19 Tasty Bagel Toppings For Any Time Of Day

Who doesn’t love a bagel? They’re quick, they’re easy, and they’re super tasty. And with a little imagination and creativity, they can be so versatile.

When combines with the right ingredients they can be the perfect recipe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

19 Tasty Bagel Toppings For Any Time Of Day

If you’re not sure what goes well between these heavenly soft and chewy slices of circular bread, do not worry, because that’s what I’m here for.

Today I’m going to list my 19 go-to toppings when I get those bagel cravings, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them too.

1. Cream Cheese

While not all that adventurous, cream cheese bagels sure are tasty. It’s definitely a classic combo, but the greats that stand the test of time do so for a reason.

A toasted chewy but slightly crunchy bagel with a heaped portion of cream cheese will always taste incredible. 

And there’s not even a recipe needed. Just toast your bagels and lather with store-bought cream cheese and you’re all set and good to go.

2. Raspberry Cheesecake

Whoever told you that bagels had to be savory was a big fat liar! Yes, I am that passionate about a sweet bagel. And once you try one, you will be too.

This is the perfect recipe to get you jumping out of bed on even the dreariest and darkest of early mornings. 

Mascarpone cheese, smashed-up raspberries, and grated chocolate sit on a bed of chewy toasted bagel goodness. I couldn’t think of a better breakfast! 

3. Butter

This one is for the plain janes amongst us. Or for those of us that barely have time to blink in the morning, let alone prepare a tasty breakfast.

It’s very simple, sure, but it’s also super scrumptious. Is there a better combo than bread dripping in melted butter? I think not. 

Again no recipe needed. Just toast those bagels and spread your butter and you’re good to go. If you’re really busy, you can even eat them on the go.

4. Spinach & Feta Omelet Breakfast Bagel

This one takes a little bit longer to cook, so it’s not really suitable for those in a rush. However, it does make the perfect lazy Sunday brunch (because who’s awake for breakfast on a Sunday?)

The spinach and feta combine together to make the most mouthwatering flavor and it’ll ensure that you stay hungry for a while thanks to the generous amount of eggs used in the omelet. 

Plus, there’s no meat involved so it’s a perfect tasty option for the vegetarians reading today!

5. Peanut Butter

Crunchy or smooth the option is yours, just make sure you’re filling your bagel to the brim with this salty but delicious treat.

As far as spreads go, this is one of my absolute favorites and it can be elevated even further with the addition of some fruit (bananas are definitely my favorite!)

Or if you have more of a sweet tooth, spread peanut butter on one slice and Nutella on the other to create your own Snickers flavored bagel.

6. Nacho Bagels

I found this recipe one night when I had major cravings for bagels and nachos, and thought ‘Hey, I wonder if you can combine the two?’ Turns out you can, and boy are they delicious. 

All you’ll need is your bagels, some thinly sliced tomatoes, spicy Mexican cheese, and some bacon pieces. They take just 15 minutes to make and 15 seconds to devour!

7. Smoked Salmon

Don’t quote me on it, but I’m almost certain that the inventor of smoked salmon made it just to pair perfectly with a tasty bagel.

I mean, surely they have to have done? Otherwise, how can a combination go so well together? 

It’s super tasty and that easy to make it doesn’t even require a recipe. All you need to do is spread a layer of cream cheese on your bagel and top with some smoked salmon.

Or to really make a nice meal top the salmon on some salted smashed avocado.

8. Chicken Parmigiana

Take one of the absolute favorite and popular sandwiches, remove the bread and replace it with a bagel. And boom, you’ve got an amazing mouth-watering lunch or dinner. 

It’s got that crunch, it’s got plenty of cheese, and it’s got juicy and tender fried chicken. Do I need to say anymore? This recipe has my belly rumbling just thinking about it.

9. Pizza

Craving pizza? Try these ten-minute bagels! They ooze rich and tasty marinara sauce and plenty of melted cheese.

The topping for this recipe is pepperoni, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting really creative with what you want on your pizza bagel. 

But now it’s time for the age-old question: does pineapple belong on pizza (bagels?)

