Which Brand Makes The Best Almond Milk?

Almonds are widely regarded as a superfood, thanks to their high antioxidant content.

They can also boost vitamin E in the body, which is essential for preventing a stroke, heart disease, and other serious health conditions. Almond milk is one of the most popular substitutes for cow’s milk out there.

This is partially because it behaves very similar to regular milk, and the fact that it has a slightly nutty taste that adds to an overall creaminess. 

Which Brand Makes The Best Almond Milk

Whether you want to find the right dairy substitute that you can add to your cereal or coffee, or if you are looking for a healthier option, it is worth comparing the types of almond milk on the market.

Because almond milk is one of the most popular dairy alternatives, there are a huge amount of brands that create their own products nowadays. 

Each of these claim to be the best, which can make it hard to decide on the right brand of almond milk for you. Because of this, we have tested out the highest rated almond milks so that you don’t have to.

Here are fifteen of the best almond milks that are worth trying for yourself! Make sure you find the right product for your intended use, and that you are making the most informed choice possible. 

Califia Farms

Firstly, Califia Farms provides one of the best dairy alternatives on the market. Their range of coffee creamers and milk substitutes has become a household favorite during recent years, and it isn’t hard to understand why.

This almond milk stands out as some of the creamier tasting products. 

In comparison to similar brands, Califia Farms have some of the lowest number of total ingredients. This means that the unsweetened almond milk contains only 35 calories per serving.

For many, the unique creaminess makes this brand stand out. 

The nutty flavor and aftertaste is certainly harder to notice on the whole, which makes Califia Farms ideal for enjoying with a cookie or adding to coffee

One of the main disadvantages of Califia Farms almond milk is that there is an unusual color which is unlike the classic milky white shade. Instead, this has a slight grayish tone.

However, the unique creamy taste is definitely worth giving Califia Farms almond milk a try. 


For the coffee fanatic that wants to replicate the Starbucks experience from home, we would highly recommend using Silk original almond milk.

This is the brand that is used by the iconic coffee chain, which means that it is a highly versatile almond milk that is also very high in quality. 

The name of Silk almond milk comes from the product itself, and it certainly lives up to expectations. There is an unparalleled smoothness that truly is silky.

Not only is the taste of Silk almond milk impressive, but this almond milk is rich in calcium. In fact, one glass of this dairy alternative contains 30% of your daily intake. 

Interestingly, this brand was first known for its soy-based products and range that entered the mainstream market in 1996. Silk did not begin offering an almond-based dairy alternative until 2010.

In spite of this, the widespread popularity and demand is even more impressive. It tastes just like regular 2% milk, and is an ideal alternative for someone who is allergic to soy or lactose. 

Three Trees

Another wonderfully creamy almond milk that is highly recommended is Three Trees. The taste and overall experience is like a homemade product, which is appealing to many who want an authentic feel from their almond milk.

Because of this, Three Trees almond milk needs to be shaken thoroughly before use as some level of separation is expected. 

If you want a dairy substitute that is full of flavor and that you can use for frothing, then Three Trees is the ideal choice. Thanks to a high fat content, it makes a creamy addition to coffees and other hot drinks. 

The simple taste is achieved with just two ingredients, and it provides an excellent base for individuals to add their own spin to it.

For example, adding a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla to a drink will add another element that complements the slight nutty flavor of Three Trees almond milk.

This almond milk can be found in four different flavors. These include pistachio, black sesame, vanilla, and original, which are ideal for a range of purposes. 

Not only does Three Trees have an excellent amount of creaminess, but the brand is focused on sustainability.

In order to protect the planet and continue working towards repairing the planet, Three Trees almond milk comes in recyclable packaging. 

Almond Dream

While some people enjoy adding their own flavorings to their coffees and other beverages using almond milk, it can save time and energy to purchase almond milk or creamer that has already been flavored.

Almond Dream provides a range of interesting flavors that many can enjoy on a regular basis. 

For example, their almond milk that is flavored with hazelnuts is highly popular. This is because it adds another element of nuttiness that pairs well with coffee.

There is an impressive creaminess that can be found with most Almond Dream products, and there are no added sugars to worry about. 

Malk Vanilla Almond Milk

Almonds are highly versatile ingredients. They can be used in savory or sweet dishes. Because of this, adding vanilla to almond milk is not uncommon.

However, the amount added by Malk makes for the perfect addition to smoothies and a range of desserts. 

The vanilla can work as a flavor enhancer, which can help bring out the sweetness of berries and fruits that are being blended together. For many, the texture and consistency of Malk is similar to skim milk.

