38 Baby Shower Appetizers Recipes Your Guests Will Adore

First things first, congratulations are in order! You (or someone you know) have a baby on the way! How exciting!

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So, of course, it’s time to plan a baby shower and that can be a little less exciting.

38 Baby Shower Appetizers Recipes Your Guests Will Adore

Sure, you’ll have plenty of fun on the day, but the planning part can get a little overwhelming.

That’s why I’ve made one part of the process a whole lot easier for you.

While I can’t help you pick your decorations, or sort through the guest list, I can show you 38 of the scrummiest, yummiest appetizers (see also ‘26 Best Cold Appetizers‘) you can serve your guests.

So let’s get to it. 

1. Cucumber Smoked Salmon

Easy and elegant, this is the perfect appetizer for a baby shower.

Mainly because they involve no cooking whatsoever, so they are quick to prepare.

They also taste great, they’re cool and refreshing and are a nice light bite that won’t leave you too full. 

2. Brie & Leek Tartlets

Does creamy gooey cheese mixed with leeks oozing out of a crisp and crunchy casing sound good to you? It does to me!

These always go down a treat at parties and even the fussiest of eaters can’t help but pick at these small tasty bites. 

3. Whipped Goat Cheese And Blueberry Balsamic Crostini

Who ever said that finger food (check out our favorite finger food recipes) had to be plain and boring has obviously never tried these decadent crostinis.

While they may not seem like ingredients that you’d instinctively put together, it’ll take just one bite to see the error of your ways.

They’re both tangy and tart and the fruity flavors compliment the goats cheese perfectly. 

4. Zucchini & Cheese Roulades

Zucchini is, in my opinion, such an underrated vegetable that cooked just right is actually so tasty and flavorsome.

Add some cheese and tasty seasoning to the mix and you’ve got a real treat on your hands.

Its simple and easy to make which is also a great bonus on an already busy day. 

5. Gluten Free Chip And Guacamole Bites

There’s nothing worse than having an intolerance and scouring the buffet table to find at least one thing that you’ll be able to eat.

So it’s always a good idea to make sure there is at least something there for your glute-free friends so they don’t starve.

Plus regular chip and dip can get messy, unhygienic, and can hold up the queue at the buffet table.

So give these gluten free (see also ‘26 Easy Gluten Free Appetizer Recipes‘) chip and dip cups a go and keep everybody happy. 

6. Greek Stuffed Mini Potatoes

Call me pedantic but when I’m hosting parties, I want my guests to be blown away with both the flavor and the presentation of my food.

And while these potatoes do taste amazing, I always opt for them based on how professional and pretty they look on the table.

They can also be served hot or cold and taste fantastic with a drizzle of tzatziki sauce. 

7. Pepperoni Cheese Pizza Bombs

If you’ve got fussy eaters (or children) coming to your shower, you’re going to want to be serving some of the basics that you know everyone will love.

However, pizza can be a bit of a pain, it’s messy, and it can take up a large portion of the buffet table.

These bombs are a nice compromise that allows that familiar yummy taste without any of the inconvenience. 

8. Toasted Ravioli Puffs

Want to see a magic trick? Serve these tasty puffs at your baby shower and see them disappear within mere seconds.

These popular puffs are pretty delicious.and they only contain 5 ingredients so you can cook them in no time at all.

Crispy cheese ravioli dunked in a warm and herby marinara sauce? Yes, please. 

9. Sesame Pineapple Sausage Bites

Stuck between a sweet or savoury appitizer? Why not combine the two? The flavors of this are absolutely delicious.

You may not think pineapple should go on pizza, but you won’t dispute that pineapple and sausage are actually a match made in heaven after sampling this recipe.

The juicy savory sausage and sweetness of the pineapple is fine as it is, but it is just elevated to an entirely new level when you add the crunchy sesame seeds and sticky sauce. 

10. Baked Sweetcorn Croquettes

Sure potato croquettes are nice, but they’re also a little boring and predictable.

These sweetcorn croquettes go down a hit with my friends and family.

The sweetness of the corn compliments the cream cheese and cheddar so well. And once drenched in some butter they are the perfect appetizer. 

11. Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

You’ve heard of surf and turf. Well, what about surf and earth? These crab stuffed mushrooms are absolutely divine.

The earthy taste of the hollowed out mushrooms mixed with crab, cheese, and garlic is drool-inducing.

They’re also simple to make and easy and convenient to eat. 

12. Duchess Potatoes

If anyone does fantastic food, it’s the french. And these duchess potatoes are so tasty and they look so good.

If you want to really go all out with presentation, these deserve pride and place on your buffet table.

While they don’t take too long to actually make, the piping can be a little time-consuming, however they can be prepared in advance and then frozen until the day of the event.

Regardless, they are certainly worth the time and effort they require. 

13. Mushroom Bruschetta With Gruyere And Thyme 

These appitzers may be small in size but not in flavor.

The crunchy and crispy baguette base topped with a nutty and earthy mushroom and gruyere mixture makes for a very rich and decadent experience.

They also look super fancy and elegant while actually taking just 20 minutes to create. 