10. Meatball Sandwich

These meatball bagel sliders are absolutely unreal. I’ve served these up for dinner plenty of times and they are consumed within mere minutes! 

They do take a little bit longer to cook than some of the other toppings here though, so they are definitely a dinner-time meal more than a quick on-the-go snack.

11. Burger

Are the kids begging for burgers today but you’ve got no burger buns? You never needed them anyway. These New York bagel burgers are far superior.

A juicy patty sits on your bagel of choice along with pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, pickle relish and so much more.

When I say these burgers are fully loaded, I mean keep-a-couple-dozen-napkins-beside-you kind of loaded. Trust me, you’re going to need them.

12. Cinnamon Crunch

We’re all agreed that Panera’s cinnamon crunch bagels are elite, right?  Well, now you can make your own copy-cat version from the comfort of your own home.

They’re so good, and you’ll honestly be barely able to tell the difference from the real deal. You’re sure to get plenty of compliments for these bad boys.

13. Tuna Salad

Move over Salmon, there’s a new fish on the block, and it’s gunning for everybody’s bagels.

Tuna salad may not be the most popular spread, but that’s probably just because most people haven’t tried it in a bagel. 

This makes for the perfect lunch meal. It’s quick and easy to prepare and it tastes great and requires just 4 ingredients!

14. Vegan Pulled ‘Pork’

Want the mouthwatering deliciousness of the barbeque pulled pork and coleslaw combo without any meat? Then this is the recipe of your dreams. 

King oyster mushrooms are shredded and lathered in bbq sauce and topped with chunky homemade vegan coleslaw.

This does take a little bit longer to prepare, but good things come to those who wait. And oh, is this good!

15. Egg Salad

This slightly stinky sandwich tastes absolutely scrumptious. While your fellow commuters may not appreciate you snacking on this bagel on the go, you’ll surely love it.

And hey, we can all be a little selfish from time to time, right? 

It’s so easy to make and if you want to prep your meal the night before. All you need is some hard-boiled eggs and mayo dressing. And bagels, of course, can’t forget those.

16. Mixed Berry & Greek Yoghurt

Looking for a bagel that tastes great and is filled with fresh fruit and tons of protein. Then you need to try this recipe for a beautiful breakfast option. 

This is a great healthier choice since it has tons of essential nutrients within it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – so make sure you’re starting your morning off right.

17. Cookie Dough Cream Cheese

The sky’s the limit when it comes to bagels, and we’re throwing the rule book out the window with this one.

My absolute favorite dessert hands down is cookie dough, so if I can find a way to incorporate it into any recipe, well, you just watch me. 

This one is definitely for all the sweet tooths out there!

18. Caprese

Let out your Italian side with this super tasty mozzarella cheese, tomato, and basil bagel. It’s both light and filling at the same time.

It’s really tasty and totally instagram-worthy because it looks so pretty. Both the colors and flavors are so complimentary.

19. Mushroom

You won’t have mushroom in your stomach left after snacking on one of these. I’m sorry that was a bad joke. But this tasty dish is definitely no laughing matter. 

These bagels have a bed of tasty avocado which is topped with garliky mushrooms and gouda cheese. They are the perfect veggie treat for any time of day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bagels Healthier Than Bread?

While bagels are much tastier than bread, they are unfortunately not as healthy. A plain white bagel will equate to around 300 calories while a slice of white bread is just 90. 

Why Do You Put Bagels In Water?

Breifly boiling bagels create a thin and elastic crust while still allowing them to raise well in the oven which gives them their soft texture

Why Do Bagels Have A Hole In The Center?

The hole in a bagel gives it a larger surface area which allows for a more even and consistent bake. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are a million and one different ways to make a bagel. Sure those simple and plain flavors are really tasty, but there’s so much more you can do with bagels.

Give some of these recipes a try and see which one is your favorite!

19 Tasty Bagel Toppings For Any Time Of Day

19 Tasty Bagel Toppings For Any Time Of Day

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Do you love bagels but get sick and tired of eating the same fillings day in day out. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

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