However, the simplicity of this almond milk is particularly impressive when it comes to the range of uses and overall depth of flavor that can be achieved. 

If you are looking for an almond-based alternative to add in cooking and to experiment with in desserts, then Malk vanilla almond milk is a great choice with a range of uses. 

Simply Nature Almond Beverage

Originally founded in 2001 by Minute Maid, Simply Nature has aimed to provide a range of products and dairy alternatives containing as few ingredients as possible ever since.

However, Simply Nature needs a little work when it comes to making their almond based drinks more versatile. 

This is because the consistency of almond milk is notably watery, and there seems to be something missing from the overall taste.

As a result, Simply Nature almond milk is limited in its use and the foods and drinks that it can be used in. However, it could be ideal for adding a slight nutty flavor and additional vitamins to a smoothie. 

Natura Almond Milk

Thanks to added vitamins, Natura almond milk has high amounts of vitamin B12, and calcium. These are vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and resisting infections.

Not only that, but Natura almond milk comes in an enormous range of flavors and quantities. This makes it an excellent choice for many individuals, regardless of the intended use. 

Having changed their focus from tofu to plant-based milk alternatives in 2011, Natura is a popular brand amongst vegans and many people who are avoiding dairy. Flavors include vanilla, coconut, and chocolate. 

On the other hand, there have been concerns about Natura’s use of flavorings that could be concealing the almond milk that is lower in quality overall.

Because of these concerns, Natura is not recommended for anybody looking for a light almond-based drink. These flavors tend to be a little heavier, which is why they are slightly limited in terms of usage. 

Elmhurst Milked Almonds

Unlike other brands, Elmhurst has their own selection of almond milk that is specifically made for baristas. This means that it has been carefully developed in order to avoid curdling when it is heated.

Because it has been made with foaming in mind, Elmhurst milked almond beverage is far creamier and has a higher fat content than regular almond milks.

This means that Elmhurst almond milk is even more versatile than most almond milk on the market, as it can withstand higher temperatures without curdling or ruining the quality overall. 

Despite concerns over how organic this almond milk truly is, Elmhurst has their own patented method for making their almond milk smooth and thick when it is used for frothing.

This is known as HydroRelease, and it definitely helps this brand to stand out for some of the most innovative and unique developments within the world of almond milk. 

Elmhurst is also high in protein, and will provide 5g per serving. Their milked almonds contains two ingredients, and it is widely available in most supermarkets. 

Good & Gather

Put all of your expectations aside when it comes to judging Target’s brand of almond milk. Good & Gather has surprised many with its high quality and clean, crisp flavor.

As well as excellent value for money, Good & Gather almond milk is highly creamy, and it is full of flavor. It is also relatively clean as almond milk goes. 

There is no watery taste which is commonly found in almond milks, especially those that have been made more affordable.

Because of this, we cannot fault Target’s own brand Good & Gather almond milk. It is ideal for cereal, smoothies, and more. 

This can be purchased in your local Target, or online. Make sure you are trying out the complete range of flavors and coffee creamers too. We hope that you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Better Than Milk

From the taste of their almond milk alone, Better Than Milk certainly lives up to its name. This is evident by the rich, creamy flavor and consistency of their almond milk.

This brand has a unique tasting product, thanks to the slight sweetness that almonds provide. 

This is brought out in Better Than Milk almond milk, which is one of the reasons why these products are so widely enjoyed.

Being able to capture the entire flavor and essence of the almonds is highly impressive, and Better Than Milk certainly provides a unique tasting beverage. 

The taste seems pure at first, and true to the almond. However, there have been some complaints that Better Than Milk almond milk does not contain as many nutrients.

This is because their almond milk has been pasteurized, which can deactivate certain benefits. Because of this, Better Than Milk is not recommended for everybody.

In spite of this, there are still a number of benefits that this product can provide. Because of this, many people choose Better Than Milk as their almond milk of choice.

Consider the pros and cons based off of your personal experience and beliefs. 

Member’s Mark Almond Milk

Sam’s Club is also known for an impressive range of almond milk, and it is definitely worth giving them a try the next time you get the chance.

The texture is very thick, which almost makes it too tough to use within your routine. However, this could be a perfect addition to milkshakes, smoothies, and even spreading a thin layer over a toasted bagel. 

Even though it may be less suitable for coffee and other purposes, there are many ways to make the most out of the affordable Member’s Mark almond milk.

Because of the considerable difference in consistency, it is worth using something else for your routine foods and drinks if you are in a rush.

