35 Simple, Tasty Airfryer Dinner Recipes

Airfryers, making cooking simple, quick,and utterly delicious. You can cook anything from the perfect baked eggs to a full thanksgiving dinner!

They have quickly become one of the most popular appliances for cooking no matter your skill level.

35 Simple, Tasty Airfryer Dinner Recipes

Simply place your meal into the compartment, spray a small amount of oil, set your timer and wait for that delicious ding!

Although, cooking the same recipes can quickly become tiring. So, we’ve put together over 30 airfryer recipes that you can make for dinner time and time again!

Whether you love a roast chicken on the table for Sunday night dinners with the family or cooking a quick meal for one, the airfryer can do it all. 

And you can’t forget that it is just a pinch healthier than pan frying. 

Check out these easy, delicious recipes below!

1. Air Fryer French Fries 

Before we move onto anything more advanced, perfecting the basics is crucial. These air fryer french fries are a staple for your weekly meals. 

Fluffy and light with the perfect crunch, you simply cannot go wrong. Pair with a juicy homemade burger for a delicious side at the family BBQ. 

2. Air Fryer Fried Chicken 

Simply grab your chicken, eggs and season flour to create these juicy, crispy fried chicken all in the airfryer!

Add buttermilk to get that perfect southern fried flavor without the layer of oil and grease. You can also skip out on all that dreaded clean up. 

While your fried chicken cooks to perfection in the air fryer you can focus on making your sweet and spicy dipping sauce. It is simply a must. 

3. Air Fryer Mozzarella Sticks

Searching for that epic cheese pull? These air fryer mozzarella sticks turn out perfect every time. 

These crowd favorites are of restaurant quality and will have you being the talk of the town at the Superbowl cookout.

We recommend using pepper Jack cheese sticks (see also ‘What Can I Replace My Pepper Jack Cheese With? 5 Best Substitutes‘) for a nice little kick to each bite. Or stick with regular mozzarella and get perfect results every time. 

Just make sure to give each cheese stick plenty of room to become golden and crispy. 

4. Buffalo Cauliflower Bites 

Now we aren’t suggesting that you ditch the chicken wings completely. But these buffalo cauliflower bites are a tasty addition to your spread. 

Make this recipe completely vegan with the ingredients you use but make sure to get a good quality buffalo hot sauce. This is what will give your cauliflower bites the recognition they deserve. 

Serve with a cooling ranch dressing as a dipping sauce and watch as the plate clears in a matter of seconds. You may want to make an extra batch just in case. 

5. Cheesy Cauliflower Rice Arancini

Cauliflower rice, chicken sausages and mozzarella cheese all come together to create these perfect arancini bites. 

While traditional arancini involves a lot of oil, this air fryer version only requires a small coating to help give them that delectable crunch. 

You can’t forget the tomato marinara sauce for dipping. This is the perfect meal for the entire family and can be vegan by skipping the chicken sausages (see also ‘28 Chicken Sausage Recipes To Liven Up A Healthy Diet‘). 

6. Air Fryer Pizza 

Need something quick and simple for dinner? These single serve-sized pizzas are ideal. 

Simply roll out your dough to the size of your air fryer pan, cover with your favorite sauce, cheese and toppings and pop in the air fryer for 10 minutes. 

This pizza recipe is excellent for those who are only cooking for one or as a way to let the kids get involved (see also ‘27 Easy Recipes For Kids‘)! Although, if you are cooking multiple pizzas (see also ‘10 Different Pizza Styles You Need To Try‘) you may want to use the oven at the same time. 

7. Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan 

That’s right, you can create your favorite comforts such as this chicken parmesan in your airfryer. 

Follow the same steps as your traditional chicken parmesan recipe (see also ‘16 Best Side Dishes To Serve With Chicken Parmesan‘) but rather than pan fry your chicken, place it in the airfryer, coat the chicken in a small amount of oil and cook! 

You get the exact same, crunchy, cheesy result with a quarter of the oil. Serve on top of a creamy spaghetti pasta and let your taste buds rejoice in the flavors of this airfryer chicken parmesan. 