14. Brie, Asparagus, & Prosciutto Bundles

Be warned, tasting just one of these bundles soon becomes trying two, then three, then four. They’re so moreish.

Who doesn’t love a buttery crispy puff pastry, especially when it’s filled with prosciutto and asparagus while dripping with melted brie cheese (see also ‘23 Brie Cheese Recipes You Won’t Be Able To Get Enough Of‘).

They make me feel ravenous just thinking about them. 

15. Wonton Taco Cups

Why should you not be able to serve your favorite foods at your party just because they’re too messy and too much of a kerfuffle to serve.

Well, I won’t have it. If you want it, that’s what you’ll get. You won’t have to say no to tacos with these easy bite size appetizer.

16. Cheeseburger Cups

Buffet meals can be the bain of a picky eater’s life. We’ve all been there, searching the table for something less fancy with no offending flavors.

What I would have given to pick up one of these scrumptious, juicy, and easy to eat burgers, the last time I went to a buffet.

Leave out some of the more common condiments for guests to drizzle over the top for the ultimate picky-eater-party-piece. 

17. Mini Jalapeno Popper Egg Rolls

Variety is the spice of life and if you’re looking to spice up your appetizer menu, then you need to try these tasty jalapeno popper egg rolls.

They’re spicy, salty, cheesy, garlicky goodness all neatly rolled into a crispy wonton wrapper.

What more could you ask for? Maybe a cool dip for those who can’t quite hack the heat. 

18. Steak Frites Bites

The best reviewed food is always recipes that are just a little bit different from the norm.

Sure you could just serve salad and sandwiches, but why would you do that when you can serve bite size steak and fries?

They’re sure to go down a treat. Don’t forget to drizzle them with the stunning steak sauce before you serve! 

19. Mini Chicken And Waffles 

These appitzers are so scrummy that you that you won’t want to share them.

So it’s probably a good job that they’re so filling or they’d never make it past the kitchen.

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got some skewers to keep these big boys in place so that they don’t topple over.

I’d delve into more depth about how well the crispy chicken goes together with the syrupy waffles, but surely everyone is familiar with this southern combo. 

20. Honey & Garlic Cauliflower

Your vegetarian friends and family will thank you for this one.And then beg you for the recipe. 

These delicious bites are so tasty and they’re flavorsome and fairly healthy too. They’re crunchy, spicy, and sticky, and so very moreish.  

21. Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs

Anyone else have a second stomach for dessert? No matter how full I am, there’s always room for something sweet.

So serve up these easy-to-eat kabobs for all your sweet-toothed friends and family.

The crispy biscuits, cool whip filling, and fresh strawberries, are enough to satisfy that pudding craving without being so heavy they leave you feeling bloated. 

22. Loaded Potato Skins

While I love a new and interesting appitizer as much as the next guy, there are some recipes that you don’t mess with.

And one of those is loaded potato skins. It’s an all time great of party food and it’s popular for a reason.

Serve these spuds packed with bacon, sour cream, and a generous portion of cheese and they are sure to be a fan favorite. 

23. Buffalo Chicken Dip

With all those lovely and tasty appetizers, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got some equally delicious dips for dunking.

And you can’t go wrong with this buffalo dip (see also ‘33 Simple Dip Recipes Suitable For A Party’). It takes no time at all to prepare and then your slow cooker (see also ‘26 Of The Tastiest And Easiest Slow Cooker Appetizers‘) will do the rest for you.

It’s tangy and super cheesy and goes with everything! Perfect for parties. 

24. Cranberry Nut Cream Cheese Balls

These are perfect for any party spread, but are especially great if you have a Christmas baby shower coming up.

I love these for buffet spreads because it means you can serve something to spread on crackers without having to worry about the dreaded double dippers.

There’s nothing worse than a pot filled with cracker crumbs.

But now guests can enjoy a creamy cheesy nutty spread that can be easily placed on a plate. 

25. Mac & Cheese Balls

Mac and cheese is a guilty pleasure of mine, so of course I found this comfort-food appetizer.

They’re crunchy and crisp on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside.

They go down an absolute treat with any little kiddies joining the party, and the parents adore them too. 

26. Zucchini Fries

These herby tasty baked zucchini fries are absolutely to die for.

I love a good portion of regular fries as much as the next person, but they can be a bit greasy and stodgy whereas these are oven baked and light in the stomach.

They don’t take much cooking or prepping time either so they are a great choice for busy days. 

27. Oscar Tomato Tarts

Tartlets meat pizza in this fresh and tasty appetizer (for more pizza-based appetizers, read here).

You’ll use a buttery and flaky pastry for the base, then top that with fresh tomato, pepper jack cheese, and sweet caramelized onions for the topping.

They’re the perfect size at just a mouthful, but since they’re so addictive this can mean that your guests will be gobbling these down in a matter of minutes. 

28. Watermelon Fries & Cream Cheese Dip

If your baby shower is in the summer this is the ultimate refreshing snack.

Yes, as far as recipes go, it’s about as simple as they come but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be one of the most popular items on the buffet table.

The refreshing marshmallow sticks are divine when they are dipped in the sweet cream cheese and marshmallow creme. 