However, this almond milk opens up the door to different possibilities when it comes to using plant-based alternatives to dairy products. 

SO Delicious

You might be familiar with the brand SO Delicious for their plant-based alternatives. These can be seen in popular frozen desserts, vegan cheese alternatives, and almond milk which is a staple for many.

While its watery texture won’t be ideal for coffee, SO Delicious almond milk can easily be used in baking, and the taste alone is great. 

Many have said that this alternative to cow’s milk is much thinner than they were expecting. However, the taste and overall flavor is ideal. This means that SO Delicious could be great in a smoothie, or in baking. 

Add a splash of SO Delicious almond milk to cookie dough or cake batter if it looks too dry the next time you are cooking something sweet and tasty.

The flavor that it provides will impress even the toughest critics. 

365 Organic

The clue is in the name of this almond milk. 365 Organic is just that, completely organic.

Thanks to the influences of Whole Foods, this almond milk has been made using high quality ingredients that have not been treated with potentially harmful pesticides and insecticides.  

Unfortunately, the biggest disadvantage of this almond milk is that the flavor is much more subtle than similar products. This is due to the watery texture, and the lack of preservatives included.

In spite of this, there is a great nutty taste that can be achieved when this almond milk is used in cooking. 

For example, adding some 365 Organic almond milk to soup for a creamy texture. While this is not recommended for barista use, this alternative to cow’s milk can be ideal for home cooking and baking. 

Orgain Almond Milk

While they usually produce protein powders, Orgain also produces almond milk.

Because the focus of this brand is on protein and supplementing your body with the necessary fuel for optimum sport performance, one serving of Orgain almond milk contains more protein than cow’s milk. 

If you are focusing on keeping your body fueled and finding more sustainable alternatives within your diet, then Orgain almond milk could be ideal.

There are fewer risks associated with almond milk in comparison to regular dairy products, which is why more and more people are focusing on these. 

It is important to energize your body and keep yourself moving and functioning well.

By sticking to a healthy plant-based diet, or even by cutting out dairy, you can improve the efficiency of your digestive system and ensure that you are able to optimize your performance when you are working out. 

Orgain has considered the importance of these as well as relying on plant-based sources of protein. Because of this, there is no better brand to add to your smoothies when you want to maximize your performance than Orgain.

It is also thicker than most almond milk, which makes it ideal for adding to coffee as well as your smoothies. 

Friendly Farms

Finally, Friendly Farms almond milk has a very similar taste to 2% milk.

This makes it ideal for anyone looking for a basic addition to their pantry, that works well alone or in cereal. Because this has been developed by Aldi supermarkets, this almond milk is excellent value for money on the whole. 

However, Friendly Farms isn’t always the ideal choice. This is because it is not the best almond milk for quality and overall taste.

There is also a high amount of sugars that have been added, so it could be worth choosing another brand of almond milk if you plan to use it frequently. 

In spite of this, it is a relatively sound tasting beverage that is certainly worth a try! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is All Almond Milk Vegan?

Yes! Because of the range of dietary requirements that exist, almond milk manufacturers need to be explicitly clear about the ingredients of their products.

Because of this, it is worth taking a look at the packaging of almond milk to check that it is suitable for you. 

There are also a higher percentage of people who are choosing plant-based alternatives to dairy and cow’s milk.

Whether this is due to a lactose intolerance, ethical choice, or for sustainability, all almond milk is suitable for vegans. However, it is worth looking at the packaging and ingredients list to see how the product has been filtered and processed. 

Why Is Almond Milk The Healthiest Nut Milk?

There are many unique health benefits that come from eating or consuming more plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk. However, almond milk is widely regarded as the healthiest of these. 

This is due to the very low fat and sugar content that is present in almond milk. Because of this, almond milk has a lower glycemic index than other plant-based milks such as nut milk.

Almond milk can help manage your blood sugar more consistently. 

What Is The Best Almond Milk For Coffee?

Because of the nutty flavor and slight sweetness, almond milk makes a great addition to coffee.

However, it is important to find the right almond milk manufacturer that is suitable for your intended use. 

In general, any brand of almond milk that is recommended for barista use or for adding to coffee is ideal.

This will be less likely to curdle because it will have additional treatment, that allows the almond milk to stay creamy and thick. 


Almond milk is the ideal choice for many who are looking to lead healthier lifestyles. Thanks to its widespread popularity and unique nutty flavor, there are so many brands available that provide almond milk for a range of purposes. 

Make sure you are considering the intended use of almond milk before purchasing. This can allow you to make the most out of the products and brands.

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