8. Air Fryer Honey Mustard Salmon 

Making sure your salmon is cooked well enough but not overcooked can be tricky in a traditional oven. An airfryer makes it 10x easier to get your salmon to flaky perfection. And all in under 15 minutes!

Create this recipe to experience your salmon on a whole new level. Sweet with a little tang from that honey mustard. 

9. Air Fryer Meatloaf 

Meatloaf is a staple for any weeknight meal but it can be time consuming to get it right. Cook your meatloaf in the air fryer to spend more time with your loved ones than in the kitchen. 

This recipe can be altered to suit your needs. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, nut-free and even dairy-free. Make the substitutions you need to create a delicious air fryer meatloaf.

10. Air Fryer Cheeseburgers

Busting out the grill for a delicious cheeseburger can seem like too much effort on a wednesday night. So, how can you get juicy, tasty cheeseburgers? Air fry them!

That’s right, air fry your hamburgers until they are cooked through but still nice and juicy.

Then when they are almost finished topped with your favorite cheddar cheese, cook for a few minutes to let your cheese melt and place on your toasted burger bun. 

Perfect for summer nights, especially when paired with those air fryer fries. 

11. Air Fried Rice 

Forget about ordering take out with this quick and easy air fried rice. The key is to use cold leftover rice (see also ‘26 Simple To Make Leftover Rice Recipes‘) that has been cooling in the refrigerator overnight.

Although you can use freshly made rice, just let it cool beforehand. 

Add your favorite veggies, an egg if you prefer and your choice of coconut aminos or soy sauce. You can add leftover chicken to add in some protein or if you’re veggie you can add in some tofu. 

Simple, quick and healthy!

12. Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potatoes 

Baked sweet potatoes, loaded up with butter and your favorite filling is a winner any day of the week. 

These airfryer baked sweet potatoes let the inside become soft and fluffy while making the skins nice and crispy.

Add in a little bit of salt and pepper for seasoning, a knob of butter and you have a delicious meal in minutes!

13. Burrito-Stuffed Chicken 

Show off your cooking skills at the next family dinner with this air fryer burrito stuffed chicken recipe. 

Rice, beans and cheese all stuffed into a thinly pounded chicken breast, covered in breadcrumbs and air-fried. This is sure to result in some satisfied faces at the dinner table. 

14. Air Fryer Quiche 

Whether you prefer to serve it as breakfast or dinner, Quiche is a household favorite. 

Baking your quiche in the airfryer will give you a crispy, flaky crust that you didn’t know was possible. And it takes a fraction of the time to bake!

Let it cool before serving with an array of sides. 

15. Air Fryer Sweet Chili Chicken Wings 

Ready in under 30 minutes, these sweet chili chicken wings may just have you forgetting about eating out. 

Perfect for neighborhood BBQs, parties or that all important Superbowl cookout. They will turn out with a golden, crispy skin whilst remaining tender on the inside. 

Don’t forget to get all that sauce off your hands before finding a napkin. Get messy. 

16. Air Fryer Crab Cakes 

It takes less than 15 minutes to air fry these crab cakes to absolute crispiness. For a quick and tasty appetizer, serve them with aioli, tartar sauce, or herb dip!

All you need to worry about is perfecting that crab filling. 

17. Bang Bang Chicken 

These crispy Chinese inspired, bang bang chicken bites are a must try for your air fryer recipes. 

The most important element is the spicy yet sweet bang bang sauce. Control the amount of spice by adding more or less Sriracha sauce before coating your chicken. 

Serve on a bed of rice and enjoy as it warms you from the inside out.

18. Creamy Air Fryer Mac And Cheese

No need to boil your pasta beforehand. Combine macaroni, water, heavy cream, mustard, seasoning and your cheese of choice to a large, ovenproof dish that will fit into your air fryer

Once cooked, sprinkle it with some extra cheese and serve with a slice of crunchy garlic bread.  Your tastebuds will be dancing as you taste the flavors of this creamy mac and cheese.