29. Fruit Kabobs

Another super easy appetizer for you here, because let’s face it, your busy enough the day of your baby shower to be bothering standing behind a stove all day.

And sometimes simple yet effective is the best way to go. Plus with so much savory food, it’s great to have something refreshing and sweet on the menu. 

30. Honey Mustard Pretzel Chicken

Savoury. Salty. Sweet. Crunchy. Tasty. This honey mustard pretzel chicken is one of my all time favorite recipes.

It takes as little as five minutes to prep and just 25 minutes to cook, so it’s also a moderately easy one to make.

You’re sure to have plenty of people asking you for the recipe to this one.  Don’t worry, I don’t mind you taking the credit. 

31. Bacon & Blue Deviled Eggs With Roasted Garlic And Asparagus

Regular deviled eggs are fine for just any old regular party.

But this isn’t a regular party, so why should you stick with the standard when you could have so much better?

They look amazing served up, and they taste even better.

They are packed full of flavors such as bacon, garlic, and asparagus, and are just on a whole other level than your usual picnic or party food (see also ‘32 Smart And Delicious Graduation Party Food Ideas‘). 

32. Buffalo Chicken Celery Boats

Buffalo chicken wings are delicious, there’s no disputing it. But meat with bones is something I tend to avoid at a buffet table.

Plus as far as finger food goes, wings drenched in sauce are about as messy as they come.

So here’s a bone and mess free version that allows you to keep the delicious flavors of your favorite food.

And oh are they delicious, the heat from the wings pairs great with the refreshing taste of the celery. 

33. Watermelon, Feta, And Mint Skewers

These sweet and savoury skewers are another great choice for an appetizer.

These are the perfect option for baby showers taking place in the summer. They fill a hole while still being a refreshing and light experience. 

34. Pasta Chips

Seasoning up some pasta and then chucking it in the air fryer may seem too good to be true, but it’s not.

These are the perfect picky option and they are seriously addictive. You try one or two and suddenly you’ve polished off a couple dozen.

Seve them with a rich warm marinara sauce and watch how quickly the pile dwindles down. 

35. Soft Pretzel Bites

First thing to address here is the name of these appetizers, because really they’re not all that pretzelly, in fact they’re closer to a pigs-in-blanket.

But I digress, they are still mighty tasty.

They’re a nice salty and butter pizza dough crust wrapped around a small juicy sausage. Not really a pretzel, but still a great tasting appetizer choice. 

36. Baby Swiss Appetizer Cheesecake

If this has caught your attention, I’ll apologize now.

It does take a while to make this dish, but once it’s ready and you give it a taste, you’ll understand why I’ve recommended it.

Plus it can be refrigerated for at least a day before serving so you can always make it the day before the shower. 

37. Broccoli & Chive Stuffed Mini Peppers

If you enjoy crunchy and creamy textures then you’ll adore these broccoli and chive stuffed peppers.

They’re nice and sweet and have that hint of savory thanks to the broccoli and chives.

They don’t take long to prepare or cook and they’re also low in calories so are great for anyone who wants delicious tasting food that isn’t going to jeopardize their diet. 

38. Waffle Fry Sliders

What could be a better appetizer than bite-size burgers? Burgers with waffle fries for buns!

Yeah, this indulgent treat might not be for those trying to stick to healthy foods, but don’t we all deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while.

And if you’re going to treat yourself, do it right with these potatoey, juicy patty, cheesy combo bites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Appetizers Should You Have At A Baby Shower?

This will depend on the size of your party really.

You want to have a good couple of options and make sure there are meat and vegetarian options, and maybe even a gluten free snack or two.

Usually somewhere between 6-7 should be enough, with at least enough for each guest to have one or two of each option. 

What Is Good Finger Food For A Baby Shower?

Really anything small and not all that messy is fine for a baby shower.

You don’t want anything too hearty or heavy but this article should have given you plenty of options and ideas.

Who Typically Pays For A Baby Shower?

While in an ideal world, since you’ve already got so many expenses coming up, someone else would pay for your shower.

But alas, life does not work that way and the host is responsible for paying.

So you’ll have to get yourself to the grocery store for those appetizer ingredients. Sorry. 

Do You Eat First At A Baby Shower?

I’d say so. You usually want to allot the first hour for some mingling and some munching.

After all, it’s just too distracting and tempting to get on with other activities while staring at a bountiful buffet table. 

Do You Serve Alcohol At A Baby Shower?

I wouldn’t serve hard liquor at your baby shower.

The last thing a mum-to-be needs is to be surrounded by drunk people, especially when she can’t drink herself.

Light drinks such as mimosas and champagne should be fine though. 

Final Thoughts

Baby showers are so much fun and a great way to bring the family together to celebrate an upcoming arrival.

However, stress is no good for an expectant mother, which is why I’ve tried to eliminate one of the hardest parts – deciding what food to cook.

And as you can see, there are plenty of options available, some more complicated than others, which all taste and look divine.

Why pay for a professional caterer when you can do the job just as well yourself? 

38 Baby Shower Appetizers Recipes Your Guests Will Adore

38 Baby Shower Appetizers Recipes Your Guests Will Adore

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