buns, wedding-themed biscuits, and more.

Your kids will get plenty of hands-on time, too, as each recipe in the young bakers club box is carefully written to appeal to children, with loads of fun ingredients, including chocolate spread, strawberries, and more.  

Although Honeywell doesn’t provide much equipment, some recipes do include disposable piping bags if required. Prices vary according to your subscription.

However, you can cancel at anytime and choose between one-month, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month options. 

The Bottom Line 

With so many subscription boxes to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. However, we feel that there’s something for everyone in our best baking subscription boxes roundup – so, whether you want something sweet or savory, there’s something for everyone, even if you’re new to baking! 

6 Best Baking Subscription Boxes

6 Best Baking Subscription Boxes

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