19. Air Fryer Beefy Swiss Bundles 

Only got 30 minutes to spare? These easy beefy swiss bundles are quick, easy and downright delicious. 

Simply stuff your puff pastry with the fillings, paint on the egg wash and bake in the airfryer for 20 minutes. 

These pockets are creamy, goey, flavorful and not to mention filling. Making them the perfect mid-week dinner for the family. 

20. Air Fryer Garlic Butter Steak 

Yes, you can cook the perfect steak (see also our favorite steak varieties) in your air fryer. You may find it easier than frying. 

Generously season both sides of your steak, pop in the air-fryer for 10 minutes. Turn half way through and you have a delicious, tender steak. 

Combine butter, parsley, garlic and soy sauce to make the most mouth watering garlic butter sauce. Pour over your steak and let the flavors dance on your tongue. 

Serve with a side of creamy mash potatoes or fries and veggies for a date night meal at home. 

21. Air Fryer Quesadillas 

We all know the key to making the perfect quesadillas is making that tortilla nice and crispy.

This is normally done through frying the folded quesadilla on a frying pan but you can get the same effect with your air fryer. And avoid the mess in the process. 

Change up your fillings from chicken, beef, steak to even tofu! The results are limitless with these quick quesadillas. 

Serve as an appetizer at a gathering or with rice for the family. Just don’t forget the salsa!

22. Air Fryer Shrimp 

Create a stunning, creamy, sweet dish in your air fryer in just 10 minutes! These air fryer shrimp are perfect for those who have never cooked shrimp or need something on the table quickly. 

Coat your shrimp in the oil and seasoning mixture then air fry for 8 minutes. Cooking really never has been easier. 

If you are looking to up the ante, coat your shrimp in breadcrumbs before air frying for a tantalizing crunch. 

23. Air Fryer Jamaican Jerk Pork Chops 

There is only one way to explain this air fryer Jamaican jerk pork chop recipe (see also ‘33 Juiciest Pork Chop Recipe That You’ll Love‘). An explosion of flavors. 

Sweet and spicy is perfected with the soothing of the jasmine rice. Add some texture with a serving of grilled mixed peppers and transport yourself to your own slice of tropical heaven. 

Prepare your pork beforehand and simply throw it in the air-fryer for 8-10 minutes for a flavorsome, healthy dinner. 

24. Air Fryer Cod 

Expanding the family’s food palette can be a challenge, especially when it comes to fish. This air fryer cod is the perfect introduction. 

Soft, flaky and overall delicious this cod will convert the biggest fish skeptic. Serve with french fries to keep it simple or with a helping of garlic potatoes and steamed veggies. 

Simple yet nutritious. 

25. Air Fryer Fish Tacos 

Craving that delicious aroma of fish tacos from the food truck? Make it in your home! These crispy fish tacos will have you coming back for more, without ever leaving your kitchen. 

Coat your fish of choice in panko breadcrumbs, air fry and serve on toasted tortillas and your favorite salsa. Don’t forget the sour cream! 

Add a squeeze of fresh lime for a fresh zest to your tacos. 

26. Air Fryer Tilapia 

This tilapia recipe is light, fresh and great for healthy eaters (see also ‘26 Of The Easiest & Best Tilapia Recipe Ideas To Try For Yourselves‘). Using a drizzle of olive oil and some seasoning, you can create a filling, tasty dinner in your air fryer. 

Unlike salmon and mackerel you won’t get a strong fish taste, Tilapia is a small, white fish which is perfect for baking. 

Cook from frozen or fresh and serve with some garlic sauteed carrots for a low carb, delicious dinner!

27. Air Fryer Tuna Steaks 

Impress everyone at the table with your skills in the kitchen with this stunning air fryer tuna steak recipe (see also ‘17 Best Sides To Serve With Tuna Steak‘). 

Marinate your small tuna steak slices in an aromatic ginger soy sauce before placing in the air fryer. Keep them rare to raw in the middle with a crispy, fried skin.

Garnish with sesame seeds and a gorgeous soy sauce for dipping. Serve as an appetizer or with sticky rice to have a nutritious but impressive meal. 

28. Roasted Chicken 

Ever wondered if you can roast a whole chicken in your air fryer? Well, we are here to tell you you can. And this recipe shows you how. With only 5 ingredients. 

You can achieve tender, juicy chicken that has a golden crispy skin and is full of flavor. Whether it’s for a Sunday family meal or an all important work dinner party, you will impress everyone with this roast chicken. 

No one has to know it was done in the air fryer!

29. Turkey Tacos 

Spice up your Taco Tuesday with these air fryer turkey tacos. While you can bake your taco shells, baking them in the air fryer will make them that much crunchier and give you that restaurant quality taste!

Quick and satisfying this is a meal the entire family can enjoy. Especially with the added cheese and sour cream on top. 

You can add all of your fillings, yes even the lettuce, before putting them in the airfryer to let everything melt and come together.

Or only add in your turkey to the shell and air fry until crispy, letting everyone fill their own. 

30. Air Fryer Chicken Chimichangas 

These Tex-Mex chicken chimichangas are perfect for a weeknight meal. No need to order take out, make these crunchy chimichangas in the air fryer. 

Consider this a healthier version of the fried dish saving your heart from all that fried food.

Not to mention helping you save every dime as there is no need to go out when you can make these chicken chimichangas straight from your kitchen. 

31. Air Fryer Turkey Croquettes 

Need to use that leftover Thanksgiving turkey (see also ‘37 Great Recipes For Leftover Turkey‘)? Make these turkey croquettes in your air fryer. 

In the air fryer, leftover turkey is combined with mashed potatoes and seasonings before being breaded and baked (see also ‘20 Delicious Foods To Serve With Baked Potatoes‘). The perfect way to use up leftovers and keep everyone in the Thanksgiving spirit. 

32. Air Fryer Patatas Bravas  

Host your Spanish themed dinner party with ease. This patatas bravas recipe is the perfect edition to your tapas menu (see also ‘19 Delicious And Simple Spanish Tapas Recipes‘) and is made even easier with the help of an air fryer. 

Make perfect roasted, cubed potatoes before tossing a spicy tomato sauce. Place a dish on the center of the table for everyone to enjoy. This simple yet delicious dish is sure to be a party favorite. 

33. Bacon Wrapped Avocado Fries  

Avocado wrapped in strips of bacon baked till nice and crispy. What more could you ask for? 

This low-carb dish is a crowd pleaser at the neighborhood garden party or as a simple low-carb dinner. 

Make sure to season your avocado to increase the flavor. 

34. Pork Roast 

Create a juicy, flavorsome pork roast this Friday dinner. Serve with your favorite sides from mashed potatoes to garlic and honey carrots. 

Wholesome and delicious. 

35. Air Fryer S’mores 

You have cooked a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy, but now it’s time for dessert. 

These air fryer s’mores are gooey, chocolatey and all around delicious. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Air Fryers Healthier Than Frying?

Essentially, yes. Air Fryers require less oil than a frying pan and can therefore allow for low calorie meals to be created. However, too much oil can still be used or unhealthy ingredients. 

How Do I Clean My Air Fryer?

To clean an air fryer simply remove the basket. Remove the tray from the basket and clean both elements with a gentle dish soap and water. 

Mix together baking soda and water to form a paste. Use a scrub brush or old toothbrush to scrub the interior of the air fryer. 

Final Thoughts 

You now have over 30 easy, delicious recipes that you can make in your air fryer!

Impress the whole family or simply cook a decadent meal for yourself throughout the week. The possibilities are endless with much less time spent cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. 

You can get the whole family involved with mini pizzas or take some for yourself with our burrito stuffed chicken.

Whether it’s meat, veggies or even desserts, you can make it all in your air fryer. Remember to skip on the oil, not the taste.

35 Simple, Tasty Airfryer Dinner Recipes

35 Simple, Tasty Airfryer Dinner Recipes

Recipe by Jenna

Create over 30 simple yet tasty dishes in your air fryer for dinner! Weeknight or weekend, for one or for 30 the options are endless and delicious.

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